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Natalie Portman's Million Dollar Dress

Natalie Portman's Million Dollar Dress

Here are the full scans of Natalie Portman in the November 2006 issue of Harpers Bazaar… The article starts off like this: “Fashion is enjoying another Audrey movement. Next month’s auction at Christie’s of her iconic Hubert de Givency Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress — worn by Natalie Portman — to benefit the poor in India could not be more timely.” The full article in the gallery…


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natalie portman harpers bazaar 01
natalie portman harpers bazaar 02
natalie portman harpers bazaar 03
natalie portman harpers bazaar 04
natalie portman harpers bazaar 05
natalie portman harpers bazaar 06

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  • Kaitlyn

    First! She looks good.

  • Eme


  • whirly

    If anyone could fill the shoes, er dress, of Ms. Hepburn it would have to be Ms. Portman. lovely, elegant, gracious, timeless….

  • Willard G. Oxtoby


  • Frenchy

    Stunnning. I love the Audrey style and it fits natalie very well. Pay attention Lindsay, britney, jessica, etc……..

  • Willard G. Oxtoby

    Lindsay, Briteny, Jessica – are you kidding me?? Those three are plain new moneyed trailer trash…Nat is an iconic beauty of our times!

  • moonbeams

    I LOVE Natalie!!!! She WEARS the hell out of that dress. She really defines elegance. What a beauty…now if she’d just get her little self back to NYC….

  • Guest

    i like this website. but i find it interesting that not one person on this columne spoke about the charity and benefit to india. shallow?

  • Amy

    The charity was likely talked about by Natalie in the interview. She travels the world helping various causes, I don’t think she’d ignore the reason she did the shoot. Natalie, however, has no control about what the writer choses to quote.

  • Oldie

    thanks, JJ. Have always admired her – talent, looks, intelligence, heart

  • micky

    No thanks for the damaged pictures.

  • jd

    try for non ruined piccas:)

  • geniass

    Scary testiment as to how skinny she is.

  • Melissa J


  • Dante

    I agree that Natalie Portman has the elegance and grace to wear the dress, she does Ms. Hepburn justice. Yeah, she’s skinny and the photo’s are touched but, that’s Hollywood and what “The Public” wants to see so, they deliver. Shame on “us” for demanding that of the people we think are beautiful…

  • moonbeams

    I don’t think Natalie would have done the shoot if not for the charity..she is very politically active on behalf of humanitarian causes. (p.s.Come home to the West Village, Natty! There’s a beautiful boy wandering around, sometimes with random ppl, looking lost and lonely…)

  • Ziggy


  • PittyPat

    Natalie Portman is the only one left in Hollywood with any sense, taste, and/or class. Go, Nat!

  • Halcyon

    No one does is better than Natalie. She looks divine.

  • André

    I think she’s probably one of the most talented and smart actresses nowadays..and of course she’s gorgeus.
    Keira Knightley would look great with this clothes too …cause she kinda looks like Audrey too.

  • kae

    Natalie Portman is the one of the best actresses that Hollywood has to offer. I really admire how she conducts herself in public and think that she is a wonderful role model for women. The other trashy girls in Hollywood have nothing on this girl. She is the real deal. Absolutely love her!!!

  • maddie

    How tall was Audrey Hepburn? For some reason, I’m thinking Natalie is shorter than Ms Hepburn.

  • loren

    natalie is about 6 inches shorter then audrey. audrey was 5’7..some say and half…natalie is tiny but far by healthy weight for her height..audrey on the other hand..the dress fitting natalie just proves how SMALL aud was

  • movie fan

    #5 Frechy
    Totally agree. Guess that Willard person is too stupid to get it! lol
    Natalie is pure class and beauty, and her talent shines through.
    Even in a photo her intelligence comes out, you can see that she
    is thinking and is interesting.

  • ThisGirl

    She looks soooo great.

  • Vegy

    Why Natalie Portman needed to wear Audrey Hepburn’s dress…Maybe she wanted so much to wear it but is too long for her and that ‘s not beautiful.She must wear dresses that fits on her.

  • http://yahoomail nick

    she looks awesome………………!

  • http://yahoomail nick

    very sexy …………i should say!

  • jiwoo

    they asked her to wear this dress for charity…

    love the dress and she’s my fave. Smart and beauty are dangerous combination…

  • alberto fraga

    For me is good the way she can dree but she is beautifull with a million dress and with a sheet ever her body, Inside she is better and I love her to death. I will have her or not, one day . Manhobravo alberto.

  • alberto fraga

    I can not reason, because I am to much in love with her, I thought that jewish boyfriend would be much better than me, and the way she acts is that she doesn’t want to relate to other men. I have to wait to her to marry him, then I would loose my hope for her and won’t email anymore what I experiment loving her. Is sad because I am to old for her, but I will do anything for her happiness, now I have no desire to date another woman. I am loosing my faith in love, and I will continue seieng her evolution as thing goes by. I love her desperately and she knows it. One day if she gives me a chance I will talk to her, and see what happen in love affair. Now I have to tell her that my love is intact, hoppind to meet her in the future. Manhobravo Alberto.

  • alberto fraga

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