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Jude Law Relauches Theater

Jude Law Relauches Theater

Jude Law was spotted at the Young Vic relaunch drinks reception earlier today at the Young Vic Theater in located in the South Bank area of central London, UK. More pictures in the gallery including Jude digging into his derrière!

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jude law young vic 01
jude law young vic 02
jude law young vic 03
jude law young vic 04
jude law young vic 05
jude law young vic 06
jude law young vic 07
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  • matth



    aww i love him he is s gorgeous and british

  • Kini

    Look at those eyes….mesmerizing

  • yum

    He’s pretty. I don’t even mind the butt scratching.

  • kae

    I think he has some issues but he sure is nice to look at! Hi Kini!

  • Kini

    Kae—- Hi…but don’t they just get hotter once they are labeled a BAD BOY !!

  • sara

    He needs to do something about his hair. Still pretty though.

  • piper, with a low

    He’s beginning to look like himself. Good for him!

  • Sandy

    OK we all agree he is pretty hot no matter how
    you look at him – when you got it , you got it and
    it soesn’t matter what anyone says, or he wears or how he combs his hair or just runs his hands thru it.Jude is a Law unto himself.

  • Anon

    We all know what’s happening to your hairline under those bangs. Don’t fight it Jude.

  • nony

    He peaked in Gattaca, then he started ageing in dog years.

  • dolores craeg

    if jude wasn’t so handsome he wouldn’t have all those critics. it’s funny if he was just a great actor which he is, people would accept him, but because he’s so handsome, envious people crop up and find fault. i feel very strongly about this. nobody is critical of phillip seymour hoffman or william h. macy but when you’re as beautiful as jude all the envious people come out of the woodwork. i find that very interesting. plain people getting their jollies ripping someone apart whose got it all.

  • Daphne

    I am with you Dolores. Don’t people realize their ugly comments just make themselves look ugly? *Shrug* I ignore those sorts and focus on beautiful Jude. The first pic is TO DIE FOR. Those lips those eyes… and the one of him smilling next to David Lan. The two of them must be so proud. Their reconstruction of the Young Vic is a hell of an achievement and is proof of Jude’s commitment to his hometown. He makes a real contribution and I am sure the Londoners appreciate it. I love this guy. He’s got a lot of guts to rise above the crap the UK media has heaped on him.

    And the pics of him with Ben and scratching his bum… so cute!

  • http://msn Shazaa

    Chris Rock was right about this guy, five movies in one year and they all bombed at the box office. I live in England and who the heck is this guy but a loser! It seems that the British media are always desperate for celebrities apart from the Z-lister Beckhams! Tch tch tch.

  • http://msn Shazaa

    Lah dee daa!

  • Suze

    He’s so gorgeous and adorable and hot. I can’t stop looking at him.

  • Suze

    Opps, I forgot to add — Thanks for the pics Jared! You always have the latest photos.

  • Sandy

    That head shot is going to be a Jude classic it is
    so gorgeous – Jude in quiet contemplation is a
    work of art and contrary to the fools that don’t
    realize that his fabulous bone structure is the secret to his uncanny beauty, he will hever look
    bad no matter how old. You can change other
    things but not that. It’s become my new destop
    and what a pleasure to see this picture first and
    last. Thank you Jared, you’re the best.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Jared, RELAUNCH, not RELAUCH in title.

    Sigh. I love Jude.

  • dolores craeg

    you always make my day with your jude photos…so up to date….i’m electing you president…you have my vote.

  • Megan

    I think the reason why Jude gets alot of flack sometimes is because he tries to be a respectable actor but then his classless side comes out in real life. You would never see any respectable, intelligent actors in papz photo shoots. And you certainly would not catch them doing anything disgusting. That’s why Jude was skewered by Chris Rock and had a bad year when doing so many films. He’s cute. There’s no denying that. But when you do dumb, stupid things, you lack gaining respect. And that’s why the papz will treat you like Lindsay Lohan. Your antics are what lures these photogs to you, causing controversy to your image. As an actor, you should have some class and never react to the photogs. It may sound snobbish, but it’s smart advice. You know, Nicole Kidman is a fine actor, but if you havent noticed there is a difference between her and Cate Blanchett. Nicole seems to attract controversy to her personal life. Maybe she’s doing or saying something stupid to attract it. No matter how ellaborate your answers are to an interview, you receive negativity and controversy to your public image because you associated yourself in some way to attract that. You know i get alot of flack from respectable friends because I don’t go out and drink with them and i don’t date too often. But I have a reputation to upkeep. I can’t be seen getting drunk, even if it’s at a respectable party or hooking up with too many people. I just don’t want to get myself in that type of situation. I just think that if you want to be respected and you don’t want papz and tabloids on your back, you need to change in some way. People always say “It’s not their fault. They’re just being themselves.” Well, let me ask you something. Would you act this way in front of your kids? Is this what you’re teaching your kids? Would you have an affair with a nanny in front of your kids? Would you teach your kids to pick your ass in public? Would you teach your kids that it’s okay to marry a drunkard? Would you teach your kids that it’s okay to not get married (which in some cases it might be) or teach them to just pop out babies for the good of mankind? I mean, I just think that some people are living like teenagers. If an actor wants to be respected, he/she should act like they were a professional doctor in a local suburb where all the neighbors know you and need to come to you and trust you. You need to act in a certain way and keep a pleasing image in order to steer away the negativity. I come from a poor family that lacked alot of things (messy household, not enough clothes, mother who never did a damn thing for us, father who was a verbal tyrant), but the one thing my family taught me was to always look and act respectable as if there was nothing wrong. That may sound untruthful, but we were taught not to discuss our personal lives or make sure people didn’t know about our personal lives. And my father, although a tyrant to us, was the most well-liked, well-respected man in town… and he deserved it because although he could be mean, he was the most hardworking person with whatever means he had. And my mother, although a horrible mother for lack in duties, she always looked beautiful in public and was a real socialite. But the thing is, I thought she deserved the respect. Because she suffered from poor health and depression which is the reason for her lack of being a mother. Bottom line is, that as a respectable person in a respectable job, you never ever let out your dirty laundry. NEVER.

  • Megan

    And you don’t DO things that would be considered dirty laundry. Like I said, not drinking or dating every person, is a good thing and I’m well respected and successful because of it. And I am so happy because my problems in my life never get out of hand. It’s so easy to forget that I even have problems because I don’t do things to add onto them.

  • Daphne

    “You would never see any respectable, intelligent actors in papz photo shoots. ”

    HAHAHAHAHA that is so ignorant. Sean Penn anyone? I am sure there are others too but I don’t know of them since I don’t follow anybody but Jude. For the record, Jude Law does NOT talk about his personal life. Other people talk about him, I guess because their own lives aren’t very interesting to them.

    You might want some Maalox for your verbal diarrhea there Megan.

  • Daphne

    Geez, who cares about you Megan. We are here to see Jude Law pics, not get lectured by some smug librarian who thinks she’s miss perfect. You sound like a pain in the neck.

  • juderude

    Delores quit if with the dumb comments – there is nothing wrontgwith people saying things that don’t put nanny dipping jude in a good light – he was disgusting in what he did and his girl was disgusting in what she did after – they are both a pair of losers – apart from the fact that they have money coming out of their asses to spend on this stupid lifestyle – i would just like to see how Jude or Sienna would survive without the publicity they claim they don’t seek.

  • Sandy

    Megan if you really understood and properly analysed the paparazzi scene you would know that
    95& of what you read and see remarks about- its all bullshit concocted by different parts of the
    press for their own advancement and greed and
    turn out not to even be true. Yes he had an unfortunate lapse of judgement last year but he paid for it and has learned from it I’m sure. He was reidiculaed and tortured more than any other
    celelrity who has done the same (and they are
    legion). YOU ARE TOO JUDGEMENTAL. First
    walk in their shoes and then cast stones. Jude
    does not seek publicity (unfortunately his present
    girlfriend does) She is young and has a lot to learn. But you compare Jude to the normal run of
    serious actors, not fair becauase sinply stated
    there are some that are good-looking but Jude’s
    sex appeal and beauty jump out in front of what
    he does. Many people are jealous of it and cannot
    control the vitriol and he is acutely aware of the
    problem.The man who rearely looks in the mirror
    and would love the world to leave him alone will
    i am afraid never truy find that piece of mind.. Fortunately he does possesss another great
    strength that will help him deal with this peculiar
    to him problem, and that is that he is by all accounts and by examining the things he says, a
    very bright man. Remember that, what you see as
    stupid is not Jude but the press at work. The
    instrusive nosy and demanding press in his face
    at all times.Would you like to live that way? i
    assure you that Jude who had a wonderful happy
    upbringing and knows what’s right for his children
    did not intentionally do those things. You see
    what the press does and not always their retractions when the lawyers attack them. It
    helps to really know your subject before you accuse anyone of anything. Many of us lead
    wonderful and almost perfect lives, but what have
    we had to face like the lives of a celebreity? If
    you want to act and it’s the most important thing
    in the world for you that the world tells you you
    excel at ,you try to juggle it all.Plesase God he
    will acheive the balance he seeks. The world has
    only one such example of true talent, brains and
    incomparable beauty and we need him to light it
    up and give us extroadinary pleasure.

  • yanti

    I think He’s very gentle by saying sorry to public.
    One I feel sorry about him is his on/off girlfriend. She likes the publicity. It’s bad for Jude.
    I love the pics btw.

  • joys

    I agree with you Daphne.
    We are here to enjoy Jude pictures go find somewhere to give your lenghtly lectures.

    I like JUDE LAW no matter what . !!!>>>>>……

  • dolores craeg

    megan, i can appreciate what you are trying to say, but my dear you are way off base. true jude had a lapse in judgement but what you are looking for is utopia where everybody is perfect and never sins. i don’t think we’re going to find it here on earth.your dissertation was more like you wanting to explain yourself than anything possibly could have to do with jude law. you don’t know him. that’s first. you are assuming that what the press says is gospel. nothing that is written about jude law except what comes directly out of his mouth can be assumed to be correct. you need to lighten up a little and maybe if jude knew you he could straighten you out…but only if he knew you. i’m sure he wouldn’t judge you unless he did. he’s that nice, that bright and not so uptight.

  • Megan

    Wow, you must be a real IDIOT if you think that what I meant by “respectable” was Sean Penn of all people! Just because you make millions and win awards doesn’t mean anything. Sean Penn isn’t respectable. Jack Nicholson isn’t respectable. George Clooney isn’t respectable. I’m talking about the ones who don’t get themselves in trouble or are womanizers or drug addicts or are in the news for doing something as stupid as smoking at a press conference meeting for your latest movie and get the place fined for it or make news for having a boat or whatever break down in the middle of a hurricane flood or getting arrested…

  • André

    i think megan has a point there..altough i didn’t read everything she wrote coz..well..too big and the sentences were starting to move in front of my eyes..Anyway..
    I never see paparazzi pics of Cate Blanchet!
    And Sean Penn is not what i call a great actor.

    And i think Jude is handsome, even if he’s losing his hair (which btw is not a recent thing)..And i think he looks greater in Alfie and Cold Mountain than he does in Gattaca, Nony..LOL

    he will always have these eyes and this smile..that’s cool.

  • Megan

    And the whole point of my long post was that I’m sick of reading all these tabloid articles about these actors and then these actors go and complain on Oprah that they’re being stalked by the papparazzi. Why do they think they’re being targeted? Why does Cameron and Justin think they’re being targeted? Because the papz KNOW these are the type of people that will do or say something that will bring these papz big bucks. Jack Nicholson is probably worth alot more and is probably more popular and bankable than Cate Blanchett but I think she is more respectable than Jack. Let’s put it this way. You wouldn’t find Cate Blanchett in the same position as Angelina Jolie and alot of other respectable actors being tabloid fodder or papz photo ops. And the reason why Jude gets criticized is because he does things that are stupid looking or lacking respect to the public sometimes. In fact I think it’s stupid that Jack has a kid by atleast 3 different women and impregnanted his daughter’s best friend! But he’s still bankable, won many awards, was a straight A student (but a former drug addict and trouble maker) and is more famous. But “respectable.” Not in the sense that I’m thinking of – to avoid being a papz & tabloid target. You wouldn’t find Cate or certain other actors picking their a** in public.

  • Megan

    Oh and as far as me being a “librarian..” I make alot of money in the position that I work for and the reason why I’m successful and keep moving up is because my clients come to me out of respect and these are very rich clients who can tell I’m smart and can find out everything about everyone. I’ve also had many different types of guys ask me for my hand in marriage (ranging from rock musicians to very respectable doctors and so forth) because they love the fact that me not going out with every single guy (and end up looking so used with a shady past) or getting drunk all the time, a dream come true for them. I live my life having fun, but I don’t find it fun getting drunk and screwing every guy. I live my life knowing what my children will think of me someday. i personally choose that even though there are many others who are now married with kids, get drunk, have affairs and get divorces like they drink water. I have a problem free life and I am very happy with my richness of my life. If you have to look to guys, partying and drinking to find some richness in your life, then go ahead. You’ll probably be one of those with kids like Paris Hilton.

  • Daphne

    Gosh Megan you are actually even more tiresome than I thought! Reminder — Jared kindly posted pics of Jude Law and that’s what people come to see. This isn’t a forum for tiresome smug uptight asses like you to tell other people how to behave or to live their life. Jude Law, or anybody in fact, can diddle a thousand nannies and beat up a hundred paps and get drunk every night and it wouldn’t even begin to make me feel what I feel towards people like you. You are repellent. You make me want to PUKE. Do society a favour — reach behind you, take that plug out of the hole at your bum (it will be tight and deep) and push it into the hole on your face and keep it there. Your verbal diarrhea is taking up all the space for other people’s comments.

    No respect and much disgust from me,


  • joys

    Megan you obviously have a thing for Cate B. but this is about Jude Law … Also. you ‘re in the wrong place…we don’t want and enjoy reading your life story on this site…. that is not why we are here.

  • dolores craeg

    daphne, joys…..thank you for hopefully bringing this soliloquy to and end…hamlet is shorter and better written. let’s keep this a jude law site and not a forum for malcontents.

  • Marcheline

    Megan is a crack whore.

  • Marcheline


    Let’s try that backwards!

  • Marcheline

    Megan iz a krak hore.

    (Kiddies, this is what we call trying it phonetically!)

  • brad

    anyone know jude laws maida vale address?

  • dolores craeg

    if i knew jude’s maida vale address i’d be camped outside his doorstep. they’d have to lift me with a forklift to remove me……..