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Kidman Serves Kosovo

Kidman Serves Kosovo

Nicole Kidman posed with Kosovo Albanian women in the capital of Pristina earlier today, Oct. 14. Nicole, 39, arrived for a two day visit as a goodwill ambassador for UNIFEM (U.N. Development Fund for Women), which works to empower women around the world both politically and economically.

“I’m here … to learn so that I can help your country at this crucial, crucial time for the future,” Nicole said. “To meet people, hear their stories and educate myself, and I suppose be a voice for you if you need it.”

The actress was named goodwill ambassador of UNIFEM in January 2006 and the tour of Kosovo is her first visit in that role.

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  • Ninjagirl

    How nice of her to extend herself this way she could just as easily be the kind of wealthy person who would rather spend their time in a spa or shopping. I respect her hands on involment in matters of the world. People like Nicole and Jolie bring a face to world people and issues with their involvement which encourages others to follow .

  • mona

    She’s doing the right thing for sure. I like her but when I look at those photos with other women, I can’t help thinking that it’s Nicole who needs to empower herself.. you know like eat, stop the botox, lift the veil of secrecy on the Midget and get back with her kids. The women with her look healthy and gorgeous.. Nicole looks fragile and worn and way, way too thin.

  • sara

    Good for Nicole but she needs to lay off the botox. She’s looking less and less herself these days.

  • trish

    Yes, she’s thin, so what, it’s her body type, she looks healthier these days, why do people always say she looks too thin!!, Geezzzzzzz. She has moved on in her life, has a new husband, she has no reason to say bad things about her Ex, it’s over, been over, she’s not a vindictive person, like some people!! She probably is tired, she just flew in from Rome, she’s pulling several duties, at least she is fufilling her role as Ambassador. As FOR HER CHILDREN, NOONE KNOWS, What her ex and her worked out, she does see her kids, just because you don’t she her & the kids faces splattered on rag mags. If you can’t say anything nice, it’s best to keep your mouth SHUT!!

  • please

    Well I have to agree with mona. Nicole lives in Nashville while her kids live in California. The kids are in their teens and need there mother but she hanging with her new husband. I know they have a father but still there is NO reason she could not live in the same state as her kids.

  • mona

    I don’t mean to criticize Nicole for not being around her kids.. I suspect something sinister is going on and she would be much happier being allowed to see her kids more often. I think that Tom is keeping them from Nicole.

  • trish

    I’m sure she does want her kids with her, noone knows what took place, we can speculate all we want, but she does see and spends time with her kids, she doesn’t have to notify the news, papperazi, or anyone else when she does!

  • Allyson

    She looks pretty tired, but that’s understandable, since apparently she was at a premiere in Rome a few hours ago.

  • Fritt

    I agree, Trish! The nerve and cattiness of some people! She’s happier and healthier than before and she obviously loves her kids. You don’t need her parading her kids around so that paparazzi can take pictures of them TOGETHER as proof that she spends time with her own children!

  • squid

    Love Nicole! All those women are beautiful :) Thanks JJ!

  • WTF

    lift the veil of secrecy on the Midget and get back with her kids.

    STFU–Just because she doesn’t call the paps and make a big production of her visits doesn’t mean she doesn’t see those kids.
    GMD has somehow prevented her from having custody.
    I’m sure if she were to talk while he’s still alive he & those psychos in Co$ would make her pay dearly.

  • jujuelen

    I love Nicole, she looks soo happy …

  • sexyvegan

    you people sound stupid saying that Tom prevents her from seeing her kids.. She is a woman and their mother and she would have fought for them if that was the case. They were at her wedding but other than that she is never seen with them. She doesn’t have to notify the paps when she visits them but IF she did visit them I am sure there would be pics. She is NEVER at either of their games or activities and seems to have abandoned them. She does however look much more radiant and healthy, it looks like she may have even gotten a boob job.

  • Jamie

    sexyvegan, get a life. How often did you see Cruise at the kids games before he started his PR campaign with his robot girlfriend? You didn’t. Hell, I’m amazed that some many people didn’t even know that Connor was colored until last year. That is saying something. And if you think Cruise doesn’t try to keep Nicole from her kids, you should really look into Scientology. Disconnection, Suppressive Persons, Potential Trouble Source. Very interesting reading. And yes, Nicole has seen her kids since the wedding. And its unfortunate that the Paps did get photos. Check out the photos of Nicole shopping with Bella. And holding hands. It’s a shame that people only believe things if they see pictures of it on gossip sites.
    Good for you Nicole!

  • Justine

    Tom is going to the children’s game to call attention of the press, only this. He needs to get better to ridiculous images that he created.

  • trish

    Some people sound stupid for believing just what they want and for judging or commenting on what they know little of, we don’t get a day to day scoop on any celebrity’s life, who the hell cares what they do everyday of their lives, get a grip people and focus on your own life, judge not, lest you be judged.

  • Marco

    This is one more reason to believe that Tom Cruise just seeks publicity when he makes their appearances with the children and with the doll robot (Kaith Hommes). The celebrities look for discretion when they are in public, unlike Tom.

  • diamond

    trish, actually you are the stupid one, this is a celebrity gossip site, you twat! We are SUPPOSED to be nit-picking their lives, clothes, bodies and goofy behaviors. If you don’t like it, get back to your own life, I at least can be honest about what I’m doing here.

  • mona

    well, I don’t know who’s catty etc.. WTF: if you read my comments you see that I don’t blame or judge Nicole and I also think that Tom keeps her from being around the kids more. He’s always engineering those perfect family moments at their kids’ games, knowing very well there will be hords of razzis following him. Plus, he’s only been doing it so much since he hooked up with Katie. It’s clear he wants to appear as a devoted family man. I have no doubt Nicole loves her kids but Tom controls their lives and, as a non-Scientologist, she’s beeing pushed aside.

  • trish

    Diamond, you don’t know me, Shut your ignorant mouth!!! there’s no need to name call, like I said stupid people just shoot of their yaps!!!

  • Justine

    I agree with the Mona. Tom is controlling. I also believe that it is this Scientology, it impedes Nicole of seeing the children. Nic and Keith are an example of perfect union, love and respect, Tom and Katie seem to represent the whole time.

  • Mire

    GIVE ME A BRAKE!!!!! Nic will do anything for the PR!!!!! She only cares til her pics are in the papper!! Then it’s gone!!!!

  • Mire

    And about Nic not seeing her Kids, They have never been to Nashville , In Nashville everyone knows everything about everyone and not one person as ever seen her kids. And you can say she keeps them in so no pics are take but wake-up and get a clue!!!!!

  • Mire

    Oh but I will say I like her hair like that.

  • malibumom


  • Nic

    Nic is gorgeous! shes perfect… and everyone here talking trash should mind their business.. nicoles children are none of your business… you have no idea what goes on in their personal lives..

  • sapho

    What a stupidity! She doesn’t even know where she went and what she did!
    Money makes the world go ’round!