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Tom & Katie Take Soccer Sidelines

Tom & Katie Take Soccer Sidelines

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted cheering on the sidelines again of Tom‘s 13-year-old daughter Isabella‘s soccer match. 10-year-old son Connor (dressed in his football jersey probably from practice) also showed his brotherly love by cheering on his sister. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • SandiJ

    I’m definitely not a fan of Tom…he looks like he’s gained about 20 lbs in the last year or so…but he also looks like he’s an terrific dad…..

  • laura

    Tom is always kissing Katie. I wanted that Brad also made this with Angelina =(

  • Mire

    Say what you about TomKat – They are both so awesome with their kids all 3 of them!!

  • Sue

    Isabella is not “their daughter.” That is a ridiculous thing to say when Katie has zero ties to this child. Nicole Kidman is Isabella’s mother; Katie is not even her stepmother.

  • Alyssa

    I think tomkat looks like a nice family, I don’t think Tom and Katie have an ego by the looks of it. I think they look nice people compared to other celebrities who are total fucking jerks!

  • Dawn

    I thought Katie would be her stepmum as she is married to Tom and I get the impression that he got custody.

    I might be wrong…

  • MegFL

    Tom and Nicole share custody of their two adopted children. They both appear to be loving parents. When Katie marries Tom she will be their step mother.

    I have a lot of respect for Tom and Nicole for the way they have managed to provide two loving parents to these kids, even through divorce. Kudos to them.

  • Justine

    this couple is so ridiculous

  • S

    They seem so happy together, I wish them all the best!

  • lisa

    At least Katie and Tom spend time with Tom and Nicole’s kids.

  • SK

    To “Sue” who said that Isabella has zero ties with Katie; …..well actually she does through Suri Cruise, which makes them all brother and sister. even if they didn’t get married, the fact that tom is dad to all three makes them connected, so in some way i’m sure katie looks at isabella and connor as her kids too not as “nicole and tom’s” kids. and if she’s equally loving to all 3, then she has every right to .

  • jj

    Showing up at a park and posing for the cameras does NOT make
    youu a WONDERFUL PARENT. Making out in a family setting, does
    NOT make you a WONDERFUL PARENT.

    When Conner and Isabella reach 18-22 yrs old and they are not
    part of the drug induced Hollywood rich kid brats, and they have
    not been in and out of drug rehab, or have a BASTARD CHILD like
    their father,

    IF IF IF they are successful contributers to mankind, THEN and
    ONLY then, can we say that NICOLE and tom are good parents.

  • Mediterranean

    I read that Katie got THE dress, now it is time to find A REAL man to marry!

    Tom always seems (!!) a good father so far. I think like jj #13

  • FYI

    13 | jj | 10/15/06 11:41 PM

    That’s a bit naive judgemental and unfair to suggest a kid going to “the otherside” is to be blamed on bad parenting. I know more than a few parents who were excellent involved moms and dads only to have their children growup to be people you never expected because you thought that couldn;t happen because of who raised them and how they raised them. I’m not a Tom fan ever but I think he is hands and loving his kids. They always seem genuinely happy and quite at ease with him. jmho

  • Chirly

    Shouldnt Tom be losing weight before the wedding? He looks chubby..

  • Pua

    1. Haha…I like the whole “look at us we’re just like regular people watching our kid’s soccer game” front while the beefy hireling dude carries their Starbucks for them on the side…

    2. Katie…please…get the grill fixed already…you’re killing me here. (That pic where Tom is making her laugh, her wide gaping maw, is going to give me nightmares for weeks.)

    3. I am officially inappropriately in love with the boy, Conor. OK not really…but damn that is a cute kid.

  • cici

    Enough of those PDA. Don’t they have enough of it at home or privately ? what are they trying to prove ? weird.

  • http://justjared sherilyn

    I love the way he is with his children. Katie is a sweet girl, and I think that she will make a beautiful bride. The children appear to be very regular children, considering their parents are in the spotlight. i give tom much respect for his parenting skills.

  • http:/// chrissi

    i hate this couple…..

  • tanya

    I don’t like them in so many different ways..but i can’t help but
    wonder where Nicole is…she’s never in games and she’s never
    pictured with her kids…ok fine not never…but RARELY as compared
    to TOM

  • daisey

    does their mother ever see them?

  • truthbtold

    Just heard a radio interview with Nicole on Says she’s up all night worrying about her kids, so it’s not as if she doesn’t worry about them. Maybe she can’t be with them at their soccer games because Cruise insists on being there all the time. It’s may be the only time he actually see Kate and even his kids. Who knows where they are the rest of the week?

  • Leila

    I hate them.
    They do same things each time.
    They kiss each time.They go to soccer game each week.
    Why Katie wears BLACK?
    Does she want to be like Angelina?
    I HATE them.

  • diamond

    I see GMD alerted the paps again that he & Kate would be making out this weekend. Good parents dont fly off to Paris and leave small children at home. (ie-Suri)

  • Sally

    Way to go Tom & Katie ,you always seem so happy with your lovely family!

  • GO TOM!


  • Dancer

    #29 Go Tom
    Nicole does see the kids, but unlike Tom she is super protective. She has said on Letterman that she goes to the soccer games when she is at her home in LA (which she only has because of the kids). Does she go to as many as publicity hound Tom? No. But she does go. You rarely see pictures of her with the kids because she doesn’t announce where she is going to be to the paps. She is also not a pap darling anymore. The last picture I’ve seen of her with Bella–they were shopping and holding hands. Bella looked very at ease and very happy to be with Nicole. Most teens don’t want to hold their mom’s hands. I’d say this is some pretty good parenting on the part of Nicole and Tom. I despise Tom Cruise, but do think he is a good parent with the exception of using the kids for photo ops.I think Nicole is a very different parent from Tom, but she is still very good also. You don’t see the kids doing a lot of the drugs, drinking etc., that you do a Lindsay Lohan, Rumer Willis, Paris Hilton etc. The kids seem happy and wholesome regardless of whether you like Tom and Nicole.

  • Dancer

    Also, why does Katie always wear winter or heavy clothing. When you look at the other parents, they are not in coats or blazers.

  • J-Love

    I strongly agree with ‘FYI’. Good parenting is no gaurantee of not having your child screw up as a young adult. At 22, I’m just now startng to get my life together and go back to university while my 18 yr old bro is at Georgetown and the other is following in his footsteps. We were both raised extremely well by the same parents. Some of us are just more scattered than others and take a little more time to mature. Also, most of the kids I grew up w/ (all from high achieving families) are by no means fully turned out yet.

  • hahjsajh

    they are better than the losers of brangelinaa

  • jaromir

    Tom Cruise is such a tool. Boy do I ever wish he kept his mouth closed…………..You know when a good looking person talks, and then it dons on you how dumb they are? It totally takes away any sex appeal that hobit had.

  • julieRAGE

    the truth is these two have no job anymore i mean seriously do you hear any movie producer calling them up for anything nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and being the attention seeker that they are they’ll do anything and the kids soccer is the next place to do that last year it was movie premieres wonder where it will be next year as for NIC a mother that can put her children’s future and happiness first (which i don’t think they are happier with these lunatics, i think they’ll just be as happy if not happier with their mom cos she’ll give them the quiteness, securityand real parental care and not this SHINANIGAN and throtting these BASTARDS are doing that is what it really takes to be good parents so guys pls don’t be decieved by pictures of pple showing off knowing fully well the paps are there probably a tip off from them seriously think about it) is areal good mother why can’t TC let the kids go live with THEIR mother and school there in TENNESSE i’ll tell u why for his own selfish interest and nothing more trying to get his star status back which honestly has being flushed down the toilet the day he hooked up with his non-ambitious girlfriend and i do agree with you #14 there are some FAKERS alive which is sad last week they all hated katie and thought she’s a bad mom and all of a sudden she’s on the sideline of a soccer game(that’s where she’ll be from now cos that’s where TC wants her well he PATRONISED HER BY LETTING HER GO TO THE FASHION SHOW THAT’S ALL A WOMAN IS WORTH TO HIM BUT NOT NIC I’M GLAD SHE SURVIVED HIM AND CAME OUT A BETTER PERSON) and she’s a hero well she’s catching up real fast in the game good job TC good job one thing is no matter how TC AND KH try she’ll never be a mother to those kids cos they know their mom and they know her love for them is UNCONDITIONAL and to say NIC doesn’t get down and dirty with the kids then you don’t know her at all cos there lots of pics of her with the kids full on she’s not not a girls girl like KH you can tell, she was a tomboy as a child who only made friends with the bad rebellious boys e.g RUSSEL CROWE even TC confirmed it when they were married why can’t he take his new girlfriend surfing and skiing exactly she doesn’t have the guts

  • lisa

    Some people will always believe Nicole’s B.S. stories. They believe every excuse she makes about why she doesn’t see her kids. Just because Tom is at the soccer game doesn’t mean she couldn’t be there also. Face it, she is not with her kids much. It is easy to say you worry about them, that doesn’t mean you are a parent who is in their lives.

  • libraesque

    to all you douchebags on here pontificating about Nicoles role as a parent STFU. She’s not a media whore like TC. Before his public display of TRYING to convince the world that his beard and their relationship is real, HE WAS NEVER PHOTOGRAPHED AT THEIR EVENTS. Their games are basically a stage for him, PERIOD. And as for the revolting make out sessions, if he was ANY kind of decent parent he WOULD NOT embarrass his children in this disgusting manner, it’s sick. DO you have ANY idea how horrifying that must be for a teenager EVERY single game they have to endure make out sessions between these two
    NO ONE else in their right mind does this kind of SHIT at their childrens games …NO ONE

  • libraesque

    AND another thing, it was 74 DEGREES over the weekend in LA, what is wrong with her!!! SHe’s in a turrtleneck and leather jacket, is TC beating her ass now too on top of everything else?

  • lear

    I agree with #36 lisa—somebody believe every excuse nicole makes about why she doesn’t see her kids!!! Nicole ‘s a selfish bad mother who never wanted any child. A good mother doesn’t choose to live in Tennesse when her kids are living in California!!!!

  • laura

    they are better than the losers of brangelinaa
    33 | hahjsajh

    shut up! loser its you

  • jaromir

    Not like I’m any better, but listen to you losser. You guys act like you know them. Ranting about who has custody, why they’re not recieving movie roles, etc..etc………like you guys honestly know, like you guys actually talk to them on the phone and what not. You all get the same info as everyone else and to be honest its just frekin gossip.

    Man I can’t believe I’m associated with people like this. I’m such a fag.

  • mona

    So Nicole said she stays up all night worrying about the kids–it’s obvious to me that the Midget keeps the kids away from her! She can’t say it but it’s clear it’s eating her up inside. I feel sad for her. This is what you get for marrying into Scientology. BTW, if I made out with my husband at every soccer game, my kids would throw us out and told us never to embarrass them again. Going to a game is one thing but doesn’t he consider his kids’ feelings? They’re teens for pete’s sake! Kids this age are embarrassed to be seen with their parents, much less having their parents make a spectacle in front of their peers! This is what makes me believe Tom is doing it more for his image than for the kids.

  • Miranda

    Why do you people even fucking care?????

  • Kevin

    Why is it that at the supposed soccer games she goes to she is unphotographed yet when she is walking from the gym from Target from restaurants movie theatres etc Nicole always has pap. following her.

    Tom may be a weirdo but anyone with eyes can see he is the one who really cares about his kids and you can see it in the kids faces. They aren’t faking.

  • RubbingItIn

    “So Nicole said she stays up all night worrying about the kids–it’s obvious to me that the Midget keeps the kids away from her!”

    Did Nicole tell you this personally? You big fat loser, you need to stop reading all those gossip magazines and get a life! If Nicole is up all night worring about anything, its worring about her new husband and his drug and alcohol addiction!

    “BTW, if I made out with my husband at every soccer game, my kids would throw us out and told us never to embarrass them again”

    Hey don’t be jealous just because your husband is so digusted by your looks he wont touch you with a ten foot pole! Kids love to see their parents happy unlike your poor inbreeds! Your kids wouldnt care if you kissed their father. Its the fact that you are a fat ugly that they are embarrassed to be seen by you!

    “Going to a game is one thing but doesn’t he consider his kids’ feelings? They’re teens for pete’s sake! Kids this age are embarrassed to be seen with their parents, much less having their parents make a spectacle in front of their peers! This is what makes me believe Tom is doing it more for his image than for the kids. ”

    If you would spend more time reading something useful like psychology books once in a while instead of sitting your big ass in front of the computer all day to rip on people you are jealous of ,you would realize that actually its good for kids to see their parents in love! They see that and when they grow up they will look for someone they can love that much and have healthy realationships. You are a big fat retard who has a miserable life so you take your frustrations out on people who are happy!


    get off the field you son of a bitch tom cruise and katie are idiots i’am 12 believe me they are creeps nicole kidman is soooo much better than
    those moruns(katie)