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Jennifer Aniston @ Reel Moments

Jennifer Aniston @ Reel Moments

Looks like director/actress Jennifer Aniston had something to smile about! Jen, 37, walked the red carpet at last night’s “Glamour Reel Moments,” a series of short films written and directed by women in Hollywood, at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, California. Interesting choice of floaty tops and very interesting choice of color on those wide-leg pants. Slate blue? I like the shirt’s neckline but a fitted top might have been a better choice… or maybe she could have tucked it in. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • crapy

    I think that outfit looks great…I want one…lol.

  • Mike

    Wow, Jen looks very cute and pretty. I agree with Jared about the interesting color of her pant. It’s nice though.

  • laura

    She looks cute. She looked really good on Oprah thanks to that pink and white makeup they used on her.
    But, does anyone else get this urge to want to go up to her and brush her hair out of her face! I dont know why but just looking at these pics, I really want to do something with that hair hanging in her face all the time.

  • Ally

    the hair is to hide and soften her wide protruding bottom jaw. i agree that she’s wayyyyyy too tan. i like her outfit, too.

  • annie

    she’s very pretty. and I loooooooooooove the outfit

  • lily

    Well, she looks cute but she looked better on Oprah, some of it is probably makeup but how do they make her chin smaller on tv? in candid photos it is huge.

  • justthefacts

    There are hits and miss, this is a miss. It is much to casual something you would wear to the grocery store, not enough structure. Its all around a bad fashion choice. I think her hair looks unkempt and not pretty at all.

  • mickey

    She looks like Sarah Jessica Parker in these photos.

  • jq

    Make up really do magic. she’s better in Oprah. nose and chin are not much prominent. She look like SJP here.

  • Avril

    She looks like Avril lavigne

  • Jen wears gay pants

    So Jen directed a very short film, all that make-up and messy hair can’t change the fact Jen is wearing pants like a MAN. soon she’ll be coming out of the closet.

  • Orangey

    why does she look Orange ?

    Something doesn’t look right with the first few pictures , her jawline looked overstretched with something stuff inside it ? Was that due to the jawline plastic surgery she did ?

    Her makeup appear blotchy and patchy. too pinky and orangey . make her look strange .

  • MOI

    She should do something with her hair already, it’s always hanging in her freaking face! And what’s with that 2nd picture? She not only tries to hide her chin with her hair, but also her nose with waaay too much makeup shadowing! That 2nd picture is too strange, kinda cartoonish in my humble opinion!


    Sorry, no matter what she wears – it doesn’t change the Ted Nugent face.

    That is all.

  • tootsie

    Oh great, some picture really look like Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie” some said she look like Lance Amrstong, but I still stick to Dustin


    the hair is to hide and soften her wide protruding bottom jaw. i agree that she’s wayyyyyy too tan. i like her outfit, too.

    5 | Ally

    …and her crow’s feet. It’s an old Goldie Hawn trick from way back. When you only let a narrow landing strip portion of your face come through your 3/4 closed curtain of hair – why even have a face? Why be an actress? Hair in face not only equals afghan dog, it equals insecurity thy name is Aniston…..the smiles hide nothing — we can all see the terror and fear and low self-esteem….questions going on behind the smile? Dear God, what will Janice Min do next???? ….please don’t ask me about Shiloh…PLEASE do NOT ask me about Shiloh…

  • JJgirl

    lol her chin o_O


    may God help you guys and make you realise that you have no damn right to criticise anyone jen is a beautiful girl and that is the reality it is not p to you or i it is a fact and to God do i hopre you guys get a life and just get on with it already i am happy for her and God do i wish her the best . Thats all guys it is not worth it countering what you all have saaid it is is just a drag and it really does not change anything does it tomorrow will come and we will still be on the same page

  • ArabianFab

    she looks beautiful there.

  • anon

    Vince suing the tabloids is because of the tabloids effecting potential DVD sales. Why would he care otherwise ? It’s a fake relationship that is about money and Vince is the producer who will get a lot more money of the DVD sells well. I mean, would you date this:

  • Dalia

    I start to think Jen is lesbo with Oprah.
    Jen and Oprah love to spent a night together. Jens face and body
    looks manly. She wear pants manly. She tans like a beach boy.
    Only that blue contact lenses are feminine.

  • Question

    What is UP with that NASTY nail on her left index finger? I’ve noticed this before. It’s like she has a raging infection. That thing is nasty. It’s all yellow and funky

  • lv

    i think she looks very fragile and feminine in this outfit. very understated.

  • Confidence is Key

    I am so angry because I like Jen and I HATE that she always looks uncomfortable in her picture. Jesus Jen, you own the place, you have a right to be there, so walk in like the princess you are. She always like she’s about to bolt……aghhhhhhh! I wish I can explain myself better but something about the way she looks in her pictures get to me. The little girl lost poses does not cut it for me, maybe it’s because we are the same aga and I know if I was in her shoes I’ll confidently walk anywhere, I’ll have an attitude that says I have paid my dues and I deserve what I have, y’all can just bite me. If Paris Hilton, the air and space waster who has done nothing to be proud of, can boldly go places then Jen shouldn’t have a problem. I believe the reason why people pick on her is because she projects a very insecure attitude. Look at ScarJo, that girl is something, it’s like she’ll drop kick you a** if you dare say one word about her. That’s confidence. Jen looks like she’s gona go cry in a corner if you look at her the wrong way. I wish she was someone close to me, I’ll seat her down and tell her – Jen forget all that crap your mother told you when you were growing up. You are beautiful and you have money and fame, something you worked hard for. Stop behaving like it’s undeserved. That’s it.

  • wes

    she is gorgeous. the healthy lifestyle and yoga is keeping her in good shape

  • der

    Jen is amazing. the yoga and healthy diet really make her maintain health

  • Mickey
  • mike


  • bla

    Vince based the DVD around a fake relationship with Aniston and he reckons that negative publicity, like them “breaking up” in the tabloids, would reduce projected profits. Vince is the producer on this. that is why he cares. In reality he DID kiss that woman. He only kissed Aniston with a closed mouth, so question, why does he care ? Answer: DVD SALES AND PROFIT

  • Negative

    In her ophrah interview, she once again complained and whined, im not sure if really she is happy, she dwells on negtivity. And always blames other people/parties for her miseries.

    Compared to brad, in his recent interviews, he only talks positively. No complains, you can tell there’s real happiness.

  • shazzaa

    Please please just go away. You are sooooo yesterday!

  • dvd

    if Oprah asked her : “so, are you and Vince dating?” she would say “NO”. If Oprah asked her, “so, have you and Vince broken up?” she would say “NO”. It’s a game.

  • annie

    are you deaf or bline?i heaven’t heard a complain or negative thing in this Oprah interview. all was classy and natural. please, don’t comment things that never existed.

  • lylian

    I agree with “Confidence is key” in that she doesn’t seem to pose
    with confidence. This group of photos is the best I’ve seen of her
    for a while. I’m NOT a fan but I do think she is quite pretty. She
    does need to change her hairstyle though.

  • Mickey

    why do people say she has a nice body? no hip or curve

  • Earl

    Jennifer has a shy, confident personality. She has a lot of confidence, but no arrogance. Being deferntial and understated is a quality a lot of people lack. Americans are force fed violence and arrogant behaviour (fight club, nancy grace, hulk hugan, schwarzeneggar, Dr Dre etc…) from TV and their culture, so they expect everyone to be arrogant, full of assumed pride, like men, acting like they own everyone. Impolite. No respect. All selfishness. Jen is a beautiful woman. That is why she is #1.

  • Gussie

    JA has most obviously just undergone a deep dermabrasion procedure to treat her leather skin condition. A good idea, she really needed it, but as a result her skin is blotchy and the make up appears patchy. The make-up artist tried to apply a pinkish natural hue on her orangey face and got this bizarre colouring.

    Also someone should tell her that there is no shading big enough to hide that chin… better leave it alone than with a semi-circle that resembles an incipient goatee.

  • Patti

    which Oprah show did you watch? She said nothing negative or whiny. Some people will make negative comments, just to comment. Please, keep it real!!

    Jennifer looks cute. I think she is a doll! Her chin is not as prominent as some like to make it out to be….

  • poster

    Jen annoys me sometimes, but damn that woman has a killer body and she looks good. I can’t believe she’s almost 40!

  • aneurysm

    She looks good.

  • tondogirl

    what’s with this manly woman??? her CHIN just get longer and longer and is her nose just get huge everyday…. i don’t want to be critical of her, but it’s amazing how her jaws, chin and nose are so fugly…and what’s with that hair she’s using as a shield to hide her fugliness.. come on CHINNIFER give us a break, why not hibernate for the winter and spare us of that hideous fugly chinny leathery face of yours!!! this manly woman is really trying so hard to be in circulation, eventhough she really knows that she already a has been… GOD save us from this publicity hungry maniston… I’m so happy that brad was able to get rid of this manly face of a woman…Thank GOD brad is finally with the woman as beautiful as he is…and blessed with gorgeous little angels…GO BAMZS

  • someone

    I think she looks great, and I am a fan, but I do wonder why she wore this does seem a bit too casual…but the haters should go to pics of thier idols, theres lots of them, and leave Jen alone..

  • rachel

    i think her hand looks perfectly fine!

  • someone

    Negative: I watched the oprah interview, and I didn’t hear any whining or complaining! So what are you talking are like a lot of other Jen haters, you make stuff up.. If you haters don’t like her and think she is soooo ugly..why don’t you pass on commenting, and go to a pic of someone you like!

  • Susie

    I have watched the recent Oprah interview – what did she say thats so wrong?
    She is lovely, funny and not up herself, so why does everyone slag her. I think her life has been tough, the public break up with Brad and the constant media attention Brad & Angelina get, always the comparisons. Yes Angie is beautiful and a force to be reckoned with, I am sure she is a unique woman, but does that mean Jen cannot exist?
    I think Jen is doing very well and a hope she does not read all the hateful things said about her, I am certain Brad & Angie don’t hate her so why should we!
    Why all the comparisons, let the girl move on and be happy

  • Poster2

    Jen annoys me sometimes, but damn that woman has a killer body and she looks good. I can’t believe she’s almost 40!
    37 | poster |
    unfortunately, she acts like she has a brain of a 20 year old. that is the sadest part of being a celebrity who is almost 40 yet trying to compete and act like she is 20 .

  • michele

    She CO-DIRECTED this very short film. Where is her co-director? Why are there no photos of her? I would be PISSED OFF to have her take all the credit.

  • MegFL

    Some of your comments are so funny. You women – when on earth did you ever look this good. You guys – when on earth did you ever have such a good looking woman on your arm?

    I watched Oprah, even watched part of the rerun last night. She didn’t whine. She was great. I suspect the vast majority of detractors here did not watch it, just are picking up comments from other detractors.

    I wonder – ten pounds, loose top, Vaughn comes out the wood work- hmmmmmmmmmmm!

    I think she’s a knockout. Go Jen.

  • michele

    nice slacks, though.

  • Grace

    You don’t want to be critical…yet read your post!! If that’s not critical, then I’d hate to be your friend!! You must be one hot mama to judge someone else like that. But, my money says you’re not!!

    And for the record, I thank God that Brad moved on from Jennifer too. Now, he’s all Angelina’s….good riddance!!