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Wentworth Miller is a Penguin

Wentworth Miller is a Penguin

During this Prison Break drought, the Wentworth Miller photos still seem to keep on flowing in! Here’s the latest and greatest photoshoot of Wentworth getting his penguin on. New episode of Prison Break in 1.5 weeks! Check out all of the pictures in the gallery…

Check out the video below where an interviewer Wentworth what his dream woman looks like? Wentworth replies,”A lot like Dr. Sara actually, which works out well. The most attractive thing I think about a women is a certain sense of real confidence.”

WATCH :: Wentworth Miller @ PB Press Conference in Cannes

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wentworth miller penguin 01
wentworth miller penguin 02
wentworth miller penguin 03
wentworth miller penguin 04
wentworth miller penguin 05
wentworth miller penguin 06
wentworth miller penguin 07
wentworth miller penguin 08
wentworth miller penguin 09
wentworth miller penguin 10
wentworth miller penguin 11
wentworth miller penguin 12

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  • Hil


  • lynzi

    Jared I lovee you. This is so much better than paying attenion in womens voices class. Keep his pics coming!!!!!

  • Jorge

    He’s starting to grow on me…

  • Estelle

    THANK YOU JJ!!!!!!!
    What a handsome man

  • Brittany

    YAY all these photos of him lately is really helping these days with no new PB!! lol,, AHH He looks wonderful!! :) Thanks Jared!!

  • Just Jared

    Testing 1,2,3…

  • Marleen

    Great pictures! Went is so hansome!

  • Belle

    Wow.. all of these updates and pictures of wentworth are just amazing!! They make the wait for prison break’s return a bit more bearable. Thanks Jared! Keep them coming!

  • BB

    #3 Jorge ‘git on the train’ it’s about time. Thank you Jared, keep on keeping on.

  • Mink

    OMG! So beautiful it hurts! Gah!

  • Melissa J

    Went Is so yummy, I swear I could put him on a plate and sop him up with a biscuit! *Thud* *Wentgasm*

  • Not

    TEH SEX!

  • wontingwitch

    I am literally running out of ways to say how beautiful this man is but I’ll say it again: He is Spectacular.

  • wontingwitch

    As much as I love Went, The Sex will always be Jake. I love Went more though…*swoon*

  • Kat

    These pictures are the only thing getting me through until the 23rd…im going through prison break withdrawls!!! keep the went pics comming!

  • Jillian

    Yummy, yummy

  • Not

    Thanks for the images, they surely will come to use grrr ;D

  • much_mischief

    oh lord…it is IMPOSSIBLE for wentworth miller to take a bad picture……hmm the hotness!

  • Lauren


  • meemee

    Beautiful, beautiful Went **sigh**

  • carla

    awwwwwwww!! i cant get enough

  • peja


  • geniass

    Good god Jared! Are you trying to kill me? ;)

  • shhweet

    mmmmm.. looking good Mr. Miller… Thanks Jared!

  • BB

    #14 wontingwitch,
    ….you sell out ;) But I totally here ya gal, I too love Went more but would ride Jakey G in heartbeat.

  • Coffy

    he is such a fine brother, maybe he likes Dominican girls-yeah

  • finn

    can’t access the video……anyone to recap it??

  • http://N/A YAWE FOREVER


  • http://deleted Maldita

    A classic. Incomparable.

  • Maximisses

    Thanks Jared.
    I love you as much as Wentworth!

  • Zack

    That is, by far, the SEXIEST penguin I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for being an actor, Wenty, for now i can share your ethereal, beautiful self with million others. And Jared, I can’t thank you enough! *muahs!*

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Alexi

    How disgustingly beautiful he is. Someone please pass me the frosting!

  • miranda

    does anyone have the transcript of what they are saying.. im deaf and im only in french 1, so i have no idea what they are saying.. they just speak too softly and too fast..

  • wontingwitch

    Oh BB I’m not switching sides. It’s all Wentworth all day everyday baby…and Jake comes in a close second, but still second.

  • J

    Wow he looks great but has bad taste in women.I guess he like confident women who are ex-junkies.Please come up with a better answer Penguin.

  • wontingwitch

    LOL, that answer was more show promotion than anything I suspect and the “I like a woman with confidence” line is one of his standard answers. He’s just playing with our emotions as always. Oh Wentworth how you toy with us. If he really does prefer his women TO LOOK LIKE Sara (and I suspect he does but would never rule anyone out publicly, he has to keep up the fantasy), I am so completely out of the running, lol.

  • lrg_00

    Once again…you never disappoint Jared. These pics are definitely helping through the PB hiatus….keep them coming…please…I think I speak for everyone when I say….please keep those gorgeous pics coming…!!

  • Zack

    Luckily, I just noted that no Kenny’s were killed in these awesome shoot. *goes into dreamy state again*

  • bah

    oh please. the man has ONE expression.

  • lory

    He is beautiful.

  • lory

    What a beautiful man!

  • sara

    38 | Taffie
    I cant give you proof but my friend is in India and he says brad pitt came on to him,my sister is in LA and she says jessica alba came on to her,my little brother is in Madrid and she says antonio banderas came on to him….!!!!and i am in Hollywood and johnny depp and leonardo di caprio came on too me!!

  • wontingwitch

    Taffle honey, you only speak of some. If he’s gay my love remains the same. What would it actually change except make him off limits to the girls, when actually, he is off limits anyway b/c most of us will never meet him? Him batting for the other team doesn’t make him any less beautiful so I for one would still be here objectifying the **** out of him, gay or not.

  • Mink

    “I cant give you proof of poof but my friend’s in Cannes and he says Miller came on to him.”
    Oh my God! LMFAO! Thanks for the giggles!

  • Mills

    Good answers Sara and Mink! “My friend’s in Cannes says he came on to him” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, thanks for the laugh, I needed it. WHO GIVE A FLYING ?!@# This man is beautiful and has wonderful personality to boot. We just want to enjoy the view.

  • touched

    Taffie, sweetie please.

    “I can’t give you proof of poof but my friend’s in Cannes and he says Miller came on to him.”
    No shit, and you just really felt the need to share.

    “I know I’m going to get fried for that comment but there it is.”
    I have a pan of hot oil ready…jump in.

    Wentworth baby this is for you:

    Gay or not, authentically Black or not, I’d still sop him up with a biscuit and lick my fingers afterwards.

  • Mink

    #48 biscuit, I’m sure you didn’t mean to, but your comment comes dangerously close to comparing being gay with being a pedophile, so perhaps we’d just better leave any comparison like that to one side.

    What amused me so much about the ‘My friend in Cannes’ comment wasn’t just the obvious, but the idea that while WM is doing press in Cannes, constantly surrounded by people with not one minute to himself, he’d take the time to hit on some random guy he doesn’t know properly (or at least enough to guarantee he wouldn’t report said ‘hitting on’ to his ‘friend’ for further reporting on the net), is just so laughable. If this boy is closeted, he’s being way too careful for that sort of shit, or there would be the ‘proof of poof’ by now.

    Personally I’m with Touched, although I’d probably just go straight to the licking part (and it wouldn’t be of my fingers ;)).

  • Moondropz

    Jesus. Ded. I am ded. Thanks Jared *Hugs*!!!

  • Michelle

    Ok, I’ve loved Wentworth since his Dinotopia days, he is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I actually have a friend that knows his dad. So, of course, I wanted to meet himand work my siren-like magic on him (j/k but every girl’s gotta dream)…until it hit me that he’s gay. He is very gay, it’s pretty obvious. So it really bugs me when reporters ask him about his taste in women. These people need to stop making him side-step these questions. He’s just going to say the first thing he can think of, “um, my costar because confidence is sexy”. Let’s let him know it’s ok to come out so he can get in an adorable relationship with some hot, young, and not to mention LUCKY, stud. But I do love the pictures. He is one sexy piece of man!

  • elaine

    if he or Jake Gyllenhaal are gay or bi..good ,good good ,good for them! but please the stories about I have a friend that knows his dad,his sister,his mother….are false and ridiculous!