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Aniston on Oprah TODAY!

Aniston on Oprah TODAY!

Enjoy these screencaps of Jennifer Aniston on The Oprah Winfrey Show from this afternoon. Jen will set the record straight on a few rumors, from brand new boobs to a breakup! Tune in to hear if she and Vince Vaughn have actually broken up. “No,” says Jen. “No.”

And the boob job rumor? “No boob job!” says Jen. “You know what it’s called? It’s called 10 pounds. Here’s what it is—this is the funny thing—you’re either, ‘Oh, look at the bump,’ or ‘The Pregnant…,’ and they circle the bump and there’s an arrow. But instead it’s like, you know, maybe a couple cheese plates too many…”

And Jen does has a new baby! “Yes, I do,” says Jen. “Dolly. A little puppy. A little five-month old. A little white German Shepard.” More pictures in the gallery of Jen returning home from Chicago this past Friday! Inset: Jen‘s pet pooch Norman disembarking Jen‘s private jet.

UPDATE 1 :: Vince Vaughn will be suing The New York Post and two UK newspapers, The Sun and The Daily Mirror after they claimed that he kissed a “mystery woman” at a London charity event.

UPDATE 2 :: Vince Vaughn is described by his attorneys as the “Hollywood actor, also known for being the partner of Jennifer Aniston.” The statement released said: “[The newspapers] published allegations that he was caught kissing a mystery blonde whilst attending a charity event on Sunday (Oct. 8) at London’s Old Vic theatre. Mr Vaughn will say that the articles suggested that he was unfaithful to Ms Aniston, with whom he had allegedly ended his relationship only a week before. Ms. Aniston and Mr. Vaughn had not ended their relationship either at the material time or since. … The suggestion that he was having a passionate embrace and kiss, or has ever been unfaithful to Ms. Aniston, are false.”

[Various images via x17online]
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  • smozan

    I know this isn’t a popular opinion here, but I just love her – she’s so cute. (Had to get my two cents in before the haters come)

  • FYI

    I don’t care for her but I will always respect that others do like her and you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with if it’s popular or not and I hope respect for those who will come here with not so favorable things to say remember that it floats both ways regarding negative posts made in JoliePitt threads. JMHO

  • Tricia

    I love her too.

  • someone

    I am also a fan, I think shes beautiful, and handled everything with more grace than I ever would have…but I wanted to say this before the Brangies get in here and turn it into a hatefest as they usually do….

  • Jen’s a doll!

    I just love her!! I don’t care what anyone says. She’s a doll, she has a personality, she’s funny, and she’s beautiful!! I’m glad that Oprah and her are friends. It shows that even big stars have girlfriends that they go to for support, fun, etc.

  • Patti

    Jennifer is like a normal friend. She doesn’t go on a show and try to act like a sex goddess or a diva, she’s just her! I agree with #6, she seems like fun, and has a great personality. Go Jen!!

  • KBS

    I also have to say that I like her. The reason why is because she is funny. She I enjoy her work espically in Friend With Money. So you see you can be a Brad and Ang fan and also like Jennifer. Anything is possible.

  • PM

    I can relate to her. She is normal! And pretty, and classy, and warm.

  • MegFL

    Breaking – the BBC is reporting that Vince Vaughn has obtained a lawyer in Londaon and is suing the Sun and Daily Mirror, as well as sthe NY Post on the misleading mystery blonde story that suggests he cheated on Jennifer Aniston. The atory says that both Vince and Jen have stated that they are together. It’s time for that boy to speak up. Jen has been taking the flack alone far too long.

  • Miss M

    I like her a lot. She is normal, good looking, funny, doesn’t have any dive attitude and she keeps her stuff private. I also think to be a sexy woman you have to have a good character and Angelina Jolie does not have a good character in my opinion.

  • mary

    I’m not a fan of her but I like the way she handles the media, she has class and dignity something that her ex and his girlfriend lacks

  • Dancer

    I’m not a fan of hers, but it is a shame that she is attacked so viciously on some of these threads just like it is a shame that BAMZS is attacked even more viciously on Female 1st. She seems happy and content these days with Vince and her dogs and Brad seems happy and content with Angie and the kids. Why knock either down for finding happiness and love? She looks good here.

  • James

    I also like Jen, i think she’s very simple, normal…in a good way

  • virgo

    Why would Vince have to sue those newspapers, it was clear in the pics that he kissed the lady on the cheeks. If indeed its true that he is faithful, he doesnt have to prove it to Aniston by suing the tabloids. Maybe jennifer keeps on nagging him about it. There are worst that has been said about them, in the first place, the tabs can say, there was nothing malicious about what they reported since in the first place they do not even know that they are together since they have not admitted it publicly. I tell its just another publicity, the case will not push through.

  • stella

    i love her too. she’s sweet.

  • Lisa

    #14 – the lawsuit isn’t for the pictures but the story that went with them claiming he “cheated on Jennifer Aniston” when it was in fact, untrue. (As all the ragmags do.) I believe they will retract the story, which is what he wants and this is his way of defending Jennifer & his relationship. I like Jenn and I’m tired of hearing all the BS that is put out by Brangelina fans. So what if she doesn’t jump on the Angie bandwagon and do loads of charity work – maybe she does and we just don’t know it because she keeps her private life private. Whatever she does, I wish her lots of happiness and I’ll always watch her movies; she’s a funny and entertaining actress and she’s “REAL”.

  • madmaxine

    nice pics. i like her, too. her dogs are cute and look well loved. i love
    peolpe who love animals…

  • Lady Lurk

    Too funny, y’all sound like children.
    I like her, i don’t care what anybody says
    I like because she is just like me
    I like her because she is funny.
    I like her because she breathes.
    I like her she is normal
    I like her because she is not a goddess

    The funniest is
    I am not a fan of hers.

    Lmao, go on, have your fun sweetness. All is well in Jen world.

  • Anafaria

    I am not a big fan, but I also don’t hate her.

    I think that the backlash she was getting was because Hollywood, the magazines and part of the media was trying soooooo hard to make her as the new Julia Roberts, the new movie star and to be honest it just didn’t happened. So people blamed her.

    I think that people thought was unfair that with so many new coming actress like Rachael Macdams, Scarlet, Keira, Kiki Dunst , that Jennifer was getting too much underserved attention.

    I think now without the pressure to became a huge star or to get big box offices, she can work in her films in peace, I mean I still don’t see her as a movie star, but several actress build fantastic careers doing less comercial movies ( Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney Maria Bello)

    But I hope she gets something better then Vince( I am sorry, not a hater but she can do better )

  • MegFL

    #17 – you clarified it just fine. It’s about time he spoke out. Celebrities can’t win, no matter what they do. It’s now time he took on US Weekly.

  • MegFL

    TO 20 – I, too, would have said she can do better than Vince, but he proved himself to me today with his stand on the cheating reports. The guy must care for her.

  • ?

    OK obviously some of you are crazy, but I don’t like her either. Why in the world would he sue ? These two are way to wrapped up in what the tabs say. They should just live their life an time will tell if they were still together or not. RIDICULOUS!

  • My Side

    In my opinion, it’s unfair to lump everyone who does not like Jen together. Everyone has their own take on it and this is mine.

    I was a big fan of Jen all through her friends days. I thought she was funny and had impeccable comedic timing, she seemed sweet and very jovial and when she Married brad, it thought it was they were just the perfect couple. My friends and I eagerly awaited news of Jen being pregnant like she was one of us and to be honest; we actually did feel Jen was one of us. When the news of their separation came out, we were all shocked. We thought it was a joke, if ever there was a couple meant to be together, it was Brad and Jen. After we accepted the news of the separation, we hoped they just needed time to breath and they will get back together. Not long after, the Kenya pictures came out and it even fueled our anger. How can Brad leave sweet Jen for Angelina Jolie? It made no sense or so we thought. For months, we’d follow the tabloids and rage at Angelina but not Brad, we did that until Jen’s Vanity Fair interview. After reading that article, I was just a little turned off, not at Jen but her friends. I didn’t like the way the spoke about Brad, they made him sound like a total Jerk and for someone who went awww, when I heard that Brad had roses sent to her dressing room with the words I LOVE MY WIFE, I was a little upset. I still felt sorry for Jen and continued my support for her up until I realized she was using her divorce to promote the movies she had coming out. It was like a blindfold came off and I saw Jen was not the innocent woman that I thought she was. I started reading about Angelina and even though I wasn’t sure if I liked her or not, I admired her.

    Every where I turned people were calling Brad a cheat and a liar but it occurred to me that in all his dating years, he has never been accused of cheating. This man has had over twenty years dating and no one has ever accused him of cheating. What they do say instead, it that he is a one woman-man and we are suddenly supposed to believe he cheated? I think the cheating story was believable because the woman was Angelina Jolie. People thought no man would be able to resist her but that’s where you are wrong. He felt an attraction to her, this is a well known fact but he didn’t do anything and I believe this because of the kind of man he is. I know the kind of man he is from Jen and her friends, who never stop telling us that he is a wonderful man, a honest man and a caring husband (read all the interviews Jen gave when she was married). As this clicked in my head, I began to feel manipulated and I thought if I was going to pick a side, I’ll do it on my own, I won’t be manipulated. So I did and I picked Brad because he is being nothing but a gentleman (like Jen described so many times) through out this crazy time. What I do know, as a grown woman is that nobody just ups and leaves a good marriage. The two had problems in their marriage long before Angelina Jolie came along and to think otherwise is very childish. Stop projecting your insecurities here, take a step back and see this for what it really is. Two people got divorced and each is entitled to move on with their lives.

  • pat

    My Side -

    Excellent post.

  • Jeannified

    Touche, My Side!

  • Be sane

    24 | My Side

    What a sensible post. Bravo!

  • annie

    My Side, maybe you should start writing fiction’re talented but in my opinion you’re just an Angelina or Brad fan who tries to convince others that Aniston is bad. It ddidn’t work with me

  • My Side

    My post was never intended to potray anyone as bad. What will i gain by convincing you or anyone else to believe something different from what you do? I only posted because for the first time in months, a Jen thread is relatively quite. Stop seeing a battle where there isn’t any.

  • Regular Lurker

    Obviously you are not convinced by what My Side had said, because you prefer being irrational and being deceived. I would have expected that in this day in age, women like yourself should have been empowered from feeling a victim and believing that relationships are one sided. Sometimes things in life simply doesn’t work out regardless how much money or power you have. But then again, I must be mistaken, you’re one of those women who simply loves to blame others for anything that doesn’t work for you. Be counted and take responsibility! Unless you are only ten years old – then you are forgiven….Grow up!!!

  • Patti

    #31, I think you are being irrational. There is nothing wrong with supporting someone who has gone through a hard time. Sure, they must have had problems in their marriage, but it is not Jen’s fault alone, nor is it Brad’s. In my opinion, Brad could have waited until one door closed before opening another (getting AJ pregnant)and that is where he lost credibility with me. That, in my opinion, was in poor taste. I think we all, especially Jen, know that “things didn’t work out”, and I am certain that if something like this happens in your family, you will be there to support your friend/family member. Sure, these are new times, but you know what, that does not mean we(women) should just shrug it off if our husbands leave for another woman. In this day and age, we should be supportive of each other. Jen has moved on, thank God, she seems happy and I am happy for her. Brad and Angelina can do whatever they want in my book, my opinion of them will remain. I am not here for them, I am here for Jen.

  • Delish

    I picture her as being a very loyal friend. That kind that don’t mind when you call at 2 am when you’re feeling down.

  • Patti

    Oh, and Regular lurker, I think it is ridiculous that you think Annis is being irrational just because she hasn’t agreed with what someone has said. That is pathetic!

  • boy

    I like her so much…she is very pretty,funny and sweet…and she is happy with a few things..!!
    I like the couple of vince & jen and I hope one day the married and have beautiful childrens like angie & brad!

  • Anafaria

    her since her hubby, whats-his-name

    Patty, No matter how bad it ended, marry Brad Pitt was THE BEST thing that happened in Jennifer career. There is now away that she would had get all the attention, all those movie deals, all the public love if she wasn’t Mrs. Brad Pitt

    I am sorry, but anybody here has any idea about what Debra Messing, Patricia Heaton, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Jane Kaczmeire are all doing with their lives?
    NO, yeah I didn’t think so!

    You all may hate him, but BRAD PITT is one of Hollywood biggest movie star, a media sensation and it opened doors for Jennifer, that can not be denied!!! (serious do you think the media would give a damn if Angelina had got pregnant of Jonh Stamos?)

  • smozan

    Two people got divorced and each is entitled to move on with their lives.

    My Side, as a JA & AJ fan I totally appreciate your post (although I think Brad is a complete twit). People do tend to project a bit much when it comes to these threads and then get all bent out of shape when people disagree.

  • Excuse me

    Patti you think accusing someone of trying to change your feeling, is rational?

  • Regular Lurker

    I did not say to shrug it off when a separation happens to you or to anyone that you know. Of course, one is entitled to feel pain and even lament all the good things from that relationship. But to continue capitalizing the demise of that relationship is pathetic. A person who exploit her failed relationship deserves to be ridiculed. There are more important things in life to focus on, other than nurturing self-pity. Women like you are the reasons why men continue to think that women deserves to be abused. Get over it and move on…..

  • Patti

    Women like me?? I don’t think you are understanding what I am saying. Now, I am sorry, but if it were anyone other than Brad Pitt, you would not be saying this. You mean to tell me, that if your husband left you and another woman was involved, you would just talk about the good times you had together?? I don’t think so. And, I would even go so far as to saying that NOT MANY would have handled it as graciously as Jen Aniston did.

    People have different speeds as to which they overcome grief. And, yes, people grieve the loss of a marriage. I have not heard her say anything to make me think that she is still wallowing in pity. Actually, this blog is about her appearance on Oprah, and her first directorial debut. She has moved on, and seems pretty strong. So, how this kind of support gives a reason to think men can abuse women is beyond me. I think you need a time out, and read what is printed here.

  • Patti

    Excuse me…I don’t know what you are trying to say. Read #31, first line, and tell me what you think

  • Kelly

    My side – Get a life! You are way too wrapped up in their drama. And I’m sorry but, Jennifer is a class act and Brad needs some lessons. He left his wife for Angelina Jolie – plain and simple!

  • annie

    I don’t think it’s such a big deal saying somebody tried to convince me (and others) to change our feelings. People always do this. And some react and even change their opinions. I’m a jennifer Aniston fan , clearly I support her and I’m very proud of her because I imagine is very though to go through a divorce especially for a woman. I don’t blame Brad or Angelina or others for this divorce. I was their choice to go sepparate ways. But I only imagine how hard it was hor her to see him with another woman and having a kid even before the divorce was over. I don’t pity her just saying she passed thorugh a tough period a time. And also, I just hate how people treat this still like a triangle. Brad and Angelina fans should stick to their threads and Jen’s to theirs.

  • Regular Lurker

    It’s either you’re blind or just delusional. J. Aniston, has not moved on – look at how she is using her failed relationship in promoting her small project, whereas other actresses who have directed this kind of project before, did not have to go on national television to promote it….I do not know her and I don’t pretend to know what she’s going through, but it sounds like her fans like you, has not moved on……

    It’s laughable that the moment a divorce happens, another woman is always to be blamed for. That is just too easy for the ego to handle by blaming a third party, even though deep down the relationship cannot be salvage, especially when it was based on pretense and deception…

  • Joy

    The thing is Jennifer is so good on her passive-agressive way. What she says and her actions are two different story. All this time, she’s been begging the people to leave her alone and don’t make her the victime right. Okay…

    She recently starred in the movie about a break up wich co-incidentally she just had a divorce right? All this time Like I said, she wants you to leave her alone and stop making her the victim.

    Now, she has some kind of directorial debut with of course the help of her FRIENDS right…now she’s on Oprah to promote about that and co-incidentally the TBU DVD will release tomorrow. By the way, it’s just so happened that the small movie they’ve made is about a marriage again?

    I forgot to tell yah, she was also in Ophrah to clear some rumors going on and talking about her private life again, Remember now, she wanted people to leave her right.

    Did you did that when the first time Vince and Jennifer showed up in balcony canoodling that was just for nothing right? Yeah, they are not using each other for publicity stunt right?

    See, Jennifer is so good on using her friends to talked for her, even Courtney’s husband is speaking for her. Geez, can’t she stand on her own? Oh, I forgot she contacted People Mag. to dispell a rumor that she and Vince are not engage, but yet they are still on according to her.

    I’m really confused, are you?

  • tania

    My previous post was deleted, because I didn’t stage a love fest for Aniston. I didn’t say horrible, things, didn’t wish death and illness on her, like Anistonfans do with Brad and Angie and the kids, but it was deleted. Jared I’m disappointed. Whatever.
    I will repeat it:

    Reading this thread is the proof of the low intelligence level of Anistonfans. This is like grammar school. My 13 year old daughter is much smarter than Anistonfans. And Aniston herself.

    Now go ahead Jared, delete this post, you obviously think, that these dumb teens are not able to read the slightest criticism against their idol.

  • Mya

    It’s plain and simple. Jen made a decision and chose career over family. Brad wanted a family and now has what he wanted for a very long time.
    Do I feel sorry for Jen? No, she made her bed and now shares it with Vince. She has millions and millions of $$$. So why I ask, all the pity for Jen?
    I have taken Brad’s side as everthing he has spoken about; family and children. He decided that’s what he wanted and got it. I admire him for taking that chance and really living! Would you rather that he stayed in the marriage with Jen and begging her for a family??? It still would NOT happen as she has more movies that she will be putting out soon. No babies or family for her anytime soon. I think that if that was what Jen wanted ; career over family, then fine but stop blaming Brad for what went wrong with marriage.

  • Joy

    46 | tania

    Just a suggestion, next time when you are typing your comments or jogging it down…before you press the “Submit Comment” do save your work. It happens to me too sometimes and to some ladies here. How about refreshing the page you are on, on occasion it does take a little while for your comment to show up, A lot of traffic in this site, lot’s of people commenting at the same time and submitting their comments.

    Good Luck!

  • Jeanette

    Yeah that is a great post, however I dont understand why Brad has to be brought up every time Jennifers name is mentioned. Why cant we just have our opinions about Jennifer and not bring up the other party without someone running down someone????

    I dont buy the pubiclity angle on that. The publicity reguarding this is always negative towards her If she is clever as you are giving her credit for why would she intentionally call bad press on herself?? I dont think so.

  • Jeanette

    #50 I doubt public belief is part of the reason he is suing. Look at all the effort they put into shielding their lives? How long did people wonder are they or arent they? I think it has more to do with the they are making me out to be some cheating worm when all it was was a peck on a colleague’s cheek aspect that got him rightly pissed….

  • Patti

    You must have missed the Oprah show, because the message from the short film she did was not to dwell on the marriage, but on family. If you heard what the woman who the story was about said, she said that she was so caught up in her divorce and then witnessed what this couple was going through, and that it was when the woman called the son, and the whole family was there that she realized that the loss of the “couple” was not the important thing, but that the family was. Jen also said that “staying in the room” meant staying until there was closure if it didn’t happen to work out. And, TBU was not even mentioned. I think that some people are reading into all this and trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, so to speak. Jen did not make one mention of her marriage…not one. And, her few tears were for the beauty of the film, not anything else.

    Some people will try to make her out as the bad guy no matter what. Just the way that some will make Angelina out as the bad guy…when in actuality, it was Brad that left his marriage.

  • Patti

    jbl #50
    I agree with post 51. You are missing the point of the suit.