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Sienna's Cemetery Visit

Sienna's Cemetery Visit

Sienna Miller and her parents, Ed and Jo Miller were spotted out and about yesterday afternoon in Ed‘s hometown, Meadville, Penn. The trio made a trip to the cemetery to visit the grave of Ed‘s parents after lunching together at Arby’s restaurant. Sienna was so exhausted from the day’s activities, she passed out on the car ride home! More pictures in the gallery…

CHECK OUT :: Sienna Miller Gets A Tour of Pittsburgh [pdf]

Sienna pays respects to her grandparents at the cemetery.
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sienna miller parents 01
sienna miller parents 02
sienna miller parents 03
sienna miller parents 04
sienna miller parents 05
sienna miller parents 06
sienna miller parents 07
sienna miller parents 08
sienna miller parents 09
sienna miller parents 10
sienna miller parents 11
sienna miller parents 12

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  • jonathan

    That is horrible that papparazi will invade the privacy of mourning a past loved one.

  • Hil

    Awww, what a cute family photo. Love her outfit too!

  • zkunis

    But….that’s not her mom!!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, zkunis!! I should have noticed that…

  • Lori

    She is pretty and Pittsburgh is still shit

  • sistahc

    I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that these pictures were
    taken or the fact that i’m interested in them

  • macheath

    Aww, that’s actually pretty sweet. She looks lovely but a bit like a certain Avril Lavigne in the thumbnail versions, though.

  • rose

    That’s not her mom: I believe that is her assistant/publicist.

  • fg

    She has attractive parents. Nice looking family.

  • Estella

    Puhleeese. These pics were the result of a very orchestrated publicity jaunt so that Sienna could appear sorry for trashing Pittsburg. I don’t believe she would have been spending an entire weekend “touring” Meadville on her own accord.

  • Sandbitch

    Fancy wearing such a demonic looking t-shirt to a cemetary! AND those awful boots, are they severed aligator legs?

  • Tamara

    The woman in the photos with Sienna is her new step mother June Penick Miller.

  • Charles

    I like her shirt. Its very cool. Sienna Miller does mod fashion quite well. Actually, she’s the poster child for mod fashion right now.

  • gia

    Estella – right on.
    Plus – this skank needs to learn from Kate Moss… you DON’T go explaining and apologizing after you’ve f-ed up. It makes you look pathetic. Spilled milk.

  • Bobby

    Complete PR job. Sienna looks like a spoiled bitch because she knocks on a working class town like Pittsburgh and so then the PR team gets here to a take a photo visiting her grandma. BULLSHIT.

  • kk

    Local pittsburgh news just said that she got thrown out of a bar last night… She apparantly didn’t like being carded at a bar, and then ran off at the mouth again asking things like ‘do you know who I am?’ and the like. She badmouthed the bar and pittsburgh again.


    This b* is too funny. I especially like her excuse shortly after she got raked through the coals for dissing Pittsburgh…’my father’s from Meadville’ – muahahaha….that’s like me saying…’Oh nooo…please believe me, I really DO love Cleveland, because my Dad’s from Toledo.’

    What a dummy.

  • Hil

    Poor Sienna…

  • Tamara

    There is no reason to be so mean to her. She’s bright, talented and authentic. Bless her heart for being raked through the coals for being real. Who hasn’t had a slip of the tounge and regretted it later. Can’t we just celebrate someone elses success? I’m sure if any of you sat down to dinner with her you would be amazed at how refreshing she really is.

  • Lisa

    I couldn’t agree more Tamara! People need to get a grip a little bit, you all act like she murdered your grandparents or something! Try to have a sense of perspective here, there are some really terrible things going on in the world and you get riled up because she sounds like she doesn’t like Pittsburgh?!?!?! MADNESS!!! You don’t have to agree with her, you don’t have to like it, just give her a break for goodness sake and get on with your lives. She has a right to her point of view, whatever that may be and it’s for no one else to go psycho on her for, as Tamara said we’ve all said stupid things before anyway, life goes on! I feel sorry for Sienna, because she just happens to be one of those celebrities who is followed by an army of negative-minded people who are just waiting for her to slip up or do something wrong, just so they can bask in criticising her and attacking her… frankly I think that is really sad and more than a little bit pathetic. Shame on the people who do that.

  • gia

    I’m basking.

  • anon

    This is so NOT a P.R stunt.

    Her Father lives in the Cayman Islands & I’m sure was in the N.East visiting the graves of his Parents – isn’t it natural that she would tag along seeing as she was in the area? People need to lighten up.

    Besides, Pittsburgh is a complete dump – she was totally right!