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Paris Strikes 'French Vogue'

Paris Strikes 'French Vogue'

Paris Hilton takes the November 2006 cover of French Vogue in the special beauty issue. A big thanks to Emil!

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  • Maragret

    OMG i cant belive this,how on earth could they put her on the cover of Vogue.That is wrong on so many levels and what a horrible cover.Her boobs are coming out from that white top!Sad indeed!

  • Maragret

    It shows where our society came i mean in the past you could never get a Vogue cover for being only a celeb.
    And Nicole Richie is on teh voer of Italian Vogue?I mean WTF?I never thought i will see Vogue go that low!

  • skylar alexis

    how can anyone find paris hilton Attractive i mean look at her she had a long face ugly nose and lazy eyes if they could put anyone on the cover put charlize thron she is such a beauty

  • Billigerelli

    Here’s something interesting: these two people are
    “outraged” that P.Hilton is on the cover of some crappy
    magazine. I’m amazed that they feel qualified to critique
    anyone given that neither can coherently communicate
    BASIC concepts much less spell them. Dunno what i was
    expecting while checking in on the bottom-feeders.

  • mickey

    Why would they put that skank Paris Hilton in the Beauty Issue? With that face and that personality, she is the antithesis of beauty.

  • kat

    french vogue is all about PROVOCATION,

    i saw the interview of its editor, she calls the magazine’s style “porno-shic”, so PAris Hilton’s personage is not complitemy out of the place even though the choice is questionable (and provocative, exactly what they wanted)

  • Jess

    I too am ashamed and outraged that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie supposedly now qualify as Vogue girls but it must be mentioned that: celebrity publicists often pay magazines to include them on list (sexiest women, most desirable, most beautiful) and also Anne Wintour and Co. are responsible for the demise of the model cover girl, replacing her instead with the faces of whichever star is promoting whichever movie that whichever film studio is willing to pay for. Also, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are considered “celebrities” because of the demand. Demand can only be met with supply, in business. This American love of reality TV trash, crotch shots and meth faces is the reason true artists (of every genre, including music and theatre) hardly ever get any press, let alone a record deal or a movie role. Let’s face it, both these ridiculous have had books published and are working on/have released records: real writers with genuine talent are likely working teaching jobs they hate as they send manuscript after manuscript out, and people with real musical talent (ie: writing, composing music with PERTINENT and DEEP meaning) will probably condemned to a life of computer rebooting by day and sleasy-jazz-lounge singing at night. Thank you, America, for bringing the standards drastically low and making absolutely anything acceptable, as long as there is a quick flash of that hallowed paper: the dollar bill.

  • avery

    thats so true jess you took the words out of my mouth

  • Marie(ling)

    wasn’t paris already on vogue cover?

  • mopno

    i know i’m guilty of something because i read all this stuff and would even take a look at the mag. out of curiosity. that’s why i’m not going to act all indignent. the media/press give me what i buy! time will be the final decider. look at the few who are still making covers and headlines after 20 or thirty years. in the early days the same was said about them. will the paris hiltons of the moment last that long? i don’t have a crystal ball. but i won’t buy a paris hilton album, because it’s not that good. i still have my first madonna album. i hoped, but certanly didn’t know i would be hearing about her today. but i happy about it.

  • Maragret

    French Vogue is one of the best fashion magazines out there so i dont understand why would they put Paris Hilton on the cover?
    Its beyond me!!!!

  • Adelina

    I’m french and in france the redactor chef is Carine Roitfeld , she’s like the style ‘Porno chic’ and Paris IS ‘porno chic’ fortunaly

  • John

    that looks like Katie Holmes skirt that she wore in Paris, while shopping with Victoria Beckham. Anyone else think so?

  • SHIT

    I am late i know but i am watching this , it’s about the former french vogue editor explaining why paris !