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Travis Wall: 'Toga, Toga!'

Travis Wall: 'Toga, Toga!'

So You Think You Can Dance 2‘s runner-up Travis Wall updated his MySpace with a couple pictures from fellow SYTYCD contestant Ivan Koumeav‘s toga birthday party (he turned 19 yesterday, inset).

Travis went as the Greek god Apollo — ee made his outfit from the “Mary Kate and Ashley” line sold at Wal-Mart! SYTYCD contestant Allison Holker went as Greek goddress Aphrodite (above). SYTYCD 2 winner Benji Schwimmer went as pseudo-deity of mischief, Loki. More pictures in the gallery including Travis soaking in the Miami sun during his time off!

Travis Wall + Benji Schwimmer = Greek gods?
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travis wall shirtless 01
travis wall shirtless 02
travis wall shirtless 03
travis wall shirtless 04
travis wall shirtless 05
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  • LIZ


  • Lily

    No, that’s not Heidi as goddess Aphrodite. It’s Allison.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Lily!!!!!!

  • LIZ

    mmmmmm hes ok not that hot lol!!!!

  • goldend

    Soooooo gay.

  • Rick

    WHAT A FAG !

  • Lily

    Anytime, Jared!

  • classicist

    pseudo-celebs are even stupider than real ones, i guess, as
    evidenced by the fact that loki was neither greek nor a god. he was a
    norse pseudo-deity, of the race of giants called jotun.

  • Guillaume

    Another gay with nothing interesting to say so he does the giggolo to
    get some attention… shame on you metrosexual !

  • Just Jared

    Haha, thanks classicist. I love the corrections!!!!

  • betty

    its funny how some gay guys try to look not gay!!!

  • Denny (a girl w/ a guy’s name)

    He’s gay. And? Dude’s got fashion sense, probably better than yours. Hot, as well. Do you see that body? I sure as hell do.

    Gotta love the Benji/Loki. They’re all so naked, though. Wonder what Donyelle wore, that’s the true goddess there.
    How sad that I can’t get enough of this show two months later.

  • Lyndt

    Woahhh. Travis is smoking hot! #1 looks like an editorial.

  • rachel

    it is obvious he is gay, but he looks sexy! reminds me of the scissor sisters.

  • hr

    the group photo – why are they in a parking lot?!? where is this party taking place? the local high school??

  • Alexi

    Can we say FLAAAAMMMMING!!! Don’t light a match! TOO FUNNY!!! Gotta love the America’s Next Top Model poses.

    And no I am not a hater so relax. Just stating the obvious….

  • Jorge

    That one of Travis lying in the sand needs to be a little bigger. I can’t get enough Travis!

  • k8e

    oh wow, that just made my night I love me some Travis and I agree #12 i’m the same way i loved that show, (mainly because of Travis lol) and can’t get enough

  • whoahow

    hot body? wtf?? Not hot, just skinny. Look at those weak shoulders, weak breast muscles and thin girly arms. He looks like someone who never worked out in his life. Totally weak.

  • Sl8ts

    Hes lookin Lean and mean!! Hmm this guy does quadruple backflips and multiple pirouettes and fouettes effortlessly. Workout…?

  • Chels

    Never worked out in his life? He’s been dancing since he was a little kid…
    Anyway, they all look great and it seems like they all had a lot of fun.

  • http://none limm

    HOT! Travis is soooo yummyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cash

    Travis KNOWS how to work it, man. He’s the best.
    And you try dancing the way he does almost non-stop for two hours.
    Gay or not is irrelevant. No one compares.


    Your boy Travis is too full of himself. It was Ivan’s HB Party and there is only
    one photo of Ivan ??? Something wrong there ??????
    And think back to the Final 6 elimination. When Benji was declared safe, Travis
    jumped up and down, looked at Benji and screamed, “It’s you and me baby!”.
    His fellow contestant, Ivan, must have felt like c— !
    With regard to Travis, couldn’t expect much, no sense no feeling.
    He may be a good dancer but he’s not much of a human being.


    soo yeah i agree with #12, and all the other posts saying that hes hot. hahh but in response to post 25..

    - i dont think that he is full of himself; remember these arent all the pictures that were taken that night (ive seen more from that night).. if these were from travis’ myspace, then he would obviously put pictures of himself. yknoe ?

    - benji and travis had planned to have a ‘tranji finale’ so they were excited about it. him and ivan are very close, so it wasnt meant to be mean to ivan at all. so yeah he does have feeling – especially since hes a contemporary dancer . theres lots of emotion and feeling into his movements.

    - srry, i get a bit defensive..

  • niseiko61

    To #25 Michelle: How about sharing some of the other photos with us, love to see them.
    You sound like you know the boys pretty well,
    are you a personal friend of theirs?

  • RUNOeggg

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  • Honey

    I totally agree that Travis is sooooo hot and cute :)
    The others are just jealous !!!

  • KiDeqggg


  • XUrAjggg

    mixing cocaine and xanax
    mixing cocaine and xanax


    i felt in a ‘season two’ mood,
    so i came to look for them. (L)

    and i think that they’re all so great.

    *btw, travis wall is not weak and skinny*