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Vince Vaughn Schmoozes Kevin Spacey

Vince Vaughn Schmoozes Kevin Spacey

Vince Vaughn made his way last night to the 25th hour post party, which is the culmination of the 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala at the Old Vic. Vince, 36, schmoozed Kevin Spacey (artistic director of the Old Vic Theater Company) for a good part of the evening. The event was held at the Plaza on the River, Albert Embankment in London, Great Britain. More pictures in the gallery!

QUESTIONS :: Why is Vince Vaughn‘s right pointer finger orange? And why does he have so many shirt stains?

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  • Tove

    I think he is hot!

  • anon

    He is 36 but look like 50

  • Kate

    I’m sure Vince is a nice guy but he need to get his act together. Most of the time, he look messy, disorganized, and just in a dazed. But maybe that’s his personality. He seemed like a great guy to hang out with. Someone you can kick back and watch a game or down a couple of beer with. I think his personality make up for his disheveled look.

  • Mediterranean


  • zoe

    Maybe Kevin is helping him get over Jen.

  • vinnepa

    He’s SO Elvis!

  • Kongo

    Is Vince Gay?

  • Sylvester

    Look at the 7th picture. Vince is thrusting his pelvis into Spacey.

  • vinnie boy looks…

    Drunk, Gay, dirty, disshelved. That about covers it.

  • NJ Fan

    Aniston was with this guy? I feel sorry for her..

  • remember da truth

    Aniston couldn’t find anyone else willing to go out with her, and
    she needed a guy FAST because she’s so insecure. She started
    dating him in February of ’05, a month after the separation (the
    first photos seen of them together and he kissing her), then they
    started to use it to create buzz for the movie. She wasn’t really
    into him, nor he into her — it was all PR and both getting benefits
    from it. Over as soon as movie press was over.

  • d.c.

    I think it’s antiseptic for a finger injury. Sheese, he gave a lady a break and almost got swallowed alive with her insanity. You don’t bounce back fast from that kinda rescue gone wrong trap. Leave him alone.. he’s not modelling., or carrying around changes of clothes. You spill, it’s a part of life.

  • deni

    Half of his face is orange. He most likely tried to spread face tanning cream and forgot to wash his hands. What a big goof ball.


    Jen finishes with Brad Pitt and still it was with this?

  • MegFL

    Jen could do a Hell of a lot better than Mama’s Boy, Vinnie; however, lus is blind. He does need to clean up, however. Bet Vince smells. But then, so did Pitt (cumin).

  • funkyday

    Kevin Spacey is cute with fiercely royal sex god for Miss Aniston.

  • lula29

    I like Vince Vaughn. I think he’s funny. I could care less he went out with Aniston. I figure if I don’t hold that against Brad Pitt I can’t hold that against Vaughn. It’s not his fault he got sucked into the vortex that is Jennifer Aniston.

  • someone

    Ive heard 2 different stories, some say he dumped her, some say she dumped him, its a toss up, but with his money he should at least wear a clean shirt, he looks like hell…and I actually like him..Im just being honest!

  • MegFL

    19 – I like Vince, too, but he certainly needs to clean up his act. If you go back and look at the “supposed” personal pictures with Jen, he always has on that ugly plaid shirt, hanging outside his pants. The so-called Vegas pictures show Jen holding him up (looks drunk to me). He’s wearing that God awful plaid shirt. If she was a couple with him, it must have been love.

  • bdj

    That’s right girls. Turn on Vinny baby like you did BP. No one gets away with breaking poor Jen’s heart. Where Jen hens at? Girls, you are needed. VV is walking around free. Good thing BP got away and is a happy man now. VV looks dazed but lucky.

  • anon

    Vince looks serious awful!
    Is he sick?

  • FYI

    Hey vince you are save, without jennifer aniston her life will be better. Look Brad, he has dumped Jennifer and now he has the family that he wanted. For you will be the same you have dumped Jennifer and now you will have all. The woman and the children that you deserve. Your job will be better of now. Big movies, big directors, big money. Your life will be perfect. You are save Vince. Thanks God to have dumped Miss Aniston. You are save God can stand with you and the people too because you are a winner and God and the people can stand with the winners. God and the people hate the losers and He and the people can’t stand with the losers. God and the people hate the losers and will hate them always also after their death. God and the people want a world full of winners. God and the people want the losers out from the society, out from world. God and the people want the losers close in a ghetto. God and the people want that the losers stay alone, God and the losers want that the losers not have a lovelife, God and the people want that the losers are extinguished. God and the people want a world of winners. Vince you are save, you are a winner, you are in the world of the winners. You have God and the people with you. God bless you Vince always and forever

  • creole

    from the picture , i understand that he put his finger in his asshole, and it doesn’t smell good !!

    any more idea?

  • blé

    VV’s funny, but he is horrivel. For me VV is ugliest of Hollywood. No arrives nor close to the BP…

  • unbelievable

    I cannot believe a bunch of “mature” women would bash someone so much even after all this time. Why don’t you all grow up and stop hating on people you don’t even, won’t ever know. It’s really pathetic. You should put your hatred energies and do something good with it, like go to a homeless shelter and volunteer. It will make you feel better and less bitter about yourself and others. Good luck!

  • sara

    Can he do anything about those bags under his eyes? Are those permanent now? I think it’s really those that’s ruining his looks. He can cute when he wants to.

    Part of me wonders if Vince was using Jennifer all along, starting with offering her the part in The Break-Up right after her own break-up. I’m talking out of my ass but the tabloids should work on that angle if they are running out of ideas. :P

  • kidi

    Angelina Jolie got bashed by all the Aniston fans—are they going to
    do the same now to Kevin Spacey?

  • chinny chin chin

    Vince looks serious awful!
    Is he sick?
    23 | anon

    You’d look that way too after a year and a half with Jennifer

  • FYI

    chinny chin chin a year tomorrow not a year and a half. However now vince is save. From now untill at the end of his days he will have a better life and his look will be better then now.

  • someone

    I don’t think Jen put a gun to his head to keep him with her, and I think she is doing just fine …you Brangalunatics should seriously seek therapy, you guys are the only ones who can’t let it go…Jen has moved on, and Brad got what he wanted…so…now what? LET IT GO! There are plenty of pics around of the Brangies…go dis Jen on one of those threads…this is about VV, not JA

  • stanley

    It’s nic-finger you retards. That’s what happens when you smoke a tonne. Your fingers get yellowy and then orange. The ones you hold the cigarette with.

    btw: You fucking fangirl Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie fans are so lame. I love laughing at you. I bet you’re all fat.

  • creole

    in the last pic, it seems Kevin Spacey wants him go away;
    at least , it is his body langage;

  • MegFL

    27 – the bags under Vince’s eyes are from booze. When he gives that up or moderates it, hell be fine. He looks considerably better now than a year ago. Hopefully at some point Vince will put his health higher in his priority list. The man has a lot of mileage for 36. He’s a great actor, a top notch comic. He just needs to grow up.

  • FYI

    MegFL now that he is free from monster Jennifer Aniston he could moderate the booze. It ‘s fault of Jennifer if he booze so much, but now he is save. From now until at the end of his days he will have a better life and his look will be better then now. Now that he has dumped Jennifer Aniston he is already grow up.

  • 411 for FYI


  • I think is is 911 for FYI

    His finder is orange from sticking it up FYI’s asshole. And those
    stains are from your drool you crazy bitch. If Jennifer Anniston is a
    loser than what are you? You are even worse than a loser. You
    cannot even spell. You are pathetic.

  • Beth

    Honestly, it does look like he was walking around asking “Do ya wanna smell my finger?”

  • FYI

    I think is is 911 for FYI i will be pathetic but Jennifer Aniston is a losers and God and the people how you can’t stand with the losers how Jennifer. Also Vince knows this and for this that he has dumped Jennifer. He don’t want a loser, he is a winner. God and the people how you can stand with the winner. Now he is free and his life will be better because he has dumped Jennifer Monster Aniston the loser. Vince now will have the life that he deserves a real woman and the children. He will have a happy life, while the life of Jennifer Monster Aniston will be always more in downhill, because the losers have always a life in downhill. The life of the losers is miserable always. For Jennifer Monster Aniston is the same, her life is miserable now, tomorrow always.

  • WTF man

    I don’t want to know what he was doing with that finger or what the stains on his shirt are from.

  • creole

    he was farting, he didn’t suppose a little shit would be coming , while streching his ass;
    he looks like embarrassed;

    hummm; yeah, the exit is on the right door ,man!!

  • someone

    FYI, VV was a big boozer and party guy long before he hooked up with JA..get your facts straight..dumbass..

  • FYI

    someone yes he was a big boozer and a party guy but with Jennifer Monster Aniston he is worse. The guilt is of Jennifer Monster Aniston is he has this look. But now that he has dumped the Monster his life will be better how is better the life of brad. Also Vince will have a real woman and of the adorable children. The monster don’t want babies. But she is a loser if they had of the bebies would be of the losers. While now with a real woman Vince will have of the babies beautiful, health and winners. God and the people how you can stand with the winners and Vince now is a winner. He has dumped the loser and the loser will have the miserable life now tomorrow and always. The losers have always a miserable life and monster jennifer will have a miserable life too.

  • Thin

    I love Vince but he’s looking pretty bad. He needs to go on a diet and hit the weights. I think he could also use the help of a stylist. FYI, you’re fucking crazy.

  • Hil

    Oh wow. He looks like trash…………. His fingers are nasty.

  • FYI

    Why thin ? i tell the truth. Brad has dumped Jennifer monster Aniston is his life is wonderfull. He has an hot woman, and three precious children. He has the family that always wanted. For Vince will be the same thing. He now will have a wonderfull life with a real woman, and he will have beautiful babies, becuse has dumped fraudiston, maniston, uglyston, childishton, loserston. Now he is free, he is a winner and God and the people love the winners; and hate the losers. For this God and the people make the life of the losers miserable because they hate the losers. God and the people how you hate the losers, they don’t want them around. The ghetto is the right place for the losers and for Jennifer, maniston, fraudiston, uglyston, childshston, loserston. The losers deserve a miserable life and so Jennifer.

  • anon

    FYI–the word is “SAFE” not “SAVE”. Freakin learn to spell. And stop calling people losers. You’re the one posting 10 times on a post not about brad, angelina or even jen. Go back to lala land freakshow.

  • The chin is dead

    Vince must have dipped his finger into Chinnifer’s fake tan spray.

  • donegaveup

    Aniston has a new name now and its MONSTER????? hahahahahahahaha
    thats funny

  • FYI

    Thanks anon now i can spell int the right way that vince is safe that he has dumped Chinnifer how chin is dead call her. The chin is dead you have right her tan spray is fake how her. But now Vince is free and safe. His life without the fake chinnifer will be better. A wonderfull life. I don’t call the people losers, i tell the the people and God hate the losers. The losers in the world exist, only God and the people don’t want them around. Maniston, fraudiston, chinnifer,uglyston, childshston, loserston is a loser and the people and God don’t want her around. The right place for the losers is the ghetto and for Jennifer monster maniston, fraudiston, uglyston, childshston,loserston too

  • FYI

    yes donegaveup her new names are monster, uglyston, childshston, and loserston what you like? I prefer jennifer monster loserston.
    Jennifer monster loserston from now until at the end of your days, your life will be miserable, loser