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Ronaldo Bangs His Bongos

Ronaldo Bangs His Bongos

Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted walking through Wilmslow in Cheshire, UK with a male companion yesterday afternoon. The 21-year-old Portuguese soccer star accessorized his outfit with a man purse and um, nice snakeskin belt! Bigger pictures in the gallery…

In a recent TV interview, Cristiano revealed that he deals with stress by playing garden football, breaking TV sets, and playing the bongos! He said: “When I was mad once I put a television set up in a tree in my garden and tried to knock it down by kicking a football at it. And it worked! I was mad, really pissed off… I play football in my garden. I even broke a window once when we were playing outside. I made a pass to my cousin Nuno but the ball hit the glass and broke it! …I also have boxing gloves to hit something or someone to relieve stress. And I like to play the Jambe – bongo drums – because it feels good… “Sometimes when I perform badly or when things don’t go the way I want them to, I come straight home,” he said. “I eat something, follow the stairs, turn left, enter the small bedroom and lock the door. I just stay there.”

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  • black

    Just gay- sorry man.

  • Gussie

    He’s not gay according to all reports but sure has bad taste.

  • lara

    for fuck’s sake, what is he wearing?

  • metroluvr

    hottie w/ the body. i like me them metros

  • Maragret

    Oh god this is worst if he was gay.Seriously WTF is he wearing that belt skin is awful and the man purse?Hmm you are not David Beckham you cant pull it off!

  • Tanya

    He is so HOT!!!!! And good lord…he’s not gay, he’s metro!!!!! A lot of european soccer players are like him!

  • joan

    Jeeeez, Portugal was recently beaten by Poland! After that match (he was one of the worst on the field) he sure stayed in his room for loooooong hours…

  • carla

    snakeskin belt, seriously?!

  • Dennis

    Please don’t think that all Europeans are dressed like this^^. But actually his outfit suits his personality.On the soccer field he acts like a girl ,too.

  • well, you cant blame him for playing bad ( and he wasnt one of the worst on the field he wasnt good but not the worst) but he had a ankle kncok so , and he’s palying fantastic thise season a sjee people lay off him like you always are the best dresser :S

  • shirls

    Haha i agree Dennis

  • susie

    Thank you Jared for more pics of this gorgeous guy. I still don’t know if he’s gay, but who cares, keep posting them.

  • susie

    he looks hot. That is how europeans and men with style dress. What, do the haters want him plumber butt jeans and dirty t-shirts? It’s called style guys!

  • Amanda

    thanks, susie! I agree. He’s just wearing jeans and a polo – with a metro twist. I get tired of seeing sloppy guys who can’t dress. European men know how to put themselves together before they leave the house :) And you’re right – he’s not Beckham – he’s hotter!

  • Andreia

    He is HOT no matter what he is wearing! He is an AMAZING football player and I`m very happy to have him in our national team! PORTUGAL RULEZZZZZZ Como uma força que ninguém pode parar eheheheh

  • Dennis

    Yeah he is a very talented player,but he knows that too well,if you ask me.He’s not a teamplayer,which is very important for soccer.

    But that’s kind of off topic anyway^^

  • bugsy

    Ai puto! Estás a arder filho!E não venhas com essas!

  • Luv’nCris

    He looks just fine….gorgeous as ever!! All you haters just leave him alone!! It’s sad that a guy can’t dress well and be thought of as “straight”…I don’t see what’s wrong with the outfit he has on. It’s not gay at all…it’s just jeans and a polo…along with some jewelry – completely normal. Metrosexual to some folks, but still normal, everyday male attire. WTF! I wish people would stop thinking that a guy has to dress like a homeless person before he’s considered “macho”. There’s nothing wrong with a man taking pride in his appearance…especially if he’s as hot as Cristiano! What a sexy body!!…what a gorgeous face!!….this man is just beautiful!!

  • Vanessa

    I’m really not into metro guys. It’s such a turn-off. But I gotta admit, this guy is pretty DAMN HOT!! GORGEOUS.

  • eztefania

    hes fucking hot!!!!!!!!!! and thas all that matters

  • eztefania

    hes fucking hot!!!!!!!!!! and thats all that matters

  • susie

    I love a metro guy, better than some sloth

  • rosie

    he is cute !!!!!!!!!!!! como uma forca que ningem pode parar.from another portuguese cool

  • rosie

    justjared where are more pictures of the royal family BAMZS love that beautiful family . god bless them.

  • samantha

    The bitch is rocking a PURSE and you think he’s straight? LOL I wonder what you’l say when u gets a butt budy “Stop calling him gay, he only puts his penis in boys butts to releive stress!” LMAO little girls and their imaginations!

  • cristy

    i didn’t know this guy is a soccer player, i thought he’s a fashion designer, looks gay


    i love this man! it is the most gorgeous men alive! hi is one of the best football players in the world. AND HE IS NOT GAY!! OK!!…..HE IS A REAL-STRONG MAN

  • maddie

    What the hell?!?! He’s more feminine than June Cleaver!

  • Eme

    PLEASE Jared, I beg you to stop with this bizarre fondness
    regarding Cristiano *I’m a PANSY-and-so-UNsexy* Ronaldo….
    now, I wouldn’t mind one bit if you’d suddenly turn your sport/
    man sexy eye to the SEXY, TALENTED, and Spanish born fab
    footballer: Fernando Torres. Oh the possibilities regarding daily
    news/photo updates of Mr. Torres…. :)

  • xaklee

    Who cares whether he’s straight or gay; you can’t deny that the boy is aesthetically pleasing. Jared, please keep posting his photos!

  • amanda

    he’s the perfect man. he has the best taste ever, he’d look good in a bikini, ok?!?!

  • JJ

    Well his outift wasnt that bad . Its ok !! , but man , the PURSE !! WHAT THE HELL !!?? You just dont use it if u’re not like , 40 something. Seriously, no human being under 30 should be caught dead with that purse ( or any of that kind ). It’s baaad. Someone send him a letter and tell him please. Lose it buddy !!

  • Aleesha

    All’s I gotta say is….HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! Him and David Beckham are the hottest footballers ever! Gotta love the man purse btw.

  • Ronaldoisthebomb

    Ronaldo is the sexiest guy to walk to planet and id do him man purse and all

  • rowena

    He ‘s not gay but a superficial man. He is a great football’s ( socer ?!) player / footballer. je l’aime et toi aussi jared. j’adore le foot !!

  • sel

    Yeah you are rigth..he is not Beckham because Becks is a real fashion icon and gorgeous! This kid is ugly and has no style..I don’t get how ppl think this kid is hot !

  • giedre

    he is really hot gay.

  • Amanda

    Lots of men carry bags like that. Especially European men, because they’re not so homophobic and obsessed with being ‘macho’ as American men. You don’t have to understand it or like it, but calling him crude names just shows how homophobic and close-minded you are. Not all men think sitting around drinking beer and watching NASCAR is an acceptable form of asserting their manhood, and thank heaven for that. This guy is amazing, both on and off the pitch!

  • OG

    I’m from Portugal, and they didn’t have hotties like that when I was there, I would never have left! Guys in European countries are not intimidated by the west’s idea of Macho.

  • tash

    i hav got 2 agree wit amanda. cristiano is definetely different then all de other guyz. they’re all abssessed with looking macho and really sloppy, but cris has got style, and he’s drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya xxx

  • nick

    americans are so fucking ignorant

  • translate

    comment 17 translated to english you said :Oh bastard! You are burning son! And do not come with those

  • tina

    for some reason i just don’t like him, i don’t know what it is but something about him just says no to me. give me beckham any day

  • miriam

    I don’t care if he’s gay, I don’t care if he has a bad fashion taste, he’s HOT.

    And he was amazing against Poland, he played badly, yes, but he stayed on the field after an injury, and couldn’t even play the next game for Manchester United. Way more balls than many “tough men” out there that would immediatly ask to be replaced.

  • eurotrashy

    Man, that outfit is a whole different ball game. It’s ok the be gay, but crap, if you look closer you can see him sweat glitter, he’s gayer than gay. aHe gives gay people a bad name. He’s got his purse out in public with him too, i think he’s actually a tranny. He’s eyebrows are so crappy too and that sad puppy look on his face, it’s probably from his purse not having tampons in it. and not beign a brand name, he’s purse is Hucci not gucci . Sorry, but this fag clearly has anger issues and to top it off, he should go home and lock himself in his room and play with his purse and never come out. LOL

  • kate

    what a princess! Look how he sashays… please like Beckham, Zidane or Figo would do that!

  • Antonio

    He’s the gayest gay that ever gayed on the playfield.

  • Eoi

    Why does it matter?

    What’s the big deal either way?

  • kath

    he is gorgeous!. …he is a tough, skilled, powerful football player and he takes care of his body and his heath. good on him. he is spectacular!
    (and for all those who think he’s gay- check out all the pics of him on the net with his girlfriends- he loves da ladies!-he’s v straight!)

  • Alejandra

    He is the hottest man on Earth!!!
    I was thinking what is he carrying in that bag? Wallet, car keys, house keys, cell phone… mmmh… passport? Anyway, if he carries those in his jeans, he wouldn’t look that hot in every picture.