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Brad & Angelina: 'Go Goa!'

Brad & Angelina: 'Go Goa!'

Looks like the Jolie-Pitt family had a busy weekend!! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took a break this weekend and flew off to Goa, India with their three kids (Maddox and Zahara pictured above). One airport official spilled the beans: “Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, their three kids and three other people have travelled in our business jet on Friday. Our plane will definitely fly to Goa to bring them back.”

Here are some other details via MiD-Day: Gopal Kundu, duty officer from the Pune airport, confirmed that a Poonawala group owned business jet plane carrying Brangelina and kids took off from the Pune airport on Friday at 9 pm and came back at 11 pm. The plane landed at the Dabolim airport, the only airport in Goa, at 10 pm and took off immediately after the passengers alighted. Sources say that the couple might be partying at the Goa Marriott Resort.

An official in the corporate relations and aviation department of the Poonawala Group owned Serum Institute of India confirmed the Hollywood couple’s Goa trip. The Poonawala group even owns the 8-seater, PW-500 series engine-powered, Citation Excel business jet, with the call sign, VTCSP. Many thanks to Biana and BradFan!!

Be sure to check out more pictures in the gallery!

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  • Penny

    Love them. But deep inside me wants them to be back in the USA. It is getting too much with these paparazzis

  • deena

    I knew It thanx jj what a good thing for a monday morning!!!!

  • alicet

    Wow thank you jared. I have been waiting for a new thread.

  • deena

    Ahhhhhh! Penny you beat me! but I’ve never been so early on a thread, Oh oh, I can’t get on here it’s like the site has crashed or something. Maybe I spoke too soon about a good monday

  • Canadian Chick

    The paparrazzi is just as worse in the United States.

  • Sanda

    They are beautifull,beautifull,beautifull family. I simply adore them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nice

    wow nice to see them again but where is nouvel?i miss her so much.hope to see her soon..but not in crazy ways like in front of papz…

  • just me

    gorgeous as usual! its good to see them holding their kids! i wonder who’s holding the little one? cant seem to see the bub? thanks jj!

  • Penny

    Deena, I am sure “i think” will acuuse us being the same person again since we are posting seconds apart. Let her…I just want to try & get her pump up & get her agitated. I know I am being a sadist but I can’t help it especially from obnoxious people like “i think”.

  • Missouri Fan

    what a love family! THANK YOU LORD!



    Gone to work!! BYE all.

  • anustin

    morning all!

  • Becky

    Well I dont see shilo but theres hooly and mickey,They look awful rushed

  • Missouri Fan

    OPPS Should be ” LOVELY

  • deena

    maybe we’re on the same wave length, and you know what, I don’t even care. This troll’s main objective is to attack us then we can’t say what we want because we’re too busy answering them, it disrupts the thread. screw that. I never thought I’d wake up this morning gotta go to work.
    JJ you are the best. Penny take care.

  • tabitha

    I always enjoy seeing photos of them. It seems like the paparazzi is far worse here than in the USA /Europe for that matter. Though if there are no other photos of them from their weekend trip ,maybe it means the paps were only able to see them at the airport.

  • Marisleysis

    Does anyone remember the boots Angelina Jolie wore when she was being interviewed by Ann Curry in Namibia? The brown ones with the buckles? Has anyone seen any like that? It’s starting to get chilly here, (as chilly as it gets in L.A.) and I would love to have boots like that! I’ve checked a lot of websites, but still no luck. Please help, if you have any suggestions…
    Thanks, all.

  • +++

    The 3 kids are with them, then where is Shiloh ?
    God, I miss that baby.

  • Kat

    It sad that they probably have to plan their every move like a major security operation. I only hope they manage to support and sustain each other – it surely doesn’t look easy to live like that… Regardless of the number of nunnies and handlers you may have… Makes me respect them even more…


    …yeah and add to that jackoffs like DT talking trash.

  • bluemoon

    Good Morning. Is Holly wearing a chicago bears hat? lol brad looks annoyed. Looks like the razzis didn’t follow them to Goa, good for them.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Thank you Jared and Audrey! Great to see them. I don’t like the way they have to cover their children like that. Awful when they can’t even have some peace and quiet to relax with their family. I can’t believe the duty officer at the airport would confirm such things.

  • Kat

    I think nobody takes Donald Trump seriously – I mean cammon, the guy is a joke. He doesn’t even have as much money as he claims – that is why he wouldn’t disclose his net worth and he always disputes the numbers that come up for him in Fortune managize, etc. What a self-absorbed jurk… As long as everybody continues to ignore or ridicule him – let him talk about whoever he wants. I wouldn’t worry about that…

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new pics and thread, beautiful, oh I just love how Brad is holding Z, very protective such a good daddy

  • mustard gas

    great. now that we have more pictures of them the crazy fans can come and worship their saints. Its been a while. I cant wait for this pathetic comedy to begin.

  • Confidential

    Why is the airport official giving out sensitive info? It’s crazy, they need to keep their mouths zipped.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Brad looks really upset. Where is Shiloh? Must be with the nanny. Have we seen a picture of their nanny? If not, then let it be that way.


    Can these rags get any more ridiculous?


    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Redux: TomKat Wedding at Clooney’s?

    By Jill Atkins
    Oct 16, 2006

    Remember all of those reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be wed at George Clooney’s Italian Villa? The reports took on a life of their own and at one point Clooney revealed that he was set to spoof the paparazzi reportedly saying, “There was a story going around that Brad (and Angie were) going to get married at my house in Italy and it was sort of catching on.”

    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Redux: TomKat Wedding at Clooney’s?

    “So I called Brad up and I said we should sort of let it leak out and then hire a bunch of kids dressed up to pretend to be getting married on that day and let everybody rent helicopters and spend a fortune.”

    Is it now time for a Jolie-Pitt redux? A new report says that a TomKat wedding is now planned at the Villa.


    The UK Sun reports that Tom Cruise and the fabulous Katie Holmes™ are set to wed at George Clooney’s lakeside villa in Italy next month. The British tabloid claims Katie, 28, and Tom, 44, decided on Clooney’s luxury pad on the shore of Lake Como after a holiday there last weekend.

    The wedding is rumored to be set for November 23 and will be attended by dozens of stars.


    The Daily Mail provides even more detail claiming that the civil wedding ceremony will reportedly take place at Villa Oleandra and be performed by the local mayor. But the mayor, nor any other local officials, were available for comment.

    The Mail reports that last week Katie was spotted in Como after flying in from Paris where she was said to have chosen a Karl Lagerfeld wedding dress.

    Yesterday a source in Como quoted in the Italian media said: “The wedding is scheduled for mid November. Kate had looked at various hotels but the venue is set to be George Clooney’s villa.”


    The report also claims that Tom and Katie bought a neighboring villa off Clooney for $6.5 million US and will spend time there with six-month-old daughter Suri.

    Will Clooney again try to fool the media? And if the report plays out will Jolie and Pitt attend?


  • melanie

    24 – I would respectfully recomend you go to and their you will be able to spout death threads, wish harm on children and just talk complete utter lies and hatred all day long. I would call female first pathetic but not a comedy.

  • ppa

    It’s good to find a sane one among this lunny’s! Hello Mustard Gas!

  • Kat

    Mustard gas – it seems to me crazier to go and post on forums when you are not even a fan. I mean – don’t you have anything better to do with your time or perhaps you actually enjoy “this patethic comedy” but woudn’t admit it? Hmmmm… Otherwise you are the pathetic one… participating in forums discussing people you don’t even like…

  • ntt

    BP looks so protective of his family. Angie and the kids are lucky.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    ~I wish them well. They go through so much and all people can do is put them down and wish them ill will. Brad holds onto Zee,and Zee holds onto Brad as if she know that he is going to protect her. I wish them peace and safety.

  • Peaches

    Brad looks really upset. I’m thinking it is “Z” response to the photogs that might be upsetting him. She doesn’t seem to like the photogs and panics when they are around.

  • salome

    yeah! some new pics from our lovely family! BAMZS ROCKS!

  • heather

    Funny how they are always seen in public with Maddox and Zahara, and yet they are never seen in public with biological child, Shiloh.

  • Frenchy

    The pics seemed so rushed. What is it with people “spilling the beans” over there? I doubt they were “partying” at the Mariott. These are two parents who may go to a private party given by an industry person or an art gallery opening, things like that. . They don’t “party” like Paris Hilton. And don’t you love all the details about aircraft company. Talk about publicity ho’s… Yuck! Don’t worry BAMZS fans were halfway through the month. Brad & Angelina being the people they are, I’m sure will have nothing but gracious & kind words for all at the end of the trip.

    I love how people say they miss Shiloh like they know her or they have seen her so mnay times in the past.

    Thank JJ. Have a good day everyone.

  • yep

    I’m sure Shiloh was being held by the nanny. She is not recognizable so could walk freely holding Her.

  • Kat

    Hello ppa

    Similarly to mustard/retard gas you seem lunnier as you are spending time posting on forum about people you don’t like. What a sad little life you must be leaving… trying to provoke people into arguments to seek attention and make you feel important?

  • anustin

    #27 cliniqua lolz too!

  • justme

    Funny how they are always seen in public with Maddox and Zahara, and yet they are never seen in public with biological child, Shiloh.

    35 | heather | 10/16/06 9:18 AM | Flag Comment

    She’s yoo young to be in the middle of all that ****. I love seeing pictures of the kids but in such a crazy atmosphere as there is in India, I wouldn’t mind if someone else took the kids places inconspicuously.

  • ’nuff said

    Heather what is funny is your stupidity. Shiloh = Baby
    Mad and Zee = 5 yrs old and Toddler.
    Get it now?

  • Mustard gas is an ASS

    And you can spew your vile hatred again, which you are filled with because you’re FAT, UGLY & your life is empty. Drop dead.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    I’m having trouble with the site today. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • melanie

    43 – No I am having some trouble with the site as well.

  • julia
  • Peaches

    Hether #35,

    I wouldn’t have a baby that small involved in that type of media circus either. Shilo was in the New Orleans pictures, which were not mass confusion. “Z” is almost 2 and she is afraid of all the photogs I certainly wouldn’t bring a 6 month old baby into the situation they face almost everytime they go out. I think they are doing the right thing by only bring Shilo out in more calm controlled situations.

  • stardust

    I rather not see pics of them so they can atleast get some peace. Brad looks mad and very protective of Zahara in these pics.

    In India, you just have to slip someone some money and they spill every detail…infact at the airport…the people who take care of your luggage expect a “tip” and if you don’t pay up, then wave bye bye to your luggage and don’t ever expect it getting where its supposed to be. Everything is based on a system of tips. Even the college you send your kid to expects a “donation”..I call it a bribe but of course that wouldn’t be shocking to say that colleges except bribes..but they do.

    Everyone basically expects a bribe or tip..that’s probably why these “officials” and the airport workers had no problems in spilling the details.

    Geez I sound cynical about my country but that shonestly how it works, unfortuanately.

  • bluemoon

    I’m having trouble too.

    Yuck! Don’t worry BAMZS fans were halfway through the month
    I just want a week free of incidents. They have been in so many places in the last 18 months and India is the worst.

  • Alexanderina

    45 | julia | – Thanks Julia, I will check them out

  • stardust

    meant to say it would be shocking