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Wentworth Miller is Blazin'

Wentworth Miller is Blazin'

Last Wentworth Miller post of the day. Promise! Last set of pictures of Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller (rocking the blazer) and Dominic Purcell at MIPCOM 2006′s opening night party earlier this evening at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, France. Rapper Faf LaRage performed his chart-topping Prison Break anthem “Pas Le Temps” at the event. More pictures in the gallery!

Dominic whispers sweet nothings into Wentworth‘s ear.
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wentworth miller blazer 01
wentworth miller blazer 02
wentworth miller blazer 03
wentworth miller blazer 04
wentworth miller blazer 05
wentworth miller blazer 06
wentworth miller blazer 07
wentworth miller blazer 08
wentworth miller blazer 09
wentworth miller blazer 10
wentworth miller blazer 11
wentworth miller blazer 12
wentworth miller blazer 13
wentworth miller blazer 14
wentworth miller blazer 15
wentworth miller blazer 16
wentworth miller blazer 17
wentworth miller blazer 18
wentworth miller blazer 19
wentworth miller blazer 20
wentworth miller blazer 21
wentworth miller blazer 22
wentworth miller blazer 23
wentworth miller blazer 24
wentworth miller blazer 25
wentworth miller blazer 26
wentworth miller blazer 27
wentworth miller blazer 28
wentworth miller blazer 29
wentworth miller blazer 30
wentworth miller blazer 31
wentworth miller blazer 32
wentworth miller blazer 33
wentworth miller blazer 34
wentworth miller blazer 35
wentworth miller blazer 36

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  • samantha

    FIRST! And he would be sooo much sexier if he worked out that muffin top! Oh an get a tan boi u off work u aint gotta pass no mo

  • reg

    geez… this is too much for my heart… haha thanks jared.

  • Zack

    Blazin’ hawt Wentgasmic delight !!!! (so hot, you should forgive for man-boy for the ahem, wardrobe malfunction). Thanks for the updates, Jared!

  • meemee35

    Three Went postings in one day!! Thanks JJ!

  • love him!

    This has been the best day ever! 3 postings of my Went in one day. Way to start the week! Keep them coming!!

  • atropos

    be still, my heart! whooOo! :D

  • totusdulcidine

    Samantha, like I said before you are such a windy licker. Don’t you ever get tired of riding on that tard cart?

    Guess not, because of keep dragging your tired ass over to Jared’s to post about Wentworth. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • went is sexy

    went is so sexy! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  • shhweet

    thank you JJ!!! keep the posts coming!

  • mangogirrl

    sheeshh!! he is way too hott! i see he grew out his hair…

  • Sarah B.

    Jared!! Why oh why would you stop posting about Went? Please..don’t ever say that again!

  • tweedle

    yummy! sweet dreams tonight.

  • prisonluv

    Jarod, you make it sound like you have to stop with the Went postings…DONT STOP WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much.


    eww i don’t like these pics…he looks sick.anywaysz i loved the other ones thanx

  • Estelle

    ok, I’m melting, I’m melting…Thank you again JJ, 3 WM threads ?…you definitely king of all blogg JJ. Gorgeous these men of PB.

  • loli

    I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was amasing! I’m gonna put my pictures on my site

  • black

    I don´t know why- but this guy Wentworth just comes across as very gay- and I don´t mean it in a bad way….it´s just the way he stands and moves.

  • loli

    if you want to see my video done with my cell phone:

  • BB

    Oh my, woo hoo, still no woman in his life I see, otherwise she’d be commiting a sin letting him go out like that, gawd. Thanks JJ, your a star!!!!

  • BB

    #20 loli, I’ve seen your video thanks for sharing, Went is clapping his hands away. Lucky you, but where are the pictures? Care to give a direct link?

  • loli

    I haven’t put them yet (sorry for my english I’m french) but I’m gonna put them on my computer later today

  • tres

    l black l- I donno exactly what you mean but I have to say I have issues with how he often put his left leg forward and bend it at the knee, I just put it down to being a nerd.

  • cas

    Look Caz, unless you’ve got proof of poof, take your toxic shit to Perez!!!!

  • Melissa J

    Triple posts In one day Jared, triple wentgasms! I love that he’s growing his hair out and I love the spinkle of chest hair, he so yummy! Can’t wait for Prison Break to return on Oct. 23rd! *Squeel* *Wentgasm*

  • Elisabeth

    The way it stands at times is the typical model stance, just an FYI, maybe he feels like he needs to stand the Models Stance everytime someone takes pictures of him? Who knows…….

  • jenna

    i don’t want to believe he’s gay… but these photos prove otherwise… shit!

  • tres

    #28 Elisabeth……that is typical model stance for a WOMAN not for a man FYI. Dom has the typical male model stance, which is just straight and macho.

  • Lindsay


  • Elisabeth

    #30…I have seen the stance used for bothe sexes, I do fashion shows, so I should know…either can typically use that stance depending on the situation.
    Back to the gay issue though, he is, he isn’t, it’s his deal….But we can still admire the handsome either way! Don’t you think???????????? I still think he is just a very private, sophisticated and the “right side of the tracks” person.

  • Mink

    So then…the worst dressed gay boy on the planet. Went babe, I understand that jackets can actually look quite good if you wear one that fits!

  • Pat

    Went is sooo sexy! I love him very much.

  • rus

    Oh I know what that spin is, it gets tricky sometimes to fight Went’s corner, check this out
    towards the end after Robin Tunney and he’s saying “…they come up with these twists and turns …….” the accompanying head movements could easily pass for gayism and it wasn’t even acting like Popular. I’m totally confused on this one. Went, really which side do you bat?????

  • Mink

    #37 bay – I speak only from a place of love ;)

  • Elisabeth

    #34 It’s more like a farmers tan and not foundation! That Texas sunshine can do those things!

  • rus

    #45 j2
    I heard this one who is connected to that one who knows Went is hardly “PROOF OF POOF” but I guess I agree with #44 willa, particulary when his dad is a lawyer and has been one for ages plus lawyer sisters, come on, Perez can’t be that big to take on if it wasn’t true. You can’t really sue if it’s true right, lest it comes back and bite you! Leave alone there is hardly any history of ex-es albeit of either sex except for one alleged whom even he hasn’t confirmed, Yah it gets pretty hard to defend. So off I go to denial in Egypt just so I keep my faith in him telling the truth and not lying to us all.

  • elaine

    Your right it is hard to defend him….and you notice he’s not taking legal action against Perez.

    I don’t think a lot of straight actors would have taken as many gay roles as Wentworth has….even though I know he’s only acting gay…..but come on.

    Believe me I wish he was straight….because he’s beautiful …..I fell a little sad for him though because it can’t be easy to be gay in this world.
    44 | willa

    legal action against Perez?

    Legal actions because in a blog somebody insinuates that you are gay oh please… and jake gyllenhaal or hayden christiansen? they are not taking legal action against Perez!!!!
    A legal action is more and more publicity.

  • sarha


    found this on another site!

    *what can i say guys u will either believe me or not, i met a great producer for a major film, chicago, he is openly gay and revieled to me that wentworth miller is gay, and has always been gay, when he was younger, mid 20’s a producer slept with him and basically a lot of people in the industry know that he is gay, also fyi ricky martin is gay and has always been.. in case u are wondering… this is all true so believe it or not, i’m sure wentworth will come out at some point in his career but not now that he is blossoming with prison break.. let me know what u guys think of this
    45 | j2


    i met a great producer for a major film??…hahaha sorry it is so ridiculous!if wentworth ,jake or tom cruise are gay good for them…but please this kind of stories are absolutely false.

  • luv2Went

    I find it so incredibly sad that people and society spend so much time wondering about a celebrity’s sexuality. Can any of us change the fact and reality of who a celebrity chooses to sleep with??…NO! An actor’s job is to portray a character in a role which tells a fictional or non-fictional story. Why must Wentworth’s personal life define who he is as a professional actor. The two are distinctly different aspects of his life. One is public domain and knowledge….the other is none of anyone’s business! Who cares who Wentworth sleeps with once the cameras stop rolling on the Prison Break set??? He’s still a great actor on a successful television show. Love him for that. None of us has the power to change his sexual orientation – whatever that may be – to what “society” says is acceptable. He’s a human being just like the rest of us on the planet. Like it or not, Wentworth’s personal life is just that….personal. We all need to learn to respect his privacy. If it’s true that he’s gay…i’m sure it will come out when he’s comfortable. If it’s not true, all the speculation is a waste of time and energy.

  • rus

    eeeeh, correction #51/52 sweet, these celebs don’t actually post their pictures, paparazzi and bloggers do, mk. But #50 luv2went you need to get real, interest in celebs lives has been around since celeb was created and ain’t goin’ nowhere anytimee soon. It’s up to them to protect their privacy and up to us fans to speculate and try and figure them out. If you didn’t wanna know then stop with the hypocricy and just wait for the actors to do their job and catch them on telly , stop trolling blog sites.

  • Karin

    Eh…I don’t care if he’s straight or gay…like I WOULD make a chance if he was straight….*lol*…he’s just hot to look at…What I wanna know is if anyone knows if they might be visiting some other countries after France? I;m from the Netherlands myself….If they come to Amsterdam I’ll kill myself…after meeting them that is..hehe…
    Got info? PLEASE email me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carla

    jared you just made my morning!

  • cas

    #52 sweet, because his hair is that good, but WTF happened to all those grays from earlier pictures? And poor little sweetheart thinks he’s totally rocking it, if I remember well he mentioned in a UK magazine being particulary fond of that blazer, awww, well the rest of us think it needs to shrink or die.

  • rus

    I think it’s you who’s not clued on, if you knew anything about Wentworth, you’d know he’s not a fame-whore like the Parisites of hollywood and perhaps JJ can tell you a thing or to about how he gets his pics.

  • luv2Went

    #60 sweet

    Sweet, you’re a gay as they come. Not only are you challenged in the spelling and grammar departments, but you’re probably this gray-haired IT guy with two kids who doesn’t know what the HELL he’s doing anyway. The SHOULD fire your ignorant, ugly ass. You only wish you had to balls to buy some hair dye to cover the hideous gray in your empty head. Stupid fucker!!

  • Melissa

    One of the reasons why I love Just Jared: SO MUCH WENTWORTH! =]

  • sass

    Oh no, the blazer is on the loose again, remember The view anyone

    or the Swiffer, together with the khaki pants these have been repeatedly commiting fashion crimes. Gee, this boy is beyond repair, damaged to the core. What do they teach at Princeton?????

  • rus

    I’ve got your corner gal, I think it’s the hair dye joke that got you singled out which is quite funny because it’s true the grays are less apparent than before. This luv2went is completely lacking in sense of humor, and God knows why s/he is still coming back when s/he doesn’t believe in nosying around in celebs businesses. Take a chill pill dude. lol!!! oh and if u gon insult other peoples writing skills make sure urs is perfect before you post. Love ur name sweet!!!

  • luv2Went

    rus and sweet
    Never said I don’t believe in nosying around in celeb’s business. I SAID celeb’s personal lives are just that….personal! Get it right Rus! If you’re gonna be in sweet’s corner – gal, better make sure you got your facts straight first. Don’t try to play knight in shining armour because the comment was directed as sweet – not YOU. So you take a chill pill and go sit in the corner and wait for sweet to give you the time of day. Oh, and by the way, my comment was written just as I intended…..sweet rus! lol

  • Tiki

    I think everyone just needs to calm down and look at the friggin lovely pictures. Hush about the gay stuff because that hasn’t been confirmed and until he says so or the Enquirer or someone comes up with some pics then it ain’t so. Hey the Enquirer stole Anthony Perkins HIV positve blood and reported that Perkins had HIV before he even knew. If they can do that don’t you think they could out someone in two shakes of a lambs tale. And all this bickering about who publishes photos. Hush up and just enjoy the man. Jeez us

  • underwater ally