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Wentworth Miller Rocks The Argyle

Wentworth Miller Rocks The Argyle

More pictures of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell have surfaced from MIPCOM 2006! Wentworth, 34, wore his salt and pepper hair with pride and rocked the pretty preppy in an argyle sweater. The international press conference was held earlier this afternoon at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel at Cannes, France. More pictures in the gallery including PB creator Paul Scheuring!

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wentworth miller argyle 01
wentworth miller argyle 02
wentworth miller argyle 03
wentworth miller argyle 04
wentworth miller argyle 05
wentworth miller argyle 06
wentworth miller argyle 07
wentworth miller argyle 08
wentworth miller argyle 09
wentworth miller argyle 10
wentworth miller argyle 11
wentworth miller argyle 12
wentworth miller argyle 13
wentworth miller argyle 14
wentworth miller argyle 15
wentworth miller argyle 16
wentworth miller argyle 17
wentworth miller argyle 18
wentworth miller argyle 19
wentworth miller argyle 20
wentworth miller argyle 21
wentworth miller argyle 22
wentworth miller argyle 23
wentworth miller argyle 24
wentworth miller argyle 25
wentworth miller argyle 26
wentworth miller argyle 27
wentworth miller argyle 28
wentworth miller argyle 29
wentworth miller argyle 30
wentworth miller argyle 31
wentworth miller argyle 32
wentworth miller argyle 33
wentworth miller argyle 34
wentworth miller argyle 35
wentworth miller argyle 36
wentworth miller argyle 37
wentworth miller argyle 38
wentworth miller argyle 39

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  • Brittany

    Sooo adorable!!! Ahh,, 2 weeks for more PB can not go fast enough!!! He looks sooo great!!

  • geniass

    Gosh, he’s so pretty. Thanks Mr. Jared!

  • Mink

    Ooh, nice! Jared you are just spoiling us lately! That said, don’t stop will you?

  • ErinMarie79

    He looks so amazing. Lovin’ the salt ‘n’ pepper hair!

  • Kristi

    he just gets hotter and hotter. What I would give to just touch him once—anything!


    finally i see him in some fcuking jeans..omg he looks so hot ….oh i want to screw his brains out!

  • Jolie4ever

    love all the pics especially #35…thanks Jared!!!

  • Nina

    I hope I don’t get a hard time for this, but I LOVE the little speckles of gray in his hair. I love that it is growing out. He is so yummy.

  • BB

    Hubba, hubba, what are you tryna do to my little heart?!?!!! I have a pacemaker please this is not right, it’s so wrong. Mr Miller I beg you go back to where you’ve been hiding, your personage is a health hazard both physically and mentally. That said thank you Jared, now my boyfriend is so fired unless he goes and drinks whatever this man drinks.

  • bdj

    First I thought Just Jared had a Man crush on Jude Law. However, now I will have to revise that to Wentworth Miller after seeing the many many posts of the handsome Mr. Miller. Just Kidding Just Jared!!

  • Lynzi

    hes so friggen hot. hed look good in a potato sack. thank you jared for my daily dose of wentworth

  • Hot Damn

    34? He looks younger than that. he is so damn good looking.

  • mahsnowy

    (faint) twice in one. (blushing) he is soooo hot.. cant stop drooling!

  • Elisabeth

    So handsome! How is this guy not attached at some girls hip? How does he NOT have someone, or better yet, whoever let him get away???????

  • Elisabeth

    Great Just Jared! Keep up the Wentworth, it gets us through those long grueling days.

  • blah

    oh noo mi wenty has grey hairs! and soo many that means hes stressed out oh no!

  • cas

    Holly molly, did all those grays appear overnight? Or is it the buzz that’s been concealing this fact? At this rate he’ll have a full head of salt, oh and a full salty beard as well, I swear I’ve seen a speck of white beard to the left more evident in the Teen Choice pictures where it’s longer. Whatever could be stressing him? STILL HOT THOUGH, somebody needs to be taping that!!!

  • shhweet

    *SIGH*…thanks JJ!!

  • angelah

    ..liking his eyes

  • Zack

    Jared, how the heck am I gonna meet my deadlines if you keep on posting luverly pics of Went? Are you tryin’ to get me fired from my job??? *sigh* Everytime i tell myself to stop obsessing over Went, these awesome pics keep popping up, and not to mention heaps of ‘em posted on the fcowm board. I think i really should stop clicking on the links *tryin’. very. hard. with. little. result. and. more. loud. sigh*

  • Melissa J

    OMG! He looks so cute In his little sweater, and I love the salt n’ pepper look! Jared thanks so much for all the Went news and pics today, love him! Can’t wait for episode 8 “Dead Fall” on Oct. 23rd!

  • lrg_00

    Jared…you rock!! I thought Monday would suck royally …and just when I think I’ve gotten a good dose of him…here you come along. Marry me?? I adore you!!

  • meemee35

    I love that argyle sweater. Went is soo hot!

  • annea

    I found a gray hair in my head today and I’m 22 so its not bad at all. He’s smokin’ hot, just perfection…thanks Jared, you’re the best.

  • AJGoddess

    OMG…My Wenty is looking HOT HOT HOT!!! Seriously i would give pretty much anything for one night with him, LOL….He is a HOTTIE with brains…dangerous combination…Thank you Jared, you’re a sweetie for spoiling us with Wenty pics!

  • atropos

    yummmm…! :D

  • bugsy

    (o o)

  • Souhila


  • Dana

    with went and PB MIA… this girl has been struggling to keep it together…until now!! woohoo…i finally got my fix…God Bless u Jared!

  • Xena

    Deesnt he look so sexy? he’s so sexy and hot plus he has a great personality.

  • miamimi


  • greek_lover

    he’s got that brad pitt younger sexy thang going on but at the same time a little george clooney, maturity is def. sexy. would love to grab a hold of that!

  • Vanessa

    AWW! Thank you Jared! Dont be afraid to post more pics! The man is just so beautiful!

  • Frankie

    GREAT Pics! Love how his left eye is a little lighter then his right eye.

  • katarina

    Jared what can i say.. u have excelled yourself…he looks so handsome in those pictures ( not that he doesnt already) and the his salt n pepper hair is great..luv it ( sigh)

  • christina

    Damn Jared you keep these Wentworth pics rollin. You rock!

  • Juliet

    Ok..Looking good : )

    Must “say”, he looks SO HAPPY… Maybe he found himself a french woman and so ; )

    Helo Jelly and Freda, where are you girls??

    Does anyone know if hes visiting some other countries in EU?

  • OnSaleGirl

    My, my, my! {fans self}
    Jared, you should warn us “ladies” to put on a panty liner before looking at such Wentgasmic pics.
    Please excuse me. I need to visit the ladies room now.

  • Chicky

    OnSaleGirl, that is halarious!!!!! I am a huge Went fan, but I have to disagree with y’all….I’m not diggin’ that salt “n peppa hair. Sorry…go get some Just for Men. But I would still take you home and have my way with you

  • africa

    where do u go to my lovely … when u’re alone in your bed …

  • Juliet

    Ben seni öylesiye sevdim inan ; )

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  • Svetlana

    Сногсшибательный мужчина! Сексуальность в каждом движении. Жаль, далек и недоступен.
    P.S. Мама должна им гордиться.

  • Angel

    He man of my dream.If you can help me write me on my e-mail.I need to know his adress

  • abbie and jade

    propa gorgous… get ur trousers darn lol……

  • fatuma

    kdhnisaihflihifudiys !! he’s sooo damn sexy !!

  • Sarah


  • http://yahoo Viktoria

    He is sooo HOT!

    He is a really man!

  • Nataly

    Wentworth is the BEST !!! I love him very much!!! I want to see with him! Please give me his adress!!!

  • елена

    Очаровашка )))