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Ashlee's London Booze Bash

Ashlee's London Booze Bash

Ashlee Simpson nosed her way into the Embassy Club in Blightly, London last night to celebrate her 22nd birthday. Ashlee turned 22-years-old the Tuesday before last, Oct. 3. Who came out for the swank event? Big Brother UK‘s Nikki Grahame, Love Island‘s Lady Victoria Hervey, and Totally Scott-Lee‘s Michelle Heaton. More pictures in the gallery!

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39 Responses to “Ashlee's London Booze Bash”

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  1. 1
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Okay, what else did she do to her face – check out the wonky eye in the lower right hand corner…wtf?

  2. 2
    IZZY Says:

    she looks great too bad she’s sooo annoying

  3. 3
    macheath Says:

    How silly of me! I first saw those pictures and thought, did J-Lo go blond again?

  4. 4
    Junebug Says:

    It looks as though she has gotten her eyes lifted and her chin is not as prominent as it used to be – obviously along with the stellar nose job she got earlier this year.

  5. 5
    what? Says:

    She looks so different now. too much plastic surgery!!!

  6. 6
    Tessy Says:

    Who is that man with his hand on her breast? Probably her father. What a pervert.

  7. 7
    Tessy Says:

    I spoke too soon. It’s not her father although it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Also now she looks like every other blond starlet out there. Nothing original about her. Can’t stand her.

  8. 8
    SuzieQ Says:

    I bet Jessica is sooooooo jealous! Wonder what their daddy will leak to the press next.

  9. 9
    Scarlet.R Says:

    she looks too much like her (dumbass) sister.
    what happened to her?
    i used to really like her before the nose job.
    and why are her legs a differant color to the rest of her body? and her hairs like straw, whenever i see her on TV or anything she has greasy f-ing hair. she needs to get down to a salon. And why has she lowered herself by partying with such nobodies? x

  10. 10
    Heaven Says:

    What is up with the GIANT hand wrapped around her waist.
    SERIOUSLY!!! That hand is GIGANTIC!!

  11. 11
    Miss Honeybee Says:

    First glance, I thought this was a pic of Lisa Marie Presely!

    Ashlee has reinvented the word “MAKEOVER”!

  12. 12
    Gwen Says:

    i don’t even recognize half the time anymore. that’s so disgusting!!

  13. 13
    jenny Says:

    why does her hair match the color of her legs, both by the way are fake ,I mean the color that is,but with her her legs might be fake too!It’s just so nasty how she keeps preaching about how woman should be comfortable with who they are and she goes and gets a nose job ! Dumb ass she makes me like jessica!

  14. 14
    Marie(ling) Says:

    does ashlee think, she’s vic beckham?

  15. 15
    anustin Says:

    she needs a voice makeover.

  16. 16
    aycaramba Says:

    whoa, Asshlee S. looks like a totally different person, what have she done?

  17. 17
    Nicole Says:

    Why do we have to complain so much. Argh. I think she looks
    amazing. She did whatever she did for her own self-conscious
    reasons. I wish I looked like that but with a little more weight.

  18. 18
    stanley Says:

    I would nail that girl so hard. Right in front of all your fatwads. Monkey style. She is so hot now. God bless plastic surgery.

    So hard. oo oo AA AA AA!

  19. 19
    kae Says:

    Dear Stanley,
    Not sure why you have to be so disgusting with your comments. Ashlee Simpson no longer has any character to her face and has absolutely no talent. She is famous because her sister is famous and her their father has done a terrific job exploiting his children. And by the way, I’m quite sure that Ashlee wouldn’t do you, even if you had all the money in the world. So keep dreamin’ loser.

  20. 20
    VA Says:

    Have you seen her on stage? She’s amazing! She is a superior dancer. Have you seen where she went to school? She’s an extremely hard worker. Did you also know she not only writes all her own music, she does the notes, lyrics and instrumentation? Just wondering if you realize that she did that at age 16 also? Wondering how many of you out there did that when you were 16 and then were put on the London stage at age 21? The girl obviously has talent. Yes, she resorted to plastic surgery AFTER she got in the public eye as opposed to the famous people who did it BEFORE the public eye. Her sister uses medicated lotions and altering scrubs to make her skin look better than it does naturally but none of us jump on the fact that she uses something to alter her natural state to look more beautiful. Instead, Proactive sales sky rocketed. Calm down, your jealousy is over taking you. She’s gorgeous, young, rich and talented.

  21. 21
    Hil Says:

    Her voice still sounds hoarse but that makes her unique. I like her a lot.

  22. 22
    Cynthia Says:

    The Simpson sisters has ugly noses, at least Ashlee did, I can’t wait to see Jessica’s new nose, Like Latoya Jackson, Jessica is going to get a nose job too. When sisters are in the business, and one sister goes under the knife, it is only right the other follows, or they will be dubbed the ugly sister.

  23. 23
    kara Says:

    Ridiculous. Her legs are orange. She should stop with fake tan.

  24. 24
    mannielo5 Says:

    this girl is a hyporcrite..when her reality show first aired she made it a point to let us all know she did not like her sisters style or her sister wordrobe or her sisters taste and now she looks like jessicas mini me well before jessica turned into a fugly man.then again she had a interveiw for some magazine saying girls should love who they are and love who they see looking back at them in the mirror..were all different she goes on to say and thats what makes us beautiful…what she forgot to add in this interveiw was and if you have the money you can really like who you see in that mirror but if you arent rich like me deal with the ***** you got stuck looking at…shes so lame…and her sister use to be hard to listen to but ok to look at now shes even hard to look at…poor simpson girls well at least they have daddy to tuck them in at night and kiss all their booboos for them….

  25. 25
    Kow Says:

    VA—shut-up! How can you possibly compare face-washes and lotions to plastic surgery? Idiot. Your lesbian crush is overtaking you.

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