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Angelina Jolie Reads "Crimes of War"

Angelina Jolie Reads

Angelina Jolie was just snapped reading “Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know” by Roy Gutman. Angelina, 31, was spotted reading the book on her way to the set of her upcoming film A Mighty Heart‘ in Pune, India. A Mighty Heart is about American journalist Daniel Pearl who was slain by terrorists in Pakistan four years ago. Angelina plays Daniel‘s widow Mariane, on whose book of the same name the film is based upon.

UPDATE :: One more picture added to the gallery! Thanks, Jen!

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angelina jolie crimes of war 01
angelina jolie crimes of war 02

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  • Jolie4ever

    what’s going on??? what happened to all the posts???

  • Passing Through

    Woo-hoo! Thank God…a new thread!

  • azure

    1 l Jolie4ever l
    Site problems. I think it was just as well, the haters were pouring in like crazy. Besides, now you get to be first :)

  • Medulla

    Hey, JJ how do you get the pics so fast?
    You are the best JJ and thanks, AJ looks beautiful as usual.
    Shame on Donal Trump for saying bad things on Larry king last night about AJ just to sell his book,He needs to give that ugly hair of his a makeover.
    We love you BAMZS family be safe in India.

  • Jolie4ever

    3 | azure
    Yay!!! i’m first :lol: – i hardly get to be the first to post – i’m always a late comer :(

  • Damn

    Like i said before… I think she looks great. I wish she would take off the damn glasses. Why is there only one pic?

  • Lovers

    No haters allowed, please.

    AJ is beautiful!

  • just saying…

    not liking the glasses but hey…can’t hate on the goddess!!

  • ell

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    Glad that you are the first.
    I was first buh buh (hahahaha) joke!!!But only for 5 minutes !!!:oops:

  • sultrydame

    She’s looking beautiful even while reading. ;)

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new Thread, you don’t know how badly we needed it, hopefully all the craziness from the old thread will stay. She is looks beautiful as always.

  • cheryl

    Her book interest says alot about her personality. She is very inspirational.

  • la

    ummmm she looks ok in this pic

  • azure

    5 l Jolie4ever l
    Lol It’s the same way with me. Third is my best so far :D

  • Be sane

    Hey Medulla, how are you on this gray day in NYC? :)

    AJ looks so serene–the kind of serenity that comes from within.
    She must be in peace with herself, having done so much and so
    well for such a young age–especially after the turnoil of her youth.
    Haters stick to her past and keep ranting, unable to move forward
    whereas Jolie-Pitt are making the best out of each and every day
    of their lives. Well done, truly.

  • angelah

    Thanks J@red for this new thread and a beautiful Angie while focused!! Well I hope everyone’s having an awesome Wednesday. Tata..I have some stuff to do.

    BBL…well hopefully..

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    10 | ell
    i guess this is my lucky day :) – i don’t know why he deleted the earlier posts…usually when the thread comes back the posts don’t disappear…oh well! – we still love you Jared :lol:


    Almost all of the comments on JJB under the Angie as Mariane pic thread are positive!! :-)

  • KC

    She looks creepy, way too pale, and way too skinny.

  • KC

    She looks creepy, way too pale, and way too skinny. Her hands are freaky.

  • angelah

    17 | beautiful pic of Angie whille***

    ok bbl for real!

  • azure

    Thanks for the new thread, Jared! 3am here :8: Have a good time everyone! I’m out, peace.

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    Thank God JJ and Audrey!!!! a new thread, many thanks :lol:

    Hi ya BAMZSters we are going to have alot of fun on this new thread right ;-) Alex I’ll do the grave yard shift tonight since I took a nice break last night due to unexpected circumstances :lol:

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    I think JJ wanted to see the commenting restarted since there were some disrespectuful posts earlier. He’s the best! He knows the fan well!

  • Jolie4ever

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    i can’t keep up with all the new threads – and by the time I see the a new one there’s about 30+ pages

  • ((chanel))

    angie looks nice wish her the best! and why is there only 1 pic?

    angie 4 life!

  • AJ – LOVER

    Her arms look thicker, non?

  • oompa loompa


    How are you? You still here?

    I saw your post to me in another thread (the long one).

    I would like to response it.

    So, you work in the financial sector.

    Wall Street?

    In Hollywood M means Money not Movie.

    Same drill…raising monies, setting up companies, tax hullabaloolaloo, selling distribution rights…stuff like that.

    And Tax Laws. Tax Laws. Tax Laws.

    Thats why Peter Jackson went to New Zealand.

    Dont take me wrong, guys talented for sure and loves it.

    Its not PLAN B producing this feature but a stand alone company, A Mighty Heart LLC

    But thats only the foundation.

    Everyone wants to be paid but they are not in only for the money, but LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

    One must be EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED to the character and the story, or it fails…

    The truth is in Hollywood nobody knows nothing, you just have to push forward doing what you love.

    And thats it.

    WHOA! So late already and drinking too much Red Bull makes me wonky :P

    See you later alligator!


  • kiki

    21 | KC |
    Ok, we got it, you can go back to your Anistonthread rejoicing her “beauty”..

  • azure

    19 l Cliniqua l
    Thanks for the link. I’m so glad most people can appreciate a good actress like this.

  • azure

    Darn it, I can’t sleep!!
    26 l Jolie4ever l
    I know. It’s pretty cool though, it means us B&A fans are holding down the fort. :)

  • Mrs. Lenny

    `Wow~ Small aircraft crashes into New York Building~10-11-06.

  • dragonfly

    Hay ya’ll! Yay a new thread! Thanks, JJ!

    Anyhoo, look at Miss Angie reading her book. She and Brad are into all that efficiency lately, so I guess she’s using her 10 minutes in the car wisely, hahaha… No tabbies for her, for sure. She wouldn’t be caught dead reading garbage about herself, and it’s cool she truly cares enough to educate herself on the big picture regarding what is going on in the world. She probably sees people in LA spending money on the most useless and shallow vanities, so I understand her position in the Refugee mag interview.

    RDT – I caught your shout-out on the last thread, and of course didn’t have time to respond and now it’s gone…but hey, that thread needed to die, anyway. Hopefully the negativity died with it.

  • Jenny89

    33 | EYE |

    Please tell me there is more. There has to be. A joke about faking intellience? That’s tired. I’m sure you can do better. That comment is one step above I know what you are but what am I.


  • Lovers

    EYE: She’s not looking intelligent, she is intelligent. Same as BP is beautiful. And she is, also. They are the best couple. We are all very proud of them and their family.

    Please say nice things only, for god’s sake.


  • Jackie

    #20 & #21 KC Go back to FF no one cares what you think over here. We love Angie and her sweet family.

  • lookwhaticando

    Thanks JJ

  • Alexanderina

    24 | guli | – Hola Guli, okay the grave yard shift is all yours :)

  • Peaches


    How can you tell if she looks skinny? She is sitting down, you can’t even see her body only her head. Her face actually looks full and healthy

  • Jenny89

    34 | Mrs. Lenny

    I see that on CNN. Its creepy. They said its not an attack but still. Its scary.

  • lookwhaticando

    `Wow~ Small aircraft crashes into New York Building~10-11-06.

    34 | Mrs. Lenny
    Are you serious!!, God how awlful,

  • Amaya

    Hey guys, this is a review of Crimes of War from

    “This unique reference offers a compendium of more than 150 entries that broadly define “international humanitarian law,” a subject that involves most of the legal and political aspects of modern conflict. The contributors include scholars, journalists, and international civil servants qualified by practical experience. Entries for Bosnia, Cambodia, and Rwanda help explain why the lexicon of recent warfare includes terms like “siege,” “child soldiers,” and “belligerent status.” Although some of the accounts are more anecdotal than substantive, the style achieves the stated goal of the editors, both journalists: combining “technical accuracy and readability.” In addition to cross references, most entries are enhanced by dramatic photographs. Overall, the effect of the book is to convey how modern warfare has obliterated the distinction between the military and the civilian. Highly recommended for reference collections at academic and larger public libraries.
    -AZachary T. Irwin, Pennsylvania State Univ., Erie
    Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

  • shazzaa

    thanks JJ, she is sooo cool. Cant wait to see more of her. Where is the rest of the family? Ok Iam not obssessing but whats a big fan to do eh?

  • gitane

    wow, jared! a new thread and then you cleaned out the comments. here’s to a fresh start!

    looks like angie started the book recently. no fluff escapist chick lit for our girl, she’s hardcore all the way!

  • nia


    Haha, we should just call it JustJolie…no offence Jared, I love you too.


    Thanks, Jared.

  • Lovers

    This thread is done for me. Waiting for more pictures to appear. Pictures are always the best. It’s the commenting that’s the most boring… always the same tone. Same song sang over and over again.

  • guli

    40 | Alexanderina | Geez Alex you are all heart :lol: I still expect that “golded parachute” with a great, impressive title and nothing to do once I am done as the mayor :lol:

  • micro

    1) If Brad is producing a movie, does it mean the production company is “Plan B entertainment”?

    2) Is Plan B production company same as Plan B entertainment?

    3) Shantaram ( movie casting Johnny Depp) is produced by Plan B entertainment. But at, it says Johnny Depp is producing it. I am confused.

    Can someone be kind enough to explain to me???