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Katie Holmes & Victoria Beckham are Gal Pals

Katie Holmes & Victoria Beckham are Gal Pals

BFFs Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are enjoying their getaway in Paris this week. The glamorous moms hit up Paris Fashion Week the last two days. Just this morning, Katie, 27, and Vix, 32, sat front row for the Chanel Spring/Summer 2007 collection at Grand Palais (left). More pictures in the gallery!

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victoria beckham katie holmes 01
victoria beckham katie holmes 02
victoria beckham katie holmes 03
victoria beckham katie holmes 04
victoria beckham katie holmes 05
victoria beckham katie holmes 07
victoria beckham katie holmes 08
victoria beckham katie holmes 10
victoria beckham katie holmes 11
victoria beckham katie holmes 12
victoria beckham katie holmes 13
victoria beckham katie holmes 14
victoria beckham katie holmes 16
victoria beckham katie holmes 18
victoria beckham katie holmes 19
victoria beckham katie holmes 20
victoria beckham katie holmes 21
victoria beckham katie holmes 22
victoria beckham katie holmes 23
victoria beckham katie holmes 24
victoria beckham katie holmes 25
victoria beckham katie holmes 27
victoria beckham katie holmes 28
victoria beckham katie holmes 29
victoria beckham katie holmes 30
victoria beckham katie holmes 31
victoria beckham katie holmes 32
victoria beckham katie holmes 33
victoria beckham katie holmes 34
victoria beckham katie holmes 35

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  • mickey

    Hmmm…dumb and dumber.

  • Hil

    I think they both look gorgeous. And as expected, Katie’s mammaries look massive. You go, girl!

  • jina

    Great looking mom’s, but katie does look more classy

  • What in the world

    looks like she’s about to go dance the hustle with John travolta in saturday night fever. What in the hell is going on with her boobs in the other outfit? that has got to be uncomfortable.

    They look very odd together.

  • WTF

    Kate looks like hell. I thought she was supposedly losing weight? She had Chris’/Josh’s kid like forever ago, what the hell’s her problem? (besides the GMD?)

  • Vic

    I think they both look great… except for Katie’s huge pants. Those need to go.

  • zaoli

    Nice ridiculous publicity stunt. Coordinated outfits, bestest friends. They sure look like they could kick back and really relax together don’t they. What a robot duo!

  • kara

    Katie is not classy at all. She can’t dress. Victoria is more superficial but she looks great, classy.

  • VA

    So much for it being “really hard to be away from Suri”. Seems like the last couple of months it’s been pretty easy for her to be away from her daughter.

  • Holy Candy

    Katie is DEFINITELY channeling John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! Guess the Scientologists like to dip into each other’s wardrobes. ;-)

  • jt

    katie has her fake (stressed) smile down to a t

  • oMMo

    they’re not even talking! what a sham!!

  • Souhila


  • szf

    She looks like a little US provincial woman next to
    this EU b$tch. Victoria looks bored and pretentious.

  • nikita

    Katie look attocious, WTF? a monkey can make better clothing choices than she can…..she needs to stop, she is the laughing stock .

  • ashy larry


  • What in the world

    Posh is only 32? I thought she was older.

  • Anne

    Katie is a walking fashion disaster, the boobs trying to scape from that gown is just attrocious…wow no more pics of her please!!!

  • diamond

    Tom has turned her in a complete mindless zombie.

  • REDD

    Tom can’t get any publicity for himself anymore so he’s pushing Katie into the media forefront. And her ….fashion sense is atrocious….

  • Grrrrrrr

    #9 VA : Totally agree with you… She never is with her daughter…What a shame for someone who talks that ITS HARD TO BE AWAY… lierrrrrrr..
    And for god sakes STOP PRETENDING you´re a complete fashion disaster… That dress with Sunglasses COME ON…. WEIRDO

  • Alex

    Katie just looks like she is just trying WAY WAY too hard now that she’s with tom cruise, it looks too forced.

  • gia

    szf -absolutely!

  • nadir

    Katie ‘s amazing .I like her style. She has much more charm than Posh

  • Joker

    They both look like the social climbers they are.
    And just as robotic one as the other.

  • Dancer

    Looks like Katie is about to have a nip slip. Did she not look in a mirror before she left. The top of the dress doesn’t fit her boobs. Makes her look awkward. Katie, katie, katie. You used to be such a fashionista. What has happened.

  • Dancer

    I was just looking more closely at the picture of Katie in the gown at the car (fourth from last)–what is wrong with her arm pit. It looks filthy. Is that hair? Stitches? Hard to tell. I don’t think it is the shadows, but it does look pretty dirty.

  • Mire

    I love Katie’s coat she always looks so pretty!!

  • who cares

    Good– these two absent from their kids,-”mothers” deserve each other— Why have kids if you aren’t going to bother raising them? Both are a waste and a waste of media space– Both should take a play out of Angelina Jolie’s handbook- say what you want about her, but no one can deny that she is a very hands-on mom– what children deserve– not to be left with the nanny! VB and KH are both miserable excuses for mother’s- especially VB– Hate her!

  • Sandbitch

    I’d bet my last cent that Posh resents having to trot Katie lump around. Maybe that’s why she didn’t point out to KH that her dress had slipped. Half an inch of imagination and I can see KH topless. Suri must be on bottlefeeds now – can’t let mother nature interfere with the wedding/dress. Pray it has straps.

  • RAGE


  • darla

    Two beards out on the town. I’m just wondering where their husbands are at during all this fun time they’re spending together? Probably watching football or building a shed.

  • Sandbitch

    Body language! 9th photo from end – Katie smiling leaning in towards Posh – Posh leaning away looking resentful at having to babysit a fashion disaster. Kate looks enormous next to Victoria Beckham, look at the hands!! VB does not like looking ridiculous.

  • RAGE

    all vb ever does is attend fashion shows and shop cos she’s got no career and ambition welcome to the club kh but seriously the world isn’t surprised and i’m sure u ain’t either cos an underwhelmed no talent dumb actress like u’ll never make it in lala land tom’s money and fame is and will be the best thing that ever happened to u (enjoy it while it lasts)

  • RAGE

    do u all notice in all d pics vb isn’t smiling but kh is (god how dumb can one be can’t she read in between the lines the THE BITCH STANDING NEXT TO U DOESN’T LIKE U) but it’s all for publicity right they both since they are the two pple in lala land with no career and ambition so this is all they can do (shop and attend shows)

  • Alice

    If Katie wants to continue with this stupid ass fake smile she really needs to get her teeth fixed. Posh is pretty as ever.

  • uA6CM79EcG

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  • qujmrnfviv