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Aniston Drinks SmartWater

Aniston Drinks SmartWater

A splash of purple in her wardrobe is a welcome change for Jennifer Aniston. Ms. Aniston left a business meeting in Beverly Hills, CA and was spotted gulping SmartWater. (SmartWater is the self proclaimed “purest form of water you can drink” and provides rapid hydration from its unique blend of electrolytes.)

The 37-year-old SmartWater spokesperson-to-be used her water bottle to block paparazzi from snapping a good shot of her before speeding off in her Range Rover back to her Hollywood Hills hideaway. More pictures in the gallery including a couple more of Jen leaving The Oprah Show!

In relationship news… The NY Post ran on Page Six yesterday an apology and retraction on the ‘Vince Vaughn being unfaithful’ story.

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  • M

    She’s all overrated now. I guess she just want all the attention. A media ***** par excellence

  • me

    She wants all the attention because she’s hiding her face?

  • starnot

    Ouch! The SmartWater sales will start going down now.

  • Hiding

    She is just hiding her face coz her hair has not been blown dry and not styled.

  • aycaramba

    i heard she just purchased a new house for 15 million mullahs, n it has 9 bedrooms n 7 baths (i think?) whoa, that house is mega humongous, y would any1 live in a house like that when ur just by urself not very practical i should say, but hey, am not the X, was just saying yah know?

  • +++++

    TBU DVD have finally come out. I hope she can just go away !

  • http://justjared airhostess

    Is she driving the same car as BP&AJ?

  • boohoo

    5 | aycaramba

    No, she’not along she had norman and a new puppy. and Vince need just one closet not room.

  • Becks

    Stupid water or Sucker water maybe, sorry but it is no better for you than any of the other bottled waters.

    And a Range Rover in LA? Do a lot of 4×4′ing do ya Jen?

  • Pollution

    Now she’s driving this gas guzzler & taking her part polluting the air. I thought she into “green”…Oh yeah right,,,she played one Rache Green that is. And she’s surely proud of it. HACK

  • starnot

    Are there chin -reduction surgeries?
    does anyone know?

  • Shawnee

    I think I finally figured it out……..if you took a small button-nose and let Mike Tyson pound on it for about 37 rounds…….then you would have an Aniston nose!

  • #A#

    so Ms Aniston rather spend 15 million dollars on herself and live in an outrageously huge house with 9 bedrooms and 7 baths ? hmmm..

    room1 for her to sleep in, room2 for Vince to bunk in, room3 for Vince and Aniston pretend cohabitat., room 4 for norman, room 5 for dolly, room 6 and 7 for girlfriends sleepover , room 8 for exercise and room 9 for suntanning bed.

    ya wondering where her priorities are.

  • Willard G. Oxtoby

    wow aj fans make me wonder if asylums are hooked with internet…

  • Tv-HAG

    SHe was smiling really bright for the paps when she went to din with Okra/Okra show, it was okay because the B/U was out that day… all of a sudden she’s media shy. Please woman just disappear. U are useless…..

  • Willard is a rat

    Now I know Willard is an Aniston fan! Internet in asylum is assigned for you & you alone Hear that oxy-moron!

  • Willard is a rat

    call 911 Willard is on a loose.

  • moron W.G.

    14 | Willard G. Oxtoby

    Please remember not every one is a big fan of Maniston. and disliking Maniston is equal to Brad and Angie fans.

  • moron W.G.

    13 | #A#

    LMAO. but I really think all Vince need is a closet .

  • moron W.G.


    Please remember not every one is a big fan of Maniston. and disliking Maniston is not equal to Brad and Angie fans.

  • scaryskin

    I’m thinking of my leathery orange boots.

  • nip/tuck

    I think she had an augmentation of her breast. look at her previous pic. her boob was totally sagging to her waistline. at recent pic , it ‘s more upward.

  • just saying

    No, she’not along she had norman and a new puppy. and Vince need just one closet not room.

    8 | boohoo |

    But what will happen when Vince finally comes OUT of the closet?

  • WTH?

    Who is that fashion victim with her? Smart move Jen, surround yourself with fugly people to make yourself look better.

  • chirly

    What is up with the bottle? Does she have an endorsement deal with SmartWater?


    What is pathetic is that Jen’s new home is three doors aways from C Cox new home. Jen is so needy

  • interesting

    Interesting that she turns around in her car so the paparazzi can take picture of her all done up but then when she is driving, she pretends to hide behind a water bottle. She even turns around in the last pictures to make sure they get a shot of her yet in the car, she acts as if she wants to be left alone. That’s what Jen is really about isn’t she. Luring the media and then pretending to not want the attention. She likes to play the mouse and cat game to keep the interest going. Her tactics at media manipulation are interesting, however she’s not.

  • ho hum

    ok I was curious to see what she is up to only because this PR game she and VV have going on is like train wreck..

    I STILL dont get why Vince is suing some tabs for saying he was cheating on someone he has never admitted to being with in the first place!
    For months they denied they were a couple..then finally everyone says ok we believe you you arent a couple…they start yelling and complaining about that! Vince, Im disappointed in you, man. Live your life, forget the tabs…

  • psh

    hmm for someone who claims to not want attention, sure…like that
    bright yellow Range Rover doesn’t scream “look at me.”

  • melanie

    From TMZ re Aniston:

    A source tells TMZ that Jen, who was with her hairstylist/pal Chris McMillan, purchased $3200 worth of gender neutral baby clothes and toys. Perfect for those pending births where the sex of the child is not known.

    Among her purchases were outfits in various sizes for newborns up to items for a one-year old. Jen bought onesies, a cute Snuggler blanket and several burp cloths that said “Hollywood.”

    Jennifer also chose to not have any of the items gift wrapped.

    While we may not know who the lucky baby and parents may be, Jen’s new purchases are sure to brighten up someone’s day.

    Do you think she is pregnant?

  • Star

    * She is just hiding her face coz her hair has not been blown dry and not styled.

    * hiding becaue no foundation or make up on her face… so everyone will see her ugly face.

    * Look on the other picture she was looking and smiling, she feel confident if she has foundation or make up on her face and hair styled.

  • Funny But True

    This is from another site (Lainey), and it’s so true! I don’t know if JA ever let go of that Rachel character, she really does have all the same mannerisms whether in real life or whether she is trying to portray a character. It’s amazing she still gets offered roles with all of the talented actresses out there. Not to be mean, it’s just true & makes you wonder!
    Anyways read below, this was her take on JA’s appearance on the Oprah show:
    “which is what happened during yesterday’s broadcast when Jen pulled out all the usual moves: the Rachel sniffle; the Rachel ‘speak through clenched teeth’ to convey passion and intensity; the Rachel frown and dip – you know, when she frowns out of sympathy and dips her head as a show of solidarity?; and my favourite – the Rachel blink really fast so people think you’re about to start crying…it was textbook y’all. Textbook and much, much, much more engaging than last time she went crying to Oprah – 15 interminable minutes of insisting she was really, really, really great and things were really, really, really fabulous. ”
    And if I remember correctly on that last appearance instead of just saying there was no-one in her life, she had to go on and elaborate that she wasn’t dating because she didn’t want to be the “REBOUND GIRL”??? Why bother adding that?

  • dexyn

    I like her purple top. She really wears her dress good.

  • tootsie

    33 | dexyn

    Yeah, aside from good cloth , shoe and hair. there was nothing interesting on her.

  • romi

    Do you think she is pregnant?

    30 | melanie |

    nope, she was just going to Jennifer Meyers baby shower.
    This woman isnt opening her womb up any time soon.

  • marianne

    did she do somewthing wrong by covering her face with a bottle?

    did she do something wrong by driving a range rover??

    did she do something extremely wrong by smiling to the camera?

    is it wrong to have a long chin??

    is it wrong to have big nose??

    is it wrong to have a big lips??

    is it wrong to hit a guy on motorcycle and then just left without any reaction or responsibility, when you proclaim to the world that you do humanitarian work??

    we should ask ourselves.

  • melanie

    35 – I agree with the latter part but she bought the baby stuff after the Meyer baby shower.

  • rusty

    is it wrong to hit a guy on motorcycle and then just left without any reaction or responsibility, when you proclaim to the world that you do humanitarian work??

    we should ask ourselves.
    Just for the record, Angelina wasnt in the car who had the accident caused by the paps.

  • Brangelunatik

    Smart Water. Is that where we get our brain power these days…?! It figures

  • melanie

    is it wrong to hit a guy on motorcycle and then just left without any reaction or responsibility, when you proclaim to the world that you do humanitarian work??

    marianne, I presume you are talking about Angelina who was not even in the car when the incident took place. Do you wish to apologise for this falsehood?

  • Mickey

    her hair looks nasty. i guess she forget to comb it. best hair. lol at the stupid people who believe in the overrated hype. sucker.

  • kidi

    She’s definitely been to the plastic surgeon.

    It didn’t help.

  • Mickey

    marianne is up to date on everything bamzs so I’m sure she knows angelina has nothing to do with the car crash. she just bitter that maniston has nasty hair and always covering her face.

  • Mindy

    Wow, it’s interesting that all you people can do is criticize
    outward appearances and looks. It feels like Junior High in
    here. No one has a clue as to what goes on in these people’s
    everyday lives. I find it quite funny that anyone could dislike
    someone this much, especially when you know next to nothing
    about who they really are. It’s very immature and childish. As
    far as the acting goes, I think she has great rhythm and
    timing and is very real. I’m an actor and it isn’t as easy as it
    looks, I’m sure most of you could’nt act your way out of a wet
    paper bag. Unfornately, she has been typecast alot, which is
    not her fault.

  • romi

    Unfornately, she has been typecast alot, which is
    not her fault.

    44 | Mindy|

    Bingo! another reason I dislike her. NOTHING is ever HER FAULT!

  • mmmmkkkk….

    her car is not “bright yellow” it is silver and the yellow color is a reflection from the lights above…jeeze you people are harsh.


    Yee Haaa…JEn rocks and brangielunatics sux!!!! Jealous are we, bitches?

  • Sushila

    U GO JEN!!! Lovely, pretty face. No evilness or sluttiness about it, whatsoever.

  • melanie

    47 – I think we are all jealous of the Oscar winning Aniston and her beautiful family – how lucky she is to have such beautiful children.


  • black

    Wow- I drink normal water, why am I not in the paper?

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