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Kate & Katie Do Karl

Kate & Katie Do Karl

Katie Holmes was spotted at the Karl Lagerfeld (pictured above) VIP Party this past Friday during 2006 Paris Fashion Week with the slowly disappearing Kate Bosworth. Katie looks like she’s wearing a beat up bathrobe with buttons! Fashion thumbs down! Way, way down. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • macheath

    Sigh, Kate. What’s with the strange not-quite-smile smile?

  • denise

    first! yea not a cute outfit, ekkk

  • get

    hm, katie’s outfit is just ugly, but at least she looks healthy and not like her coked-out anorexic friend.
    oh and kate bosworth? not that hot.

  • damn

    I thught Kate Bosworth was gorgeous at one time. I don’t know what happened. I guess it’s the lack of food or perhaps too many drugs that has turned her look around. You know you got a problem when Karl and katie holmes look better than you.

  • Dancer

    What has happened to this woman’s fashion sense. She has looked totally awful all through Paris fashion week. I realize Nicole Kidman is a fashion icon so maybe the Tom Cruise wife comparison is making Katie come out on the short end. But Katie just does not know how to play up her body type. Her fashion choices make absolutely no sense. She is rich via Tommy boy. Can’t they afford a fashion consultant. Someone that will tell her what shoes and bag go with the right outfit for her body type? I’m still reeling from that balloon dress she had on in the last thread. It was truly awful. The coat just washes her out and is the wrong style for her.

  • fifi


    All that money from TC and this is all you could come up with? Don’t these people even LOOK at a mirror?

  • schae

    Such venom and hate for Katie and TC it’s amazing, it’s every thing how they look what they wear, who they talk to, how the children look. It’s like gammy said “if u cant say anything nice them SHUT THE F***K UP. A***HOLES.

  • fifi


    IT’S A CELEBRITY BLOG. These stars and their publicists put them out as fashion icons and all that BS, so I think we have the right to comment on how they dress and the way they look.

  • leanne

    Cmon Katie.. wear something nice and not a bath robe

  • RO

    Really, all that money from Tom and that what you can

  • kuala

    Katie looks really pretty in these photos even if her jacket is ugly.

  • RM

    Doesn’t she have a little baby at home?? Or did she bring Suri to France with her? I know I couldn’t have left one of my kids at only a few months old for a week and go halfway around the world!

  • squid

    she’ll never be A-list, i can’t respect this girl. haha.

  • Gloria

    i guess it’s only after nicole kidman has had enough of all this and moves on that katie can come to fashion week. i want to see a picture of nicole and katie flanking lagerfeld while he nibbles at nicole’s neck and katie stands there with nothing to do. i’m fine with tom and katie, but seeing her with lagerfeld is like scorcese directing ashley olsen. same seeing her with posh. they may be friends and she may be tom’s fiance but she’s out of her league.

  • julieRAGE

    in regards to ur comment #7(schae)i honestly believe everyone is entitled to their opinions even if it annoys u so quit the f-word and insults besides it’s all true and u know it and that’s why u get all defensive i feel u(i go mad when pple say nasty things about the pple i luv and respect too but when i’m upset by it i keep my ops to myself not insult them for saying what they belief it’s nasty just as TC AND KH)

  • julieRAGE

    i bet the next thing TC will be trying to do now is get his girl connected to KL since he’s all about competing and comparing her to NIC this days but i know what KL wii say (exactly what he said about LINDSAY LOHAN earlier this yr when she claimed KL had invited to be the new face of CHANEL “I DON’T WORK WITH DUMB WANNBES”)

  • Dancer

    #7 Schae
    Almost everyone on this thread so far has kept their comments on the clothes and not Tommy and Katie’s personalities or behaviors. You can think someone is cute (like Katie), but you can also in your own humble opinion totally think she is lookin’ dreadful due to her poor fashion choices. She is at a healthy weight (i.e., not anorexic looking nor fat looking). She should not be wearing balloon dresses that are for the ‘I can see your bones’ crew, nor should she be wearing clothes that make her look heavier than she is (the jacket, flowing pants combo last week). And the evening dress where her boobs were hanging out–can we all say “where is the double-sided tape?” Her boobs are no longer perky due to the pregnancy (which is okay and fine) and the dress emphasized their sagginess. Some double sided tape would have kept the dress up where it should be…not hanging on the edge with us all waiting for a nip slip. The dress would have looked better with some spaghetti straps to hold her in. She has a mirror—she should look in it!

  • Melissa J

    Katie, sweetheart your a beautiful woman, stop wearing the weird little skirts and jakets that look like bathrobes and start wearing clothes that flatter your figure! Kate Bosworth Is beautiful also, but she needs to eat and gain about 15 to 20 pounds!

  • Angela Davidson

    I think Kate is looking really nice. I think the clothes she has been wearing have been stylish.

  • libraesque

    OH MY GAWD!! I swear I just bought a bathrobe EXACTLY (well, minus the granny buttons) like that, but in purple, at ROSS for 12.99

  • Niecy

    I agree with #12. She’s NEVER with her child!!

  • VA

    Can someone please ask her where Suri is? How can a mom leave a little one for a that long? Is she in France with her???

  • kuala

    well she’s not in France anymore. Those pictures are from last Friday.

  • Damn again

    I just noticed that it looks like Katie is wearing a wig. Something is weird about her hair and the tiny bangs she gots going on.

  • cheeky

    I don’t know KL but Kate Bosworth used to be very pretty, now she looks like a chipmunck on crack and Katie Holmes looks likes a middle aged woman who has had her youthful dreams crushed. So sad. She is not the fresh-faced young woman she used to be. Selling your soul to the devil can do that to you…

  • sdfdsf

    Katie shouldn’t be friends with anorectic people like Victoria Beckham or Kate Bosworth. Not good for her.

  • Jasmine

    She should not wear tights with those stocky legs. The Umbrella skirt is god awful


    she probably lost some hair from giving birth and now it is growing back. It is a common problem for new mothers. It is really wierd that she can leave her new daughter home and go to Paris.

  • Puke

    She looks sad. That is a smile on her lips, but her eyes are very sad. Wonder what is going on…

  • Hil


  • http://justjared jess

    Kate Bosworth WAS gorgoeus at one point….I rememebr when my boiyrfriend would always say how hot she was. She really looked like an all-american beauty. I remember I read once that people that are ‘too perfectly beuatiful’ will never be movie stars, b.c movie stars often have one flaw about them–big lips, (A.J. and S.J.) big nose (P.C.), etc. A good example is Kimber on Nip/Tuck. She is perfectly pretty with a flawless body but is a bit fogettable b.c of her pefection.
    Anyway, the point is, Kate Bosworth was very all-american–not forgettable, but very traditionally pretty. She is so hideous now. I know that I had read that she gained twnety pounds of Blue Crush, so I thought maybe she was just naturally very thin (I am, so I kind of undertsand). However, she was her natural thin self at the Superman Premier. Now she is just a skeleton and is just fugly.

  • dave

    #31, she was not at her natural weight when she was at the superman returns premiere. She was very skinny then. I actually think that both kates are very plain looking and always have been. I wouldn’t give them a second look if I saw them on the street.

  • Mire

    Stop it with Katie’s never with her baby- She is a awesome Mother to her baby and Tom’s kids who don’t have a real Mother. And by the way Katie looks so pretty and love her make-up.

  • Silly Syllie

    OMG! Attack of the giant foreheads! What’s up with KL’s hair, did he put some white spray on it or something? It’s beyond ugly!

  • rachel

    kate is obviouisly trying to wearing clothes that cover her chest so that people will stop chiding her about her weight.

  • Scarlet.R

    Kate B looks wierd, shes a really pretty girl but she must weigh about 50lbs, that dress is like a sack. there is naturally skinny (like mischa,keira and little old me) and theirs not naturally skinny (nicole, ashlee simpson and kate b), those girls are just bone. my little sister said she wanted to look like kate bosworth the other day and i literally felt like crying. x