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Daniel Craig & His Real Bond Girl

Daniel Craig & His Real Bond Girl

Daniel Craigand film producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell (The Jacket, Godsend) picked up a few essentials from Tesco in England earlier this weekend. Craig, 38, will play 007 in the new Bond film, Casino Royale, which is out Nov. 17.

Daniel, 38, spoke of his relationship Satsuki in an interview late last month: “We’re together, and she’s been experiencing this whole situation with me. Any relationship needs a little love and care at least once a day. I don’t want to get soppy about it, but you’ve got the put the time in. it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ve got to keep putting it in.” Aww, how adorable are they! More pictures in the gallery…

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daniel craig satsuki mitchell 01
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 02
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 03
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 04
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 05
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 06
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 07
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 08
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 09
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 10
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 11
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 12
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 13
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 14
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 15
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 16
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 17
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 18
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 19
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 20
daniel craig satsuki mitchell 21

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  • Cass

    Lucky girl. I’m jealous!

  • Maragret

    Oh wow she looks beautiful.And he is just sexy!

  • Jesse

    Damn, she’s so fugly. So is he.
    And who’s that freaky dyke?

  • comment

    wow her legs are so long!!!!
    thats what i call beautiful legs.
    everyone calls aniston’s legs great, but i think hers are kinda short.

  • gia

    He is super-super-super hot, like a modern-day Steve McQueen; a true man. Can’t wait for the release date!!! As for her – hot body, 6/10 face – and doesn’t seem too thrilled to be there… I’m wondering what exactly’s going on – is the other girl an autograph seeker, and Ms Mitchell is torqued? Can’t really tell what the girl is handing 007.

  • meemee35

    He’s 38????

  • gia

    Pic 13 makes me want to go get a Rover stat…

    God, I never drool over stars – ever. Keep the Becks, Pitts, Clooneys of the world… I’ll have me some 007 with a side of layer cake.

  • Leo

    he is the james bond and all he got is this ugly old woman? geee. He really sucks. No one will look up to u now craig.

    I would just date the film bond girl instead.

  • QQQQ

    8 | Leo | So relationships are only about looks, not personality and compatability….

  • maddie

    God, she’s fug. Nice legs, though. I can so easily replace her. Call me Daniel!

  • nikki

    She’s got nice legs and a crooked face

  • gia

    He does seem to have a thing 4 Asian-white mixed chicks. His ex also looks like she’s likely mixed. That’s great – I dig the Asian aesthetic myself – but he could do so, so much better… If this Bond movie takes off big, I give her 0.07 seconds in his life after the premiere. Fug and cross has no place next to this hot daddy.

  • anonbrit

    bear in mind that she’s eating and is obviously a little uncomfortable with the attention. if he was with some stereotypical blonde trophy piece, you’d be complaining he was shallow. maybe he goes for something more real…

  • Ruth

    Daniel Craig is a v. sexy man and a brilliant actor. It is nice to see him going out with a non-model looking woman who actually works and I hope that they will be happy together.

  • joys

    she’s ugly…..looks like his mother.

  • stanley

    HOLY SHIT THAT CHICK IS HOT AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys wouldn’t know a good looking woman if she hit you in the face.

  • joys

    well i don’t see the hotness …she is still ugly

  • lady garden

    he may be hot but he’s a skank-he cheated on her with
    slutface miller

  • Anna

    wow…she is very beautiful!

  • coco

    Beautiful??????? The girl in the camaflouge shorts is way prettier and she’s au natural!

  • gia

    S**t. I’d cheat on her fug face w/Sluttyena too. He does it b/c he can. Gimme a break; this man can probably get more tail just by going to the corner store for a pack of smokes than the average man scores in a decade, if not longer.

  • voltavie

    Daniel Craig is HOT !!! I love the way he rocks the low rise jeans. Yummy.!!

  • gia

    hmm – starting to think he might be batting for the other team some, or at least considering it… three movies w/guy-on-guy action, talking about getting the Bond peeps to put in gay action in the upcoming flicks, and gf looks like a tranny, complete w/adam’s apple – almost fell over when i saw that in some of the 007 premiere pics

    i’d have him anyway tho – too hot to pass up

  • http://deleted She’s got legs and knows how to use them

    The girlfriend is not pretty, but neither is he, so they’re a perfect match!

    Craig has a great body. His girlfriend has some awesome legs. That’s what I call lean but muscular, long, shapely, sexy legs!!

  • ann rejider

    She looks horrid in these pictures. Unbelievable

  • ann rejider

    She looks like Yoko

  • He is gorgeous!!

    OMG!!! how can you people say that DANIEL CRAIG is ugly, he is the sexiest, hottest, most gorgeous guy in the world!!!
    I LOVE HIM, just waiting for him to dump that women…i bet he is great in the bedromm ;)
    wouldnt mind having those gorgeous hard muscles on top of me!!!

    Nobody say he is ugly……..your WRONG!!!!!!

  • Angora

    I think he looks pretty un happy?? Or what you think??
    Maybe he`s relationship is not very good.
    But still… I think he is handsome.

  • Angora

    I think he doesn`t like paparazzes.

  • ??!

    That is one ugly woman. Is that the best he can do????

  • (((

    Forgive me, but is that his mother?

  • eve

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Daniel and Satsuki are engaged to be married. :(

  • hello

    She is Butt ugly

  • bleck

    The blacl woman is much more attractive than the FUG gf.

  • susanlee

    Hey everyone calm down. She is nort ugly. I know plenty of people in real life who are beautiful and just take horrible pictures. I’ve also known women who are fashion models who look gorgeous in photos but in person make you think “how can that be?” None of you out there can say you have never seen a bad photo of yourself regardless of how attractive you are. I’m a photographer, and yes cameras do lie.

    Besides, I have seen several photos of her where she is quite attractive as well. I think what it boils down to is, it really doesn’t matter. If they are truly happy then you should wish them well.

  • ok

    I’ve seen many pictures where she is an absolute FUG such as these

  • bohemiansweetie

    She’s HOT!!! But, he’s HOTTER!!! :-)

  • amyfan

    please define hot? This woman is not.

  • daniel craig is ugly

    the best james bond is sean connery and pierce brosnan forever

    daniel craig is short, ugly not bond

  • alli

    He can do far better than her. She really is too plain.