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John Legend Interview

John Legend Interview

Interviewing John Legend tonight. Anybody have questions for him?

UPDATE :: Interview’s over and done with. Thanks for your q’s!

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  • Canadian Chick

    WOW i cant believe you are interviewing John Legend!! I love him! I cant think of any questions to ask him though :(

  • bluemoo

    Good luck with the interview. I don’t have any questions but but he’s definitly worthy of a big high five.

  • malibumom

    I want to know if he writes better from pain or pleasure-Thanks

  • stanley

    I have one, who the hell is John Legend?

  • jonathan

    1. Is it hard being a Christian while working in the music industry?

    2. When is your next album coming out? Any collaborations?

    3. Who are your musical inspirations?

    4. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

    5. How was going to school in UPenn like?

  • breeze

    where does your inspiration come from? (in regards to your songs) have you any plans to tour in the uk? which artist would you love to work with but have not had a chance to? if you could have a one on one interview with someone dead or alive who would it be?

  • HD

    He is so hot! I can’t think of anything to ask him . : (

  • bmak

    that’s really cool! John Legend is one of the few artists that I admire the most.

    1) What is it like to work with Common, Kanye, Slum Village, and Raphael Saadiq? All 5 are considered to be part of the renaissance of “bohemian” hip hop.

    2) Anymore collaborations with Alicia Keys?

    3) I read that your first job was at Boston Consulting Group. How were you able to balance a full time job, and these side projects? Were you ever scared about giving up a career in corporate for music?


    Here’s mine Jared:

    1) Cliniqua, is my biggest pain in the @ss poster on my site (lololol), and she says, ‘John Legend has incredible style – his wardrobe is just perfect, and everything he wears fits his personality….she wants to know if you have a stylist?

  • Billie

    John Legend is one of my favorites right now. He’s a vocalist, lyricist and musician. The complete package. And what a package! I saw him in New Orleans and was in awe.

    There have already been some really good questions. I’d really be interested to know who he’d like to collaborate with that he hasn’t.

    A couple of weeks ago John Legend was on Oprah. He gave two beautiful performances. Here’s my question: Is he shy one on one in interviews? He seemed very shy with Oprah. But once he was on stage, he owned it.

    One other thing, since I’m in a post with John Legend appreciaters, why isn’t his CD being showcased on AOL under new music? I just knew it would be. I complained about that to my co-worker who kindly told me the CD will be available everywhere tomorrow.

  • Harrison

    Does John wish more people he knew that he played the piano on Lauryn Hill’s “Everything is Everything”?

  • meemee35

    I saw him when he came to Toronto last November. It was an amazing show! Can you ask him when he will be on tour again??

  • Aysla

    Will he be performing in or around NY state any time soon?

    What are his favorite/most inspirational films?

    Who are his role models in life?

    Most eye-opening experience?

    Does he have any pets? lol

    How does he keep himself grounded?

  • dmien

    1. What’s your comfort a.k.a favorite food?

    2. Who’s the best singer around these days & who’s got the best voices.. male and female.

    3. Do you read blog.. and do u have MySpace?

  • bmak

    oh yeah…and one more thing. What does he think about Robin Thicke? Will they be working together?

  • bdj

    Will he try his hand at acting someday and If so what type of roles would he like to play?

    What type of movies would he like to star in?

  • kmillz

    Does he have a celebrity crush?
    is there someone he would like to meet

  • Doreen

    Please send him greetings from germany. I saw him last week on TV Total.

  • Ed

    Kanye West, his mentor, sad that he felt that hip-hop/rap was homophobic and that he didn’t think it was cool. What is John Legend’s stand on homophobia in rap/hip-hop culture. Has John had any gay sexual encounters? How does he manage to stay out of the tabloids. Is he that boring? Also what is his workout routine…In his “save room” video his body is delicious.

  • EtotheG

    The song P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care) on your new CD sounds like it was written in such a way that it could be construed as some kind of Gay (or straight) anthem. My jaw dropped the first time I heard it — was this intentional, or just wishful thinking on my part?

    Also, don’t worry, I’ll be BUYING the disc when it comes out tomorrow.

  • Bea

    Have you ever cheated on (like your song “she don’t have to know”)

    I love this man.. his music is awesome

  • design_officer

    do you ever feel like you sould like biz-markie on that song just a friend? because you reallly do, especially live.

  • Original jpf

    Wow Jared! I’m just now seeing this. I had no question to ask, but would have liked to tell him how I really appreciate his desire to write and perform songs instead of relying on artificial beats, rhymes and trends.