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Mrs Becks Mills Around Madrid

Mrs Becks Mills Around Madrid

Victoria Beckham rocked a shapeless off-the-shoulder Stella McCartney grey dress and a black pair of pointed Christian Louboutin ankle boots as she checked out the latest fashion houses in Madrid yesterday. Mrs. Becks topped off her outfit with an oversized sparkly black belt and sported her latest accessory — a Moto SLVR cell phone covered in red Swarowski crystals. More pictures in the gallery!

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victoria beckham ankle boots 01
victoria beckham ankle boots 02
victoria beckham ankle boots 03
victoria beckham ankle boots 04
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  • grace

    first i think she looks good

  • Mariah

    Hideously Ugly!

  • giedre

    her posture! oh dear! I’m a ro-bot,I’m a ro-bot…
    Relax for Gods sake!

  • coco

    not a fan have to say – i just can’t warm to her…there is just nothing natural about her – she looks so uncomfortable all the time and painfully thin… just all a bit too contrived to make her in any way appealing…

  • Scarlet.R

    She looks great, and i want that phone. but i do think she needs to chill a little bit. i would love to see a pic of her in sweats and a tshirt with no makeup. no woman is that made up all the time unless they existed in the 50s. x

  • Maragret

    Hahaha Scarlet you are dead on.She reminds me of those ladys from the 50s you know always coiffed and polished.But i think that is cool,i mean its not just lately that she is dressing like this for the past 10 years she is always polished and groomed to perfection and i think that is cool.

  • Mariah

    coco– totally agree with you… also, for a woman who claims to be a hands-on mum, she certainly has alot of “free” time to flit from shop to shop as well as from country to country… she always looks “polished” and “perfect” because that’s all she concerns herself with– her own SELF-IMAGE and how that’s potrayed to the public… never mind actually being a parent to the children you’ve brought into this world…

  • shazzaa

    polished,groomed with miss piggy style nose. Wanna be! just goes to show you cant buy class.

  • mmyers

    Remember, after all her name is “POSH”! and if my memory serves me correctly this is the image she portrayed when she was wit hte spice girls, so it must be the real Posh, and not just an act!

  • gala

    She must feel “fashion”…but she’s not

  • anustin

    if not her squirk voice husband,she’nothing.she looks better than aniston.

  • Lisa

    I don’t like her new hairstyle. And does the woman EVER wear a bra? Guess she doesn’t need to with a rich hubby paying for her plastic surgery and implants. Yeah, not someone I’d want to meet.

  • aycaramba

    she’s feeling like she’s a super model ya know? don’t like her, very high maintenance she’s lucky she’s rich or her husband is wuteva.

  • Mediterranean

    Because of David, if they want to put her also in any wax museum, they don’t need to do anything, take care her from the shops, send her directly to the museum. Noone would understand that she is alive!

    I still wonder what David finds in her!!!

  • Sandbitch

    The planet Earth is VB’s catwalk and every day is a free photo shoot. Those shoes..Batman and Robin boots. Maybe Victoria Beckham is a really a bat in disguise!

  • Observer

    I thought she was in a fashion show. Never knew anyone actually dresses like that. Not good. Wonder what she was thinking walking in the street in that fashion.

  • kara

    oh please! stay in your farms… a lot of women dress like her and they are not famous. I don’t understand why some of you think it’s stupid to look always classy, …

  • jj

    Posh is who she is. She looks very comfortable in her own little
    world, on her own little catwalk.

    At least that Katie Holmes isn’t trying tp follow her around trying
    to be something that she is NOT!

  • v

    Does she ever see her children? Jesus!

  • gia

    ‘Stay on your farms’ – haha that’s actually funny.
    I agree, she looks fantabulous, and there’s nothing wrong w/looking hot 24/7. So what if I want to wear Blahniks to get my latte! It comes down to one’s sense of aesthetics and upbriging.

  • Sandbitch

    Blahniks, upbriging (sic)??

  • rachel

    she certainly can pull off the ankle boots pretty well.

  • dafasd

    1. This photo was taken in Madrid (were she lives)

    2. Most of photos of her are taken at day time when her kids are in day-care or school (parents are attached to the hip to their children)

    3. What’s wrong with looking well groomed? ‘Oh my god she care about her appearance’ who doesn’t?

    4. Kate moss & Sianna miller have the bohemian look/why can’t she adopt the octane glamour look?

    5. She had plastic surgery and is too self-conscious that’s actually very natural in the climate and surrounding she lives in.

    6. She gets way more flak (based purely on her appearance) than ‘cocaine kate’ or ‘smutty Angelina’ judge people by their actions not their appearance people!

  • Vanessa

    I think she looks great. And there’s nothing wrong with looking well-groomed all the time. Victoria is european, and in Europe people are not as casual as they are in America. I know Posh goes way over the top, but hey, she’s Posh. And I don’t believe it makes her a bad mum. To me, she looks like a wonderful mum. She’s one of the few celebs that are actually ever seen with her children.

  • gia

    Sandbeyotch, yes, ‘Blahniks’ – it’s ‘a pair’ of Manolos, you do grasp the concept. Or maybe you’ve had to do with just one Manolo at times? I know, bless your heart, I’ve heard clearance sales can be a bitch, you’re dealing with leftovers, and you grab what you can. I understand.

    Also – I had no idea that there is an ‘n’ in ‘upbringing’ until you set me straight. Thank you, I am 4eva graeful. Oopsie, there goes the ‘t’!

  • Didi

    People always try to hate on posh but somehow end up copying something she’s sporting… and Becks YES he really shouldnt talk, just stand there with his smile and Abs, its like Ken is cheating on Brabie with the tanned barbie,,,,naughty cat

  • Vanessa

    Ha ha. That’s so funny. And I totally agree, if Becks never said another word again, then he would be perfect. lol And so true about Posh, too. I love them both. I think they’re a gorgeous couple.

  • MP

    I agree with Vanessa,
    She may dress over the top, but that’s ppl in Europe for ya. And actually she’s the only one seen with ‘all’ her kids.
    The only problem is that in all her photos she looks like a snobby uptight bitch.