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Halle Berry's Furniture Frenzy

Halle Berry's Furniture Frenzy

Halle Berry and her model boyfriend friend Gabriel Aubry picked up a few pieces of furniture yesterday afternoon near the actress’s West Hollywood home. More pictures of the gallery including Halle, 40, and Gabriel, 30, grocery shopping this past Monday!

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halle berry gabriel aubry 02
halle berry gabriel aubry 03
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  • mmmmkkkk….

    damn it’s early….

  • Autumn

    I have tried to understand it or see it….. but I don’t get why so many people think she’s one of the most beautiful people on the planet? Yeah, she is beautiful, but one of the most? I think she looks kind of … odd… most of the time :oI

    Nice photos though – they’ve always seemed like a lovely couple. Thanks for them! :o)

  • Autumn

    haha… oops. I haven’t gotten the faces down yet- so ignore those, please

  • mars

    It may be that she has one of the most perfect bodies?
    anyway she looks a bit awful in these, leggings at that length plus pumps = ew. i’m just tired of the trend.
    and her hair looks abit awful at that length as well… like she’s in the middle of growing it out to a good length on her.

  • mmyers

    i”m really not feeling them as a couple. They look odd together. Maybe if he had a deep tan or something, I don’t know. They just don’t match. But oh well! As long as they’re happy and it continues to work for them, I’m happy for them as well.

  • http://justjared airhostess

    Why does he need a deep tan? Why would that make them look better as a couple?

  • Africhic

    Why would she want to llok like that. I dont understand the outfit. I dont know what a tan has got to do with Gabrial and Halle looking good together duh?

  • brenda

    Oh shut up all you haters, she is a BEAUTIFUL woman, y’all wish you will look as god as her at 40. They look great together, and to mmyers what were you trying to say that she should go out with someone who is more her colour and not white and blonde, get a life. HATERS!

  • Me Again!

    tell’em brendaa!!!

  • gitane

    oh they’re too cute! i’m glad they’re still together. make this one work, halle!!

  • http://justjared airhostess

    Brenda and Me Again

  • Passing Through

    5 | mmyers

    I didn’t know the home office of the Klan had a computer! Wow. I’m amazed that dumb bunch of mofos even knew about electricity!

  • Jorge

    Gabriel is sexy! Everyone else managed to cover Halle pretty well.

  • lula29

    Halle is abeautiful woman. I think some people like to hate on Halle, but she is beautiful. She has a nice body, nice face, what’s not to like.

    Who cares if Halle isn’t dating someone Black, they still look good together because they both appear happy. The sad thing is that people project so much onto other people and expect them to perform accordingly. Halle is good looking enough to date a Gabriel. Good for her for finally doing that. I never liked Eric Bennet and I liked Michael Ealy, but never thought they would last forever.

    She seems really Gabriel and he into her so good for them.

  • ggirl

    A bunch of haters is right! People and their angry, hating comments are embarrasing they sound so stupid. Just listen to yourselves! Hopefully you stay locked up beind your computers most of the day with all that misery!

  • Mediterranean

    She is beautiful and he is very handsome. But I don’t have like them which doesn’t make me a hater, right?

  • Sheba

    Halle goes out a lot without makeup, etc. Have you seen the other stars when they do that? Pam Anderson, Julia Roberts, Nicole Ritchie…. not only are they not beautiful. They look almost downright ugly!

    Halle is not the most beautiful black woman I’ve ever seen, but in Hollywood, of course she is.

    These two probably won’t last forever, so don’t get so upset. Gabriel is very handsome, but he’s definitely NOT out of Halle’s league. It’s good to see them enjoying their relationship. Best wishes to them both.

  • samantha

    Im black and I must say that I never found halle to be that beautiful. However for being 40 and still looking that young I think she deserves MAJOR points. I guess I find darker skinned women more beautiful like gabrielle union and kelly rowland. Halle is still pretty tho.

  • samantha

    Oh and please dont call me a hater, not everyone has to fall for the hype that is halle berry

  • samantha

    Wow I never noticed how weird her name is Halle berry, hmmm maybe its too early in the morning for me to be on jj lol!

  • Alexanderina

    Damn he is HOT, lucky girl you are Halle

  • lula29


    I don’t think you have to like them ore think that Halle is beautiful, but I do sense the idea that she should be dating someone “closer to her own race” and I do think that she is a pretty woman.

    I like Gabriel and Kelly, but I never thought they were the most amazing beautiful women either, I think them in Halle are about the same. Sanaa Lathan to be is beautiful and sexy.

    Everyone is entitled to their preference, but I just think it’s funny when people try to say she isn’t really that good looking, which is a complete lie.

  • DoobieDoo

    “Closer to her own race”? She’s Bi-Racial. should she cut herself in two? Join the human race.

  • black

    Being 40 and still looking that young, that´s not an achievement.
    Saving people is.

  • wow

    How can people say that shes not beautiful? I’d like to see pictures of those who love to critize others and the way the dress, just cuz you dont like it doesnt make it ugly.

    They make a cute couple to me, he doesnt need a tan, hes fine the way he is. Her hair is great and i love the outfit.

    She looks PERFECT for 40, I’d really like to see pics of those of you who are hating on this beautiful woman….but if it makes you feel better about yourselves then…hey!

  • lula29

    Hey DoobieDoo,

    I made that comment to be critical of people who think she should date someone Black even though I believe she should date whoever makes her happy, whether he be red, blue or green.

    You’re being critical of me and I don’t think you really read my comment.

    Join the race of people able to read and comprehend at the same time.

  • jonboy

    I think YOU need to read your comments before submitting them. the “closer to her own race” statement was ignorant. Explain, what exactly does that mean?

  • lula29

    Notice how I put the comment in quotes. I was criticizing how people assume the Black is “closer to her own race”

    Again, you need to learn how to read and comprehend at the same time.

    I guess a person can’t be sarcastic on this board.

  • lula29


    Do you get I was being facetious? I mean, do people just come on this board to be up in arms about what someone has said without really trying to see if they are saying anything bad, or do they just come on here to pick fights?

    I love Halle with Gabriel, a lot of other people don’t because they don’t think she should be dating a white guy and I’ve picked up on that, hence the bit of dislike for them as a couple. I was trying to comment on that, but hey if you guys want to fight . . .

  • Shannon

    I seen Halle Berry in person walking through the Beverly Center and let me tell you…NO matter what she is wearing she is gorgeous.

    She’s totally flawless….pumps, leggings, whatever.

  • Pcrew

    She has weird bow legs, always has. Her top half is nice, below the belt is bad.

  • Tealeaf

    That long hair cut hides her features, I think she is a beautiful woman with great features.

  • rong

    Some women are trying to critique someone’s looks when you probably don’t look all that hot. Look in the mirror before you talk about how someone else. This woman is 40 and looks almost half her age without makeup. How many of you can say you will look this good when you turn 40. Congratulate instead of hate.

  • Mediterranean

    Whoever choses Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss whatever, are they the most beautiful people on earth?

    My point is if someone who doesn’t find same person beautiful as you do, this person has to be ugly or be jelouse of the beautiful one of yours?

    I don’t understand!

  • pissedoffmothassed off motha

    Halle is one of th emost beautiful women on this planet and her taste in men may had not been the best in the past but let’s hope she has found someone compatiable fro a change. she is gorgeous!

  • Susan

    36 – Methinks that according to you, all women in Hollywood have to be compared to “the beautiful” Angelina Jolie.

  • kelly

    Lula29….”closer to her race”… congrats!!!!!!!That’s the dumbest comment of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diane

    Kelly Rowland? R U f*in kidding me? She looks like a DOG! Double D dippity dog!

    OK, that is harsh. But she is NOT pretty in the least and CERTAINLY N-O-T beautiful!

  • daniel

    she looks pregnant

  • Mediterranean

    38 | Susan

    Firstly, I don’t mention Angelina Jolie’s name on other threads! I am a fan of Angie, I do admire and respect her deeply but I don’t go around like some obsessed ones for sure. You don’t know me at all on this subject.

    In my comment, I didn’t even mention to compare anyone to another.

    I was just saying, if someone doesn’t find certain person beautiful, it doesn’t mean that she is ugly or jeaolus!

    But if you are trying to use the name of Angie for attention, it doesn’t work with me. Go and bother other obsessed ones, I am sure that they will jump on your neck with pleasure.

  • shazzaa

    Well done DoobieDoo for setting the record straight cos some people are just damn! We live in the 21st Century who cares about who dates what colour and what sex, its stupid. Get real and find something else to hate on!

  • Jackie

    I love Halle and think she is gorgeous, but Halle
    please don’t go crying to Oprah if this relationship
    does not work. Oprah is no expert on relationships. She is just noisy and she has a really big head.

  • Liz

    ok, he is hot but..he looks like a blond “hugh jackman”. SO, I think that halle has a huge crush of hugh.

  • lula29


    Congrats you have the lowest reading comprehension level of reading comprehension of the whole day!

    You should be proud, I thought JonBoy was bad, but you really pulled through.

    Remind me never to be sarcastic on this board. Too many people are unable to understand when someone places quotes around something they aren’t saying it themselves, but quoting others.

    I always thought people were smart enough to read sarcasm, but thank you kelly, I now realize for some you must dumb things down to 3rd grade.

  • lula29


    DoobieDoo didn’t set me straight. Doobiedoo did however make me realize that if people are unable to read and comprehend at the same time they will misconstrue your true intent.

    I also realize you never read what I said. I think you should watch who you agree with you might be making yourself seem stupid.

    Hey, I’m a big fan of Halle’s and I’m really happy she’s with Gabriel. I think there are some people out there who don’t want her dating Gabriel because he’s white and try to dog her out for that. I was defending her, but I guess you guys need to fight today or something.

  • Arielle

    It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t bi-racial,what the hell is wrong with interracial dating????? gosh it’s 2006 grow the hell up!

  • makedah

    Honestly lula… your comment wasn’t particularly clear…I can understand why certain persons didn’t get it.It’s not because they’re stupid or whatever… IMO!

  • lula29


    I reread my own comment and I realized I was typing so fast I missed some words which is what caused the confusion.

    That said, I think people on this board are being like the “race police” and going a bit overboard. I don’t come on this board to be taught how to feel about race or anything else, I come to look at the pictures and chat about the gossip, that’s it. I’m a Black woman and I date any man I feel is right for me. I hate the fact that I have to qualify my statements now with my own identity, because I shouldn’t have to. Some of you need to declaw. You’re taking things a bit to seriously.

    As far as Halle Berry, she says she’s Black and that’s well known. This is just an added point because people are jumping down my throat for the “closer to her race” comment which I intended to use to criticize that she should only be dating a Black man, which I don’t agree with, because I don’t live that way myself. Halle Berry has already defined herself and I wasn’t trying to redefine her. That said, there is no such thing as “closer to your own race” because a person should be able to date whoever they want.

    Finally, and I’m off it now because it’s gotten really stupid I have noticed on a lot of these boards that if a person make a comment that is misconstrued women will come out of the woodwork to needle the person to death, without recognizing maybe they did mistype or meant something else. I’ve qualified my statement numerous times afterwards to clarify and I’m stilll a bigot. I’m a Black woman, dating a White man, looking at Halle Berry because I like her and her man, but I”m a bigot.

  • makedah

    Ok that’s all good i got your point!!!

  • LJ

    enuf with the race crap…agree it probably won’t last…in the meantime…let the gurl have fun with the 30 year old.