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Kate Bosworth & Lindsay Lohan: Hollywood's Latest BFFs

Kate Bosworth & Lindsay Lohan: Hollywood's Latest BFFs

Kate Bosworth was spotted leaving a Tommy Hilfiger party last night with her British male model boyfriend James Rousseau and gal pal Lindsay Lohan. (Kate & James were spotted in NYC’s Greenwich Village last month.) Last night was the opening of designer Tommy Hilfiger‘s new store on Rue Saint Honore in Paris, France. The celeb-studded bash included a performance by Lenny Kravitz. More pictures in the gallery!

CHECK OUT :: James Rousseau On The Runway

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  • Canadian Chick

    Kate Bosworth scares the bazookas out of me

  • brenda

    WOW! Hanging around with lindsay lohan, orlando must have really done a number on her, poor confused little girl. I felt sorry for her before now i just think she’s hideous.

  • samantha

    Wow i didnt know lindsay was so tall. I always pictured her at 5’2 or something.

  • Chelsea

    Kate’s boyfriend is a downgrade. They all looked coked out of their minds.

  • broken

    lindsay is not tall nor does kate. they are the same height just that i believe lindsay is wearing something high..
    but whatever..

    its doesn’t matter

  • Sam

    Ugh, Kate, go back to Orlando! he at least saved you from becoming a cokehead with ugly models and LiLo!

  • Lola

    Wow… Kate Bosworth has a HORRIBLE cocaine addiction. If Cocaine had an ad, she’d be the spokesperson

  • cassandra

    lindsay looks gorgeous, like always ! but uhh, kate bosworth just
    looks like a skeleton now. her new boyfriend’s alright too. but he’s got
    nothing on orlando.

  • bitterina

    her boyfriend is hot. i’d tap it.

  • Hillary

    Her lips looked all pillow plumped up with filler. She’s so superficial. No
    wonder Orly dumped her shallow ass.

  • louveciennes

    What the hell is wrong with Bosworth’s lips? And La Lohan looks as trashed as always, bless her little heart.

  • Maximisses

    Her lips? What about that great big vein in the middle of her forehead.

    Isn’t that a sign of botox?

  • think people, think!

    Her lips? The vein on her forehead? What about the dress? It looks like it is throwing up material out of the top of it. She has to keep ahold of the damn thing

  • kae

    Kate is such a beautiful girl, I don’t understand why she’s starving herself. It’s so sad!

  • J

    OMG can you say that Hollywood has become one huge skank tank

  • beanni

    Well, now we know why Orlando got the hell away from her. Rumors of an eating disorder and/or a cocaine addiction, and she picks Lindsay Lohan of all people to be seen in public partying with. Yeah, I don’t blame him for running away. I bet anything they were over a while ago but couldn’t officially end it in the press until their movies opened this summer. Trying to be a loving, supportive couple when you just want to run screaming–that’s what acting is, I guess.

  • beanni

    I’m sorry, but this guy is a model? And people think Orlando is ugly? (Well, no one who has posted here yet says this, but I’ve seen posts from other similar stories.) I think Orlando is much more attractive than this guy. Anyone else see his performance on Extras? He needs to do more comedy.

  • S

    Lindsay is not aging well. I know.. she is like 20. But she already getting older. When you look at Ryan Phillippe, who at the age 32 looks like he can play Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood’s schoolmate on O.C. But when i look at Lindsey it’s like – Oh my freaking god. She is 20 but everyday she looks worst and worst. Like some 30 old slu*t. Not even sl*ut – rather prostitute. I saw her yesterday on tv. On tv she looks even worse than on pictures. She is totally hopeless. Where is that little nice Lindsay from Freaky Friday? She’s gone forever, instead we have this underage stupid slut, that thinks she is big star. Pleaaase Lindsey – you are whore. And sooner guys will wash their dicks after sleeping with you. Because they don’t how much other dicks were inside you. I remember how similar things sad some guy about Paris Hilton. Even if it’s only a rumor – it still sounds funny.

  • Mark

    The model james is holding that other guys hand

  • rachel

    this ‘friendship’ spells nothing but trouble. #20, lindsay shouldn’t be ageing! she’s only, what, 20?

  • angelina

    their STARVATION BUDDIES!!! how sad, they both used 2 b so pretty!! bummer :( what happended???

  • natasha

    omg! wat the fuck is kate doin wit her lips????
    wat about dat huge vein sticking out of her forehead???? i used to really like Li Lo but she’s really changed. now every1 thinks of her as this cigarette smoking slut…where’s the other lindsay?


    Lindsay is pretty but she looks older than she should for sure

  • Christine

    Lindsay looks freaking amazing, especially when she’s got Kate with her. I like the picture at the top; Lindsay looks insanely sexy. Kate looks like a wasted corpse bride. Poor girl. She really needs to gain some weight, and then she would be beautiful.

  • http://yahoo alicia

    Yikes!!!! What happened to those 2? Kate used to be pretty, and now….Lindsay was just an ugly thing to begin with and she’s not going ot age well either, oh well!