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Brad & Cate 'Babel' On

Brad & Cate 'Babel' On

Here are press conference pictures from the highly-anticipated Babel starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. The event took place last month (Sept. 28) at the Sheraton Universal in Universal City, Calif. Babel will open later this month (Oct. 27) in NY/LA. More pictures in the gallery!

LISTEN :: ‘Babel’ Press Conference (partial, streaming)

It was also confirmed yesterday that Brad will star in the film version of the hit BBC political drama, State Of Play. Brad will play journalist Cal McCaffrey, who discovers ugly secrets surrounding the death of a high-profile politician. His investigation reveals a conspiracy, and both the British Government and the oil industry are involved.

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babel press conference 01
babel press conference 02
babel press conference 03
babel press conference 04
babel press conference 05
babel press conference 06
babel press conference 07
babel press conference 08
babel press conference 09
babel press conference 10
babel press conference 11
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  • alana

    Love that Brad!! Cate too!

  • Estelle

    Thank JJ….yeah….!!!!! they look great.

  • Jolie4ever

    i like Cate esp in LOTR

  • Estelle

    I have to page those Bamzville Citizen….where is my paging system….AG? did you borrow it to play with GC?

  • Damn

    Finally! I was wondering when you were gonna post these pics of Brad. They are kinda old. LoL

  • Damn

    Kate is a great actress, but she sure is one goofy looking lady.

  • guli

    Ohhhhh, JJ and Audrey, you spoil us. Thank you so much!!!

  • alana

    6 | Damn |

    I wish I was goofy looking then.

  • kiki

    He is a beautiful, beautiful man. And I love Catie, she is a real actress, who can harmonize her career with kids, family.

  • Jolie4ever

    They are kinda old. LoL

    5 | Damn
    well they look great regardless

  • Estelle

    I love her in Elizabeth, LOTR, an Ideal husband and the talented Mr. Ripley.

  • lookwhaticando

    Hot Damn He looks Hot. Being in a happy realationship will do that for a man. Go Brad and Angelina

  • Estelle

    She is not Goofy…but goofy is good…I think she’s beautiful, graceful with class….like the old Hollywood movie star….

  • Estelle

    I wonder if JJ has the actual interview transcript?…Do you JJ?…I would love to read what they have to say about the movie and about working with each other.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new Babel thread and pics, Brad is HOT, oh how I adore Cate, my second favorite actress to Angelina, great pictures. I can’t wait to see Babel

  • Anna

    Oh my goodness. I want this set of Brad’s photos on a wall in my house. His beauty is just too much. I’m glad someone worthy of his love and equal to his looks is enjoying looking at that face every day, up close and personal.

  • gitane

    hubba! hubba! oh be still my heart! too much hot in one place! {{{swoooooonnn}}}

  • gitane

    (coming to, briefly)

    oh, and cate is gorgeous as always.

    thanks jared!

    (faints again…)

  • lookwhaticando

    I wonder if people will complain because Cate will be playing Bob Dylan, in a up coming movie, Its just one period of his life, And I think anoter female will be playing another period of his life as well..

  • guli

    OK everyone, you can smack the lame duck mayor of BAMZSville if you wish, I don’t care :lol: Brad has the most gorgeous lips I have seen on a man, it really ain’t fair to us folks to look at them. Oh heck, at least he found another gorgeous lips(as opposed to one w/o lips) and they are having so much fun. I’m telling you this isn’t fair :lol:

  • smplyjenn

    he is yummy

  • angelah

    Thanks j@red for these nice pics of Cate & Brad!! =)

  • Alexanderina

    Hey GULI, 10/28/06 sounds great for the Babel party, that is a Saturday

  • http://earthlink what for??

    130 | CLINIQUA | 10/12/06 3:42 PM | Flag Comment

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    Do any of you people realize how much time you spend EVERY DAY insulting, judging, hating?? I doubt that this is positive/healthy for any of you. It seems hard to believe you can hate someone (that you dont know at all) so much, yet spend so much of your available time trying to make others hate her as well. Im wondering what you are getting for this – surely its not healthy to spend so much time in a negative state.

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  • Estelle

    Smack Gitane and Guli, I mean get smelling salt for Gitana and slapt Guli…. :) sorry mayor, but you did said…

  • tabitha

    Brad and Kate both look great. I can’t wait for the movie to come out here.

  • dragonfly

    Brad is so smooth and sexy……lucky, lucky Angelina!

    Cate looks so classy and old Hollywood. I love her outfit! I have to go shopping for some new work clothes and I think I am going to look for a vest like that. I love the way she looks, it’s very sophisticated.

  • Allison

    Brad looks so cute! Thanks for the pics!

  • guli

    25 | Estelle |I needed that I swear I was drooling all over my keyboard, OK thank god hubby isn’t home yet :lol:

    Alex, 10/28 sounds great for our BABEL PARTY and after that I turn it over to AG to be the mayor 11/1., it will be like the tag team thing AG gets the flag and all the flack :OL:

  • To what for??

    #24 what for??Since you want to be the cyber police,go to and guestion why they hate Brad and Angelina so much they wish death to them and their childern.Surely it’s not healthy for them to spend so much time in such a negative state.

  • gitane

    {shaking head clear}



  • Estelle

    ok, note to self “need cleaning crew to come in and santize the Mayor’s office, especially the computer’s key board”…ok Guli sound great. One party afte another, we are going to be very busy for the next few months….

  • natasha

    That dress she is wearing is god aweful!

  • hyacinth

    oh how i love Cate B. She got rob of that oscar thing for Elizabeth!! she deserved it!! gweenie was too boring in shakespeare in love, besides Angie, Cate is my other fave!!! ciao peeps!!

  • guli

    32 | Estelle |Thank you so much, you are a true cyber-friend … :lol:

  • Alexanderina

    20 | guli | – ITA with you Guli, he does have the most georgeous lips that I ever seen on a man, and with Angie’s lips, damn right they are having a whole lot of fun :lol:

  • Alexanderina

    Oh wow, another movie for Brad to starred in “State of Play” it sounds good. Way to go Brad

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared for the New thread. I am looking forward to seeing BABEL. Below is a cute article about BP’s next role.

    By Lexi Feinberg: 2006-10-12
    If you’re like me, you are happy to see Brad Pitt showing an active interest in making movies again. While it’s great that he is prowling the planet with Jolie and taking care of neglected babies, he is a fantastic actor and the big screen misses him. Or better yet, I do.
    According to BBC News and Dark Horizons, he will star in the film version of the hit BBC political drama, State Of Play. Pitt is set to play journalist Cal McCaffrey, who was portrayed by British actor John Simm in the boob-tube version.
    Writer Paul Abbott broke the good news, and left the masses giddy with delight. The story is about a journalist who discovers ugly secrets surrounding the death of a high-profile politician. His investigation reveals a conspiracy, and both the British Government and the oil industry are involved. Why am I not surprised?
    Brad Pitt can be seen next in the highly-anticipated movie Babel, opening October 27th.

  • Estelle

    Gitane!!!, wake up!!!, * smack * smack*…pour a jug of water on her face.

  • Estelle

    34 | guli – you are very welcome Mayor. :)

  • Alexanderina

    29 | guli | – :lol:, so Babe party on 10/28/06, and we also have to have a party for TGS

  • Anna


    “The 10-day International Film Festival of India (IFFI), starting in Panaji from November 23 and showcasing films from 40 countries, would open with ‘Volver’, a Spanish film directed by Pedro Almodovar starring Penelope Cruz and Carmen Maura.

    ‘Babel’, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez (Mexico), starring Kate Blanchett and Brad Pitt would be the closing film for the festival, according to a release by Entertainment Society of Goa, a nodal agency to conduct IFFI.

    The festival will present films from about 40 countries in the prestigious cinema of the world section – including those films that have won awards and acclaims abroad and debut films that have won critical reviews, the release stated.”

    The article comtinues, here:

  • The real lou

    Brad looks just as yummy as the brownies I baked for my kids!Angie you are a lucky woman!

  • http://earthlink what for??

    #24 what for??Since you want to be the cyber police,go to and guestion why they hate Brad and Angelina so much they wish death to them and their childern.Surely it’s not healthy for them to spend so much time in such a negative state.

    30 | To what for?? | 10/12/06 5:18 PM | Flag Comment

    I have no interest to look for more of the same elsewhere. Im not trying to start a fight I can see how passionate you all are. Just curious why you waste your time with things/people that you seem to detest. More curious about the amount of time you waste – if I dislike something/one I definately tend to limit the amount of time they occupy my energy and thoughts. Just wondering.

  • Estelle

    41 | Alexanderina – OMGoodness, we need to list out all of the party….I have to order party supplies.

  • Charone

    uhmm Yes my Brad looks so good. I am indeed so lucky to be attracted to both the beautiful Brad and Angelina. YUMMY

  • aaaaaaaaaaa

    44 | what for?? |

    Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.


  • ntt

    The film doesn’t open in my area until Nov 10 :(

  • Estelle

    44 | what for?? – we are not detesting BP and AJ?…we love them? you are confusing me, Woman….make up your mind, first you are accusing us of worshiping them, now you are telling us we are wasting our time detesting them?…why are you occupied your energy and thought and wasting your time with us then? and wasting our time as well….OMGoodness…sorry ladies, the room was clean and smell good until now…I know, I know, I’m wasting my time response to them..

  • phie

    he really look amazing. Im so happy he end up with Ange. Drfinitely willwatch this movie hope it will be showing here in Asia as soon as possible.