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Aniston's Baby Splurge

Aniston's Baby Splurge

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? She was recently spotted baby shopping in NYC yesterday evening. And earlier this weekend, Jen, 37, reportedly spent $2K baby clothes, blankets, bibs and toys at boutique La La Ling in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. One onlooker said: “Jennifer thought the clothes were adorable, she just couldn’t stop spending. She bought outfits for newborns and one-year-olds and didn’t want them gift-wrapped.” Keep in mind that Jen is godmother to two-year-old Coco Arquette, the daughter of her best friend Courteney Cox-Arquette. More pictures in the gallery…

UPDATE 1 :: No, this was not a shopping spree for the baby shower of Tobey Maguire‘s fiancée, Jennifer Meyer. That was a weekend ago. The LA shopping trip was Thursday and the NYC shopping trip was yesterday.

UPDATE 2 :: More pictures added of Jen at NYC’s American Airlines Theater preparing for her role in “The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway.”


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  • anustin

    shes so …. nah !jj will just delete them!

  • fifi

    Wow, if she is preggers then her fans would really celebrate. I hope she is for her own sake.

  • Eh

    honestly I can’t figure out if I should stare at the chin or the nose.

    The clothes were probably for Tobey Maguire’s girlfriend and her baby shower. I think evey Huvan client went. typical for them to in groups.

  • Just Jared

    Thank you, anustin !!!! I think. :P

  • anustin

    shes a very,very good godmother (eyes rolling and double vision) im jumping!

  • anustin

    hee jared hehehe!

  • someone

    Im sure she was buying for a friend..but Im a fan so I wouldn’t mind if she were pregnant..good luck to Jen..I have to go before the haters come and make me angry!

  • geniass

    My she does not age well.

  • please

    Jared, it’s already been mentioned that this was for Jennifer Meyer’s (Tobey Macguire’s gf and Universal president’s daughter) shower that Aniston just went to last week. How’s she going to be preg when her supposed bf has been in the UK for 2 months? Unless you’re saying she’s anywhere from 2-4+ months preg now? Apparently you didn’t see the woman in her lowriding pants she was just in at that premiere for her lame 5 minute movie. Give it a rest.

    By the way, that’s one unattractive pic.

  • hell to the no!

    Aniston is not pregnant. She was shopping for Jennifer Meyer who is having a baby with Tobey Maguire. Meyer is also the daughter of the guy who runs Universal. JA wants every one to believe she’s pregnant esp. around awards season with all the press B & A will be getting. verrrrry sad

  • Grover

    She could be buying those things for anyone even Melissa Ethridge who just had twins.

    Anyway, she reall is not an attractive woman. She really does border on looking like a surfer dude

  • MegFL

    The Jennifer Meyer baby shower was a weekend ago. The LA shopping trip was Thursday. The NY shopping trip was yesterday.

    And how do you know when she last saw Vince? Ya gotta stop reading the tabloids. Do you have, like a day-by-day Aniston schedule? If so, you must be a tremendous fan.

    I believe the woman with her is her old friend and acting coach who was on the Oprah show, the one who got Dolly for her.

    You go girl!

  • Mike

    Leave Jen alone, those haters out there. If you don’t like reading about her or looking at her pictures, DO NOT CLICK on her news. Simple as that.

  • rosebud

    Jen is involved in that children’s home in Mexico and maybe she is taking fall/winter clothing for some of the children there. Give her more credit.
    I think she’s great.
    17 | Charity
    You keep thinking that way. Don’t you remember, Aniston said in Harper’s charity is not for her

    Vaughn’s in the UK. She hasn’t seen him in almost two months. Get real people it’s all a charade

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, MegFL!! I updated it so people won’t get confused.

  • soala

    Chicken cutlets Jen?

  • rosebud

    19 | soala
    People in the industry call the latex they use to stuff bra’s chicken cutlets because they look and feel like them.

  • virgo

    It would be so wanting of attention if she is already shopping for baby clothes and toys, if indeed she is pregnant, she is not even showing. Its another stupid gossip, I would actually suspect she is preggy if she did not shop for baby clothes, because if she is, she will be more cautious and quiet about it until her announcement. I think she shopped for a newborn and a one year old, again this is just part of eh rmedia blitz, wants to be in the public eye, encouraging media specualtion about pregnancey again, afte the engagement adn break-up stories. Gosh, can she just disappear for once. She doestn even have a movie to promote not even filming one.

  • Candy

    I think maybe she’s going to jump on the adoption bandwagon that so many fellow Hollywooders are on. Maybe that’s why she was buying various sizes because she doesn’t know what size exactly the child is…..

  • Erin Leigh

    I’m sure they’re all gifts for a pregnant friend of hers. Maybe Courtney Cox is pregnant again? Wouldn’t that be great! Their daughter Coco is the cutest Hollywood kid out there. Infact she’s so cute Courtney and David should get paid to reproduce.

  • bwahaha

    seriously she looks like a man.

  • Linda

    22 | Candy
    Her dogs are her children. She will never raise a child adopted or otherwise. Let alone she would never do it alone. She’s said this over and over again. She is no single parent.

    It’s amazing how desperate her fans are that they continue to believe this woman is going to get pregnant and have a baby. Face it. It’s never going to happen. She’s too neurotic to have and raise a child. Stay with the dogs Jennifer





  • fro

    she is cool !

  • love

    she is awesome !

  • WTF???

    #29 Perhaps you might consider stopping by the mall and picking up a pair of prescription eyeglasses.


    #14 Maniston is shopping for Shiloh isn’t that sweet? Even Maniston can’t get over how adorable the little angel is!

  • BabyBaby

    At least she gets to experience buying baby clothes even just for her friends. I suppose its more important than spending time with
    vince who is at break up from his filming in London and is now doing a docu film in ireland. Whats up with these two? They are together in spirits only?

  • lookwhaticando

    Vaughn’s in the UK. She hasn’t seen him in almost two months. Get real people it’s all a charade

    17 | rosebud
    Exactly, they both have millions and millions in the bank, Why have they not went to visit each other. Brad does not go 3 days without seeing the love of his life (Angelina). VV and JA are not a couple, Just PR Hounds,, really Gross

  • lookwhaticando

    It’s amazing how desperate her fans are that they continue to believe this woman is going to get pregnant and have a baby. Face it. It’s never going to happen. She’s too neurotic to have and raise a child. Stay with the dogs Jennifer

    26 | Linda
    ITA, She is NOT the motherly type.. Her having kids is down right scary..

  • anon

    VV and JA are “friends” not lovers: they did this to get a movie done while Jen sorts her life out….

  • Krissy

    Wow there are sure a lot of critical people here! So your own lives must be perfect then! Imagine living every second of YOUR pitiful lives in the public eye! Yes, I know that’s what they should expect by being in Hollywood but it must get really tiring not to have any privacy after a while! Their relationship is their OWN business just like your relationships are your own.

  • Seriously

    Their relationship is their OWN business just like your relationships are your own.
    39 | Krissy |
    You’d have a point if Aniston didn’t go on national television and TALK about it. She’s out there denying a break up of a relationship that she never even would acknowledge and in fact denied on the very same program a year ago to only get caught a week later on a balcony in Chicago.

    She’s a liar and a Fraud.

  • Jeanie

    I’m pretty sure if she was preggers she would do her shopping online and in private. or, she would wait until she was further along and already showing. the good news is that all this shopping might make her want a baby, and I love her with vince. I think a baby would be a wonderful gift to her right now, after all she’s been through.

  • lurker

    Just had to come by and see what the X was up to. Looks like the
    same ole same ole……much to do about nothing. I don’t think
    many people care at all who she is sleeping with or if she is
    pregnant. VV if he was so “secure” about his relationship to her
    would never have to threaten to sue 3 tabloids for declaring that
    he was not “with” someone else, when in fact he was just kissing
    someone hello at an event. Pleeeeeeez. This Crap ola is for
    continual media attention IMHO. In the tabloid world it is a daily
    occurence, guess he just has to protect the jealous weakened
    victim element in his girlfriend. She has issues if she would
    possibly break up with VV over a tabloid picture to the point he
    had to threaten lawsuits to save the relationship and ensure the
    world he is still banging her. Sad.

    As far as JA’s short film. Greys Anatomy already filmed that story
    line. Missed the bus again.

  • Ada

    Is that even her in the first pic?

  • Ada

    ooops i saw the pic wrong haha. i think she looks great at her age, not like angelina will look any better at this age.

  • MiSsOuRI gIrL

    Why must (SOME) OF you compare Jennifer and Angie all the time?.I LOVE JUST JARED but some comments are just pLAin mean to get even or maybe to just let your anger out. We have all heard this stuff over and over. Leave ANGIE ALONE AND JEN.PLEASE…..They are different PEOPLE and pretty in their own uniuqe way. Brad has loved them both. Have a good day ya’ll. bE KIND

  • Ada

    well last time i checked there’s still freedom of speech in this country.

  • BabyBaby

    When Aniston came back from Chiago via aprivate jet, there was a baby with them when they came out of the plane. she could be shopping for that baby, a friend or relative’s baby?

  • xx

    Of course it would be wonderful if it were true but i doubt it. Anyone else noticed the suspiciously pregnant looking woman in front of her carrying a box and hiding her face?

  • squid

    Coco Arquette is adorable indeed. “surfer dude” mahahah

  • Candy

    26 | Linda

    I am not a fan at all of Aniston, I think she’s a terrible actress and down right conceited, I was just trying to be nice….

  • Jules

    Love Jen! I really don’t understand why you creeps dislike her so much. She can’t even go shopping without being chased down by photographers. Hope the baby stuff is for HER!

  • creole

    it is for her puppy 5 months
    she acts like she delivered herself the puppy like a mother dog;
    She needs attention and love ;
    She couldn’t fly with her puppy and the elders dogs to join VV, and he was very comprehensive about it all;

  • creole

    BTW; do you know that she has Dog ears? like Dumbo , the cartoon character?
    that’s why she has always a lot of hair in front of her face;
    warf, warf, warf;

  • barbarella

    What’s wrong with you people, that you want all women see with a gross belly?
    I never wanted kids, and I’m fine.
    Jen looks great. And I guess most of you people would love to have a loyal friend like her.
    She’s generous.

  • Observer2

    With friends like Aniston, who needs enemies.

    It’s ok that you don’t want kids. At least, you’re honest about it. Honesty and Aniston need to meet and shake hands.

  • http://caramail maria

    i really love this woman. If she is pregnant, i would be very happy for her.