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Baby Zahara's First Rickshaw Ride

Baby Zahara's First Rickshaw Ride

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their children Maddox and Zahara for a rickshaw ride in Pune, India. This is Maddox‘s second rickshaw ride with his parents (first one here). Baby Shiloh sat both of these rickshaw rides out… Brad swats away the paparazzi on this rickshaw ride…

UPDATE :: More pictures in the gallery including more of Brad, Angie, Maddox, and Zahara from Goa Airport this past Saturday. More pictures can be found here.

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brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 01
brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 02
brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 03
brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 04
brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 05
brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 06
brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 07
brad angie maddox zahara rickshaw ride 08

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  • duda

    am I first for the first time????

  • http:/// chrissi

    i love this family

  • b

    hey i thought there were more pics? but thanks anyway! luv them!

  • sultrydame

    How adorable that Zahara’s included this time… but I’m kinda surprised that they went for it even thought they would have expected other paparazzi snapping photos of them again.. hmm…

  • jenpo

    so cute!!!!!!!!! i hope they are better protected this time around…

  • MMz

    I LOVE this place thanx JJ

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared

  • Estelle

    JJ YOU DID IT…..I KNEW IT….Thank you so much for the new thread. What a lovely picture of this famile.

  • raqchel

    Well let the who thigh is brad holding debate begin again. Heres to hoping this thread doesnt go down hill.

  • angelah

    Thanks j@red for the new pic and thread! Hopefully that ride wasn’t crazy as before. Aww Zee.

  • meadow

    i want more dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MMz

    4 | sultrydame

    I guess it’s like living in a royal family. It’s inevetable so they may as well get her used to it in small doses. Besisides, it’s nice to see her somewhere else than getting rushed through airports and such.

  • I want to see the rest of the pics

    that is sweet.

  • mona

    Zahara looks adorable.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new pic and thread, but I can’t see the picture on the thread, what bummer, I guess I just have to wait until I get home, but that is wonderful that Z gets to on her first Rickshaw ride

  • kiki

    Thank you Jared for the new pic! Imo this rickshaw drive must be really entertaining and not that chaotic, as we’ve thought. Otherwise why would they venture out the third time, especially with Z? Perhaps we see danger where there is none in reality.

    I’ve broguht my last comment from the old thread, as it is a reply to MMZ’s post:

    So that comment was really on Oprah, oh, and not posted by you. Hmmm. How interesting.
    All I can say, that Oprah can come here, and she will see that most of the time we have intelligent discussions. The thread degenerates only when Xfans come here with their death wishes. It’s all documented here, so I think, it would be really useful for Oprah to come here, and study the dumb and evil posts of haters, wishing illness and death On Brad, Angie and the kids. All of these death wishes are the accomplishment of Aniston’s VF interview.
    And Oprah has the means to investigate how many of us post here. Certainly not one person under different names (we all know this for sure), this is the tactic of Xfans. They accuse us of doing something they tend to do. Typical behaviour of the X if you ask me.

    So MMZ, I hope you find my answer satisfying lol.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    460 | QQQQ
    Thank you for the new thread alert. Thank you Jared and Audrey. Let’s hope there’s more pictures. The kids seems to be looking at something interesting.

  • julia

    15 | Alexanderina

    I can’t see it either Alex. :(

  • MMz

    16 | kiki |

    Yes, I do, sorry about my flare up.

  • Lynn Campbell

    Thanks Jared. Maddox and Zahara are such cute kids. How lucky they are to have these two for parents!

  • Estelle

    Why can ‘t you see it Alex? that is strange.
    I will try something.

  • dragonfly

    Well let the who thigh is brad holding debate begin again. Heres to hoping this thread doesnt go down hill.

    9 | raqchel |
    Hey, wait a gosh darn minute here…. Brad’s touching his *own* thing this time! YaaaaY! LMAO!

  • dragonfly

    OMG, I meant to say his own THIGH, I promise, I swear, LOL, that what I meant to say!!

    Please excuse my Freudian slip….I’m sooo embarassed, yet I readily admit I would certainly look if Brad were indeed holding his own thing….. That’s what I get for posting on a class break! Gotta Go!

  • Ava Verhaal

    Oh… Z. is Brad little girl… They’ re always together…

  • ntt

    Madd is so cute. I can’t see Z too well. The last rideprobably wasn’t as bad as it looked, otherwise they wouldn’t go for another one. I want to try a rickshaw ride too.

  • guli

    Ohhh!!!! Jared and Audrey many thanks…. Z is getting so big and she is adorable. Well in 10 days Miss Shiloh turns five months old. Can’t wait to see that gorgeous baby in pics again ;-)

  • Estelle

    23 | dragonfly -yeah yeah yeah…. ;)

  • noni

    Thx JJ for the pics, love that baby Z is going for a rickshaw ride with the family. she’s so cute :)

  • Amaya

    I hope you’re all doing well. Lovely pictures and Z is getting big. It’s always great to see them becuase I’m reminded of how open their hearts are.

    A couple of years, I used to be friends with someone that I shouldn’t have. She was nice but it wasn’t enough cancel out the bad in her. I remember say that she would never date a man that wasn’t white (she’s white) nor would she adopt a child of color. The reason why and this is an exact quote, “I want my kids to look like me.” I found that quite shallow and I still do. Both my parents are Cambodian and my sisters and I look nothing like them lol We really don’t.

    So, I just don’t think that the way your child looks shouldn’t matter just like whether they’re adopted or not. To me there is no difference between a child coming a his/her mother’s womb into her arms or to to another person’s heart and home. I’m sorry if I sound strange or preachy.

  • Amaya

    #29 *because

  • Frank

    Brads little baby

  • PatheticFans


    “Heres to hoping this thread doesnt go down hill. ”

    What do you mean by that? Think you should pay more attention to expressing yourself than worrying about how others express themselves.

  • Pol

    Lovely pic of the four together! Now, if we only could see little Shiloh! Thanks J.

  • priya

    as much as i like looking at brangelina + family pics i feel they should be left alone sometimes

  • Tijen

    Thanks Jared. Very nice pics indeed.
    Simply love those kids. Shiloh must be adorable around five months now. I just love babies from five months to twelve months of age.

  • kmillz

    Aww que lindo

  • bdj

    Thanks Just jared for the new thread. It is good to see B and A not sheltering their children but at the same time protecting them. You can tell that they care and love all 3 children.
    #29 Amaya, I really liked your post. It was very thoughtful and insightful. Thanks again, Just Jared.



    Madonna’s motives have been questioned, as commentators wonder whether the 48-year-old is imitating other “A”-list stars.

    Jolie has adopted children from overseas and Africa has become a major draw for celebrity campaigners including Gwyneth Paltrow and U2′s Bono.

    “I think in her mind she thinks she’s doing the right thing and putting her money where her mouth is,” said Michael Musto, a celebrity columnist for the Village Voice in New York.

    “But I think the cynicism is coming from the fact that this looks like a copycat of Angelina’s actions and Madonna seems to view an African orphan as the latest hot accessory.”

    Another raw nerve exposed by the adoption story has been what outsiders view as the special treatment given to Madonna because of her wealth, fame and power.

    Malawian law bans adoptions by non-residents, but officials are granting an exemption to Madonna.

    “The rich shouldn’t get preferential treatment. I am fine with the idea of the adoption but I want people to go through the system,” said Emmie Chanika, director of the Civil Liberties Committee.


    Poor madonna. I’m starting to feel bad for her – as people everywhere are questioning her motives.

    I think she would have gotten less backlash if the child had been orphaned.

    This boy’s father is alive, and is speaking to the press (he’s happy that his son is being adopted by Madonna – but why wouldn’t he be? He himself put him in the orphanage.) Some are saying why take this boy away from his father and his culture – why not just give the Dad the money to raise him.

    They should have done a bit more research, maybe waited a little longer.

  • Alexanderina

    Now, I am see the pictures, well except for the first first one., but that is okay Beautiful pictures, thanks Jared for adding more pics. Z is so adorable

  • fiona

    Thanks JJ, there seems to be one or two shots only, it seems that they were able to escape the paps again, and I think only one or two of them were able to take pics.

    Im wondering again, with the new pics at Goa airport, if they actually brought Shiloh with them. I dont see their nanny with them nor any other person with a baby and not a sight of a stroller. They must have left her at the hotel, but its also unlikely. I mean how did they hide her? They must have found a clever way to do it. I think thats why Brad seems to be always on the lookout for paps.

  • raqchel

    32 | PatheticFans

    Thank you for taking the time out to worry about how im expressing myself, I really appreciate your concern. So to break it down to you as if you are five what im trying to say is I hope this board does not become another one where every one is fighting back and forth about the same thing. Okay do I need to break it down again for you or are you straight?

  • Alexanderina

    I meant “can” not ‘am”

  • Alexanderina

    18 | julia | – Hiya Julia, can you see the pics now? I hope so, they are beautiful

  • ntt

    Regarding Madonna’s adopted kid, it’s easy for people to criticize her, but they forget that some men just don’t want to bothered by a young kid. In their mind, the kid hinders their chance to find a new mate.


    I have a serious problem with someone adopting a kid who has a parent and who has the means to assist that parent in raising that kid. The best interest of the child is not what Madonna has in mind. I hope Lourdes divorces Madonna as a parent one day!

  • Madison

    Rosie talked about Madonna’s adoption on The View and since they’re friends, I trust her as a reliable source. According to her, there is no “waiting list” for adoptions in Malawi unlike China. So, the reports that Madonna “cut in line” are wrong. And Rosie also said, that Madonna didn’t decide on a whim to just adopt him when she got there. She and her family had decided to welcome another child into their lives and home months before. When the father put him up for adoption it wasn’t “temporary” he did so because he just couldn’t provide for him and legally, he did sign away his rights as his father. I’m just relying what Rosie said.


    Speaking of Adoption-Z was brought home in July 2005 right? I am wondering how long the process took-

  • guli

    35 | Tijen | ITA I love that age and I keep on comparing my neighbours daughter to Shiloh, she is about 3 weeks older, but since their house is right next door I have seen her growing up, she is now teething big time and babbeling like crazy and we all try to figure out what she is saying and she started solids, so pretty soon Shiloh will be in the “da da da ” stage of course that always comes first before the “ma ma ma” stage :lol:


    Way to go Rosie – sticking up for Madge! She’s a great friend, and I know Madonna appreciates that she’s on TV and has that kind of forum, so she can end speculation that isn’t true.

  • Alexanderina

    21 | Estelle | – Hey Estelle, I don’t know I used to be able to see the very first picture when Jared post it, but sometimes last week, I can only see the ones in the gallery, but when I get home I can see them all, very strange