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McSteamy's Real Life Wife

McSteamy's Real Life Wife

Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane (aka Dr. McSteamy) and wife Rebecca Gayheart (Vanished) attended an Esquire magazine event last night in Beverly Hills. The event unveiled the ‘Esquire House 360′ during an opening night celebration to benefit ‘The Art of Elysium’ (a charity for children battling serious medical conditions).

The ‘Esquire House 360′ is a 17,000 square-foot Italian villa that was built to mirror the editorial range of Esquire magazine and to reflect the lifestyle of today’s modern man. More pictures in the gallery!

POLL :: I don’t primarily cover Patrick Dempsey (aka Dr. McDreamy) or Eric Dane (aka Dr. McSteamy) because I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy. But if you could have your way… would you want more coverage on McSTEAMY or McDREAMY?

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  • Stephiepoo

    Oh my gosh..definatly McSteamy..he’s just got that sorta ruggedness to him yum yum!

  • Stephiepoo

    And I didn’t know they were married :) I remember her from Jawbreaker..Aww they’re so cute :D

  • Hot Damn

    MCsteamy! DAAAAAMN, he’s hot! Mcdreamy looks like a lesbian.

  • Christie

    Jared, cover both hotties. I absolutely love Grey’s Anatomy. And the fact that both McDreamy & McSteamy are cast regulars makes each week worth watching.

  • Alicia

    YES more McSteamy and McDreamy :) you spoil the Wentworth Miller/Prison Break fans (and I don’t watch that show), thanks Jared

  • Hot Damn

    That was meant to be LLesbian, not ******.

  • duchiekat

    McSteamy, baby!!!

  • http://justjared fanforlife


  • Ashley

    hell yeah cover them both

  • Lily

    McSteamy, because Eric Dane obviously has a generous heart given Rebecca Gayhearts “accident” a few years ago. I’ve still got problem with her choices.

  • Mischa

    BOTH!!! O hell yeah grays anatomy rocks

  • angelah

    McSteamy!!!! mcsteamy!!!

  • Kristina

    McSteamy — definately McSteamy He is HOT, McDreamy is NOT

  • Elise

    In reply to your poll: ABSOLUTELY! Cover Grey’s. We LOVE it! It’s ridiculously dramatic, it’s crack!

  • Ali

    What accident a few years ago?

  • Danicka

    man … he looks so much like Leo!!!


    so bad he’s married w/ a killer

  • Laura

    YES!!!!Cover everything on Grey’s it’s an amazing show and you
    should start watching it if ur not!!!

  • katie

    You should definitely catch up on Grey’s Anatomy!! It’s great!

  • missf

    more mcdreamy please!

  • Krissy

    Didn’t she kill a little boy a few years back when she was driving drunk and hit him??

  • tw111

    Definitely more McSteamy/McDreamy…. but hopefully McNasty (Burke/Washington) gets McTerminated for his temper.

  • missloUiSiAna

    I heard about that accident too, something like vehicular manslaughter back when she was on 90210

  • BeCool

    Grey’s Anatomy is the BEST program ever, you should definately
    catch up on it. Anyway more MCDREAMY!!!

  • ya ya

    More coverage of both please! Yum.

  • Erin Leigh


    Anyway, I’m sure Rebecca felt horrible about the accident but come on people she wasn’t drinking and didn’t hit him on purpose. This is something that could happened to anyone of us. Before you pass judgement check out the following article:

    Gayheart Settles Death Suit
    25 January 2002 (WENN)
    Actress Rebecca Gayheart has settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the parents of a boy she knocked down last year . The stunning actress, 29, struck down and killed nine-year-old Jorge Cruz Jr. in Hollywood last June as he jaywalked across a busy highway. The boy’s parents Jorge Cruz Sr. and Silvia Martinez filed a suit against Gayheart in August, blaming her negligence as the cause of their’s son death. On Wednesday it was announced both parties’ lawyers came to an amicable agreement in December but details would not be disclosed. Gayheart paid for the boy’s hospital and funeral expenses and offered to pay for the couple to have grief counselling, but it is unknown whether she made a cash payment to the Cruz family. Gayheart was plead no contest to a charge of vehicular manslaughter in November and had her licence suspended for a year, received a $2,800 fine and was ordered to do 750 hours of community service.

  • WTF


  • Beth

    Wow, I would be devastated if I killed a little boy like that. I’m sure that anyone would be. Poor woman, poor parents! What an awful situation to go through! It would definitely change ones perspective on life.

  • Song

    MCSTEAMY! Patrick Dempsy is highly overrated. and Jared, you should watch the show

  • ena

    both pleaseeeeeeee! i luv u jared!!

  • Mary

    MORE McDreamy!!!! He is a hotty-totty!!!! :)

  • finn

    mcdreamy, but you should definitely watch grey’s anatomy, best show ever!!!!!!!!

  • Krissy

    I don’t know about you, but even if the death was accidental I don’t think I would have stayed in the public eye. The poor parents have to see this woman’s face on tv and be reminded of how she killed their son, while she’s merrily living her life and looking like she’s having a great time.

  • Orit

    MCSTEAMY!!!!! I don’t care about NotMcDreamy.

  • Betsy

    Alright Jared, I’ll try not to hold it against you that you continuously choose to sin by not watching GA on Thursdays LOL…BUT if I had to choose, like ya ya above ^^^^^I like them both.

  • isn’t she

    isn’t she the one involved in a hit and run?
    she fled the scene and was on trial, yes?
    noxema girl runs over someone…

  • weeboi

    yes plz!

  • JK

    MCSTEAMY Please!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    McSTEAMY. Can’t stand the other guy.

  • Matt

    McSteamy. Can’t stand the other one.

  • lola


  • busybee

    Love McSteamy & McDreamy. How about shaking things up a little and adding a new “hot” female surgeon to the group named “McHotty”! The “Mc” doctors will fall all over her to accommodate her in any way they can in the Operating Room and in the Hospital. Can make things very interesting for the others, and a lot of laughs for us.

  • katryna

    It’s McDreamy all the way for me, but of course, I don’t mind seeing Eric Dane any of the time!

  • FITR

    Jesus this man is deliciously hot. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. Rebecca Gayheart is a luckyu, luckiy woman.

  • FITR

    As for a choice between McSteamy and McDreamy, its MCSTEAMY ALL THE WAY!!!

  • johanna

    jared, what do you mean you don’t watch grey’s anatomy?? i think i am going to remove your webpage from my favorites… =P post more mcdreamy and mcsteamy, i can’t get enough of either. miss ya!

  • yolanda

    McSteamster si vous plait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • geniass

    McSteamy! Yum! Eric Dane! He was on Charmed!! Loved him as Jason!

  • just saying…

    Grey’s in definately OVERRATED…Is like the new what was that show…Ally Mcbeal??…all about me me me me me me…..

    dude’s hot tho…

  • Jla

    My sister and I were just debating this!!! Ultimately, we both agreed on McSteamy’s fine ass !!

  • Rita

    PLEASE PLEASE I love your website – the only thing missing is Grey’s Anatomy coverage!!! I am forced to go elsewhere, but you would cover it the best!!! PLEASE MCDREAMY and all the other characters!!!! THANK YOU!!!