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Keith Urban Enters Rehab

Keith Urban Enters Rehab

BREAKING! Keith Urban checked himself into a rehab for alcohol abuse last night with his wife Nicole Kidman by his side. A statement was released:

“I deeply regret the hurt this has caused Nicole and the ones that love and support me. One can never let one’s guard down on recovery, and I’m afraid that I have.”

It’s been less than four months since his marriage to Nicole. Keith turns 39 next week and has publicly acknowledged a former addiction to cocaine. Get well soon, Keith!

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  • Kini

    I would drink too if I was married to that Ice Princess.

  • Newbie

    I wish them the best

  • stardust

    I hope he can overcome whatever problems he’s having right now.

  • Sandbitch

    Keith Urban’s ex did warn. His behaviour must’ve been bad to enter rehab. I wonder if she’s having 2nd thoughts about having a baby with an alcoholic?? Maybe she should have a girly chat to Heather Mills McCartney, or Robyn Gibson, Denise Richards, Sara Evans…

  • Kodie

    Kini it’s funny you said that because when I told my mom this her first question was, “Did Nicole drive him to drink?” I wish him the best…he is one of my favorite country artists. I do find it ironic that he has been sober for years and merely 4 months after they get married he’s drinking again.

  • D Richards

    I knew this would happen, when I heard she was going to marry this guy. I wondered why Nicole would marry a man with a substance abuse history. I guess Nicole isn’t too smart.

    *And the person who brought Paul McCartney into this, leave him out of this. that golddigger he married is lying on him, so she can get soul custody of the child and get a billion dollars plus in the divorce settlement.

  • Marisleysis

    How sad! Just when I was getting hip to his music. I saw his video the other day “Better Life” (yes, for the first time) and now I’m hooked! Anyway, I hope there’s a better life waiting for him after he gets out of rehab. Oh, and D Richards, I think you meant ‘sole’ custody, not ‘soul’ custody. Unless you were trying to be funny. hehe.

  • romi

    Maybe one of them cheated on the other, emotionally.

  • mona

    this is a perfect way out of the marriage for Nicole-she gets all the credit for trying and then some for a broken heart. all of that in time for the awards season.

  • Lori

    I just wish Keith the best of luck on his recovery!! It takes guts to admit that you have a problem and face it. He is a true hero in my book. I love him and his music and I will continue to support him.

  • Rae

    I give him props for admitting he has a problem. That is a HUGE step with an addict. Knowing that he does have a problem and he is doing something about it is awesome. I wish him well and hope he gets on track soon. I am a true fan and I will support him in this time in his career. Good Luck Keith!! And the vows say “For better or for Worse” too many people bail when there is any kind of trama!! I hope she stands by her man in his time of need.

  • CJ

    Many people close to KU have gone on record over the last year saying he had giving up drinking completely. I think she caught him doing something else she didn’t like and blackmailed him into going to rehab so she could file for divorce and not look like the bad guy.

    It’s VERY fishy to me she goes to London to film, Rome for film festival, then to Kosovo (all with out Keith) then a few days before supposed to meet Keith in Australia she shows up in TN to escort him to rehab? If he had enough planning for her to fly in to “be by his side” why didn’t anyone notify the band? They showed up and started preparing for Friday’s concert! Something isn’t right.

  • you wish

    I am not bordered by any of these artist, I wish him the best….That said it’s safe to say the marriage is DOOMED!!!

  • aycaramba

    ohmigod, have a feeling thier marriage is not going 2b a happy ending 1, u watch, i might b wrong, but am sticking 2 it haha

  • shazzaa

    Blah blah blah blah, whatever.

  • OMG

    I have a feeling this marriage is not gonna work. he’s on rehab. alcohol or coke. I don’t know about alcoholic but it’s not easy to stop coke its like chain smoking only one third curb the addiction.

  • someone

    Im a fan of keith, I wish him well, and hope he can fight the demon, because thats what any addiction is..I hope it doesn’t destroy thier marriage..good luck to Keith!

  • Mary

    Poor Nicole. I hope he doesn’t hurt her again.

  • CCC

    I thought Nicole incoorporated that into their marriage contract.. if he ever goes down again, then it’s over. How sad to see this happen so soon.. i wish them the best.


    Poor Nicole – what a bunch of B.S. This whole thing stinks – stay tuned. There’s more to come!

  • That is all

    I think Nicole is gay just like her ex hubby.

  • cocot13

    I use to really like Nicole Kidman I mean love her but every sicne she made comments about Angelina Jolie only helping people for publicity she,s been on my shit list and it is very hypocritical of her to say that now since she is trying to be a humanitarian herself and worst of all demanding that she be paid for her public service what a bitch I hope he leaves her anerexic overly botoxed flat ass self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cocot13

    wow that was harsh sorry

  • Kevin

    He has a history of using sex and drugs to get out of relationships by forcing the other person to leave.

    She has terrible taste in men.

  • +++

    22 | cocot13 |

    She and her PR have public denied they make such ridiculous comment. in fact she force the Sun or the Daily to publicly apologize this news. it’s another creation of the tablod media.

  • Nicole Fan

    Funny thing is that this happened at the same time that Keith’s ex, Nikki Taylor, got engaged to a Nascar driver. Is this a coincidence??? Also read somewhere that Keith was trying to contact Nikki three wee befroe he married Nicole.

  • Rach

    This is crap guys. I feel so sorry for the both of them. Those comments about angelina jolie weren’t made by Nicole by the way!! Good luck keith and good on nicole for standing by her man. No person is perfect and u must respect and deal with the weaknesses. Too many people, seemingly a lot of u guys would give up to easily. He can overcome this and just because he entered rehab doesn’t mean he is abusing again but he may feel the threat of abusing. God bless both of them and a safe and speedy recovery

  • Sandbitch

    I hope Nicole isn’t cleaning up after Urban’s bodily functions like poor Heather Mills McCartney had to.

  • lisa

    Those comments were made by Nicole. She just got the Irish newspaper to retract that she made those comments to their newspaper. In fact she made those comments in a British magazine. Her PR machine at work again to make her look good, just like they will now make her look like poor nicole even though she has lots of secrets she should get help for.

  • Fritt

    Get well soon Keith! It was a brave thing to do, and I wish him and Nicole all the best for their future together!

  • Do

    # 25/+++ U r so right, # 22/cocot13: u must be one of those obsessive Brangelinafans who don’t get their facts straight and who believes everything the media-trash blurts out..not good, in fact I think Brangelina would be dissapointed with u for believing everything you hear amongst gossip…

  • Janice Feige

    Howsad I feel very sorry for Nicole I hope it works out for them I had hoped she had found a great guy in Keith after that asshole she had before She is such a nice person and has a fantastic figure which she has had since she was a child always tall and thin and not anerexic
    I hope things work out well for them as they both desevere to be happy
    Keiths new album sounds fantastic

  • romi

    22 | cocot13 |

    NK never said those things about Angie.

  • Lori

    I really wish everyone would just leave them alone!! Keith has made a very brave step by admitting he has a problem. I wish him all the luck in the world in his recovery. He is a very talented artist and I can’t wait until he gets back out on the road. But, we should be prayer for his health first not for the demise of his marriage. You people are cruel. He is brave and honest. I respect anyone who gets help and tries to better themselves and puts it out there instead of hiding it!! He is not a phony like most of the so called “Hollywood types”. Get better Keith!!!

  • Nika

    It must be hard being gay and pretending you’re attracted to woman. Never liked the guy or his kiddy music.

  • jan

    What goes on between a married couple is no ones business but theirs so I say BACK OFF and let them live their lives in peace All these lies people come up with, love to see how you live your lives. By the comments some of you make, you are a pretty sick lot


    I just hope KU now realizes that playing the PR game that *Nic* is an expert at, really isn’t such a good idea after all. It always backfires in the end.

  • ja9stamper

    you people are amazing. I like looking at JJ because he has great photo’s but all the speculation about these people’s lives is so crazy. You are all so far from these people. There is NO WAY you could possibly know what is going on in there lives UNLESS it is a DIRECT QUOTE! Please do yourlselves a favor and stay in reality. Don’t believe anything unless it is a direct quote from the celebrity. If you notice, VERY FEW actual quotes ever come out of their mouths. There reps say very little also.

  • Sandbitch

    36 | jan – Some people use “marriage” to conceal their problems. They make promises they know they won’t keep. It’s a betrayal.

    Nic only arrived back in Nashville on Friday – i.e. it was the first time Keith had been on his lonesome since the wedding. She must’ve found him in a sorry state because his concert in Connecticut that night was cancelled and he was whisked into rehab instead. I’m sure Nic expected a different welcome home from work honey song than that. I hope she paddles his sorry backside all the way up the twelve steps and back!

  • D Richards

    When I heard Nicole Kidman was going to marry a guy with a past of drug and alcohol abuse and cheating, I thought “is she crazy, or just that desperate to get hitched”.

  • smart_nicole33

    nicole is a bitch ! all she thinks is about making her self look glamours i agree with sandbitch keith has been sober for years and it took him 4 months to become an addict does that tell you anything personally i think the only competition is between keith and nicole thats destructive.

  • D Richards

    Dang, I didn’t know Keith was with Nikki Taylor. Wow, he went from a woman with a nice figure like Nikki, to a woman with the figure like a 12 year old boy, like Nicole.

  • JoAnn

    No, he went from an airhead to an extremely intelligent and mature woman.

  • lisa

    He went from a real woman to the Ice Queen. A woman who was Tom Cruise’s beard for 10 years.

  • cocot13

    she said those things to get publicity for herself and when people complained she had the statements retracted trust me she is a bitch!!!!!

  • bella

    I think it’s very responsible of him to admit his problem and to act about it, as I know it’s a very hard thing to do. Luckily his wife is on his side, so they can beat this together

  • Do

    #45/Cocot13, Here we go again: Do u personally know Nicole and/or are u a mindreader? Are u also aware of the fact that tabloids like to create drama cause it sells-such as all the negative gossip that I bet u don’t believe about Brangelina-? If you answer no to the first 2 questions (and probably yes to the last question) then you’re probably the one seeking attention on this site…

  • Sherry

    I personally could never stand Nicole. She is phony, prissy and way too uptight. I support Keith 1000% in everything he does. I only have two things to say….1. You can only pretend to be something you are not for so long before you snap….and 2. Keith, whatever is going on in your life right now, I hope you can sort it out. Be who you are and all your fans are here waiting and sending all kinds of good good karma your way.

  • Nancy

    I never know what to think about Nicole. I used to think she was a “beard” for Tom, which I assumed meant she was also gay. But a gay woman wouldn’t choose people like Lenny Kravitz or Keith Urban for beards; she’s making the poor romance choices of a heterosexual woman……

  • julieRAGE

    okay to you cocot13 if u actually went back to that gossip you’ll realise that the news paper company that realsed it apologised to NICOLE a few days later in a statement they released to the world and i quote ” we’re apologise to NICOLE KIDMAN IN REGARDS TO THE agelina jolie issue as we finally realise she didn’t say this things we are sorry for any inconvinience this may have caused” all she said was angelina and i shouldn’t get extra credits for doing the right thing and as usual the the media made a big mess out of it