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Jeffrey Sebelia Wins 'Project Runway'

Jeffrey Sebelia Wins 'Project Runway'

Congratulations to Jeffrey Sebelia for winning Season 3 of Project Runway! Jeffrey‘s winning runway collection was inspired by Japanese demons and ghost stories.

Bottom left: Project Runway 3 designers Allison Kelly and Uli Herzner (I thought she was going to win) sandwich Jeffrey at the season finale viewing party hosted by TRESemme and Tim Gunn at the Tribeca Grand Hotel last night in NYC. Bottom right: Jeffrey surrounds himself with his winning collection. Inset: Project Runway 3 finalists Jeffrey Sebelia, Ulrike Herzner, Laura Bennett, and Michael Knight. Check out everyone’s collections if you missed them:

Project Runway Collection – Laura Bennett
Project Runway Collection – Ulr Herzner
Project Runway Collection – Michael Knight
Project Runway Collection – Jeffrey Sebelia

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  • AngelLily

    Although Uli was my favorite, I do think Jeffrey deserved to win, his runway show was the best and most unique.

    I still can’t believe how horrible Michael’s line was…wow!!

  • Cheryl

    What a waste of an hour!! It should have been Uli that took home the grand prize. I have been a Michael fan for most of the season but I felt Uli showed the best at the Runway Show. BOO!! I will be hard pressed to watch PR4–Oh who am I kidding… long as they have Tim Gunn they have me as well.


    i tought jeff and uli were the best

  • angelah

    I thought Uli was going to win. But congrats to Jeffrey! I have to watch the show again, I missed like 75% of it :-|

  • Tina

    I thought Laura’s collection was the best. It was very unique detailing and just beautiful. I didn’t really care for Jeffrey’s collection, but it was innovative. Michael, I don’t know what happened to him. I guess he just pushed too far instead of letting his talent takeover.

  • rocksbabe

    I loved Michael all season. There were a few items that he had that I liked. Laura’s line had CLASS and would look lovely for formal events. I thought Uli’s line was more everyday wearable and I thought she should have won. I didn’t like anything that Jeffrey had.

  • HANA

    other collection pics plzzzzzzzz

  • creativegirl

    I think that Laura’s dresses were the most beautiful and wearable for most women – I just don’t think she was innovative enough like Jeffrey was to be named the winner. Uli really pulled it out in the end – her collection was amazing, you could hear the crowd applauding for several of hers and Laura’s creations. I don’t think it was bitchy of Laura to question Jeffrey’s work – it was a legitimate concern considering the rest of them were toiling away and he was twiddling his thumbs and there were issues that came to light because of it, so it was fair and leveled the playing field. I don’t think any of them have anything to worry about – I’m sure they all will have a great future in the design world. This was really the first time I ever watched this show but it was fun.

  • Just Jared

    Hana, I did just that…. enjoy!

  • lula29

    I loved Uli’s collection, but I also loved Jeffery and I’m glad he won. I loved Laura’s too, but I think the monotony of the Black Lace kind of got to the judges after a while. I don’t know if she has much range. Jeffery and Uli have the most range in my opinion, and Jeffery more so, which is why he won.

    I can’t wait to see more of all of them in the future.

  • Maria

    I’m sorry, but Uli should have won and not Jeffrey. His line has two bombs in it and Uli was flawless. I couldn’t stand him from the very beginning of the show. Yes, he’s very gifted, but Uli should have won — WHAT A WASTE!!

  • Seb

    I can’t believe he won….his collection was KRAP!! Plus, he cheated, went over the limit – oh and that woman was right “It’s more like a Japanese Nightmare” I was rooting for Laura & Uli.

    Sad, he’ll fail fail fail. Uli & Laura will be the success story here!


  • Oh Yea

    I felt so badly for Michael. I think he’s very talented, but he got nervous somehow and wasn’t really confident about what he wanted to create. He should have stuck with hip-hop styles. He went too far in the sexy direction and it ended up being boring.

    Overall, I’m very happy for Jeffrey because he had more of the “wow” factor. You never know what he’s going to do.

    It’s supposed to be about the clothes, but I couldn’t help but root for Jeffrey after hearing about his past personal problems. It touched my heart to hear about his dad leaving the family and him getting hooked on drugs and trying to kill himself. Then, when I saw him with his child, it made me tear up. I want him to be very successful and happy with his family.

    Uli’s line was very pretty, and I thought she was going to win it.

    I love Laura. She is very classy, but she seems a little bit old-fashioned.

    In the end, none of the designers displayed the talent of the first season’s designers. Like Jay and Kara. No one this time had any really fabulous dresses like you see often in runway shows.

  • Oh Yea

    … also, Jeffrey’s model is pretty. Glad she’s getting the magazine spread. Most of the other models are just….. (yawns).

  • gia

    his was the best collection
    i miss mizz Jay – season 1

  • geniass

    Team Jeffrey! I knew he was going to win!

  • justthefacts

    I thought Uli should have won but Jeff was definitely innovative

  • can’tstandj

    I don’t normally respond to blogs, I just love reading them, but I thought I would respond to this one because I love this show!

    First, I can’t stand Jefferey after all of this. I liked him at the beginning of the season. I was even on his side with the whole Angela scandal. I don’t think it is fair that he won, though. He was intending to cheat, and he had 2 pieces (the blue ones) that were horrible! Although, I must admit the others were quite unique. I actually didn’t love the 1st one either, but it wasn’t horrible. I don’t necessarily agree with Laura’s actions, but if she wouldn’t have said anything, it would have never come out. Unless they reviewed it later. Then what woul they have done? They wouldn’t revoke his win, because they would look like idiots for not checking it before. I think he should have been disqulaified all together. Anyway, what did he need this for? He already has his own line. This is supposed to a stepping stone for designers who haven’t really had an opportunity. He said it himself that he already has celebrity clients. He didn’t need this push.

    I liked Michael all season also, but his collection did not meet up to standards he set all season. I think that he will be able to begin his own line soon though and will do magnificantly. There is a large market for his designs.

    I never really liked Uli all season, but I think her collection was Fab-u-lous! That’s what this show is all about, and she pulled it off at the end. I hope she opens a store in Miami (I live there too!) I would so shop there!

    The only one I was not impressed with at all was Laura, her collection was boring. Too old lady for me. I thought she talked a lot of crap, and did not have anything to support it with.

  • romi

    I think Uli should have won. Her line was wonderful and she really rose to the occasion. Jeffrey had some interesting pieces but those two blue pieces were awful and completely didnt belong with the rest of the collection. Michael Kors had the nerve to question Uli’s last piece as being not cohesive with the rest? It was a long flowing print. Very Uli.

  • HANA

    Thanks Jared.

  • Patrice

    I did not think Jeffrey deserved to win. I like him, but I absolutely hated his collection. I am so in love with Micheal, but I was a little underwhelmed. I still think he will be a sucessful designer though. I was very surprised with Laura and Uli. THey thought outside the box and made beautiful pieces.

  • Justme

    Lots of people down here are talking pretty badly about Jeffrey..
    I mean, he always had great clothes, his fashion week just ROCKED, I love him and his way of thinking about fashion. It’s something different than those clothes that always are the same… sorry guys, but i hope he has so much luck and I keep loving him..!:D xxx Go jeffrey!