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Brad & Angie's Rowdy Rickshaw Ride

Brad & Angie's Rowdy Rickshaw Ride

Here is the latest installment of pictures featuring Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and 5-year-old son Maddox getting mobbed yesterday when they ventured out of Le Meridien Hotel. The threesome was hounded by pesky photographers as they took a rickshaw ride through Pune, India. Looks like Brad got a little inner thigh action… Hubba, hubba!

Inset: Angelina instructs the rickshaw driver where to pedal. Check out more pictures in the gallery…

VIDEO :: Mass chaos around Brad & Angie’s rickshaw

From today’s edition of MID-DAY thanks to Bianca!

By: Prachi Bari
October 9, 2006

Two Pune youngsters thought it was their personal duty to help Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Die-hard fans Jalaj Pawah and Rupin Verma followed the actors on their 15-minute autorickshaw ride yesterday evening and tried to stop people from touching Jolie.

“They are our guests. We didn’t like the way the media was chasing them and also the way people were trying to grope them. We drove along side them to shield them. We did what any diehard fan would do,” said Verma, a first year student at Symbiosis College.

Said Pawah, “We were waiting near the exit gate of Le Meridien for almost an hour when we saw an autorickshaw come out with six security guards on each side at 6 pm. We followed them through out their journey.”

Smiles for media

Pitt and Jolie went for an autorickshaw ride for the second time yesterday. This time, their son Maddox was with them.

They did try to evade the press, but this time most of the media managed to follow them. At the signal near Pune railway station, passers-by realised that the actors were inside the autorickshaw and waved vigorously.

Near Sadhu Vaswani chowk, Pitt looked out of the vehicle and smiled at the media. Here, the bodyguards caught up with the autorickshaw and barred everyone from taking pictures.

Pitt also shook hands with those who were riding close to the rickshaw. Maddox looked a little petrified, but seemed to enjoy the 15-minute ride.

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brad pitt rickshaw 21
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brad pitt rickshaw 23
brad pitt rickshaw 24
brad pitt rickshaw 25
brad pitt rickshaw 26
brad pitt rickshaw 27
brad pitt rickshaw 28

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  • Leila


  • Shaz

    OMG!! I cant believe that. BAMZ in a rickshaw.:-D Now that will be the in fashion thing in India. Every tourist would want to sit in one. thanks Jared. Nice pics. Mad looks lost, BA look happy

  • Leila

    Thanks JJ for the new thread.

  • TOO BAD!

    Damn!!! love this family…can’t stop looking at the pics and yet i wish they were left alone….

    so contradicting…..

    LOVE THEM THO! Brad looks sooo hot!!!

  • guli

    Jared and Audrey, I have an honest question, do you guys get any sleep???? Greatly appreciated as usual :lol:


    Angie looks beautiful. They make such a lovely looking couple.

  • ntt

    How I wish the paps were more dicreet, so that we can still have pictures, and yet the Pitts can still enjoy their sight seeing. Love these pictures.

  • twinkle

    THANKS 4 Jared & Audrey, you are the best !!
    yeaaah i’ post in top 10 user hahaaha
    I love BAMZS, can’t wait for the others picture…for news of BAMZS, i’m always open this site everyday
    LOVE this family, i hope..maybe someday BAMZS visit to my county
    twinkle ->a fans from indonesia

  • trivia

    Man, look at the paps! This’ll b such a tourism boost for India.

  • Elin

    Thanks JJ!!!!

  • kk1

    Mad is looking like a five year old, no longer looks like a baby, oh he is growing up.


    Pic number 7 is my fave . Angelina looks great in that pic. She’s looking right at the camera. lol

  • Ht

    Awww I love the way Maddox’s little hands are holding onto Brad’s fingers in the 3 to last pictures.

  • jjoy

    wow…new thread….thanks jared and audrey…i was reading some of the comments on the previous thread and i am LMAO with the thighs convo…. :lol: that was a very crazy discussion/debate…..

    anyways, BAMZS are adorable and living the life they wanted and deserve….much love to this family…

    okay ladies/gents nitey nite…tomorrow is Monday…no holiday for us….tah ta…. ;)

  • Maniston

    Elena posted this on the other thread. I brought it over here for the BAMZS Fans who care for her.

    716 | FYI– It has been a while since I have come to visit here …There is so much I have not read or kept up on this site and the gossip world in general. But I had to jump in here … I have had a serious test to my faith in God lately and I have blamed him for the pain I have/am feeling as a result of the death of my sons. I am not quite there emotionally or spiritually but intellectually, I do know that it is not God who hurts us as much as it is ourselves and mankind. … I do not think the God I believe in, wants anyone to hurt …. It was not God who killed my sons… It was a drunk driver who was driving too fast in the wrong lane…
    God loves all of us… specially the losers… Hate drains one of too much energy and leaves you feeling empty and alone …

    I do not believe that Jen/Vince were ever a “couple”… It was a career thing…It helped get people into the theatre… But I do find it interesting that “Vince dumped Jen”. That says a lot about which one of these individuals has more clout…. Either that or Jen needs to dump Huvane… I do not think she can squeeze any more “pity party interviews” out of this breakup…

    I want to thank all of you for the kind thoughts being sent in my direction… Mary…you have been such a wonderful and kind friend… ( we really need to meet. lol”)…Cally.. thank you for words and shared memories that have helped me through one more day…. Cindy 2… I am trying to understand the definition of “a better place” and is trying to believe of its existence…

    Will try to get on some more soon… You all take care…
    721 | Elena

  • Leila

    I like it very much that Angie is smiling, not on the pictures above but on the previous thread. I love
    Brad’s protective gesture towards Maddox and Angie by holding on to Angie’s thigh. This couple is awesome.

  • kk1

    Pixs 21,22-Mad is clutching his Dad’s hand, look at the bond between this father and son. Love these pixs. Angie you have chosen so wisely the man you love and the father of your children. He was meant to be a father, no learning curve needed for him.
    Pixs 25,27-Yes JJ, Brad is definitely getting some inner thigh action. LOL. BRAD PITT IS THE MAN AND ANGIE IS SO MUCH HIS WOMAN! Just love them.

  • angelah

    yes! thanks j@red for these additional pics! nice pictures. +)

  • angelah

    I’m loving these BAM pictures


    Oh wow — close ups!! AJ looks beeeyootiful…her skin is unbelievably gorgeous…it’s as poreless as Maddox’s. Shiny silky hair too. …and I agree love Maddy holding onto Daddy’s fingers – it’s so schweet.

  • guli

    14 | jjoy |Well lucky you at least you weren’t caught in the middle of that stupid convo :-( I am not kidding I was ready to throw the laptop out the window and scream infront of the tapwater( sorry I don’t live by the ocean) WHO CARES who is touching who’s thighs at any picture. Geez , well it is over for now. I just love this family, how have you been jjoy?

  • angelah

    flawless… +)

  • sexyvegan

    OMG! Poor Mad, he looks so unhappy. The photogs there really should try to be more discreet, I am sure Brad and Angie want him to get out and see the city but it’s probably hard for him to enjoy it like this.

  • Anna

    I just can’t believe how good Angie looks-that luminous clear skin on her face…..good, frequent sex does that to a woman….( I just had a thought that she’d be so hot playing in a re-make of “9 1/2 Weeks” with Brad-will never happen though)…and she’s wearing flip flops, no red toenails, no jeans…I think that’s on purpose – to show respect for the city they’re in by dressing less casually than they normally do. Very tactful and considerate.

    Maddox kills me-he looks so good with his mohawk. And Brad, you can tell he’s on the alert with all those people milling about around them.

  • Ciev

    haha at least we won’t have 15+ pages of thigh/legs debate
    convo. it was always Angie’s thigh all along, hopefully those who
    were in doubt can now see in that in these pics which are more

    15 | Maniston |
    thanks Maniston, it’s great to hear from Elena. Elena we will always
    pray for you and your family. you seem to be taking things one
    day at a time and i hope you stop by again.

  • Estelle

    15 | Maniston -Thank you so much for bringing Elena’s post over here, I haven’t start to read the other thread yet, just looking at the pictures alone is good enough for me.

    Beautiful pictures, Thank you JJ for another thread.

    To Elena, we don’t each other, yet just to read your post right now tears are streaming down my face. I can not tell you how much I admire your courage and your love for everyone. You know that my prayers, thought are with you and your family. Be well and take care.
    (((((((((big hugs to you)))))))))

  • twinkle

    Brad looks so HOT
    He’s protective his family, i love it

  • angelah

    “Looks like Brad got a little inner thigh action… Hubba, hubba!” (J@red)

    hahah did you read the previous thread? such craziness. That was a good movement from those two youngsters.

  • em

    Mad instinctively holding on to his dad’s hand is just a poignant gesture of their bond as father and son. I can only imagine the first time Mad called him dad, it must have been a hallmark moment. Angie is such a devoted mother to all her children, She holds all of them in her arms with such love and tenderness. What can I say but Brad ‘s hand on Angie’s hand is simply sweet and so much hotter than some celebrities with ostentious PDA.

  • Estelle

    Angelah-what happened? thigh debate?…Oh goodness, do have to go back and read 700+ post?…please do tell.


    Please send my love to Elena as well, sending positive thoughts her way – we miss her and are here for her.

  • laian

    look at those indians papp in pic 19 …

  • Anna


    I thought these quotes from the Indian report about the auto-rickshaw ride were kind of cute:

    “Pitt who was seen consistently talking with his wife Jolie stretched his leg and kept it over the bar that separates the driver from the passengers.
    Son Maddox, who was recently reported to get his football lessons from non other than former captain David Beckham, was seen today sitting between their adopted parents and enjoying the ride.
    However, the couple accustomed to such media frenzy kept talking to each other and their son, ignoring media person questions about his experience in Pune. ”

  • em

    What I meant to say was Brad’s hand on Angie’s thigh. There is something really special about Brad and Angie with their children. Wishing them the very best.

  • anon

    Wow, How can Brad and Angie leave the hotel with these crowd surrounding the Hotel. even Tom Cruise didn’t attract that much crowd while shooting in Shanghai not until the last few days of the shoot.

  • angelah

    30 | Estelle — forget going back. It was ridiculous. IIRC some of us were about to order some KFC jp lmao.

  • Leila

    Fr. #15(721 Elena)

    “I am not quite there emotionally or spiritually but intellectually, I do know that it is not God who hurts us as much as it is ourselves and mankind. … I do not think the God I believe in, wants anyone to hurt …. It was not God who killed my sons… It was a drunk driver who was driving too fast in the wrong lane…
    God loves all of us… specially the losers… Hate drains one of too much energy and leaves you feeling empty and alone …”

    Elena, I am touched by what you wrote above. I agree that God does not want anyone to hurt. Things happen for a reason but only God knows. There are no adequate words to ease the lost of loved ones but our faith in God will see us through in His time.

  • laian

    I just can’t believe how good Angie looks-that luminous clear skin on her face…..good, frequent sex does that to a woman….
    24 | Anna |

    i agree with you frequent sex makes skin more softer…



  • kk1

    I must stop looking at these pixs, I have to go to work in 7 hours. But Pixs 24 and 25-Brad’s hand holding Angie’s thigh, Mad’s little hand holding on to Brad’s hand, and Angie’s arm around Mad holding on to Brad’s arm, love exists in this family.

  • Estelle

    36 | angelah-Thanks Angelah, I’m going through the e-mail and also the photo album. Loves it.
    Well, Goodnight, until tomorrow.

  • xenia

    Feeling HOT-HOT-HOT! These two simply is too Pipping Hot. Can’t explain it but their chemistry workd well to their advantage. Adore them

  • angelah

    –good morning all!

    B&A are so beautifully hot! ah I must ogle at these pics later today for I still need some zzzzz’s. Freakin’ class @ 9…

    Thanks Maniston for posting Elena’s post here. Elena, I am glad that you stopped by on here, I really miss your eloquent remarks. I really learned a lot from those. I left you a comment on the other thread but i just want u to know that you and your fam are still on my prayers. God Bless.

  • angelah

    in my prayers* ok i must sleep*

  • Pink

    those pictures are nice. but does news papers get all these news Brad and Angie are firghting. i wonder they done have lvoe anymore than what is keeping them together.

  • mezgelina

    i love how brad got one of his hands around one of angies legs that is so sweet .. and mads in between them so cute.. its great that they do this kind of stuff regardless of how hard it must be on them! i want brad and angie as my parents and learn about all the different countries and have so many opportunities open to you! good luck brad angie and the kids hope you stay healthy and strong one advise about raising kids when you travel around the world all the time is that even if you make the effort to be in the same country it won’t count in the long run if you don’t make that connection everyday with the kids. THank you for the pics it made my day>!!

  • xenia

    pink….stop polluting yourself with tabloid lies. If you read them eventually part of you will believe it. frankly, how could a $1.99 tabloid can get intimate going-ons at the Jolie Pitt Household. Some of these tabs even have telephone conversation details.. Any sane person will have doubts on these stories.

    Lastly, these tabs will “always” put a close friend & insider as their source but a friend will not divulge info from the press & insiders have to be bribed by these magazines with tons of money to get a news item. Point taken I hope.


    46 | Pink

    No “newspapers” have reported Brad & Angelina fighting. Only trashy tabloids that also print big magical blue dots so people can win the lotto.

    Brad & Angelina are in love and committed to each other and their family.

  • NaNa

    I like the pictures # 24, 25, 26.
    All three of them holding each other: Brad’ right hand on Angie thigh and his left holding Mad’ hand, and Angie put her arm around Mad and holidng Brad’ elbow.

  • aileen

    What happened to ANDROMEDA? She used to post here before almost everyday. She’s the girl from Argentina. I hope she’s doing fine. Andromeda, if you are around here lurking….hope you’ll leave a post or 2. We’ll appreciate it.