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P.S., I Love Hilary Swank

P.S., I Love Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank filmed her latest movie P.S., I Love You yesterday and earlier today in NYC. P.S., I Love You is about a young widow (Holly Kennedy) who receives a package of letters from her late husband months after his death, with instructions to open one on the first day of each month from March to January. Each letter contains a specific task Holly is supposed to do to help her move on to a new life.

Hilary Swank plays Holly Kennedy. Gerard Butler plays the deceased husband, Gerry. James Marsters has been cast in the role of John McCarthy, Gerry’s best friend. P.S., I Love You is set for a 2008 release. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Vicki

    Does anyone remember the short-lived show in the early 90′s called P.S.I love you with Connie Seleca and the dad with the beard from My 2 Dad’s? He even sang the theme song. It was weak sauce. As I’m sure this movie will be. The academy can give her all the oscars in the world, they won’t convince me she’s a good actress.

  • madmaxine

    i want pics of gerard! he is purdy…

  • ariel


  • jayess

    Wonderful story line!! I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • mebe

    James Marsters is in it! That makes me soooo happy, Spike is my
    favorite television character of all time and I am so glad that
    James is finally getting some work. He had been on Smallville, but
    was never a cast member and now he’s in a movie with Hilary
    Swank, good for him. I hope that this leads to even bigger and
    better things, he totally deserves it. He is now and has always
    been such a tremendous actor!

    Yay James!

    PS Hilary looks very posh in these pictures.

  • hr

    is this a remake of a Korean film? storyline sounds exactly the same as an old film called “Letter” or “Pyun-Ji.” ok so i never watched it, but that’s what i heard the plot was.

  • chris

    she looks great

  • fatmammycat

    The book was terrible and I’m fairly confident the stupid film will be even worse. For shame getting american actors to play Irish parts. Far and Away anyone?

  • maria

    Hilary does look great, but Butler in person is a freaking vision! Every woman with eyes in NYC know it too( as does he)

  • julie


  • ML

    i really don’t like that they are making a movie out of this book. But maybe i’m biased since the author of the book is the daughter of the Irish Prime Minister, and well he sucks!

    so yeah, there is my little political rant


    will smith, ryan phillippe, and hilary swank are all filming in nyc and i wish i knew where they were filming

  • aycaramba

    loves her outfits, cute hehe

  • Kayla

    The book was very good! Cecilia Ahern is a wonderful writer and I ‘m so excited for the movie! Denny from Grey’s Anatomy is in it too..I think he plays William

  • WTF

    She is not looking well. Guess that’s Karma for being a witch to your husband. Karma!!

  • Maja

    Great pictures… I love the book… *makes big eyes* Want pictures of Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

  • jos

    i thought the book was alright. im just looking forward to see how hilary swank will do in this one. wonder how her irish accent will sound like..

  • Pandy

    Gerard Butler – to sexy to be sexy

  • mel

    i never would have imagined her to play the role… i hope shes good

  • AngelLily

    I second Maja’s statement. I want pictures of JDM!! :D

  • the real tita

    Love Gerard Butler and if Brad Pitt hadn’t got together with AJ, this would be my pick of a guy for her! They looked so good together in TR.

    Love Spike too. Hope he gets more movie roles.

  • brit

    this is a remake of a korean film! and so was lake house. don’t forget to mention that. man, give the koreans some freaking credit for once!!

  • ML

    NO DUDE, its based on a book. its not remake of any film!

  • trins

    i sooo love the book by cecelia ahern…. I hope the movie is good… but i kinda think that hilary swank does not protray the character in the book…

  • Frankie

    I think the book was set in Wicklow, in Ireland(u yanks probably never heard of Wicklow) so why the film is being made in NYC is beyond me. Some people say the author, Cecelia Ahern, usud her fathers position to get her book published but she does have a degree in English. I am definitely not a fan of her father, Irelands Taoiseach(prime minister), but she seems like a nice girl. Personally I didnt find the book that interesting, and i really think they should have gotten some irish actors,Im not looking forward to their attempts at Irish accents, no offence. ML is right(23) its nothin to do with the Koreans.

  • mnm

    Hilary is too plain to play opposite Butler. They should have cast a cuter girl – someone like Kate Winslet perhaps.

    I agree about the book being trash but I think the screenwriter took the basic premise and reworked most of it.

  • chic

    there was a korean movie in 1997 called ‘PS I love you’ as well. I heard the book was published in 2004 ? And now the movie from the book is in the making ? CURIOUS isn’t it ?

  • yup

    I agree with what the others have been saying about the Korean movie “Pyun-ji” or “the Letter.” I saw it many years ago and as soon as I saw this commercial for PS I Love You, I was reminded of that movie.. I think it was from the late 1990s.


  • bobacha

    more about the Korean movie – The Letter (1997) vs PS I Love You (2008)

    you decide whether it’s copycat, inspired by, or whatever..
    the storyline is IDENTICAL!!

    there’s also a Thai remake of The Letter in 2004, also titled The Letter.