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Jen Still Loves Vince

Jen Still Loves Vince

Jennifer Aniston is still together with Vince Vaughn!

We all knew Vince was not cheating on Jen with producer Kate Packenham. But we didn’t know that Jen would go on Oprah again this year to profess her love for Vince!

According to someone who just left the taping of Oprah, Aniston:

  • is stunningly beautiful
  • denied having breast implants
  • confirmed that she and Vince Vaughn are still together

There you have it, the Jen and Vince love affair is still on! A big thanks to Karyn!

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  • Good



    oh ****ing please… about you never admitted to being with him in the first place. this ***** annoys the hell out of me

  • Jenny89

    This is pathetic

  • Just Jared

    PLEASE NOTE :: Comments containing expletives will not be posted for the most part. Please censor your language. Thanks!

  • Me

    She really has the most beautiful eyes. If you look at the Poeple Mag
    for the best dressed in Hollywood her eyes just stand out among
    everybody else. And they are real mother ****ers so don’t even try to
    say they are not.

  • She is beautiful

    So it’s OK to use the expletives like #2 as long as you don’t spell them

  • annies

    justice was done. go jen and vince

  • Just Jared

    It’s not what I prefer but I can’t censor everything, unfortunately.

  • bdj

    Oprah can have this no talent hack who has to whine about every personal thing going on in her life on her show but won’t allow certain Rappers who are in relevant, Award wining movies on her show. Marianne Pearl who lost her husband in a violent manner, was to my knowledge, never on her show. However, this self-serving, whining actress who hasn’t done anything relevant can go on the show and discuss her lovelife and whether or not she got breast implants. Give me a break.

  • kidi

    1. She’s not stunningly beautiful 2. She most certainly did have
    breast implants (pictures tell the story) 3. Who cares.

  • bdj kiss off

    Whether you like it or not, your man would cream him self if he
    saw her in real life. And millions and millions of people in America
    love her whtehr you like it or not. Oh and I just read that Miss
    Angelina Jolie & Mr. Bradley Pitt have never given those poor
    Namibian school children the money they promised them. Now
    isn’t that something. Jennifer on the other hand has always given
    charity even when it wasn’t popular and never drew attentiont o
    herself for doing it. Now go eat a twinkie and cry.

  • Wow

    Doesn’t it feel like we get too many updates from her? What is her problem? And I will never believe that she is stunningly beautiful. No offense to her fans.

  • tigger66

    I hope they are together. They seem like a genuine couple and it would be nice to see a relationship last in H-wood without splattering it all over the media. Its not our business what their relationship is based on – but I’m thrilled she would confide in her fan base to say she is with Vince. Jared – please remind your readers that Perez Hilton is where hate belongs….

  • Canadian Chick

    Everyone needs to STFU! I didnt use any swear words in my post!

  • posting

    Oprah is equally as pathetic as Jennifer Aniston…and this is coming from a non-Angelina Jolie fan. Oprah has a lot of options as to what she could air on HER show, but for her to choose Aniston every single time something of greater importance could replace this minorly talented actress, I ponder. I am not certain if I’ll see the Jolie film currently in production. But Oprah could have opted to have Mariane Pearl on her show given the fact that it was just Daniel Pearls birthday. She could have least have celebrated his life, a life she constantly screams for eveeryone to lead. If one question was answered-it would be Oprah is the president of Team Aniston.

  • Willard G. Oxtoby

    i dont understand why every jen/angie thread ends up being some sort of war…all these ppl team aniston/jolie – need to get a life. If you dont like a person – dont bother clicking on their photograph at all…

    And yes – cant wait to see oprah if i get the time. Jen looks great!!

  • MM

    I wouldn’t believe a word she said if her tongue came notarized. And Oprah is equally culpable for letting her get away with her duplicity not once but twice.


    Jennifer A is pathetic she is not beautiful she is just not. Angelina Jolie is Beautiful and kind and a great mother. I am only stating her name because everyone else has to bring angelina in. long live brangelina

  • Observer2

    #11-Get over it. Brad and Angelina’s donations made it to their destinations. They are correcting the story as I’m typing this. The person in charge of the program is very upset that those reporting didn’t even contact her for verification. She’s demanding a retraction.

  • OHOHOH!!!!!

    11 | bdj kiss off ……..I’d like to meet these accountings they inerviewed for that statement . Who knows what other people give or get?

  • kk1

    11| bdj kissoff


  • PD

    I love it, the same people saying how disgusting he was yesterday are now declaring a victory. THAT is pathetic!

  • just wait


  • Nona

    I really am sick of her. How can she be still on with someone she said she was never with? And I wonder if she really professes her “love” or if she merely says we are still “being”.
    As for the implant denial, she may say she hasnt recently had implants…that is a big tab story recently.. but if she does, she is splitting hairs cause from pics of her nude.. she has implants! Maybe not recently but she has em.

    whatever, her pimping her relationship is not going to make me buy the breakup dvd.

  • mike

    #2: this is annoying the hell out of me too. She is losing fans with this charade.

  • James

    Why the people can’t just stop with this stupid fight ?

    They’re both talented and beautiful actresses

  • Yep

    23 | just wait |

    You are right. I bet that is exactly what she says. If she comes out and says.. yes, I am in love with Vince, I will fall out of my seat.

  • bdj

    Nice to see that you used my name in your post. How original. The fact is, JA is a whinny, needy non-talented actress that constantly seek the approval of the public. Who cares about her lovelife when there are more pressing issues going on in the world and more talented people that have not been given the Oprah platform. Everytime there is a scandal or tabloid stories dealing with this chick, she runs to Mama Oprah. JA is a winny little girl and so are most of her fans.

  • Lady Lurk

    Y’all, It’s official, Jennifer Aniston is a JOKE. Why can’t ignore the rumors. This is a train wreck waiting to happen coz all she’s doing is giving the tabs more ammo to use against her. It’s sad to watch this grown woman reduce herself to the likes of Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Thank my God I don’t watch Oprah.

  • mina

    Wow, I cant wait fot that show! What an interesting topic. She still is with vince, although she never admitted to be with him in the first place, they were just being… and wow, she doesnt have implants! Thanks for sharing Jen, I was soo concerned about that.
    I do hope she mentions whether she still loves sunsets also.

  • Lena

    Poor Vince, I guess Huvane is making him keep up this charade a bit longer to help dvd sales. Or perhaps to spite Janice Minn?

  • needs to be honest to public

    If they were REALLy together not only would they have “admitted it” by now, but they would be engaged. The simple fact is, she has never kissed him with open mouth (always friendly pecks on the cheek) and the romance photos were movie stills. They are friends who find the pressure of fame hard to deal with so they sit around acting like they own the world and smoke weed together. That’s about it. This whole “relationship” is BS. They pretended to be together since nobody was watching Jen at the movies and everyone was more interested in her personal life. SO the studio/investors/pr people concoted this CHARADE to DECEIVE THE PUBLIC which has backfired. People are starting to hate her for not being truthful. WHY NOT ? WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT BEING HONEST ? In this show she will NEVER say she and Vince are together, she will only string the public along with ambiguity and self congratulatury hints that are actually meaningless. Maybe this game is good for 15 year olds but it makes a grown woman look like a fool.

  • sad

    Re 31

    She is insecure, and this proves it, if she is still with vince, that is fine, but she talked to people and now she goes on Oprah to deny implants, my God she is not a stable person at all.

  • Bridget

    Darn!I was hoping they HAD broken up. That Pic of him with his orange finger and greasy stained shirt was gross!!!

  • anon

    Aniston is stunningly beautiful????

  • anon

    26 | James
    Why the people can’t just stop with this stupid fight ?


    They’re both talented and beautiful actresses

    Ummm…I don’t think so, Jen can’t act and she used to be somewhat cute but now…with her nose + chin + skin like that she can’t be a beautiful!

  • helpless!

    Nobady can’t understand how Aniston’s brain works.
    This 38 years old woman willingly sell her RELATIONSHIP and earn
    Lindsay Lohan is better than Aniston. At least, she is young.

  • Jeannified

    This IS ridiculous!

  • drat

    Oh no Jen… why are you still carrying on with this guy? You say you want a family soon. You will soon be 38 years old. Vince told Oprah a few months ago that he wasnt ready for kids and that the two of you had never even talked about it. Is it really worth it for your personal happiness to maintain this fake relationship??

  • janet

    That must be why she is going on Oprah, for the final DVD “push” and then she can start to be honest about herself, once she is free from the contractual relationship…. she will not say that her and Vince are together as lovers in reality. She can’t. They aren’t.

  • kyle

    OK.. Oprah has officially JUMPED THE SHARK!

  • Clara

    I really like Oprah but I hate when she does dumb shows like this. Is it really necessary to have her on for this mess

    Jennifer is beginning to lose my interest. She should have just declined going on. THe champagne glass thing was a turn off the first time

  • Malaya

    What i find interesting is that no one is calling her a famewh**e yet she went on t.v. just to clear up tabloid rumors. instead she get well done jen thanks for keeping us fans in the loop please she is so full of sh*t. Plus what happened to not talking about her private life.

  • diamond

    She’s a joke.

  • yoyo

    wow, get over the rage, people . . . it’s not worth geting all worked up
    about people who DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU EXIST!!

  • me

    This show hasn’t even aired yet you don’t know what is on it so
    get over it! Also Jen does not work at any of the tabloids and she
    has no control over what they print about her just like Angelina.
    So one week they say one thing, they next week they say another.
    Do you really think Jen has anything to do with it? If you do you
    are insane. She is at home counting her $100,000,000 that she
    earned because she is such a bad actress. Because you see
    people in Hollywood just dole money out to anybody. F off idiots

  • squid

    #46. hahahah are you serious? right..the actors are TOTALLY innocent. (Lainey where are you!)

  • Me

    And to continue, Hollywood also gives out emmy’s to those who
    cannot act too eh? Also, I just saw on three web sites that
    Brangelina has not given the money yet to the Namibian school.
    Not one, but three. I saw no retractions. My guess is tomorrow,
    they are going to go oh crap we waisted money money buying all
    that art from that idiot at that art show where Angelina treated
    her father like a “to quote The Donald a DOG” and we are going to
    have to cough up the money like real quick!

  • mona

    are you saying she’s going on Oprah to state that she’s a) still with Vince b) she didn’t have a boob job? Wasn’t she denying she’s even WITH Vince in the first place? This woman will do anything to stay in the news. And Oprah isn’t the president of Team Aniston, she’s the president of Team Oprah. I don’t get why all those brainwashed housewives worship her so much.. who else would name a magazine after herself and put HER picture on the cover EVERY month. I believe Oprah is a self-centered b*** and a closeted Scientologist. No wonder JA loves her so much, she has no backbone whatsoever.

  • MegFL

    If this is your idea of a joke, you folks here on Jared should be flogged. If it’s true, you’re heros.

    Who starts this crap anyway? How many lives are heen royally screwed by the stupid Tabloids?