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Brooklyn Will Give You A Beatdown

Brooklyn Will Give You A Beatdown

Victoria Beckham (love the coat, love the heels) and son Brooklyn were spotted leaving London, UK via Heathrow airport yesterday evening. Mrs. Becks, 32, and Brooklyn, 7, held hands throughout. Paparazzi better watch their backs. Looks like Brooklyn‘s going to dropkick them! More pictures in the gallery…

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  • Katie

    First? Brooklyn is so cute!

  • calligenia

    Brooklyn looks like his mother..a cute boy but will not be as handsome as his father..!

  • sel

    yeah he is so cute..I don’t see his gorgeous daddy on him but he is cute..! I love Victoria’ coat !so stylish


    Those shoes are slammin’!

    That is all.

  • edfa

    want those shoes!

  • kk

    So Cute~~~

  • Gussie

    Killing shoes…

  • Arsenal Fan

    How many people go shopping in heels??!!

  • nik

    seriously do u not see David in him… hes more like him more handsome like his dad.. romeo is girly like her!

  • Dali

    I think Victoria is a bi**ch. But still she bare lovely children and care
    them, and this boy loves his mommy. This is sweet to see.

  • aquagirldori

    Why does this woman always have to look like she’s walking the
    runway? Who goes to an airport to fly 11 hours looking like that?
    Theres nothing relaxed or natural looking about this anorexic woman.
    She makes me ill.

  • rachel

    stunning killer heels!

  • Missy

    Brooklyn is the spitting image of his daddy! Romeo is the one who looks like his ugly mama. No word on Cruz yet…?

  • Toby

    Someone in a message above asks why Victoria always looks dressed up. Why shouldn’t she? She looks great and she loves nice clothes. The paparazzi are always there. I know I’d rather look nice. Whining message board pundits would moan if she looked shabby.

  • Bo-Jangles

    No wonder the child’s so miserable with a po-faced mother like that. What a waste of good oxygen she is.

  • squid

    aw he’s growing up fast! i think the kids are all cute, good mix of both parents. love the Beckhams!

  • stephanie

    #14 your an idiot. NO ONE FLIES 11 HOURS DRESSED LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUmb*ss

  • Mariah

    For the record, I am not a VB or even a DB fan– they both are so irritating to me, especially VB who comes across as such a b****! Anyway, I think that Brooklyn is a cutie and he looks more like DB to me… the middle one- Romeo (what a god-awful name!) looks exactly like his sour-puss mother… haven’t seen the youngest one in ages– anyone know if he is allowed out during the day? Anyway– that’s my opinion…

  • Mediterranean

    How does she go to bed? She does look unnatural to me.

    Her son doesn’t look like David.

  • bluemoo

    that kid is adorable, looks like he could give a good beat down if need be

    even if the mom is all decked out and she looks nice at least the kid is dressed in regular comfortable kid clothes

  • ally

    Brooklyn looks like so much his super good looking dad to me! and Victoria looks nice as usual. but yes no one dressed like that for long time fly. its soooooo unconfortble even sit on first class seat. and she wears make up for long time fly! its really bad for her skin! wait! does she wear her make up only for papas???

  • Janey

    For those of you that are less traveled, when you are on a long flt
    you change into comfy clothes on board the aircraft.

    Slam her all you want. At least she takes her kids out in public,
    UNLIKE her new BFF, Katie holmes, who has NEVER been seen
    with her daughter.

  • Mariah

    Janey: that’s when she is even with her kids– which doesn’t seem like it is that often!

  • moreno

    ooh why do people aslways got to say things like that about VB?why?she’s beautiful,a very fashon style icon, and she’s not bad as people describe her!…tryna see through whatcha see!
    anyway Romeo is a very goodITALIAN name, my Italy! ;)

  • Jessica

    I love Victoria. Her interviews make her seem so modest. I feel bad for her since she thinks she looks like crap compared to her dashing husband. I just love herrr.

  • nik

    she is nice i think but a mean the way she has to look fantastic all the time is a bit much just to take the kids out she has 2 b dun up 2 the nines! i think she has a bit of a complex…like in every interview she is always slateing the way she looks she has very low self esteem obv, but yeah Brooklyn is the most handsome cause he looks mostly like his dad and romeo has a girly tendency hes is the spitting image of victoria with lighter hair and i;ll bet he will b a pretty boy wen hes older… whereas brookly is a boy boy lol the only thing i knw about cruz is that he has dark hair like Victoria! sumtimes i wonder about david tho… his affair and all that and all the speculation about him and other girls… anyways he is still good lookn but then he opens that mouth lol xx

  • lulu

    1.Maybe she’s not seen “often” with her kids because they go to school, unlike the jolie pitt kids.
    2.The 3 beckhams little boys look like David.
    3.Why don’t you leave th woman alone , do people ask you everyday why you wear what you wear?
    I don’t think so , so let her wear what she wants to wear if she likes it.
    And 4.For all of you who call her anorexic and say how ugly she looks … I saw her in flesh , and she looks healthy , not super thin , and she’s one of the nicest person you could ever met.

  • Lalagirl

    Nice pics !!
    But wait, why is everyone going on about 11 hrs of flying ? It doesn’t even say where they are going .. does it ?

  • Vanessa

    I love Victoria. I think she’s beautiful and a great dresser and she looks like a wonderful mum. Her and David seem like very pleasant people and all their children are beautiful. Although I can’t decide who they look more like?

  • shimika

    I thought VB and her husband were irritating b/c of all of her dang pictures but then i saw them on Ali G show on Youtube and they were really fun. Well, Vic talked most of the time anyway, and yeah, she is nice.

  • Crystal

    Brooklyn resembles David. Romeo and Cruz are the spitting image of Victoria. They’re all pretty kids. They have pretty parents.

  • ella

    cruz the baby looks like brooklyn and romeo all the names ! Victoria looks awesome for having 3 kids !

  • Luciana

    Well… I like her, but Victoria really looks kind of anorexic. And sometimes she is so superficial… It was ridiculous that thing a week ago, about Katie Holmes teaching her how to have a daughter by surrounding the house with feminine things. C’mon, Victoria needs some biology classes!
    haha, I loved Lulu’s comment, “Maybe she’s not seen “often” with her kids because they go to school, unlike the jolie pitt kids.” I agree. And the children’s names are really great.

  • Melissa

    he looks like right tug! he should move to america and start his own gang!

  • sayanything

    VB is probably very insecure about her appearance. She has always had a bad complexion – why she wears that horrible tan. She seems to be overly self-conscious of her appearance. I think she was much more attractive when she was younger and didn’t try so hard (also didn’t seem to tan as much.) Much too fake for my taste.

  • jenna

    Brooklyn looks so much like Victoria! The older he gets, the more he resembles her. Even the facial expressions, everything, is so like Victoria. Oh and btw, her shoes are amazing! But the rest of her outfit isn’t great, just black. Everything in black, from head to toes and even her fingernails, like she’s some goth or something. Good to see that the kid has normal clothes on.

  • Beth

    For those that have flown first-class….there is a requirement for clothing….you can not board first class in jeans and a t-shirt….

  • rebecca

    Who would be smiling with agressive paparazzi taking photos of your baby? I would be furious if someone took a photo of my children without asking. And as for the criticism of her fashion sense, are you the same people who gripe about celebs looking dowdy and slovenly? Face it, she can’t win wither way. I am not a particular fan but put yourself in her shoes and think how you would feel if a whole group of men were taking photos of you and your child in a public place without asking. It’s not like she’s at a premiere or something, they’re at the airport for goodness sake, she can hardly avoid going out in public!

  • d-beck

    that is the REAL victoria beckham that some of u haters don’t know but yet u just love to criticize her..
    get a life losers..
    Vicky rocks!!