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Leo & Bar's Dinner Date

Leo & Bar's Dinner Date

Leonardo DiCaprio and his swimsuit model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli enjoyed dinner together at an exclusive restaurant in Rome last night. More pictures in the gallery from The Departed premiere earlier this week at the the Le Grand Rex in Paris, France!

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leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 01
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 02
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 03
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 04
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 05
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 06
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 07
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 08
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 09
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 10
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 11
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 12
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 13
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 14
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 15
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 16
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 17
leo dicaprio bar rafaeli 18

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  • Canadian Chick

    He is soo cute!!

  • sedrah

    He’s still pretty fine, I must say. Bar is beautiful, indeed

  • Gussie

    Gisele is much more beautiful than Bar, but then Leo has not grown to do justice to his own younger looks. Good actor, though.

  • rosalind76

    Those are great pictures. Thanks. Leo’s very handsome, and what’s more, he’s talented. So, this is Leo’s girlfriend? I didn’t know that. I thought he was back with Gisele? Was that just a rumor? Aw, that’s too bad. I though they were a great couple, but Leo and Bar look lovely together too.

  • bdj

    Great Movie, The Departed. I hope it has a long run at the Box Office and get some Oscar nominations.

  • Roger

    He looks fantastic. I’m so proud of him.

  • elusive and exclusive

    Roger why did yuo say that you were proud of him? you are not his mother. sorry i just hav mixed feelings about that. i guess it is just hormonal, ya see i am pregnant with my first child and due early next month.

  • Autumn

    I REALLY love how private Leo is – it’s so nice to get photos of his beautiful self, but at the same time, it’s so nice to see someone who doesn’t sell themselves off….. Love love loveee him.

  • elusive and exclusive

    What is with that cut on his lips? in the picture where the close up is in his face



  • bleep

    Daniel from 11: she’s so rich she doesn’t need his money!! she’s been modeling for Armani and P.Diddy’s new perfume!! And I hardly believe that he’s date her if he didn’t want to!! it’s not like he can’t get ANY other woman on this planet if he wanted to!!
    And by the way…it’s a good thing u r not an anti-semite…cos i kinda thought so for a moment

  • daniel

    aqctually im anti zionist they can’t stop killing the palestinian and lebanese they can’t get enough of muslim death

  • elusive and exclusive

    woa look at her catty green eyes!!!!!!!! i think that she looks a lot like the beauitiful Jennifer Garner. But she really is very pretty. I loves Leo ever since he was in Titanic. He is so cute!!! He might want to lose some pounds and shave that non sexy beard and her will look totally hotttttt!!!!!! His hair looks different now. I think that Leo and Giselle were made for each other. Leo and Bar Leo and Giselle Leo and Bar Leo and Giselle Leo and Elusive and exclusive!!aka Angelina that is my name. Leo and angelina leo and angelina leo and angelina!!!!!!!! Ilooooooooove him.

  • phie

    they look good together. hey, jared im still waiting for BAMZS…

  • Marie

    I really love Leo, too. But I’d enjoy seeing him with other types of women than these “perfect-looking” models. Plus how young is this chickie? She’s a cutie no doubt; still I wish he were more open-minded with his choices.

  • the tempest

    8 | Autumn
    It’s not really hard for a celebrity to be “private” if pictures of said celebrity aren’t lucrative for the paparazzi.

  • angelina

    Leo looks gorgeous – He is an amazing actor. I think Bar is a much
    more prettier girl than Gisele – Gisele has big nose and looks
    almost like a drag queen in a lot of her pics. Leo looks so happy
    with Bar – I think she appreciates him more than Gisele ever did .
    And I like Leo the way he looks now, he looks grown up and
    handsome and sexy rather than cute which was what he was

  • that was funny

    “Gisele has big nose and looks
    almost like a drag queen in a lot of her pics.”


  • fly

    Leo does have good taste. his girls are always pretty.

  • Roger

    Can’t wait to see him all porked up as Teddy Roosevelt.

  • fly

    I just watch ” The Departed” . great movies. Leo was at his best . Matt Damon was not bad either but I think Nicholson was a bit over.

  • enna

    does leo ever NOT date models? seriously, like every girl hes been out with since he went big, has been a model. but you know what that means? leos probably very looks orientated and shallow. looks mean more to him than the actual person obviously.

    and i cant wait towatch this movie.

  • rachel

    why does he always get the models? strange.

  • Autumn

    The Tempest:

    I know and understand what you mean, butttt…. even when people wanted loads of paparazzi pictures (think around the Titanic time), there still weren’t that many! I know the more money one will make the more attractive it is to stalk them, but he always seems to avoid this … the low baseball hat, covering his head up with his jacket, being shielded by bodyguards….. All in all, I just like that he does his acting, in my opinion does a great job at it, then does his own thing in his personal life and goes to great measures not to broadcast it. :o) It may be because no one wants to see him but oh well! haha.

    Also, Bar is really pretty – I’d never seen really good photos of her before, as I havent come across her ad campaigns for the big houses or Diddy’s perfume, but she is gorgeous! I agree with Enna though… it would be nice to see him with a girl who wasn’t considered ‘perfect’

  • elusive and exclusive

    i reall dont care.

  • Narla

    Leo is lame for only dating models. They’re just as many cute girls out there in the world that aren’t models that he can date but he doesn’t! He has issues with being by himself and has low self esteem!!!Its like an oral fixation only its a model fixation!! He’s a good actor yes but he’s not the most gorgeous guy in the world as many fans have deluded themselves into believing! He really just wants to be accepted for who he is but believes that no one will accept him for just him plain old Leo self but he’s wrong! Its wont last! This Bar thing! You live you learn!

  • Gaby

    STUNNING COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nela

    Naria, you’re so right. I dont think Leo would want to settle down with someone who just got out of high school or soething. He’s just messing around with girls until he finds someone real

  • K

    She’s got nothing on Giselle!!!

  • Missouri Fan

    I just watched “The Departed” Good movie, the type of movie my husband be interested. Ilove Leo, Matt, Mark & Jack N.

  • Daisy

    To idiot #14; The Arabs are the ones murdering the Jews. By the way “Palestinians” don’t exist. Get an edcation asshole!

  • aa

    To 12
    Whats up with you?!—>”can’t get enough of muslim death”? Like you know anything about the war-if you don’t live in Isreal just shut up and dont pretend to know somthing-And how does her background effects who she is as a person? I can ensure you Bar never killd anyone XD
    GO BAR!!!! she makes us look good :]

    Thats her website-Shes the modal of a great fashion designer–IRIT :)

    Have fun :O

  • bar

    hey sweety i love you its me bar and i was thinking that we should get married.

  • holly

    omg!!! leo is the cutest guy on the planet! i totally think he is an
    amazing actor. ever since i watched titanic i have been lovin leo!!
    my room is leo everything. he is like totally nice and i LOVE how he is kinda a private guy and doesn’t do things just to impress the public.omg my favorite month of the year is november and leo’s bday is like nov 11 1974
    i love all yur pics! i have to meet u one day! LOVE ya!!

  • roselyn solorzano


    yo amo a leo dicaprio me importa lo q comenten

    lo amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo