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Lindsay & Rumer: FIRST KISS!

Lindsay & Rumer: FIRST KISS!

Bad breath buddies Lindsay Lohan and Rumer Willis shared a big wet one at the 21st Annual American Cinematheque Award event, which honored George Clooney this past Saturday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. (If you missed it, this is why Lindsay and Rumer have bad breath.) More pictures in the gallery!

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lindsay rumer kissing 01
lindsay rumer kissing 02
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lindsay rumer kissing 04
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  • Dancer

    Has anyone else noticed that Lindsay Lohan’s head is huge in comparison with her body? Or is it the photos?

  • smozan

    Lindsay – lay off the bronzer!

  • whatever

    She looks horrible for how young she is. Man, when she turns 25 she will look 40 or something. Her life has become pretty unfortunate…except for all the money of course.

  • Lisa

    I’m sooo tired of Lindsay Lohan and seeing photos of her partying and doing meaningless stuff. Can’t she find something better to do? Does she choose friends who aren’t as skinny as her or think they are not good looking to make herself feel better?

  • Beth

    I just feel bad for Rumer’s parents. I wonder if Bruce told her to stay away from the trouble maker……….. The girl is only 18 she still has a chance

  • WTF

    Please Bruce “dated” Hohan, he’s probably encouraging this mess.

    They both look like crap.

  • crusty

    you can tell lindsay is a fucking drunk why is her face so big for someone who is that skinny, she shouldn’t look that fucking bloated.

  • dave

    they look like a pair of bobble heads

  • jess

    wow that rumer is hideoussssssss. Blech. She makes lindsay look good, which is quite a feat. Goddamn! she’s been beaten with the ugly stick repeatedly.

  • Sandbitch

    Rumer has a jaw like Roger Ramjet.

  • giedre

    I wonder why Rumer never smiles?She never shows her teeth.Never.

  • Beth

    Please Bruce “dated” Hohan, he’s probably encouraging this mess.

    6 | WTF

    Oh, I didn’t know that……… my face red :/

  • kat

    Lindsay is going to destroy this girl. hanging out with lindsay never come out good, she’ll corrupt her.

  • hahjsajh


  • Nicole

    Rumer looks like natalie portman with a man jaw/chin.

  • Kelly

    Rumer looks just like Demi before all her plastic surgery. F’ing chin is a mile long. FUGLY!

  • miamimi


  • Shiny

    WTF is right! Li-Lo looks hideous. Uh, Hohan…its not halloween yet; stop trying to scare all the little kiddies! And Rumer? Please girl. There are bigger and brighter stars who you can “smoke” with. Get away from Skanky LOWhan before you ruin your life like she has!!! UGH! Silly, ignorant children with WAY TOO F***in much $$. Its so pathetic!

  • Zap

    When I saw Rumer in Striptease, I thought that she was one ugly girl but had a chance to grow up and maybe look better. Nope. She is now hideous.

  • observer

    yep rumer is hideous. if she changes her hair or smething… i dnot know. her chin is even bigger than jennifer aniston’s… so unfortunate looking. yes she needs a different hair style for sure!!!

  • arielle

    NONE of Bruce and Demi’s girls’ are attractive at all,

  • annin

    Why were they at George Clooney’s event? Do they even know the guy? Why would GC, associate w/ trash like Lohan?
    GC= talented, and humble actor
    LL and Rumor= ??????

  • annoyed

    Lindsay Lohan actually is very pretty compared to other young stars. She also has a great fashion sense, thanks to Rachel Zoe. I agree she’s a party girl and careless, but I don’t think…, er…, I have nothing against anyone, but everyone seems so harsh about Bruce Willis’ daughters. Looks aren’t everything. I feel sorry for them, really. Having Ashton as their stepdad won’t be easy.

  • mighty

    I hope Rumer turn out okay, but i doubt it begin with holan. I hope rumer still got a chance. Bruce and Demi help your daughter.

  • Renee

    you know rumer’s parents have enough cash to fix her chin, teeth, jaw, and hair. she should be locked in her room instead of prancing around smoking cigarettes. College, anyone? No, that would require study time which might eat into party and shopping time.

  • eli

    they are so ugly!!!!!

  • Delish

    Poor Rumer. She is one homely child.

  • Delish

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to have one’s chin reduced? I’ve never heard of such a surgery but Rumer could greatly benefit if it exists.

  • Adele

    Lohan’s head is so large because that is one of the unfortunate side-effects of bulimia. Ask any dietician.

    When you puke, the fluid in your body congregates in your head, especially when you are chronically doing it everyday. That’s why you have the puffy face skinny body syndrome.

    As for Rumer, I just feel sorry for her…Her Mom was gorgeous when she was young but it looks like she has taken after her Dad. I’m sure there is some chin surgery you can get done to re-balance her face. Talk about baptism by fire from the press though.

    This always cracks me up about gorgeous women/actresses/models marrying ugly men. Has anyone seen Billy Joel and Christy Brinkleys child? Or can you imagine if Jennifer Lopez and her husband have kids??? Whoa! They’re going to be ugly…At least Madonna did it right, sat back in Central Park and picked up a hot guy jogging and had his baby. You have to make sure you get good sperm!!

  • Jessica

    Lindsay’s gained some needed weight, “crusty”. I think Lindsay looks good. True that she needs to umm… wipe some of that bronzer off of her face. Rumer’s kind of pretty… sort of… eh..

  • Larry

    damn those willis girls are ALL fugs.

  • Sarah

    Wow. Does anyone else think Lindsay looks like an oompa loompa in the second picture? I think oompa loompas are better looking than her, though.