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Nicole Kidman's Fur-ry Premiere

Nicole Kidman's Fur-ry Premiere

Nicole Kidman signed autographs on the red carpet earlier tonight before the screening of her new film, Fur : An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. Fur was the first film to kick off the Inaugural Rome Film Festival in Rome, Italy. More pictures in the gallery!

During a news conference, Nicole, 39, shared: “I wanted to support this festival and Italy. Film festivals are very good for small films like this one, the more we have the better. [Fur] is a small, small portrait. In fact it’s called an imaginary portrait. What counts is the creativity of the artist, what’s inside. My way of trying to play [photographer Diane Arbus] was more trying to capture her inner self… It’s not a biography. It’s more about walking into your own creativity, discovering what you are like inside and what you want to say to the world. In the same way you have acting in your blood, you have art, whatever that is, in your blood from the minute you are born. Arbus had that.”

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  • lovenicole

    She looks beautiful!

  • Allyson

    She looks gorgeous. Love the hair.

  • Shan

    Did she gain some weight? It’s good for her though.

  • susie

    I didn’t realize one could have so much botox injecteted in the face, and she must be doing a ton of chemical pills and laser b/c for an Aussie girl who probably spent tons of her life at the beach, her skin looks great

  • susie

    wonder how she got that old, thick, poodle puffy red hair so perfect now . She must have a Ken Paves type that travels everwhere with her.

  • Dali

    She can present old Hollywood’s movie beauty. GORGEOUS!

  • Jamie

    She looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just perfect. That is what you call old hollywood glamour!

  • Rebecca

    She looks beautiful. I love those shoes! Damn, I need to get me some of those.

  • luvmealways

    She looks very pretty. I love her hair that way.

  • Joel

    WOW that ring is freakin huge!! And she looks great. So glad she and Keith found each other.

    I wonder where Keith was?

  • Chris

    I’m not her biggest fan but here I’m not afraid to admit that she is perfection to the max. The hair is very becoming on her, the dress is elegant but not overbearing and the shoes fit the tone of the dress and her skin very well.

    She looks amazing.

  • Ruby

    I love Nicole. She rarely looks bad on a red carpet, and this is yet another example. She looks very pretty and looks like a true movie star.

    The dress is a bit pale for my taste though.

  • Tonighttonigh

    She looks so amazing! This is the best she has looked in such a long time. I’m about to cry because she looks like the old Nicole before the botox. Now all she needs to do is go a little redder…and we’re good.

  • uh_oh

    She looks stunning. Marriage to KU is really agreeing with her.

  • applicationnation

    Oh wow! She looks sooooo good. I love her dress.

  • doorbuster

    Stunning! Stunning! Stunning!!!!!

  • cry for me

    She looks perfect. And I can’t wait to see Fur! I’ve been anticipating it for a while. I love small divisive films.

  • Tammy

    Yay! I love Nicole. Great actress.

  • 18


  • Lenny


  • hmmm

    she looks like Charro

  • kris

    Yeah, her face is noraml again and she gained weight again! The old nicole is back

  • Stacey

    Oh thank god. She looks so much better. Her hair, which is darker and softer, makes all the difference. I hope she keeps looking this gorgeous!

  • lulu18

    The Goldilocks blonde suits her better than the platinum blonde. Makes her look younger.

  • Fritt

    She’s stunningly gorgeous! That dress fits her figure perfectly! Even better, she’s glowing, healthy and happy!

  • briseis

    Finally, the Nicole that I used to admire a lot — gosh, she really looks good here! I love the hair!

  • Andreia

    I looooooooooove my Nicole so much!!!!! she looks soooooooo stunning as always!!!!!!!!!! lovely lovely lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    I actually think she’s laying off the botox, se doesn’t have that pinched bat faced look anymore…she looks beautiful, and so much softer. Before her face was a perpetual pinched frown…now…her eyes and brows are relaxed and not severe at all. Lovely. I bet Tom is thinking… “Arrrrrrgghhh….Gdmn her!!! GRRRRR!! I starved Katie for 3 months and she still isn’t Nicole skinny!”

  • squid

    She’s old Hollywood beauty definitely. Very stunning. My sister saw her in NY once, said her skin was perfect and really pale. I don’t believe it’s chemical pills or whatever #4 says. I’ve read she took good care of her skin, always wearing hats, NOT staying in the sun so much. Idk about the botox though hehe..but I’m glad she’s looking more relaxed and softer as Cliniqua said.

  • Lisa

    This marriage def. agrees with her. She looks awesome! I didn’t think she was overly gorgeous before, but I take it back now. This look is amazing on her!!! Very beautiful and now I’m jealous!

  • Dee

    She looks great, but I bet the guy that standing next to her, in the last two pics, is pisssed. He looks like a midget, lol. He barely makes it up to her shoulder. :)

  • who cares

    NK is absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Nancy

    FINALLY! A flattering hairstyle. She’s had SO many unflattering styles in the past few years.

  • Dancer

    She didn’t spend her youth at the beach. If you’ve read any of her interviews where she refers to that topic–she burned easily so couldn’t. She spent her childhood reading books instead of going to the beach. She was teased about her pale skin and tendency to burn. She also turned to acting.
    She finally after the last couple of years has toned down the makeup and gotten a much better hairstyle on her.
    She looks absolutely gorgeous here.

  • Adolfus

    In a nutshell: WONDERFULL!

  • someone

    She looks beautiful, K.U. has made her happy, you can tell in the way she looks…

  • Nona

    She used to have a faceful of freckles in her younger days. She must have had some skin treatments to get rid of them.

  • Nona

    To add. They(Actresses, models, regular people) all have skin treatments. facials, dermabrasion, laser, light resurfacing for younger skin, improve skin tone, remove freckles, and so on. Nicole’s skin is flawless. Dont think it’s makeup covering any freckles. Seen recent pics of her without makeup going to yoga class, etc. She used to have red hair and freckles. I agree she is beautiful. Hope she lays off the botox and gains a few pounds. Start having kids with Keith!

  • Nona

    She has her top lip plumped, too.

  • gia

    Looks great, about 7-10yrs younger. She had her eyebrows darkened, and did gain a couple, which helped tremendously. And let’s not forget – she left memories of the midget who wouldn’t even probably touch her -for the Urban cutie. That probably takes off 5 yrs right there!

  • UNCC

    Perfection. Absolute perfection.

  • Karol

    Nicole ‘ s a talented great actress…in the REAL LIFE! She says: “my children are the most important people in my life!”—but we NEVER see her with Isabella and Connor : they spend their existence with Tom. She says: “I can’t wait to mother”…but she’s always around the world( I strongly believe she cannot mother!). And where ‘s her new lovely husband? She just wants to save appearences in the eyes of the world! Sorry Nicole but I don’t believe you

  • Nicky

    I like Nicole as an actress (KU not my type, but to each their own). Looks softer in this, the bangs help her larger forehead and thank goodness she seems to have laid off the Botox..she was looking very mask-like for quite awhile. But she’s always had great style for clothes, red carpet ready always.

  • antony

    My Eyes!!!! Barbie Botox is out of the box!!!!

    what a freak, she ‘s trying to look like 25 !!??!!
    she is 40 fucking years old!!!

  • cheeky

    Nicole looks beautiful. Yes she is close to 40, But Katie looks 45!!!! Katie has AGED SO MUCH since she hooked up with the GMD!

  • trish

    Nicole looks fantastic, all those green-eyed monsters can rant all they want!!! Keith and Nicole both are living, loving, and enjoying their lives, GOOD FOR THEM!!!!

  • dpblu

    she looks absolutely stunning! So gorgeous. Does anyone here think that she looks like Elle from Neighbours? Paul Robinson’s daughter?

  • Pas

    I was theeeere :P
    cheers from italy ;) she is AMAZING

  • Vanessa

    She looks so beautiful. I love her.

  • aileen

    PERFECT, love her hair and that gorgeous body!She looks 10 yrs younger now!