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Sandra Bullock Wears Hunk o' Junk

Sandra Bullock Wears Hunk o' Junk

OH MY UGLY!! What is that monstrosity Sandra Bullock is wearing???

Last night, Sandra Bullock, co-star Toby Jones, and director Douglas McGrath attended the Infamous premiere after party at Brasserie 8 1/2 in New York City. Infamous opens this Friday, Oct. 13 in NY/LA.

QUESTION :: Garbage bag bore or gorgeous glam?

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  • ella

    that dress rocks. love the pockets!

  • chong

    kinda fat, uhm!!!!

  • someone

    I love Sandra, I don’t care what she wears, she always looks great to me!

  • janie1234

    I cant stand that plain jane so called actress.. if you ask me the dress suits her PERFECTLY.

  • fg

    She has great skin.

  • rabidpooch

    The style is called deconstructed and has been very popular in Europe for years. We just happen to be behind the times. Now that some of the actresses are starting to wear this style the main stream mass market popultion can’t get over seeing people wear art/ architectural styles. Try being open minded. Women do not have to flash everything short of a nipple to be stylish.

  • louveciennes

    Is it supposed to look like she slept in it? I’m all for classically-tailored, long dresses, but that… isn’t one.

  • Jeannie Mac

    Sandra can pukll off Anything Anywhere! She definitely Rocks!!!!!!!

  • Fat below the waist

    She is one of the most over-rated fat-assed actresses out there, that tries to cover up her stump legs. Absolutely HIDIOUS in a bathing suit.

  • Deede

    Love Sandra. She looks great, and so happy! Pockets rock!

    Sandra has a super body, so those that say diferently must be 60 pound wackos or jealous people.

    I know they are wanting a baby, so I’m praying for them….

  • cypher

    You’ve got to hand it to her, she’s 41 and she looks bloody amazing! look at that skin – not a blemish or a wrinkle and i don’t think its all down to botox either…she is really nice and unpretentious. Doesnt take herself too seriously – unlike the rest of them…

  • #13 must be fat too

    Remember #13; a big sweather cannot hide a big ass. But I’m sure you already know this, having tried it yourself.

  • Kiss My Behind!

    No, I’m not fat. I’m a REAL woman unlike you or your girlfriends… or whatever shemale you are. Just pointing out how you love boys, if you can’t stand a real woman’s curves. You could bounce a quarter off my butt.

  • ayMan

    I think the dress looks really cool. It’s fun to go a lil bonkers and out of the norm. It’s like what gwen was wearing last week. Better than dressing in a boring lack dress like most celebs do

  • momo’s real=fat

    Kiss your behind? Well at least it wouldn’t be hard to find if I ever wanted to, but I’ll pass, and I’m sure quarters are all it ever gets any action with. LOL.

  • Dancer

    Well, having just critiqued Katie Holme’s sense of style – I’ll pop over here and give my two cents worth! I don’t particularly care for the dress, but she is wearing it and it is not wearing her. It is a good color on her and she obviously put some thought into her hair (unlike the previous pics of Mz. Holmes who always seems to wear the same style). I would prefer Sandra in something simpler that would better accent her figure, but like I said, this is far better than Katie. Sandra wears the dress with confidence instead of the dress overwhelming her personality.

  • Penny Woods

    Awful. Just awful.

  • d.c.

    you should never agree to wear anything rejected on project runway..

  • hr

    not sure if i like the dress yet. i think it’s the pockets that i don’t like. i just feel like ladies shouldn’t be standing with their hands in their pockets when wearing formal attire… ? but she’s in amazing shape and her skin/makeup is flawless, so props to her. one bad dress is just one bad dress.. her overall beauty shines through.

  • ginger19

    I think the dress is interesting but the hair and make up could use some help. I think a more polished look for Sandra is much more flatering. Only a few women can pull off this look, i.e., Uma or Vanessa Paradise

  • Mediterranean

    She is not fat at all! She is beautiful and the dress is interesting. She looks happy and great

  • Hil

    It looks like a garbage bag

  • Raphael

    Personally, I LOVE Sandra! Gorgeous and talented! But, the dress is a hideous! It looks as though she got tangle up in the bed sheets and left the house that way! But, I blame the so-called ‘designer.’ Sandra is just guilty of poor judgment in thinking it looked good.

  • Mire

    She’s so pretty and that dress is beautiful on her!!

  • mla

    Sandra Bullock is very much in shape folks, and not fat at all. This dress is just not very flattering in the front. It does make her look heavy, but if you see the back (and her arms and under her chin!) she is perfect… but let’s just say for arguments sake that she had gained a few pounds, so what? She is a very beautiful woman and it would take a lot more than 10-15 pounds to ruin that! One final note: once you’re past 35, underweight shows on the face first, so the actresses that look the best are not too too slender (Sandra, Julianne Moore, etc.) Don’t beleive me? Check out Teri Hatcher!

  • wanda

    she looks great…

  • Em

    I love Sandra,
    She definately is not fat but I do not like her dress. I still think though, as always, she looks beautiful.

  • Chris Smith

    I find it interesting that Bullock-who is absolutely paranoid about pregnancy questions (witness the reporter she recently strangled)-continues to wear circus-tent dresses. Is there something there to hide?