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Scarlett Johansson Does S&M

Scarlett Johansson Does S&M

Scarlett Johansson gets a little S&M-ish in the October 2006 issue of Flaunt Magazine. Scarlett, 21, poses with Dita Von Teese — burlesque goddess, writer, fetish model, culturual historian wife of Marilyn Manson. Scarlett on Dita: “I appreciate Dita’s work. I think she’s incredibly beautiful, really talented. It’s amazing the way she transforms herself. It’s a creation all its own. I’ve collected and seen some of her books and pictures, and it’s really a dream come true to be a part of that. I think it’s unbelievably stimulating. That kind of visual, that fetish imagery tastefully done is so erotic, and to be able to evoke that in a photograph, I think that’s really something. That is what art is, its purpose.” Read the full article and check out all the pictures in the gallery!

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  • Spammy

    Simply stunning…makes you wish you loved women instead of men!

  • skyla

    They both look gorgeous. Great photos.

  • Kyla

    Scarlett is the epitome of beauty and brains.So different from the rest of young hollywood.Paris Hilton& Co. could use a feww pointers from her on class.

  • Vic

    Wow. This photoshoot is very impressive. It’s very artful. Go Scarlett!!!

  • suspicious_package

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. It really makes you appreciate the beauty of non-malnourished women’s bodies.

  • Kim

    She is definetely gorgeous. This is Great!

  • claudia

    wow! i just love Scarlett, she is just wonderful and and Dita is just beautiful, i love them both.

  • phie

    Beautiful pictures. I dont really find her that attrctive like Angelina Jolie but they really look super sexy.. WOW!

  • Souhila

    Waouw!! I love the picture with the cigarette!

  • meh

    I don’t see the appeal of Dita

  • the tempest

    Grrreat photoshoot, very intriguing pictures.

  • Angi

    Beautiful and erotic. What more could you ask for?

  • Charles

    Damn. These pictures are hot! I love Scarlett and Dita. They both look amazing! Scarlett look very edgy in these photos. And Dita is the greatest burlesque performance out there right now. These pictures are tastefully done and its more art than photography.

  • oldie

    note to the bony brigade of HW: THIS is how women look like

  • IVA


  • ashy larry

    I dare someone to criticize these photos. So ridiculously hot…

  • LondonGirl

    Why is it that women think pictures like these are somehow empowering or liberating? Dita von Teese is nothing but a glorified stripper with famous friends, and Scarlett Johansson is doing nothing but working to ensure that Hollywood doesn’t forget about her. I’m sure I’m the only one who feels this way, but I’m sick of everything having to do with sex and nudity, and women feeling that engaging in photos like these is some sort of artistic statement. This sort of thing just serves to reinforce the notion that women are viewed first and foremost as sexual objects, and based on messages posted here by men, I think they would agree. Surely none of you men are looking at these women thinking, “Wow, I’ll bet I could have the most titillating conversation about campaign finance reform with Dita!” As a woman, I’m embarrassed to see women stooping to the level of posing nude, in sexually provocative or suggestive photos. It’s degrading and embarrassing. Oh, and for any of you who are tempted to think the reason for my post is because I’m jealous, I’m not. I’m 5’8″, 120lbs, have a Master’s degree from a top European university and speak 5 languages.

  • Hi

    Wow. They look beautiful but I think I agree with LondonGirl. This is not for art or anything like that. It’s for publicity.

  • Ilovejude

    she looks amazing!

  • angelah

    nice pictures!

  • superjosh

    LondonGirl, i get what you’re saying, but i’d rather judge each act individually and not lump every so-called “slutty” photoshoot together as one form of expression. i think the human body and sex will always be the strongest subject in art. the fact is that only the female body is truly appreciated and unfortunately male exhibition is just considered gay or taboo. obvioulsy this world is looney toons and it’s unfair to women, but this particular photoshoot doesn’t strike me as exploitative at all. the first thing that came to mind was, “now if only hollywood men were secure enough….” in the end, they’re just vessels portraying a role, and a photoshoot is no different. if ms. johansen is judged by the vision of the photographer, then that’s just crap.

  • LondonGirl

    If the photos in and of themselves were merely of these entertainers posing nude, I would have less of a problem with it. But the fact that they depict (or at least strongly insinuate) bondage or S&M is, I think, wrong and extremely degrading to women. What these photos say to me is that women can’t be looked on as more than just sexual beings, that that is, in fact, all they have to offer. For 40 years women have argued that we can do anything men can do, that we are just as strong, just as intelligent, just as capable of becoming successful. Yet if you look at a majority of photos produced of Hollywood women, there is a theme: nudity, hyper-sexuality and sexual suggestiveness. Pictures like these say to me, “Take me seriously as an artist! But don’t forget, I’m willing to pose nude or in S & M regalia if it will further my career.” That is what I object to. That Ms. Johansson has this year posed in two such sexually suggestive photo shoots (the other, of course, being Vanity Fair) makes me wonder if she is worried about being forgotten and needs to do something extreme to keep herself in the public eye. Women can be beautiful, successful, sexual and provocative without having to pose nude in photos provided for public consumption. I personally would rather be known for my mind than my body. But again, I think I am probably in the minority on that count.

  • Human

    I totally agree with LondonGirl.

  • rachel

    londongirl and superjosh – You both make excellent points. I’d like to add that we live in an era where women are asserting their sexual independence. I think these photos may intend to depict what women 40 years ago could only wish to publicly display. If Ms. Johanssen feels comfortable in this light, then more power to her. But perhaps this was the photographers/Ms. Johanssen’s intention–to get us talking about the complex issue of sexuality and gender roles.

  • rachel

    And personally, I think these photos are artistically beautiful and sexy.

  • max

    Here is an e-mail addy of mine for Londongirl.
    I would like to get some intelligent e-mails.

  • remember da truth

    London Girl, get over yourself. Do you think the barechested
    photos of Matthew McC or Jake Gyllenhaal biking get women
    thinking “Oh gee, if only I could discuss the fall of the Ottoman
    Empire with him!” Of course not. Denying our sexual natures, and
    the beauty of ourselves is as bad as making that ALL we are

    If you look at the first few posts, which I TOTALLY agree with,
    there is something intellectual, deeper, more sensual about these
    photos than the posing of a nearly naked Paris Hilton on the red
    carpet with her mouth slightly open shoving her stomach forward
    to create an arched back. Were Mapplethorpe’s pictures created
    for the purpose of publicity, too? Of course there’s publicity
    involved, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ART.

    To call Dita Von Teese a glorified stripper is to completely dismiss
    what she does in the same way as putting Jenna Jameson and
    mainstream actors in the same genre, as they both pretend for
    the cameras, and get naked and intimate with strangers.

    I like what Rachel, #25 says. If you are so intellectual, use your
    brain, open that mind, and see women’s bodies and photos of
    same as something more than sex objects yourself, and you
    might be enlightened and help to enlighten others.

  • Kim

    I totally agree with remember da truth. These photos are more than just sexy.

  • Anti-LondonGirl

    What is wrong with a woman celebrating her sexuality? Being aware of your sexiness and taking pride in it does not and should not take away your intelligence. You can successfully do both, as with this case, It’s sexy and it’s for publicity which is a clever move. I particulary like that it’s two women and therefore any suggestion of exploitation is a null point IMO and no I’m not a lesbian rather I’m a feminist with no objections whatsoever to tasty/classy/arty nudity.

  • Dawn

    I don’t find these photos attractive at all or even very interesting .though I do admit both women have great bodies. Apart from Scarlett’s ugly nipples that is.

  • emma

    “What is wrong with a woman celebrating her sexuality? Being aware of your sexiness and taking pride in it does not and should not take away your intelligence. ”

    Um, who told you that? Christina Aguilera? Look, it DOES become a problem when society defines a woman largely by her body and her sexuality. And what you said is a total cop out. Yes, a woman should be able to be both intelligent and sexy. HOWEVER when the glorification is all about taking your clothes off and the “body,” it becomes an issue. LOL if you actually think that men (who continue to hold power in all societies) look at those pictures and think, “wow, women can be so intelligent.” A woman’s mind, her soul and her intellect should be celebrrated over her sexuality. …then maybe we can achieve true equality.

  • Cinnabana

    I understand what Londongirl is saying but at the same time. Wasn’t that the point of the sexual and feminist revolution of the 60s. We, as women are allowed to view ourselves in different ways. It may be that man are looking at these pictures and thinking of these women as sexual objects but at the same time. These are very empowering and liberating pictures. Aside from the artistic viewpoint. Look at Scarlett going beyond the goody image of hollywood taking a step into our darker natures, wants and desires. To express ourselves in that way is liberating and empowering. I applaud her courage to express herself in this way. Clearly, this was not meant for everyone to enjoy. I believe Racquel and remember da truth have it right. The message in these pictures can be a form of protest. They are beautiful and sexy pictures.

  • ali

    it’s not these pics per se that are wrong. I just don’t like it when young women take their clothes off to sell their latest record or movie. the feminist movement was NOT fighting for women like paris hilton and christina aguilera to strip for the cameras. and contrary to what someone else said, women have been stripping since the 1920s so spare me on that shit, it aint empowering to anyone but men (to those who disagree, i suggest you stop living in a fantasy land). the feminist movement was all about giving women true power so that men would stop objectifying women as a mere supplement to men. these days, it’s the women who are objectfying themselves. i hope for a day when our ENTIRE society (both men and women) will look at females as MORE THAN a “body.”

  • Anny

    I dont care what anybody else thinks i adore Dita and Scarlett is a refreshing face (and body) in a world that has lost the true meaning of Hollywood galm, maybe not in these pictures because the thought of two naked women together was out of the question back in the day, but in all her interviews she never dissapoints to amaze me. Women have always been objects to sex it’s just some are proud to fluant the power they have and others chose to show it in a suttle way. Dita is happily married and Scarlett is a young curious women that clearly knows that what shes got is a great thing.

  • gab

    never seen Scarlett in such a photoshoot…nice production….does good to see her out of the feminin sexy glamour light…we usually see her…
    very nice

  • LondonGirl

    Remember da truth: When was the last time Matthew McConnaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal posed in the buff for a male S & M photo shoot? Oh, that’s right…they never have. They’re photographed by paparazzi while they’re out and about in their off-screen lives. They have never, however, to my knowledge, been taken into a studio, undressed and then asked to simulate man-on-man S & M. Why not? Isn’t that what women want, to see their favorite actors depicted that way? Why is it always the women who are photographed in such blatantly suggestive sexual poses or situations, yet the men aren’t?

    Regarding Dita von Teese, she takes her clothes off to make a living. That is precisely what strippers do. She could play Mozart on a violin or recite the most complex theorems in quantum physics while she took her clothes off, but she would still be taking her clothes off. It doesn’t matter how she dresses it up or how much she tries to insist what she does is art. When you come right down to it and break down to its most basic element what she does, she takes her clothes off. In any dictionary, that is the definition of a stripper.

    Until women stop believing that taking their clothes off is an expression of empowerment and start celebrating their minds, souls and intellects instead, women will always be viewed as objects to be desired and played with, but never taken seriously.

    Women have taken a movement designed to demonstrate that we can be as successful, educated, intelligent, motivated and respected as men and turned it into the notion that women can strip, sleep around and dress as trashy as they like because, darn it, they’re women! What amazing progress has been made over the last 40 years. There is still a glass ceiling for me as a woman, but gee, I can still sleep with gobs of my co-workers because I’m an empowered woman! I don’t think that’s what the founders of the women’s movement intended.

  • missa

    ^ AMEN TO THAT. I hate it when some moronic women use the cop out of empowerment. give me a fucking break. empowering to who?? true empowerment is when men start to take us more seriously, as contenders and challengers, as educated and intelligent….NOT as a body for their own viewing pleasure. only ignorant women can equate stripping to power. stripping only feeds into a man’s power, not ours. spare me the bullshit. thank you Londongirl.

  • 21st Century

    What!?! ya’ll telling me you never dress sexy? Now that’s some real bullshit right there. You never show your cleavage when you go out? You never wear tight jeans? Enough with the hypocricy, it’s issues about self esteem and confidence in your own sexiness that in question here, obviously someone with a not so appealing image is not gonna agree. That said sleeping with a bunch of men is not my point hell you don’t even have to sleep with anyone, some of ya’lls values are so very yesterdays century. Whilst we are at that Men are men and Women are women there is a reason for that, a man is never gonna get pregnant. Ever. Take it as you wish!!!!

  • Melissa J

    Both women are beautiful, stunning pics!

  • texas blonde

    can we compare these pictures to the recent ones of paris hilton cavorting around with her ass hanging out of her thong because she thinks she is hot? these are art. paris is trash.

  • texas blonde

    i hate to belabor the point, but someone else already did this photo shot more than 10 years ago. perhaps you’ve heard of her — her name is madonna. this is really nothing more than recycled erotica – and not really as interesting as that.

  • nancy

    21st century, I happen to agree with londongirl and everyone else and i dress sexy all the time. I used to model when I was a teenager before I went to college and appreciate female beauty. HOWEVER, being in that world, I agree that women are often seen and appreciated ONLY for their bodies and appearance, and this does pose a problem. It also sends out the wrong message to young girls that being sexy and attracting a man through your body is empowering. And that is a bullshit message. We as a society should be pushing women to be attracted to because of their souls, their minds and their integrity. i think that the female body can be beautiful but to say that it’s a form of girl power is bogus. true girl power is when we got strong women leading a nation, being CEOs and professors. NOT by our youth and perky breasts. C’mon, this is common sense. IMO, people who argue the opposite do so because they feel they have nothing to offer but sex and that is sad.

  • LondonGirl

    Thank you for your support. I sometimes feel like I’m alone in the world with my views. It’s nice to know that there are at least a few people out there who agree with me!

  • Jane

    They are wonderfully liberated.

  • Dr Jube

    Londongirl: Amen! Agree wholeheartedly with you. Great posts.

  • iamhotterthanyou

    Well I think it’s beautiful and thought provoking. I like the inversion of sex roles and the playing of Scarlet as the masculine character. The naked body is just the naked body. I think that sometimes just the body alone is the LEAST provocative thing you can sport. When some of these starlets dress up to go out in those tasteless outfits, it’s like defiling our natural temples. That’s just my opinion. All and still, these are some gorgeous and thought provoking images.

  • Mizidora

    Very nice. Love the photos. Never thought Scarlett had it in her. Sexy!

  • raquel

    Scarlet se ve impresionante y personalmente a mi me gusta mucho por quetiene cabeza y no se deja llevar por lasa tallas 36; ella está orgullosa de sus curvas y lo demuestra en estas fotos y en otras muchas.

  • angelina

    pretty!!!!!!!! :}

  • michele

    I find it extremly interesting how people overlook the reality of an artistic photoshoot and twist it into a socio-political statement of some sort.. first there is nothing wrong with posing nude/as long as there is consent-second there is nothing wrong with expressing sexuality and prefrence/provided all parties envolved consent- third, art is art, and a photograph depicting sexuality in an alternative form expressed by two consenting women in black and white is nothing more then that…art.. I find it hypocritical for people to assume that these two women are portraing the degradation of women seeing as they themselves are women, and have a right to choose what they want to do with their image- to assume anything on their behalf is telling them they do not own their own body- and that is female degradation..
    it is visual art.. stimulating, beautiful, provoking and sexual and in no way shape or form POLITICAL.. the state has no business in the people beds.
    so injoy it or not.
    As a women.. I DO!!!!!