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Gwyenth Loves Her Drink

Gwyenth Loves Her Drink

Gwyneth Paltrow and Spanish ballet dancer Angel Corella shill for Freixenet wines by La Cava, presenting the new Christmas edition this past Thursday in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Emma

    I AM FIRST! Just want to say Jolie is an thoughtless person.

  • Mike

    Brad should have stayed with his first love! Gwyenth!

  • QQQQ

    You two are IDIOTS, so he should stay with 2 women who didn’t give a sh*t about him, just themselves because Brad has no feeling what so ever OR his feeling doesn’t count…..


    Hey Jared, Paltry’s last thread didn’t even get 10 posts, what makes you think this one will be any different?

    She’s not Angie, never will be. LMAO

    The sad part is, she’s not even Aniston.

    It just goes to show you, once Pitt is out of your life, and you don’t have a deathgrip on his coattails like the maniston – you get no love. Gwyneth who??? Bahahahaha!

    I shouldn’t even joke around, because I don’t put it past Stephen Huvane (who is Aniston’s publicist as well as Paltrow’s) to try and attach Paltrow to Brad’s pant leg as well.

  • Sparks

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for covering Gwyneth that often, I’m a big fan of hers and she’s absolutely gorgeous in these picutres!

    I’d just like to point out to you that you’ve spelt her name wrong for the third time (last time at the pictures of her in Madison magazine; and also some time before) – I thought you might want to edit it. I wouldn’t mention it if it would have only happened once, but I can understand that it’s hard to type her name quickly =P


    Btw, since when did her lips get as thin as Maniston’s?

  • ben

    Why would Gwyneth want to be Angelina? Please… Sex appeal
    is all Angelina has, if even that judging by her latest pictures.
    You can’t fake your way through being classy, you have to have
    parents that cares. No, Gwyneth is not Angelina. That much
    you have right.

  • sayanything

    Gwyneth Looking lovely as ever!



  • ben

    BORING – Looks wonderful without trying!

  • fiona

    She has rather horse looking face and looks a lot older now.

    Even if you combined Ansiton and Paltrow’s lips together, they will still have thinner lips compared to Angelina.
    Im wondering how’s brad is coping With Angie’s lips, im sure just fine!

  • QQQQ

    7 | ben | Yeah, she has a lot of class, always talking about other people and acting SNOTTY!!! That’s real class!!!!

  • fiona

    2 | Mike: Sorry to tell you but Gwyneth is not Brad’s first love. he has had lots of GFs before her. In fact his first GF, way back in Missouri sold her story in NE just recently. I think brad’s first high profile relationship was with Juliet Lewis, i think maybe his firt serious relationship. Not sure, but it seems Brad has had so many GFs and compared to him, Angie is a saint. LOL, but the thing is, its not the first love that matters, its the last love, and I think and hope its Angie. She’s the one who gave him his children.

  • ben

    She get asked and she answered. Off course she’s snootty, she
    not living up to your standards…

  • bdj

    People use the word “class” very loosely. Class is not always the snobby Ice Princess. Class is someone who thinks of others, who goes the extra mile in helping others, and someone who lives and learns from their mistakes. You do not necessary need two parents in the household to have “class”. AJ is a classy lady. I am sure that GP is also. However, I wouldn’t be so quick to determine who has class because of some superior, class conscience persona. Last time I checked, GP was married to Chris Martin. So it is not good to revisit the past. BP has moved on and is happy with AJ.

  • ben

    Ice princess she may be, but at least she’s not telling us she’s
    a saint who came to save the world. Anyway, I concede it’s all
    in the past indeed.

  • Kini

    I get it …she’s a wino so that is how she came up with the name Apple…I am shocked the kid wasn’t named Grape.

  • Ben

    You can call her all the names in the world it won’t change
    anything. It’s a fact that she’s does not wash her dirty laundry
    in public. And she can call her kids whatever she wants, she
    gave birth to them.

  • Cathy

    Jolie classy lady?? How can anyone utter those two words in the same sentence. The LADY IS A TRAMP!

    Just because Jolie and Pitt had kids doesn’t mean Jolie is his biggest love! Jolie is merely his baby machine!

    Pitt’s first love is GP! They were enaged to be married but she was lucky to get out. How blessed is she now! I would have Chris Martin over Brad any day!

    Jen wasn’t so lucky. But still she managed not to have his kids! That would have been a life sentence!

    The wicked witch is jolie! Evil. She uses her kids like Prada handbags!

  • #19 cathy

    I don’t measure my definition of class by yours. You can call people names all you want. The fact is, I consider both ladies classy. If you want to wrap a fairy tale around people’s lives, then go ahead. There is no good witch or bad witch where relationships break down and people move on. From what I can see, AJ is good mother and a good partner to BP. People can continue to live in the past and play out their snow white fanasties in their minds all they want. To the real world, BP is happy with AJ and GP is married with children to Chris Martin.

  • yo-yo

    LOL at all these comments. By saying she was Brad’s first and real true love, you only prove that her validation came from her connection to him. Besides, how do you even know she was?

    And I’d like not to hear about how she concieved her kids or her snotty comments on other people’s relationships. That seems very tacky to me. She’s not a classy lady in my eyes at all.

    Oh, and on a shallow, superficial note, her skin looks horrible. She looks ten years older than she is. Can’t she afford good skin care?

  • ben

    Here’s my definition of class: elegance, grace, or dignity, as in
    dress and behavior. Now tell me which one fits Angelina? I
    just don’t see it. She may very well be a nice person, classy
    she’s not. Gwyneth may be a bad person, but she knows how
    to conduct herself. And from my standpoint, she shows self
    respect. Gwyneth does not want Brad Pitt, obviously. That’s
    why he’s Angelina. Good luck to him.

  • yo-yo

    Ben, you just described poise, not class. Class has to do with how you treat others and in that sense, she has none. If she was so over brad pitt, why does she have to constantly talk about him even when she’s not even asked? If she’s truely over him, she should shut up about him already.

  • Ben

    No, she can’t afford good skin care. Although I’m sure you
    can!! LOL. Off course she’s not classy in your eyes, she’s ten
    years older and can’t afford skin care. Right.

  • ben

    You need to visit your dictionary. Tell me how does she treats
    others? She’s not over Brad? Well, that’s funny. Brad went
    through a mid-life crisis right after she had her first child. She
    talks about him because people won’t let her forget. His her

  • Renee

    Sorry Ben , but if you are indeed a fan on hers you are pathetic. As a matter of fact, you’re probably not even BEN but JEN! It took Gwyneth 5 years to get over Mr. PITT and vice versa. She said out of her own mouth that she destroyed that relationship and then tried to pin it on Pitt like he was the bad guy. The good news is that she at least has a conscious (unlike others, ahem) and at lest cleared things up. Heck, even her husband mentions Pitt and she can’t get through an interview without STILL bring up his name. ‘She talks about him because people won’t let her forget” she could always say the CLASSY thing ‘NO COMMENT’
    Now back to the topic at hand…
    I think she is booze hound…where is her husband – he is never with her and those kids? Can’t say I blame hime. OK, she is a snotty booze hound…

  • tara

    Fishstick is not classy. If someone truly has class, they don’t need to remind you about it constantly. Fyshe is just a snob. Nothing classy about that.

  • ben

    Now the mud sliging begins. Did I say she did not love him?
    Why is it a suprise that the break-up was painful? When asked
    a question, she was honest. What does that have to do with
    classy. I could care less about Aniston, so no I’m not Jen.

    Topic at hand? Let’s make some dirt since there is none.

  • ben

    Give me something questionable about the way she behaves.
    And please give me something other than she’s a snob, she’s a
    fish, she’s old, she’s ugly and call her kids weird names. Until
    then, She ROCKS!!!!

  • Judy

    Wow she’s really become an endorsement whore! How much more money does she need?

  • lostontherocks

    May I just say that Angel looks fabulous. I don’t know why an ABT
    dancer is promoting wine, but I don’t care because he is a god to me.
    I wish I could buy HIM instead of that wine!

  • Gfan

    Class has more to do with how you treat others rather than how much money you have in your bank account or how famous you are. Gwyneth Paltrow is pretty but I do not find her to be a classy lady. She has given various interviews where she stereotypes people as less intelligent depending on what country they’re from. That’s just not classy.

  • AStrid

    she is not jolie, jolie is lot more prettier then her.any way brad loves jolie, you cannot stop it.She is not over Brad she tricked him.Brad and jolie had a baby already called Shiloh and she is the chosen one, hot + hot usually become ugly, but this one hot+ hot = pretty hot!
    Brad and jollie is the best infinity beyonds time couple in the whole wild wild word.

  • O

    Ok, does that mean you did not read my definition then. People who treat others well are kind and thoughtful. Stereotype? you mean when people like YOU twist her words to justify calling her a snob. I’m sorry, you are right she’s not classy. I hate her now.

  • AStrid

    hahaaha she can’t be jolie and if she will i am gonna laugh all day..and inside cry…but if she becomes jeniffer aniston i am gonna laugh all day with out hard feelings wondering how ugly she could be…

  • Envy

    #34 – What are you rambling about. Please use your words.

  • kae

    Love Paltrow, she’s educated, cultured and classy. Just because she doesn’t have huge lips, she’s ugly???? Wow, you people have very high standards, I kind of wonder what you look like. I notice that people keep bringing up Angelina Jolie like she is some sort of saint. Do you really know her? Why don’t you ask someone who has actually met the woman? I have, and they didn’t have very nice things to say about her.

  • Envy

    Astrid- It’s bed time. You’re not making any sense.

  • Lily

    Why are people making this discussion about Angelina Jolie? She’s gorgeous but what does she have to do with Gwyneth? Here is the quote I think people are referring to: Yeah, that’s real classy. :-P I think the die-hard Gwynnie fans will defend anything she does.

  • Lily

    oops here it is –>”Brits are far more intelligent and civilized than Americans,” remarked the “Proof” star.

  • Piper

    words cannot express how intensely i dislike this woman. that is all.

  • ben

    What has she done? Again, give me something concrete. I think Angelina is gorgeous too, but without the lips and her questionable behavior.

  • sparkmonkey

    O=Ben=Gwyneth Paltrow

  • AStrid

    kae-jolie is the best, not only her looks but she helped poor people..does Gweyneth does that?

  • Ben

    You should be a detective Sparkmonkey. No, I’m not Gwyneth. She’s too snoby for this crap remember. Jolie his helping herself first and foremost. What was she doing before. Wait… I don’t care. What does Gwyneth do? Maybe nothing, or maybe lots. We all know about the wanabe patron saint of Africa. How self-serving.

  • maddie

    Oh please. None of the broads mentioned has class. A person with class does not sleep around nor is she engaged/married twice. A person with class is wholly selfless. She never caters to her needs, especially for her appearance. The lady who personified class was Mother Teresa. She never rode a high horse but walked barefoot instead. May She rest in peace that woman.

  • kae

    Jolie is the best? What, are you in grade school or something? Do you know her, do you know Gwyneth? How do you know whether or not Gwyneth gives to charity???? It actually sounds like you don’t know anything.

  • Stay in the UK

    Gwyneth’s a boring plain jane, and her husband’s an ugly, skinny, weak, dork.

  • bea

    I think Gwyneth is lovely. I used to love her when she and Brad were together. Unfortunately she was a bit too immature at that time for marriate. I really didnt care for the way she hurt Brad Pitt at that time but at least she admitted that she was the cause of their breakup(finally after years of most people blaming Brad Pitt). She admitted to having messed up and how she was lucky to have been with him during that time when she was such a mess. At least she was finally honest about it all and I respect her for that. I would like to really like her again and sometimes I am almost there but then she says something else really snotty and judgemental and I start not caring again. I am truly glad she is happy with her family and Chris Martin. They seem a good match.

    As for Angelina Jolie. She has been working with the UN and doing charity work for many years now. Long before she met Brad Pitt and when no one paid much attention. You dont do the kind of work she does for attention. She is a very selfless person in this regard and I do respect her for that.

  • Madison JP

    very well said Bea…

    I think Gwyneth is GLAMOROUS and CLASSY but because of her snotty attitude, she downgraded herself to just being a glamorous person, NOT CLASSY at all IMO.

    I like Gwyneth but I like Angelina more;)