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Wentworth Miller in Cannes

Wentworth Miller in Cannes

New Wentworth Miller pictures have arrived sooner than we thought — and he’s growing his hair out! Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution brought the stars of Prison Break (Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell) to Cannes for the largest international audiovisual content trade show, Mipcom 2006.

The photocall was held earlier this morning at Carlton Intercontinental Hotel Pier in Cannes, France. PB Creator Paul Scheuring was on hand as well as creator and rapper Faf Larage, who ecorded the French theme song “Pas Le Temps” for the show for M6.

Hold tight for two more weeks for an all-new episode (“Dead Fall”) of Prison Break. More pictures in the gallery!

LISTEN :: Wentworth Miller Europe 1 Interview

DOWNLOAD :: Wentworth Miller NRJ Interview [mp3]

DOWNLOAD :: Wentworth Miller Skyrock Interview [mp3]

UPDATE :: Added 7 high quality images!

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wentworth miller cannes 01
wentworth miller cannes 02
wentworth miller cannes 03
wentworth miller cannes 06
wentworth miller cannes 07
wentworth miller cannes 09
wentworth miller cannes 14
wentworth miller cannes 15
wentworth miller cannes 16
wentworth miller cannes 17
wentworth miller cannes 19
wentworth miller cannes 20
wentworth miller cannes 22
wentworth miller cannes 23
wentworth miller cannes 24
wentworth miller cannes 26
wentworth miller cannes 27
wentworth miller cannes 28
wentworth miller cannes 29
wentworth miller cannes 30
wentworth miller cannes 31
wentworth miller cannes 33
wentworth miller cannes 34
wentworth miller cannes 35
wentworth miller cannes 36
wentworth miller cannes 38
wentworth miller cannes 39
wentworth miller cannes 40
wentworth miller cannes 41
wentworth miller cannes 42
wentworth miller cannes 43
wentworth miller cannes 44
wentworth miller cannes 45
wentworth miller cannes 46
wentworth miller cannes 47

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  • shhweet

    loving it =)…thanks JJ!

  • Kiddo

    Fabulous! Love his hair like this! THANKS MR JARED!! X

  • Julie

    hes so hot! thanks!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsay

    Just when I think I have the obsession under control…just when I think Wentworth cannot get any cuter…JJ comes through!!! Love you! Love Went! Love these pics!! He’s so hot I’m on overload. Thank you for feeding my addiction.

  • Mills

    Awww, he looks sooooo fine and now with hair???! Monday feels like Christmas morning! Love it, thanks JJ!

  • corona

    what’s with his flared jeans? but hey if it’s him i won’t mind :D

  • Estelle

    THANK YOU JJ. you are feeding my addiction for this show.

  • BB

    Hotdamn!!!! :p drooooooll, a svelte Wentworth with grown hair and rocking Jeans, what more can a girl ask for. Thanks Jared!!!

  • Mink

    Thanks ever so, Jared! Hmmm… I can see that maybe I could live with some hair after all.

  • http://wentworthmiller kerry

    WOW love the pics. with or with out hair you are very easy on the eyes. love ya and the show. hope to see more of you!!!!!!!

  • Patty

    I’ve never seen his show – actually never heard of him until I saw him on this site. He seems to be featured as much – if not even more than Britney or Angelina/Brad. Does he own stock in this site?

  • rozmarinn

    hi jared

    the 2 links to which we can download an interview with wentowrth go to the same one. Are you sure you have put the write link.


    love the site

  • cas

    #6 corona, I hear ya, wasn’t this the exact look for the Teen Choice Awards? I know the shirt was long sleeve but still……Does he have another pair of jeans? Also for the church goers there is a new patch of grays at the top of his hair to write pages about. Yeah, a lurker giving shout out. lol!!!

  • cas

    May I also add he has really lost lots of weight, he’s back to his earlier season 1 look and kudos to him for that. Whatever he’s doing it’s working and showing. Damn sexy!!!

  • Just Jared

    Sorry about that, rozmarinn! I fixed the link. Enjoy!!

  • Melissa J

    What a wonderful way to wake up, to see his beautiful face, and I love that he’s smiling In almost all of them! I love that he’s growing his hair out, and he looks so good In jeans, God, I’d give anything just to give his ass a little squeeze, ok, I’ll stop typing now! *Squeel* *Wentgasm*

  • jughead

    If I see one more picture of this clown I’m gonna hurl.

  • Rachel

    wow. is it rite too obsess about someone this much i love him. i really should like someone my own age umm i’m 16 but hey hes hot so who is moaning.

  • sara

    If I see one more picture of this clown I’m gonna hurl.
    17 | jughead

    and what are you doing in this pots about him?

  • Vanessa

    AWW! I love the one of him pointing to the camera!

  • tracy

    he’s beautiful!! i had many dreams about him that one day we’ll meet. HEY A GIRL CAN DREAM ,RIGHT?

  • Hil

    Mmmmmmm Wentworth with hair!!!!!!! Lovely!!!!!

  • Taffaroni

    From his smile, I think he looked more relax and happier. Made him looked younger too :) Love the hair!!!!

  • angelah

    dOM and Went are hot!

  • DoobieDoo

    Yeah Cas, I wonder how many pages the Church will devote to the top patch of white. Stay tuned for close ups and detailed anal ysis

  • rozmarinn

    thanks jared

  • http://??? skylar

    Thanks Jared. I had been thinking about how I wasn’t going to see Prison Break tonight when I checked out your site and there were lots of pics of my Wenty. I wish he hadn’t lost so much weight though…he looked so good hunky. But hey, he looks perfection any way!

  • sunny

    and wentworth and dominic on a naturist beach is not possible???? !!! loooool
    j’irais bien faire un tour a cannes moi héhé!

  • Imani

    why would he need to have his hair straightened jo45? his hair is beautiful the way it is, whether short or long. no need to mess with perfection!



  • Tiki

    I love the hair and would love to grab his head in the midst of making the beast with two… I’m sure you know what I mean. Seeing the hair makes me want to do it more. He doesn’t need to straighten it AT ALL!!!! Thanks Jared!

  • Hutu

    11 | Patty
    Nah, clearly Bilson & Brangelina are more over-exposed here than Wentworth. Theres gotta be some money in it with all that brown nosing. Still I’d prefer this dude 10000000 times over them.

  • Scillajean

    Thanks Jared, i wish they come to south america to see them, POR FAVOR ;-)

  • Zack

    I just gotta tell ya, after this heavenly being bursts into my TV screen every Monday nights since last April, my life is never the same. Ever. I have never loved a celebrity as much as I love Went, the finest specimen ever concieved, even though at 30, I’m really TOTO. And I seriously think I need medication after all those long cold shower i took after engaging in multiple Wentgasms, no thanks to the Venerable Chief Blogger.

    And btw, #11 (Patty) I only come here for my dosage of Went. He’s my Vicodin and Jared is my favorite pusher. Keep ‘em comin’ Jared!

  • meemee35

    I’m loving the pics!

  • atropos

    *droOools* :D

  • Tammy

    Just wanted to say that I love you Jared! Thank you for all the wonderful photos of Wentworth. Great to see ones of Dominic too. Keep up the great photos, am off to drool:)

  • wontingwitch

    There’s nothing wrong with his hair; It’s beautiful. He’s looking cute as always and Dom looks great too. The one of the two fo them (third one from the bottom, middle row), is too cute. I love to see Went smile.

  • Juliet

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  • LeeLoo

    Hi everybody. I’m from Croatia. That’s in central Europe. I’ve just found this website and I’m having an obssesion with Wentworth. He’s not like other actors, he’s like a guy in the next door. Oh how I wish him around me. Looks so gentle, so sexy, he’s outstanding. There are so many things I would do to him :))))

  • Marion

    I’m french, I like your site!! Your are so lucky because you can hear the real voice of Wentwoth on TV! I’m a little bit jalous, his real voice is better than his french voice! Thank you for this downlod link!!! And the beautiful picts! I’m an addict to! And I love English and USA! If you want to talk with me of Wentworth or another thing, its would please to me. (you can write has my address mail in English) goodbye.

  • http://lallaalala alba lady

    oh my god !!!! his looking is soooo SEXYYYYYY………..

    I love him ;) by Dona

  • Sarah


  • Nikkijovi

    WOW . . . just saw this pics – am a recent Wentworth and Prison Break fan. This man is waaay to sexy to be single . . . haha the comment about possibly seeing Dom and Went on a naturist beach is funny . . . but should it come true, count me in on the scene!!! Love ya Wenty.