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Sophia Bush & Her Hottie Pals

Sophia Bush & Her Hottie Pals

It’s young, hot Hollywood! One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Danneel Harris heat up the November 2006 issue of Maxim Magazine! Check out the following post if you missed the cover shot of the OTH girl trio. More pictures in the gallery!

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sophia bush maxim 01
sophia bush maxim 02
sophia bush maxim 03
sophia bush maxim 04

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  • jenny

    I thought the show was cancelled, I don’t like her, think she is kind of bland! Oh well!

  • simmy

    sophia looks the best !

  • Carina

    I think Sophia Bush is amazing and is such a good role model for teenagers. I love everything she stands for, she has such confidence about her.

  • Judy

    Sophia is so gorgeous and the best looking one out of the 3. Although the airbrushing is really severe! I’d love to get implants similar to Sophia’s breast size. Although it’s hard to tell what cup size she is because she always wears the best push up bras.

  • JASE

    i think sophia is probably a B-CUP because hilarie’s an A-CUP and sophia’s bigger than her…so…yeah…

  • sam

    i think sophia’s lingerie….those black shorts….that’s really cute…

  • john

    i think hilarie looks horrible on the cover….but not in the rest of the shots….sophia looks great

  • joey

    does anyone know who “jenny” the first person to comment is talking about?
    just curious…..

  • sue err

    Sophia’s bosom is AIRBRUSH! I regularly watch OTH and I could say that her tits are not that big and the one that really had it is Daneel… Check out for yourself

  • sarah


  • Sarine

    Hilarie and Sophia look the best .. I love both of them! I agree with the person who said Sophia has great hair. Her hair looked soo nice on last night’s episode! :) Daneel looks to weird… I don’t know! :S haha

  • Hutu

    What’s with all the catty Sophia vs Hilarie crap? I prefer Hilarie as a whole but damn you can’t say Sophia isn’t good looking at all. Both girls are gorgeous.

  • maylou

    I prefer Hilarie too coz Sophia’s got a bitching face… looks soo superficial!

  • CCC

    Sophia looks a bit like Jennifer Aniston in the first pic. but hotter.

  • Cynthia

    She is no beauty, she isn’t ugly either. She has a very LARGE head though!

  • lee

    i don’t think sophia looks superficial at all…..and ummmm…. okay…lol…her head isn’t LARGE…she has a very strong cheek bones…u make it seem like she has a freakishly large head. i think of the three…sophia…is the total package…but of course that’s my opinion…for some reason people get pissed and bring sophia (or hilarie) down when someone posts how pretty one of them is…i think some of those people are fans of OTH…and are thinking “brooke and peyton”….come on people…they are not really in H.S…they’re actors. this is kind of off-topic does any other OTH watchers notice how much CMM looks like a girl this season? i don’t know if it’s the hair…or eyeliner. he looks like hilarie burton….he could totally pull off being her brother…well…i’m done ranting…

  • john

    anyone else notice how hilarie burton has absolutely NO BOOBIES on OTH…yet in these pictures they suddenly appear???? but yeah…what’s with the whole hilarie vs sophia??? come on the choice is obvious…..BOTH!!!!!!

  • SAM

    hows about we leave it at this: PARIS HILTON DOESN’T HOLD A CANDLE TO SOPHIA OR HILARIE!!!!!!!!!

  • oth fan

    just gonna rant about OTH for a minute. I HATE PEYTON!!! i would hate to have a “friend” like that. i’d always have to worry about her trying to steal my boyfriend. i know lots of ppl think brooke is being a big b**** to peyton, but i think she has a right to be. when brooke and lucas first started she constantly asked peyton if it was cool and peyton ALWAYS said “he’s fair game”…brooke gave her whole heart to lucas…she fell in love and he led her on…what’s worse than the guy you love cheating on you with your best-friend that’s basically like a sister to you? to have ur bf tell you she likes him..i’d be pissed too…how are things not gonna be strained between the two of you after that?? it brought back all the old feelings and heartbreak that the only two ppl that u loved caused u to have….u know u start to think…well they had no problem doing it before…why not again?? u just become very insecure. esp. when the whole time they were dating he spent alot of time with the person that u cheated with to begin with… and now that they’re broken up he claims to “want her back”… but he spends time with the backstabbing ex-bestfriend who makes brooke feel so vulnerable….
    btw…i just wanna mention…the whole lucas and peyton storyline is awful…the two have horrible chemistry….and it’d be wierd for them to get together b/c she’ slept with his brother….and one of his really good friends…..not to mention he’s slept with her ex- best friend…..

  • jess

    your’e right about luke and peyton having horrible chemistry. it’s pretty sad when the beginning “love interests” have better chemistry with other ppl…not to mention chad having better chemistry with sophia…considering everything they’ve been through…hmmmmmmm

  • kina

    i don’t think sophia looks like jen aniston in the first pic…..jennifer is sooo ugly!!!!! that’s an insult to sophia(in my opnion) but on the cover of maxim hilarie looks like celine dione….and i’m not saying that as a compliment….

  • HEY!!!!!!!

    i love the way sophia’s hair is in that pic by herself…it looks awesome… the ponytail and the bangs….it’s purrrty

  • Alex

    I think Sophia,is pretty but she has a huge head,and what’s up with her belly button in the 3 pic.
    it’s so weird…

  • cecily

    okay…am i the only one who thinks sophia doesn’t have a huge head??? i mean i watch oth all the time and it’s not huge as some say. n-e-ways…sophia’s new beau jon might not be a great looker…but he does have a pretty decent body.
    OMG….chad used to be so hot…what the **** happened??? he looks like a chick now…the eyeliner has got 2 go…some guys can pull that off…but chad u just can’t….are u letting kenzie put your make-up on????

  • frankie1


  • johnny

    OMG!!!!!! WHERE DID HILARIE’S BOOBS COME FROM??????? that chick has a major push-up/padded bra!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    i don’t like the character of brooke on oth……but…i must admit…..sophia looks the best of the three.

  • justjoking!!!!!!!


  • maryam

    i think SOPHIA’s doing great.. i so hated it that CHAD cheated on her and what’s more? on the OTH’s season 4, LUCAS gets back with peyton! i so dont like it! ughh.. i like sophia and i wish that on the end CHAD would realize that its Sophia whom he really love!

  • Courtney

    Wow Sophia Bush and the One Tree Hill girls look amazing! I can’t believe Chad Michael Murray cheated on her with Paris. Well, it seems like Sophia is getting over him with a new boyfriend. I also can’t believe Chad is getting married again. You would think he would learn his lesson and just wait until he is much older and ready for it. Oh well, I still think he is gorgeous though. If anyone is interested in winning Seasons 1-3 of One Tree Hill dvds, there is a sweepstakes at Cyworld. You can also enter to win a new laptop, all the Friends dvds, and The OC. Enter at Has anyone heard of Cyworld? It’s a fun social networking site with lots of different features like unlimited photo/video uploads, a sketchbook, virtual miniroom you can design, and lots of clubs. I was just invited to the Vip Club where they have fun contests and prize giveaways. I work with Cyworld so check it out and don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes!

  • LIN

    hey guys im sorry ive recently watched oth and is pretty clueless about it i just wanna ak if brooke is reallty pregnant? btw i like sophia better so gorgeous!!!

  • daniel

    girls of OTH looks very beautiful… I THINK SOPHIA BUSH HAS IT ALL, PRETTY FACE, HOT BODY AND AMAZING ACTRESS!, plus her cuty little dimples. A ONE of a kind persona that graces the TV show one tree hill… ROCK ON GIRLS!

  • Truth

    Sophia has fake boobs. She got implants and it’s clearly noticeable.

    Her head is disproportional to the rest of her body and looks like she has cheek implants because her face is so fat.

    She also cheated on her husband with her current boyfriend Jon Foster. So there’s no use in bashing him without saying the same about her. The only difference is he didn’t use the whole breakup as a publicity stunt.

  • kc

    truth! your name is such a lie!:\

    anyway, sophia is so gorgeous!

  • Jeff

    Hilarie is so ugly. She looks like a man. She’s flat and very manish. Sophia is way hotter than hilarie.

  • Sophiarocks

    ok firstly all the oth girls are GREAT! Sophia is my idol, and rolemodel, and should be for every teenage girl out there. She is intelligent, beautiful, down to earth, doesn’t let her fame get the best of her, has real morals and is such and inspiation. Unlike some people cough*Paris*Cough!lol

    Anyway, truth u r sooooooo wrong she has not had boob implants and her face isnt FAT! Geez she is gourgus! And she so didn’t cheat on chad, i don’t nkow where you heard that from coz its ubsolutly 100% not true. And STOP BASHING soph and hil peopole its just mean, unnecissary and childish. They are both realy great people and so not deserve rude comments like that! Ok im done…

  • loreta

    wow.. hilarie is the best,she is sooooooo pretty!! i am from croatia and we are all for LEYTON.OMG they are the best!!!!! where is bethany, i love her and her character too!!! big fan of LEYTON and NALEY!!!;-)

  • loreta

    sophia has a big head .. hehe.. but she is pretty!!!! i cant belive how hilarie is so beautiful and amazing actor .. my favorite!!!!!! i love you HILARIE BURTON!!!!

  • magda

    Love Hilarie Burton! She looks soooo fucking hottt! I prefer her because she´s soo natural! She is not like Sophia or Danneel, both are soo fake on those pictures! Hilarie is the best! She is such a sweetheart!
    Hilarie is the best of the three.
    Chad and Hil are soo cute together! Love both of them!
    Hil I love you!
    xoxo mP

  • magda

    Loreta I am also croatian!! Can´t believe! I love Leyton toooo, I am a huge fan!
    My friends think that I am crazy!!!!
    I love Hilarie Burton! She is so cool, cute,sexy and amazing!!

    Volim Hilarie!
    xoxo mP


    I reckon this is pretty hot
    this is what i feel about the girls
    DANNEEL HARRIS: Firey hot and beautiful
    HILARIE BURTON: Summery and down to earth and very pretty
    SOPHIA BUSH: Mysterious and ispiring

    Danneel coming back season seven yay! so is sophia
    but not hilarie (cry cry cry)