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Nicole Richie's Thong Slip

Nicole Richie's Thong Slip


Looks like Nicole Richie forgot to pull her pants up before crouching down while hat shopping in LA yesterday. Nice thong, Miss Richie!

Nicole, 25, wore a purple ruffly top and shared a few laughs with her friend while out and about in LA. More pictures in the gallery!

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nicole richie thong 01
nicole richie thong 02
nicole richie thong 03
nicole richie thong 04
nicole richie thong 05
nicole richie thong 06
nicole richie thong 07
nicole richie thong 08
nicole richie thong 09
nicole richie thong 10
nicole richie thong 11
nicole richie thong 12
nicole richie thong 13
nicole richie thong 14

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  • aveeno1

    Oh I hate when jeans do that…!

  • longlois1

    I love her shirt and new hair color!

  • suspicious_package

    That picture has damaged my soul.

  • matth

    she’s so perfect

  • natasha

    i like :p

  • giedre

    she looks horrible,really sick,like a person who has been starving for years.I just can’t look at her,I want to cry.

  • Nellie

    I was just thinking how much healthier Nicole has been looking in the last month or so. She’s slowly putting some weight back on, and doesn’t look so gaunt. Her Zombie hands look like they’re finally on the way out. GREAT new hair colour!!!

  • sultrydame

    Looking at her just made me sick and puke. She’s too f*cking thin.

  • wow

    I dunno about everyone else but when i have a g-string on the you cant see the string in my crack, it gets lost in their some where! lol shes so thing you can see the string in her crack!

  • anustin

    crazy toothpick!

  • kmillz

    i’m writing a paper about nicole richie…it’s called anorexia nervosa

  • don’t know

    I don’t thin she’s that thin at all. Well she certainly IS thin, but it’s definitly not called anorexia nervosa. I mean – if someone loses some weight doesn’t mean that person is sick. And she’s not an actress or something, she doesn’t have to!

  • Char

    crazy toothpick!

    10 | anustin
    that “thong” ??? gosh!

  • Jeff

    Didn’t post the full version of the thong shot?

  • S

    Does anyone know what jeans she’s wearing? I bet she’s wearing kids’ size.

  • fsds

    wonder she lost weight. Take a step back and look at all those old posts from a couple of years back when you guys call her “too fat” and now she is “too skinny” then what exactly is the perfect wieght for all you people to like her?!

  • babs

    I think she looks too thin, but I love her new hair colour!

  • me

    # 16–I never ever thought she was “too fat”. Bigger than Paris
    Hilton, yeah, but that’s not saying much.

    Now, she can’t weigh more than 80 pounds (she’s only 5’1″).
    When your elbows are the “fattest” part on your arm, I’d say
    that’s too skinny. I guarentee she’s lost her period, she’s
    permanently damaging her bones via osteoporosis, and her hair is
    definitely falling out. THAT’S TOO SKINNY!

  • me

    # 16–I never ever thought she was “too fat”. Bigger than Paris
    Hilton, yeah, but that’s not saying much.

    Now, she can’t weigh more than 80 pounds (she’s only 5’1″).
    When your elbows are the “fattest” part on your arm, I’d say
    that’s too skinny. I guarantee she’s lost her period, she’s
    permanently damaging her bones via osteoporosis, and her hair is
    definitely falling out. THAT’S TOO SKINNY!

  • kae

    She’s way too thin. Less than 100 lbs is too thin people! If you think that she doesn’t look too thin then you must have a distorted view of body image like everyone else does in American sociaty. She looks like she’s going to break if you touch her. I’m not even sure why she’s famous.

  • mandy

    so i love her

  • soala

    She looks like a crack addict.

  • S

    moderation is the key here. she was a little too chubby before and when she was about 105 lbs she looked amazing. she doesn’t have to be so extreme and drop 20 lbs more. well like she said so herself, she’s a attention whore; she can only get attention by being stick thin.

  • S

    attention wwhoree

  • DBLL22

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • ThisGirl

    Nellie – You’re kidding, right? She looks like she LOST weight. She gets skinnier in every new picture taken of her. In case you haven’t noticed, her jeans which usually fit her tightly are now LOOSE. She’s dying.

    I totally agree with “me,” that girl has lost everything… and it’s obvious that the hairstyle she’s sporting is that way for a reason… she’s losing her natural hair and hasto cover up her forehead because of that.
    She needs help… but she won’t admit it. So I guess she wants to die. Expect a new headline “Nicole Richie Found Dead Due to Obvious Eating Disorders” sometime soon, probably by next year.

  • mahsnowy

    Hey hey hey. anyone notice?? she is f****** copying Mary-Kate. Jeez grow up nicole.

  • druella

    Whoa, she’s starting to look more and more like rachel zoe everyday.
    Soon she’ll have a mummy-face as well…

  • JJ

    shes not “too” anything. ya’ll bitches are just jealous.

  • Courtney

    I love her makeup! She is so cute (but obviously too thin). But I LOVE HER!!!

    (plz visit my site)

  • teetee

    its bad when you are sooo thin you don’t have a crack for your thong to hide in

  • mla

    People do like her, that’s why they’re concerned over her obvious illness. She is either anorexic or an extreme dieter. Healthy thin people, even those who are very thin, don’t look like they’re going to die. I know girls who are naturally very petite, slender and size 0, and they do not, repeat DO NOT look like they are 60 years old. They have nice skin and pretty hair. Nicole is in distress. I don’t know… maybe she’s sick? Maybe she has some kind of illness that’s caused her to lose weight?

  • Amy Jolly

    Her friend’s tits are bigger than hers.

  • enni

    it isnt fair.everybody is talking about her weight,they call her anorexic or they say she has an eating hollywood it isnt allowed to look normal,healthy you have to look skinny.yes,nocole is very thin but she eats.Maybe only for the cameras,but she éats.Have you seen teri hatcher or kate Bosworth eat a hamburger or Ice cream? no!nicole yes.So,who has an eating disorder?nicole hasnt.And i support her.and other fans should her support her too! sorry for my bad english

  • rachel

    i like her top!

  • André

    She certainly is too skinny….It looks like she has no muscles in her arms…I used to think she was fat..but she used to look like she was happy w/ her body..but now she looks like a insecure teenager to me.
    But i think she still eats cuase otherwise she would be dead by now.

  • André

    And Terri Hatcher doesn’t look like she’s going to die.
    There are naturally thin plp like Keira Knightley, Gisele Bundchen, Natalie Portman, Nicole Scherziger (from Pussycat Dolls), Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson but none of them look like Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan (when they were sick)

  • kate

    all of you who are calling her anorexic obviously havnt seen a REAL one.go to google and search anorexic or anorexia an look at the pictures.nicole looks no where near stop juding skinny people.

  • vanessa

    Mmk, yall, I’m 5 foot 4, and weigh about 90-95 lbs. and I get called anorexic every single day at school 10 times to my face, and it hurts. Sometimes from my friends. Lindsay put some of her weight back on, and she was never bulimic or anything I heard, and I heard Nicole thinks she is too skinny, and she wants help. Idk, thats what I heard. But these girls dont have eating disorders. I KNOW all of yall have seen pictures of Nicole eating when she is thin, because I have

  • ThisGirl

    enni – Hun, you’re almost in as much denial as Nicole. You DO NOT have to be thin to be in Hollywood. There are plenty of beautiful women in Hollywood who DO NOT starve themselves, they look normal, and are liked by others. Look at Natalie Portman, Angelia Jolie, Halle Barry, Rachel Bilson, etcetc… they’re all VERY beautiful and loved by their fans, and they don’t look like they’re dying. Nicole, on the other hand, does look like it, and probably is dying.
    She pretends to eat for the cameras. Have you actually seen her chew and swallow her food? Doubtful. Paparazzi take pictures of her holding food in her hand… holding food does not mean that you’re eating it. And she may be eating, like once a week just enough to survive (somehow).
    She needs help and lots of it. It’s a shame that her friends and family don’t give a damn about her and put her to an institution where she can get some much needed help.

    And Kate – I’ve seen plenty of people with anorexia. You don’t have to strictly be skin and bones to be anorexic. You can have *some* weight on your body and still be anorexic. Whether or not you want to admit it, she has a problem. The pictures you’re talking about on Google or whatever, are pictures of women who are dead by now, dying, can’t walk, support their own bodies, etc. Just because she’s not to that point yet doesn’t mean that she’s not on her way there.

    Pictures DO NOT prove anything. The paparazzi don’t follow those girls to the bathroom when they go vomit their food right after they eat it… and they don’t follow those girls around when they’re at home exercising for hours trying to burn off those calories they “ate.”
    Seriously, get real.

  • hiii

    First of all I honestly think that we should stop worrying about someone’s weight problem. If Nicole is happy with the way she looks thats all that matters. I don’t understand why so many are interested in how anyone looks.

  • ur mom

    Gee, uou all people are busy giving comments of Nicole’s weight.
    But does she even care? Bet she never opened this site nor read all ur comments of her life.
    So i guess the best thing to do is stop trying to interfere other people’s life. It will be better when we are all trying to fix our own life

  • DrJube

    My guess is she has a massive methamphetamine habit. Nothing like one of those to get the pounds off.

  • teddy4eva

    uh………….. she IS SO anorexic. eeew.

  • nfaskf

    teddy4eva you dont even know if she is!!!! so just shut up

  • LB

    It’s called a drug habit. You don’t eat if you’re strung out.

  • nicole M

    I love her i love her i love her. She is quite likely the most funny person i have ever seen. i think that people should just leave her body weight alone and let HER deal with it.She is so beautiful, and i think some people are just jealous that she could do it. I am, but i know its HER choice, and she wouldnt give a F*** what we think anyway.

  • gigi

    she’s so fuckn funny!!
    but those thong shows HAPPEN TO THE BEST OF US
    so stfu and stop hating!

    she has got some of the most beautiful eyes ive ever seen, no doubt

    she’s totally crazy/beautiful.

  • TONYg1011

    now it says Nicole, 25 … is ‘ 25 ‘ her age or her weight ?? i just cant tell anymore

  • TONYg1011

    now it says Nicole, 25 … is ‘ 25 ‘ her age or her weight ?? i just cant tell anymore