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Tears of Wentworth Miller

Tears of Wentworth Miller

Is Michael (Wentworth Miller) crying from being on his own? Reliving a past memory? He seems to be in a store that sells graduation gowns… Inset: Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) tries to decipher Michael’s clues.

After the jump: T-Bag (Robert Knepper) searching for Ms. Hollander, Mahone (William Fichtner) is digging something up, and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and LJ (Marshall Alman) traveling through Utah by foot after they are spotted driving. Prison Break episode “Unearthed” airs Monday, Oct. 30 @ 8PM on FOX. More pictures in the gallery!

Watch Part I of Wentworth Miller on Jimmy Kimmy Live from last night. Part II can be found after the jump! Enjoy and may your weekend be Wentiful!

Wentworth MillerJimmy Kimmel Live Part I, 10/20

Wentworth MillerJimmy Kimmel Live Part II, 10/20
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  • wentworth101

    OH man! i cant wait for pb to return! wentworth’s got that scruff goin’ on. but still, i love it wen a man shows some crocodile tears.

  • CV

    i cant wait til monday!

  • jeanne luvs went


  • cocot13

    ooh I’m FIRST, I gonna take a guess and say that he is probably watching a news clip about the suicide of Sara’s father and he is thinking about her, and also I just saw Jimmy Kimmel and Went was great he and Guillermo made up from the Teen Choice Awards it was cute but Went’s forhead was very sweaty and kind of distracting

  • cocot13

    I guess I wasn’t first LOL

  • Melissa J

    Wow! Went looks sooooo good In that pic, I love the scruffy look! I can’t wait till Monday! *Squeel* *Wentgasm*

  • Brittany

    He looked great on Jimmy Kimmel,, and looks soo hot in that picture above lol,, Can’t wait for Monday!!!

  • JESS

    I am guessing that he is looking at a news report about the governor’s suicide and then they say that Sara has gone missing or that she hasn’t been seen anywhere to comment…something to make him sense she is missing now and maybe in trouble.
    I just saw went on JKL and he looked gorgeous and it was such a cute makeup between him and Guiermo(sp?), I loved the interview, but they need to get new questions. Poor guy gets asked the same questions in every interview he does.
    Anyways, all went is good went.
    Thanks for the pics…I cannot wait for Monday and all the future Mondays to come. I don’t know what I am going to do during the hiatus.

  • sara

    i dont like prison break imho is a very boring show but wentworth miller is really gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous his eyes are beautiful…

  • Mariana

    Went is so breathtaking – and you know what the best thing about him it – he puts his arm around fans when they take pictures together with him, thats VERY rare in Hollywood.

  • cocot13

    I hate to bring this up but it kind of disturbed me when Jimmy said they have a guy to like his body when they put the tattoo on and Went said unfortunately not I hope he was joking

  • angelina

    i luved him on jimmy kimmel!!! he was sooo PRETTY!!! that moment w/guillermo was priceless!! LOL he’s growing his hair out i like it!! super HOTT!! cant wait til monday!!! OMGosh jared u made my weekend!!! luv ya!! THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HIM GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV UR SITE!!

  • cocot13

    I meant lick his body

  • angelina

    i think he was CLEARLY JOKING

  • cocot13

    God I hope your right

  • Maldita

    what’s with the part 2? Went wasn’t there anymore (his handsome but sweaty self) ! and the new bachelor looked GAY!

  • Mink

    Thanks Jared. Wentworth looked gorgeous on Kimmel, if a little ‘warm’. Evidently his own radioactive hotness has finally gotten to him! But what’s with the clips? The first one is only the second half of the Went interview, and the second one is Lorenzo. (BTW, I knew Lorenzo through work several years ago, and he’s not gay. If there is as much substance to the Went rumours as there is to that idea, none of us need be concerned ;))

  • strnger

    that clip is a little incomplete.
    check this link for the full interview

  • Marleen

    I love Wentworth!!!!! He was so greaton Jimmy Kimmel! Cant wait until a new episode of Prison Break!




    wentworth has a lot of nervous ticks. whenever he is being interviewed he scratches himself.its a habit I have as well. he also plays with his fingers, and when he sits with his legs crossed he often plays with his pants.COCO i think you were reading way too much into that comment. you must have some fear that hes gay or was clearly a joke.Sweet he wasn’t being stuck up..wentworth was smiling the whole time through that video it was obviously a little skit planned between the two and if not went was only joking

  • Mink

    #20 – “I also noticed he has some sort of large dark patch or birth mark on his jaw line on the opposite side of his mole…”
    Huh? Here’s a screencap showing the right (non-mole) side of his jawline. No dark patch, birthmark or discoloration of any kind.

  • ZeNd

    thanks jared!! love you so much.. lol

    btw, ive just watched dead or alive & really2 like holly valance [nika] there.. may be you can add up some of her news.. lol.. is she going to be in pb next episode??

    thanks soooo soooo muchh

  • girly

    can anyone explain the ‘a little bit of definition’ remark WM made when asked about what the tattoo is about. I don’t really get that..
    I also thought he was a little stuck up at the teen choice awards with guillermo, but then again, I wouldn’t want some stranger touching my head either. nice to see he remembered and made up with guillermo.
    and I agree with # 22, lots of nervous ticks. the hand in front of his mouth and playing with the hands, I see it as being a little uncomfortable in the situation.
    nice interview though :p

  • geniass

    How is he in part 2?

  • Lara

    We’re not worthy, Jared!

    “Girly,” what Went really meant is that the “tattoo” supplies definition to his body that he doesn’t have naturally. His self-deprication is so precious. *sigh*

  • Mink

    #28 Sweet. Yep, I know his skin wasn’t as flawless at the beginning of S1 as it is now, but that wasn’t your original point, right? You were saying he currently has some kind of mark on his right jaw line, and I was just pointing out that is not so by posting a screencap of the side of his face you were referring to from a recent episode. I think what you were seeing on the clip was just shadow, but whatever, that screencap makes it pretty obvious there is no ‘dark mark’ or whatever there. And, yeah, I get the addiction thing. ;)

  • girly

    sweet and lara, thanks for explaining! I remember him saying that a couple times, I just didn’t catch the joke this time

  • Mariana

    Wentworth Miller is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS & for all the guys out there reading this: If you have girlfriends obsessed with him, then you can bet 100% that they are imagining Wenty when doing the naughty naughty, LOL!

    He is hot! BUT to be honest I was kinda surprised by how he didn’t let that Guillermo touch his hair, what’s the big deal?!?! I mean he could have made a joke about it or something, or been lighthearted – but instead he was plain rude and wierd and took himself WAY too seriously.

    I guess he did make it up to G, but still it was a side of Wentworth that I didn’t expect – at times he takes himself too seriously. I think he got all sweaty because he got embarassed about the situation, its a good thing he just let it go and went over to hug Guillermo. In the future he should just remember that it pays to be nice to ALL people, even if they ask stupid things.

    Ok so I have a question: Why did J. Kimmel ask about a guy licking on the tattoo and not a girl?! Wouldn’t the girl licking on the tattoo make more hypothetical sense?

    And yes, in every interview he does the rubbing of thehands, rubbing of the thighs etc., but hey, if you owned that hot body wouldn’t you be tempted to touch it every freakin’ second?! Case closed!


  • shhweet

    I was there last night! =) He is gorgeous! My sister and I were able to go backstage to meet him but he had left right after the interview. BOO!

  • Just Jared

    Oh man, that sucks, shhweet!!! It’s still cool that you got to go backstage though…

  • meemee35

    Went looked good last night. He was sweating like crazy, I have never seen him sweat in an interview that like before. I loved his hair, I hope he keeps it like that for a while. Went, you have to try and keep your hands away from your face! You’re gorgeous!

  • Belle

    Okay.. i don’t understand what the big deal is about wentworth @ the teen choice awards. I’m pretty sure Went didn’t know who Guillermo was and G didn’t know who Went was. And if it were me, interview or not, i wouldn’t let anyone touch my hair especially if it seemed as if they were making fun of my hair in the first place. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! just because he didn’t let some guy touch his freakin’ head doesn’t mean he takes himself too seriously or he’s stuck up or whatever.. in my opinion it just means that he has a little self respect as to not let random people rub his head.

  • Mambo

    I’m in the UK so haven’t seen season 2, but I’m guessing he’s thinking about Veronica. Weren’t there pictures of them and Linc at her graduation in season 1. I know I know I’ve been reading the spoilers about V! Slap wrist!

  • Shana

    #37, I agree with you why people have to make a big deal about it. I bet if Went did let him touch his head, people would say that its proof that he’s gay. He gets slammed either way. I feel sorry for him that he’s scrutinized so much. Leave the poor guy alone. Was at the taping last night , and he looks better in person. Too bad he left early. :(

  • Diane

    I think Went was making a self-deprecating remaark about his physique in the picture when we referred to the “little bit of definition” …maybe he doesn’t think he’s as fit as he looks in the picture?

    Yeah, I wanted to see the part where he and Guillermo make up … oh well. Guess I’ll have to do a search on ye old You Tube.

  • cas

    Sweating for one’s money has a whole lotta new meaning! Thanks to that tiny man and his weird request, bet Went never thought it would come back to bite him in the a$$. And is he having hiccups or just swallowing (no pun intended) really hard and loud when he’s explaining about cracker jackbox (damn you Guillermo). I do not think he was rude at all because if he allowed him to touch his hair who knows what other weirdo with some wacko requests he’s gonna have to suck up to. Keep it coming JARED, your a star !

  • PB fans

    Attention everyone, all of Prison Break season 2 episodes are on cable channel FX right now if you are living in the West Coast. They are finishing up on episode 3.

  • amy

    Not only is Went absolutely aesthetically gorgeous…his voice is just intoxicating and he’s so well-spoken. Thank God Prison Break is coming back on Monday.

  • onee&onliimaura!!

    OMG I (L) (L) wentworth miller he iss soo gorgeous ..i watch prison break all the time:D that show is amazing ..if you ppl dont like it there is definately something wrong with you .my dream is to meet him one dayy ..oh my god i think id faint ..well went if you read this i just wann say im your biggggest fann !

  • J

    Oh no Dr.Forehead now is probably going to be seen in more episodes with Went damn writers’ eeeek.

  • Jessica

    I LOVE the man to death – but what is with all that under thigh scratching??? This is the second time he has scratched an inappropriate place on live air!

  • Jessica

    I don’t think he was rude to Guillermo, that was a prety strange request to touch one’s head, and i thought he handled it in a very diplomatic fashion.

    Just wish he would stop scratching himself on air!

  • Chronic

    Went was sweating like a ho in church because he was drunk! He had got his drank on…that was the liquor showing!

  • still pimpin

    ya got that shit on the money chronic…i heard he ran outta that that bitch to go get him some pu**y. going to get his freak and his drink on.

  • cocot13

    does his show still have an open bar backstage because i havent watched in a very long time and thought I heard they stopped that?

  • Sylvie

    i dont’ know about the open bar but it does seem like he was slightly high. he probably had a couple of drinks maybe. even so, he looked gorgeous as usual.

  • http://N/A YAWEN FOREVER


  • Mambo

    Shana ~39 I’m not an idiot! Of course I know V’s dead. That’s why I mentioned the spoilers. The graduation gown might bring back memories of her. So what if they weren’t romantically linked. He still cared about her! And would be sad that she died.

  • Wet For Went

    He’s so pretty when he cries.