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Katie Holmes is Fashionable

Katie Holmes is Fashionable

New mum Katie Holmes was spotted leaving The Ritz Hotel in Paris late yesterday afternoon in a very fashionable high-waisted skirt. Her feet seem to be squeezing out of her heels this time though.

Katie‘s been wearing some very well put-together outfits as of late. Kudos to her stylist! More pictures in the gallery…

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  • Jen

    Not a good look for her. While it’s very stylish, it is wrong for her figure. She does not have nice legs to pull it off.

  • phie

    i really dont like her after hooking-up with the scientology man! but for me she’s very beautiful and fashionable (these days)..

  • Kristi

    I think she is too tall for it or something. It may be stylish but it just looks awful on her. I do think she is beautiful, but I cannot stand Tom.

  • gia

    aargh!… not with chunky legs like those it’s not a good look! she’s lucky Vix wasn’t in the pix – by comparison she’d look like Shamu. Love-love-love the bag though; can’t tell who it’s by – anyone?

  • ANON

    4 | gia


  • Melissa J

    Sorry, not the right look for her at all, here It Is she just lost all of her pregnantcy weight and she’s gonna go around looking like that when she’s got all the money In the world to look so much better!

  • Hell

    Her fashion sense sucks hardcore! That skirt looks ridiculous on her… It would look better on Posh!

    she is starting to look like Tom Cruise.

  • miamimi


  • ANON

    “Kudos to her stylist!”

    What??? JJ, Are you serious???

  • WTF

    For chriss sakes what the hell is her problem with clothes??!! It’s not brain surgery.

  • Anne

    Her fashion sense in non existant, WTF is wrong with her? trying too hard? it seems that way, in any case, paps need to stop taking pics of her she looks ackward and ridicolous

  • Jim

    Her legs look like freaking tree trunks

  • ashley

    She looks horrid period.

  • the truth

    I am sorry but she looks like a giraffe with a ruffled skirt, just horrible

  • Our right

    She looks beautiful and to all the losers who are calling her fat.
    Go suck on a donut you probably need some carbs to quiet your
    This is America and we have the right to comment, she is a public figure, so STFU.

  • André

    These are the first photos of her that i kinda like…generally she looks like a grandma…but this time she kinda looks like Rachel Bilson and that’s rly awesome!
    The shoes are totally not great tough.

  • t

    Exactly, so they have their right to be negative. You’re telling people to stfu while professing america’s right to comment.

  • eew

    Chubby legs. Crazy husband.

  • Our right

    how is this? This is America and we have the right to comment, she is a public figure, do not tell me what I can say or cannot say about her !!!

  • Courtney

    Not very attractive. Interesting though. I guess it works in Paris.
    She looks the same to me all the time though. She should do something with her hair!

  • eres

    correction* Kudos to Tom’s money

  • eres

    i think she looks fine

  • JO

    Lets see, she is a slender young woman, with normal size legs. Guess some of you want her to look like Nicole or the Olsen twins.. Sheer black hose would have looked better with maybe some strappie heels.

  • cheryl

    She is such a wannabe. When is reality going to hit her that she has no talent other than bearing children for Tom Cruise.

  • Liz

    one word, FUGLY

  • Jen

    I didn’t say that she is fat at all. She just has bigger legs and that height – she shouldn’t wear short skirts/dresses with her figure. A more flattering outfit would be longer bodice and tapered top. More along the lines of how she dressed pre-cruise.


    the only place that looks good is on the runway or in a vogue magazine….it shouldnt be actually worn.eww that thing is hideous

  • Patty

    Not a good look for her (since I’ve lost all respect for her – but then I never had respect for her – never heard of her before Batman begins) so there is nothing she could wear and look good to me. Also those are really ugly shoes.

  • gigi

    Tom probably tells her to act like a super star….just look at her, no personality at all!!! and she was such a cool frilly, cool chick. Now she is just Tom wifey – Goddammit be that with a personality at least.

  • selma

    that’s just hideous…

  • david

    YOu guys have no sense of high fashion. That’s a gorgeous outfit. But I agree that she doesn’t have the legs to successfully pull it off completely. And it’s seems more appropriate for a shorter girl.

  • Joker

    The FUG wins the day.
    Jared my love please say you didn’t really get a good look at her before you typed your post.
    #26 and #27 ITA

  • sprite

    Cute sweater and top, bags nice, doesn’t go with the outfit. But WTF is up with the puffed out skirt? Not a great look on her,She looks like a mushroom. I guess it would be OK if she was 4 months pregnant .
    She is a pretty girl, and I can’t stand her baby daddy. I’m glad glad she had some time away from him, but quit with the “shrooms” Katie.

  • david

    One more thing. That outfit would look perfect on Natalie Portman.

  • jj

    Once again, her purse does not go with her outfit.

  • Dancer

    She looks pregnant or looks like she should be in the Swiss alps yodeling.
    This is a pretty, young woman and she has tons of money, please god, get her a fashion advisor.

  • gia

    It IS a gorgeous outfit, better left to someone with endless, killer legs. She looks like she’s going for the ‘new proportions’ trend – but that’s just the problem w/blindly following trends… at worst, it can make ya look ridiculous, at best – you’re still advertising the fact that you’re sorely lacking a sense of originality. Oops, soapbox just broke – I’m running late and ergo must be done bitchin’ 4 tonite!

  • Lotuspad

    She dresses like some old fart. I’ve seen grandmothers dress better than her. Where’s the Fashion Police? Somebody arrest her!

  • Mire

    Katie is soooo pretty and by the way her baby was with in Paris so shut up!!

  • katieholmes

    What planet are you on? She looks HORRIBLE. Fashionable lately?
    Maybe for a 93-year-old Lutheran woman. These are the worst
    clothes since Britney went into seclusion.

  • jj

    OKAY Mire#40 And just HOW do you know that Suri was in Paris with
    katie??? Or is it just a wishful idea that you are being paid to plant?

    Katies outfits for fashion week have been hand picked by Tom.

  • Dancer

    #40 Mire–Mire the majority of posters aren’t saying anything about Katie’s looks or baby Suri. We are saying the dress is absolutely horrendous. And it is a very poor choice on her. She has chunky legs and it makes them look all the bigger. She also looks pregnant in this thing. The shoes are totally wrong for THIS outfit and the PURSE is way to LARGE for the outfit. The sweater is too tight and is very unattractive on her body. Click on the pictures and then click again to blow them up. This is not an outfit a woman as “large” as Katie should be wearing. She is not a size 0 with long legs. She looks like an 8 or 10 which is fine. But her body proportions are way off to wear this dress attractively. I’m not sure anyone could pull it off. She has a ton of money and could dress much better if she had someone advising her. Not to mention if you blow the pictures up her hair looks dirty and somewhat stringy. She could benefit with about six inches being hacked off of it to give it some body. You are right ,she is pretty. But she certainly has been doing nothing to enhance those looks these days.

  • mimi

    Having Tom’s baby is all for MONEY – she can shop all she want without having to work her ass off.

  • jj

    Dancer is right on! Starting at the top. Katies hair is dirty and
    stringy. Needs a good cut to make it look healthy.
    The styles she has been wearing this week are not made for her
    body shape.
    She does have a very atractive body that MANY would just die for.
    She needs styles that show off her great features.
    Dark tights have a place and time. Not at Fashion week on a new
    Klunky shoes do not belong on a tall person that has “shaped”
    None of her bags have matched any of her outfits, either in size,
    style or colour.

    She really needs a new personal asst/stylist.

  • Ali

    The skirt looks horrid on her, I think she’s too long waisted to wear it, but no way are her legs chubby…she just needs someone new to get her dressed.

  • giedre

    she has no clue how to dress.I feel sorry for her.

  • Kimmy

    So Tom is trying to make Katie the new Nicole Kidman? When they met Nicole was an awful dresser then when she married Tom she started to get more and more elegant. Katie seems to be trying that approah. But she is no Nicole Kidman. She looks horrid here.

  • anon48

    she’s becoming a socialite not actress. does she have any idea what if Tom left her ? Nicole was like her while married to Tom but Nicole was talented and a good actress.

  • who cares

    She looks liek an over-sized pumpkin– too bad the skirt wasn’t orange!! Awful ensemble~!

  • FYI