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Aniston Spills on Oprah

Aniston Spills on Oprah

As reported yesterday afternoon, Jennifer Aniston told Oprah that she hasn’t broken up with Vince Vaughn. People Magazine is now reporting the same things this morning, adding:

  • Aniston rolled her eyes when asked about Vaughn
  • Aniston wore a black tiered skirt and tank top
  • Aniston showed Room 10, the short film she co-directed as part of Glamour magazine’s “Reel Moments” series
  • Room 10 is about a nurse who gains perspective on her marital problems while caring for a dying patient
  • Audience members said: “(The film) said that relationships aren’t luck, they’re hard work, and I think that was really meaningful to people – Jen got a little teary-eyed when she was talking about it, too. It was personally meaningful to her.
  • Oprah and Jen ate dinner at French and Asian restaurant Japonais before the Tuesday taping (Aniston and Vaughn ate there frequently while filming The Break-Up in summer 2005

Can’t wait for this episode to air! Pictures include Aniston leaving her Chicago hotel this past Tuesday. More pictures in the gallery…

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  • Canadian Chick


  • sarah


  • tv

    She is too hot for Vince!

  • Canadian Chick

    U are not first sarah

  • Canadian Chick

    “Fry that chicken! Fry that chicken! Fry that chicken! You Hear Me!” — Ms. Peachez

  • smozan

    Wow; she looks great. Amazing what a hairbrush can do for a girl.

  • grat

    i love her chin…..i can hang something.

  • anon

    Jen, the real media whore :D

  • angelah

    7 | grat |

  • SARA

    It seem like her nose and chin are bigger and bigger everyday…FUNNY

  • someone

    I think she looks great, but Im sure the haters are going to swarm in here shortly, and since I don’t want to read thier obsessive behavior I will leave..I said all I wanted to say..good luck Jen..

  • Beth

    I think this girl needs a break. People are on her back way too much. Same thing with Angelina and Brad. People like impose there own doubtious opinion about all three of them I don’t THINK that is fair. They are what they are. Whether you like it or not……………That is my opinion and you know what they say about opinions………….

  • MegFL

    Congrats to all of you on Jared. You were the first to cop this news. You’re the greatest. Hope you get the proper credit.

  • jbl

    People magazine in its article regarding this interview said that she is talking about marriage and how when it gets bad that you still have to stick to it anfd that she started getting teary eyed and emotional. That is one pathetic individual. I hope someday she can go on and talk about her projects with confidence and strength I pray for her.

  • emmy922

    She looks gorgeous..can’t wait to see it.

  • MegFL

    Am I the only one to notice a gold band on her right hand or are my 65 year old eyes going on me?

  • feelsorryforyoudear

    #15 jbl… must have ice water in your veins. YOU are the pathetic one because you have no heart.

  • fg

    She looks very nice. Fresh, subtle makeup. Nice eyes.


    Those are seriously fug pics – where are the stunningly beautiful pics Jared hon? Muahahaha.

    So..uhm…did Oprah have Maniston’s co-director and fellow Goddess member on as well…or was Maniston taking ALL the credit.

    She teared up a bit did she?? When she got to the relationship part?? Oh then this IS Pity Party Tour ’06-’07…wonderful. See, we knew she’d allude to her ORIGINAL ‘break up’ in some form or fashion. Our national celebrity ‘victim’ does not disappoint does she?

    I heard an audience member asked her if she had seen lil’ Shiloh?

    I really love how Oprah continues to check in with Jen to see how she’s faring….you know, just to keep tabs….help her make it through…it’s almost a quarterly check-in…bolster her self-esteem and pride….will she carry this through til menopause with Jen do ya think?

    As for her co-directing gig…I bet Bryce Howard, Elizabeth Gilbert and Gwyneth Paltrow who did the same thing for Glamour (except they directed BY THEMSELVES & Bryce was 6 mos pregnant at the time too) would have loved this kind of publicity for their efforts. It just goes to show you — despite the all woman empowering themes of the magazine’s film project, you only REALLY count when you’ve ‘married UP’ — in the end, as Maniston on Oprah is showing…it’s really just about hyping how much other women, especially Oprah, want to gawk over the woman that got dumped.

    Not exactly a grand statement on girl power Oprah, giving this weak pathetic sit-com hack yet another platform.

  • mona

    If this girl “needs a break” why can’t she just disappear for a while like Affleck and J. Lo did? Instead, she’s in our faces, denying a split while she never admitted there was a relationship in the first place? Why does she have a compulsive need to run and cry on Oprah’s vast shoulder? I have to laugh when I see posts about her “class” and “dignity”… Oprah exploits her for her own ratings and JA’s own agent exploits her to keep the publicity going.. while JA is so desperate to “win” the Us Weekly battle, she doesn’t understand she’s losing the Longevity game.. soon even people who used to be favorably disposed towards her (like me) will get tired of this.

  • consue

    I love Jenn!!!

  • sara

    I like her fine but sometimes I really don’t get why she needs to address every little silly rumor that comes her way. I know Oprah’s nosy but Jennifer could set some rules beforehand not to talk about her personal life if she really loathes talking about it. I don’t know somehow I don’t believe her when she says she’s still with Vince. Something seems off. I don’t think he’s good match for her. She could do better.


    People magazine in its article regarding this interview said that she is talking about marriage and how when it gets bad that you still have to stick to it anfd that she started getting teary eyed and emotional. That is one pathetic individual. I hope someday she can go on and talk about her projects with confidence and strength I pray for her.

    15 | jbl

    Oh great – so we have yet ANOTHER dig at Brad.


    She is really sickening.

  • mona

    sara: something is off because there was never a relationship there in the first place. Jen would be much better off taking some time for herself and not trying to get in the news every time there is a rumor in the tabloids. I think her PR is failing her. They probably tell her to talk about her personal life for the ratings but they’re not doing her any favors long term. She’s losing fans all the time–people are capable of seeing when someone manipulates the media only to get sympathy and attention.

  • sequence

    If the relationship is wrong or deceiving to being with, no matter how hard you try, it will NEVER fit.
    If it doesnt fit, you must quit.

    If you read the following excert, and look at the sequence of events, it makes sense.

    Only at Lainey Gossip – not even Ted Casablanca has this scoop! Fresh, as in this morning, from a strategically placed spy in LA …here’s the not-so-exciting scoop: The Pitts, as widely reported, have been doomed for a while: since as early as 2003, when Brad made some telling comments in a magazine interview saying that love doesn’t have to be forever, that he and Jen knew that, and that if their ride had to end…it would end, and they would accept it. When the (inexplicable) buzz around her performance in The Good Girl took her to a new level, Jen put Brad off babies until the end of Friends. When the 9th season concluded with an extension, she once again promised one more year. In that time she was signed to nearly 5 upcoming projects…without consulting him first. Her big mistake was not telling him before the scripts would arrive. When he saw her accepting role after role – and had to read about it in the daily trades – he confronted her. And to hold him off, she relented again…temporarily. So the deal is: she finishes the show, he finishes Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Oceans 12 over the summer of 2004…and then they take a break. What happens? Derailed. As in the movie co-starring Clive Owen. She signs on with, yet again, no warning to Brad and it’s off to couples therapy we go. Wouldn’t you know it…every interview she gave last year leading up to the Friends finale was taped while the two were in counselling. And although she had absolutely NO intention of having a kid any time soon, she still persisted in saying on Diane Sawyer, and Oprah, and ET, and on and on and on…that a baby was on its way (which means she’s a better actress than we give her credit for). This further infuriated Brad. ‘Obviously your image is more important than actually making what you say real…why are you going on tv saying one thing and then refusing to get this done as soon as you get home?’ Next up: filming with Angelina. Jen nearly lost it when she heard about the on-screen chemistry. So she flies to Cannes to open Troy with her husband and they spend a few weeks in Europe where things were actually getting better. For the sake of the marriage, after getting advice from his parents, he was willing to wait, understanding that his wife clearly had many issues to resolve within herself and wasn’t ready at the time for a baby anyway. Besides, no one wanted to affect the box office sales of Oceans 12, so the two pledged yet again to give it a go. The problem is, they hardly spent any quality time together in the fall. Jennifer was filming back to back pictures, he was getting ready for the Oceans promo, and …as my source says, he wasn’t willing to be the only person injecting some sincerity and romance in to their marriage anymore. And then came the Oceans 12 cast interview with Diane Sawyer when Brad visibly choked up and said he would like nothing more than to have a little girl like Jen running around. When news of the interview reached Jen, she hit the roof, prompting a huge fight, and the famous ‘London’ incident when he ended up celebrating his birthday alone last December and she was photographed at the airport, upset and, some say, without her wedding ring. They briefly reconnected over Christmas, made the decision together without fanfare and then joined Courteney and David on vacay for one last hurrah to escape the media frenzy when the announcement dropped on January 7th.

  • FITR

    Geesh, does she HAVE to go and cry to Oprah just about everytime a magazine says somethign about her and/or her and Vaughn? Seriously. Shut up, Jennifer. I’m sick of Oprah giving her 2ndbestest friend Jen a platform for her crap too.

  • MegFL

    Hey Number 15 – why the hate slinging on me. I may be old, but old doesn’t mean pathetic. Let up, jerk.

  • sequence

    Brad has talked about wanting to be a father many times during his marriage. They were together for 7 years, yet childless. Looking at the sequence of events, I believe Jennifer Aniston chose career over marriage. If you look at the movie she churned out each year in addition to her full time duty at Friends, you will know she wants to establish her movie career. For example, in the year 2003, Brad was filming Troy outside the country. Aniston was busy filming Along came Polly in addition to her sitcom Friends. How can they have time together. They grew apart. They have diverging interest.

  • christina

    jared why you don’t delete the haters here ??uncluding this pathetic “cliniqua” as u do on aj thread i don’t get it ?

  • anon

    She should start choosing better movie projects, find herself a man and have kids if she wants to.
    The Vaugn/Aniston stories are ANNOYING.

  • abc

    It amazes me how people pretend to know what goes on in celebrities lives.

  • Lenapalooza

    I love Jen…I love her, I love her I love her…she’s so lovely too.

  • Mediterranean

    Of course she will talk about her private life, especially her broken marriage. Because there is nothing to talk about in her life to worth to mention.

    It is going to be like this in the rest of her life. Everybody should get used to this drama.

  • melanie

    21 – “I heard an audience member asked her if she had seen lil’ Shiloh?”

    Cliniqua where did you hear this?

  • Mariah

    Wah, Wah, Wah– why can’t she just go crawl under some rock somewhere? Pleassseee? Pretty Pleassseee?

  • lula29

    I’m a Brad Pitt fan and I love him with Angelina, but I don’t at all agree with the sequence of events. Lainey knows no more about these celebrities and their personal lives than you and I do.

    I’m under the impression that they did try to conceive but realized they don’t really see eye to eye, I always thought he and JA didn’t have much in common, and that was the undoing of their relationship, which I do believe began in 2003. Pitt said himself they had time to spend together, about 2 years, but things just didn’t work out between them. I think JA was manipulative in her VF article and has subsequently been taking the bad advice of her publicist Huvane by talking about her personal ife way too much to fuel her fame, but she’s the one who has to pay for that in the end, so there you go.

    Do I think that JA was an enthusiastic mother, probably not, but I also think it had to do with the stability of her relationship with Pitt, which probably wasn’t that stable. Pitt definitely wanted to have kids, but a kid probably wasn’t going to save that relationship and maybe Aniston knew that.

    This is all my opinion because I don’t know these people personally, but I tend to think Aniston is not as malacious has some would like to think. All celebs manipulate the media, BA included, so I don’t judge Aniston anymore than I do them.

  • Ben

    Yawn, she’s so BORING. I’m so sick of her!

  • Lili Ann

    I like Jennifer Aniston but I really don’t see the purpose of ANOTHER Oprah Winfrey appearance. I thik it makes her seem weaker than what she is. Its one of the Thou Dost Protest Too Much things, understand?

    I would like to see her on another show without any type of mention of relationships at all. I think right now she is getting defined too much by the male companions – past & present in her life and I don’t want that for her anymore. Enough of the Boo Hoo stories.

  • observer

    if jen and vince were still together, she would stay at Vince’s Chicago pad instead of a hotel. That’s all I am saying.

  • disappointed

    This picture was taken in 2004 when Brad was in Africa. I was so disappointed that Jen was NOT in the picture. Yet you see Jen in every red carpet with Brad, all dressed up.

    They have different outlook in life, different objective.

  • melanie

    if jen and vince were still together, she would stay at Vince’s Chicago pad instead of a hotel. That’s all I am saying.

    42 | observer | 10/12/06 12:25 PM | Flag Comment

    She would also have gone to London with him – she is not doing a film at the moment.

  • MegFL

    Go over on Perez Baby Hilton’s site. The boy didn’t take the news too well. Love it.

  • la land

    32 | christina \

    This is a blog , peoples have the right to post their voice here. if all this post didn’t fit your taste, you can go to femalefirst,’s lot of your compatriot there.

  • Suki

    Cliniqua/Mona/whatever name your using these days – you are the truly pathetic one. Though there are BILLIONS of people in this world you obsess night and day over one little TV actress. Seriously – what is wrong with your life that makes you want to constantly attack Aniston? Let it go already. BILLIONS of people from murderers to saints walk the earth and all your hateful energy seems to be directed at one little mediocre sitcom actress. It’s bizarre. If you love Angelina so much – why not be more like her and focus on the poor, the hungry and the downtrodden?

  • tootsie

    44 | melanie

    If she and Vince was still together , she should have visited her in London now. I don’t believed her, she always lie, lying about baby on the way yet can’t stop her ciggie, when her relation with Brad started to tank, she was still in the talk show and mag, saying how her husband loved her and they are planning to have a baby soon, that’s was in 2004, and we know it was almost over.

  • sheryll

    32 christina
    why are you asking jared to delete what the haters commented? is there any bad words?i dont think so…..they are not haters,they are just posting what they believe in.
    if you want some really bad comments go to AJ/brad thread then youll see what name the’re calling for the couple…did the bamszers ask jared to delete it?nope….the bamzsers just answers backs to defend AJ/BP.and if you really is jens fan then defend her,there’s nothing wrong w/ that…but if you cant stand w/ it go to jens website.

  • sheryll

    i means///they’re are calling for the couple

  • yoko

    47 | Suki

    You might be right but really can’t stand this mediocre sticom actress.

  • Dustin H

    Stunningly beauty ? ass ! her nose and chin are getting bigger as she age. she seems to get a new botox on her forehead and eye. those line sees to dissappear.

  • sheryll

    i dont know what’s wrong w/ me…dont knoow how to type hah!!!!

    what i mean is……haters been calling AJ/BP whatever bad names they wanted to call them…but the bamzsers including me never commented bad about jen(except some)…in fact this is my first time posting on jen’s thread….bcoz i dont like her!…that’s all i can say!