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Sarah Michelle Gellar is Bootylicious

Sarah Michelle Gellar is Bootylicious

Sarah Michelle Gellar looked boot-iful in Vancouver, Canada this past Wednesday morning on the set of her new film, Addicted. SMG weathered the stormy rain in a pair of galoshes and kept a pair of Uggs on hand to keep warm.

Addicted tells the story of a woman’s life thrown into chaos after a freak car accident sends her husband and brother in law into comas. Thrills arrive after the brother in law wakes up, thinking he’s his brother. Addicted is set for a 2008 release. More pictures in the gallery including scans from the Nov. 2006 isssue of Marie Claire!

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  • Mel

    She will always be Buffy but I think she looks great with dark hair.

  • hmmm

    Why was it necessary for her to say “I lived in Mexico for three months…..” in order to highlight her botulism story? I will concede that there is more poverty in Mexico than there is in the United States, but she’s making it sound like everyone sits around naked in thatched huts eating monkey tacos. Give me a break! That’s about as unfair a generalization as if I were to say all “ACTORS” go to Mexico to get colonics and stock up on illegal diet pills. FU SMG! Just because you were subjected to seeing the panhandlers on the streets instead of through the tinted windows of your Land Rover doesn’t mean you can can make country out to be a salmonella-infested cesspool! Take a cue from Angelina Jolie and discuss the good things about other countries! Maybe you should get your freakishly bulbous nose out of the air and spare a few pesos to help out the country you resided in for three months instead of poo-pooing on it to the press.

  • ariel


  • Tonighttonight

    hmmm – take some medication to help calm yourself down. She didn’t make it sound like that…you’re reading way too much into the comment and seeing something that isn’t there. She was married in Mexico. I’m sure she knows that people don’t live in huts and sit around naked. Don’t be stupid.


  • Kellie

    I am NOT a SMG fan, however I am 3rd generation here (US) from Mexico and I’m very proud of that. My family still is very much Mexican in our ways, looks and beliefs. I’ve read this whole interview and specificly the part about her living in Mexico for 3 months and I don’t feel that she feels or was trying to say it was some “salmonella-infested cesspool”.

    It is common knowledge that Mexico has below standard water systems. Being from Mexico, natives can handle that because they’ve only known that type of water, etc… and their bodies have built up resistances. But being from a country that has very clean and healthy water systems, we get sick from drinking one drink of water, or even food prepared in that water. It’s just the way it is.

    The question that was asked brought her into that example. Maybe you don’t agree with how she handled it, but I really don’t see that she made some huge generalization where she dogged Mexico.

    I’ve been to Mexico quite a few times and brought my own water. Where I stayed had it’s own water treatment center, which is really only in touristy areas so therefore I felt a little more at ease to eat the food without feeling like I would become ill as long as it was actually cooked food and not a salad that was rinsed in regular water. When I ventured of into private areas I did not eat the food or drink anything that wasn’t in a bottle or can that I couldn’t clean off and poor into a plastic cup.

    It’s just a fact…

  • cripity-crap crap

    this woman is a bitch…i saw her in a Conan O’Brian interview and she just seems like your typical stuck up sorority bitch…

  • krista

    get a life people!!

  • Jzee

    Okay people let this word die a horrible death you have worn out the word (bootylicious) why is that u take a word and use it to death, she dosn’t have a booty most of the ones that you say have booty don’t, so stop using it, white girls don’t have booty only their jeans make it look like they do, so stop it!!!!

  • Neat

    thanx jared! io cant wait to see more stuff from SMG..its been awhile.

  • Erin

    She looks much better as a brunette.

  • onursmg

    she looks adorable!can’t wait for her movies…and people calm down sarah is like an angel don’t think wrong things about her…

  • jaromir

    #2 you need to calm down, she was only emphasizing the fact that while living somewhere in Mexico that you need to vacinate against such things as Botulism, so she doesn’t see where injecting something like that in your face makes any sense….which IMO totally makes sense.

    I think you need to learn how to comprehend things better.

    Aside from that, I must add that I miss Buffy, wish they would do a movie or something, I know that they have a comic book series which is supposed to be like season 8. But its just not the same.


  • Kellie

    #12 – there isn’t a vaccine for Botulism or Salmonella.

    Botulism is a rare but serious paralytic illness caused by a nerve toxin, botulin, that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botulin is a potent toxin, blocking nerve function and leading to respiratory and musculoskeletal paralysis.
    In the United States an average of 110 cases of botulism are reported each year. Of these, approximately 25% are foodborne, 72% are infant botulism, and 3% are wound botulism. Outbreaks of foodborne botulism involving two or more persons occur during most years and usually are caused by eating contaminated home-canned foods. The number of cases of foodborne and infant botulism has changed little in recent years, but wound botulism has increased because of the use of black tar heroin, especially in California.
    Botulism Prevention – Do NOT give honey or corn syrup to infants younger than 1 year old – not even just a little taste on a pacifier! Always discard bulging cans or off-smelling preserved foods. Sterilize home-canned foods by pressure cooking at 250 degrees F. for 30 min. DO NOT “TASTE TEST”! Keep foil-wrapped baked potatoes hot or in refrigerator. Prevent infant botulism by breast-feeding, if possible.
    Typhoid fever is an illness caused by the bacterium Salmonella Typhi. Common worldwide, it is transmitted by ingestion of food or water contaminated with feces from an infected person. The bacteria then multiply in the blood stream of the infected person and are absorbed into the digestive tract and eliminated with the waste.
    Salmonella prevention – Cook poultry, ground beef, and eggs thoroughly before eating. Do not eat or drink foods containing raw eggs. Never drink unpasteurized milk. Wash hands, kitchen work surfaces, and utensils with soap and water. Wash hands with soap after handling reptiles, amphibians or birds, or after contact with pet feces.
    The most common organisms that cause Motezuma’s Revenge, which is what you get from drinking water in Mexico are enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Shigella and Campylobacter jejuni, not Botulism.
    More common in Mexico are hepatitis, cholera, staphylococcal food poisoning, typhoid fever or other salmonella illnesses from eating food from stands on the street, etc.
    In fact, in Sept. 06 there was a little break-out of botulism in Mexico due to carrot juice PRODUCED IN THE U.S. The U.S. companies pulled it from shelves.

  • hmmm

    Tonighttonight, thanx for the tip, but having strong convictions is not stupid. I will take your advice though and chill….currently medicating myself with a stiff drink. Having said that, I do believe that celebrities have both a responsibility and an opportunity to do and say positive things. As I stated in my previous post, Mexico has a much higher poverty rate than the US. Tourism is a huge industry and for her to make the comment about having to avoid botulism while in Mexico could have adverse effects especially on someone who is not well-informed as Kellie is when she mentions that while she has visited Mexico on several occasions, she still avoids tap water in private areas as a precaution. Yes, she was asked a question about Botox, however, she could have simply said that she tried to avoid it without singling out a particular country. I’m not disagreeing with the facts about Mexico and my comprehension skills are fine. I read the interview and was incensed by her comment. It was a response to a question about cosmetic surgery and botox, not infectious diseases of Latin American countries.

  • Kellie

    hmmm, You say I’m not well-informed yet I’ve just posted several facts here regarding info pertaining to both Botulism and Salmonella, how and if you can injest these bacterias in Mexico…and the percentage rates in the U.S. Ok…whatever….I’m not well-informed. But you and your ranting is.

    I’m not the one “medicating myself with a stiff drink” as you just confessed to doing.

    Have another, pass out and sleep it off. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe you’ll wake up on the right side of the bed this time and not be so ignorant…

  • hmmm

    Kellie, my comment was meant to say “someone who is not as well-informed as Kellie”. My sincerest apologies for accidentally insulting you. I was actually commending you, not ranting.

  • http://none Ron Erick

    I love Sarah Michelle Gellar! I cant wait to see all her upcoming movies. This womnay is on a movie blitz. She is amazing and I absolutely love her. Can’t wait to see more on her!

  • Poster1

    SMG got some form of food poisoning on her wedding day due to IIRC drinking local tapwater in some form

    So she wasn’t saying that comment out of nowhere she has suffered illness in Mexico

  • Aymen

    Love SMG! It’s great that she has a lot of movies comming out next year. Keep on reporting about Sarah!