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Fergie - "Fergalicious" Music Video

HOLD THE PEAS! “Fergalicious” feat. debuted mere minutes ago. What do you think of Fergie Ferg‘s new looks?? Are they delicious? I would have to say… YES, YES, and YES!!!

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  • eres

    loveee her and love the video, its a different style
    i like it

  • cocot13

    poor Gwen Stefani cant even take a break to have a baby without people stealing her style Im talking to you too Ms. Nelly” Im like a bird “Furtado

  • Liza

    I’m tired of people saying that Ferg is stealing off of Gwen. I think
    this video is much better than any video Gwen has ever done. She
    looks great in the video and I’m loving the dancing sequence! I smell
    another hit for her.

  • jaromir

    The thing that I like about ferg is that her music is so late 80′s early 90′s R&B/Rap inspired. Where it wasn’t so much inspired by drugs, sex and ghetto, but more along the lines……..ah forget it, its all about sex isn’t it. Anyways some of you might get my point.

    Also the whole Gwen Stephani thing, get a life. Nelly Furtado was beat boxing and Rhymin on the Streets of Vancouver long before Stephani was even singing hooks for rappers like Eve…….Heck if it wasn’t for that I doubt that she would have even gotten involved in any type of R&B/Rap/Dance music. Do your research b4 you try to diss on a talented singer/songwriter like Nelly Furtado. Infact I’ll help you, here >

  • BeCool

    That was such a COOL video. That’s definately the BEST song off ‘The Dutchess”. LOVE it!

  • Nat

    The video is really cool. Its different and interesting

  • Amy

    I think she should stick to the black eyed peas. Her music is just redundant, annoying, and sexy to the point that it’s tasteless.

  • snowballa

    Not a fan of the song. It seems to be all over the place. The video is alright, but it just reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” which went with the Alice in Wonderland theme and actually succeeded.

    Also, about the comparisons between Fergie, Nelly Furtado and Gwen, that’s just gonna happen. I say they are all good for music, although I must say that the two chola girls that show up in this video is obviously similar to Gwen’s LoveAngelMusicBaby Harajuku girls. Personally, I think all of some of the songs on Nelly Furtado’s album (Promiscous, Maneater, Say It Right, Glow) are my favorite songs ever. I think it’s her best album yet. London Bridge and this shit, subpar at best.

  • carrie

    That video is HOT! And get over the Gwen crap! Fergie is 100 times better in person than Gwen! I have seen both and Gwen is hot on video but SUCKS the big one live! Fergie is amazing live, very versitile The video rocks!

  • steph

    does ne1 else think that fergie is just trying to create a WORd…..just like beyonce did with bootylicious…..n HELLO….shes even copying half the word!….jeez can ne1 say COPY-CAT!!

  • whatever

    how full of herself is this woman…i am f-ing tired of this s l u t…

  • kevipod

    this video is fun!

  • lala

    sounds alot like baby got back…..and the dance moves are almost the same too

  • Jessica

    I am SO SICK of her using her name over and over again. It is so annoying.

  • zzz

    The last part of her video looks like an advertisment for that black music box they constantly show. Except for that part.. it is not that bad – really liked the song part when jumping out the cake.

  • selma

    hey don’t compare Fergie with Gwen. Im a big Gwen fan and i like Fergies music too. They are both cool.

  • PHC

    Gwen toured with the BEP when she was pregnant and Fergie has said how much she admires her, if her music has a few of the characteristis that she likes in Gwen’s stuff what is wrong with that? As far as the chola girls Fergie has said that she felt a little intimidated on the stage without the boys – she has always performed as part of group (Kids, Inc, Wild Orchid, BEP) so they give her some support as she branches out.

  • Liza

    Most of the people that won’t like the last part of the video are
    simply women, because honestly, I don’t think Ferg is trying to
    appeal to you. The song isn’t suppose to be taken literally (why
    else do you think they spelled tasty wrong?), you’re suppose to
    have fun with it. And if you’re talking about the two chola girls in
    the video, Fergie grew up in a sub-urban area where EVERYONE
    dressed like that, so she’s doing a playback to those years. Why
    else do you think she used JJ Fad’s and AfroRican’s music? Those
    were heavy influences and she’s playing tribute to them. You guys
    need to stop taking things so literally and just have fun with the
    music. You’ll enjoy it more.

  • squid

    thanks #17 PHC. What’s the big deal, not like Gwen was *totally* original in L.A.M.B. It was an awesome album, but she too injected bits of musical elements that influenced her style too. I think both women (and Nelly) are very talented and they’re all entertaining. They’re doing a good job for themselves.
    ps- I love how BEP support each other, how the guys pop in Fergie’s vids. It’s cute :)

  • mo

    The video sucks and fergie too she’s a slut

  • André

    She’s ugly and so addicted to Botox.

  • Dani

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give a s*** about any of these horribly untalented people? Gwen was great in No Doubt, but she needed the rock band backup!

  • rachel

    looking very feminine in this video, but it’s very charlie and the chocolate factory-ish. very typical of her. very narcissistic.

  • maddie

    I’m not a big fan of Fergie, but her solo efforts have yet to disappoint in my book. And her body is to die for!

    As for the Stefani comparisons, who cares? People in the entertainment industry are always inspired by someone, famous or not. Noone’s ripping anyone off. I do want to add, though that I find Gwen very pompous and full of herself whereas Fergie is pretty down-to-earth and self-deprecating at times. Ferg keeps it real.

  • USCH!

    USCH. That’s all I can say. And for you guys who don’t know you swedish, thats EEEWW!!! She’s so ugly, she doesn’t even look human!!! I’m gonna go and throw up now. Tata

  • Hope and Amanda

    Fergie was so much better of with the black eyed peas! the peas sang GOOD songs and didnt role around in shit like fergie did in fergalicious. I hate Fergie’s music…..especially GLAMOROUS…did you miss the message she was trying to give in that song….well if u did its basically SCREW YOU IF YOUR NOT RICH! and “take your broke ass home” Fergie what happened????? Thats not what people like to listen too…..offensive shit like that…YOU STINK FERGIE….you should have stuck with the Black Eyed Peas

  • Madie

    Fergie isn’t that bad, I like her video but sometimes she can be a bit sluty.:( But overall she has a good voice, pretty face, and great songs, I just wish they weren’t always revolving around sex

  • adult_sex_toys

    Great song! Great video! Sexy Fergie! That music makes my blood pulsating faster…. Breathe deeper! It’s fergalicious!