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Daniel Craig Goes Fresh & Wild

Daniel Craig Goes Fresh & Wild

Daniel Craig was spotted grocery shopping with his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell again in London . This time at Fresh and Wild Organic Food Shop. (The couple shopped at Tesco last time.) Satsuki is a film producer girlfriend (The Jacket, Godsend). Craig will will play 007 in the new Bond film, Casino Royale, which is out in less than a month — Nov. 17!

More pictures inside of Daniel and Satsuki

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  • shirreer

    i still cant believe they replaced Pierce with this joke to be a bond

  • Inday

    #1 You’re so right… This will be the only Bond I am going to skip watching. I just don;t like him. Oh! I am so mad. I’m sure gonna miss Pierce.

  • stanley

    You two are fucking retards. Try watching the new trailer or reading the script for Casino Royale?

    Daniel Craig is the best James Bond yet.

    He kicked ass in Layer Cake.

  • Fattie

    You’re right Stanley! Dan Craig kicks ass!

  • stanley

    “worse bond ever”?

    I think you mean ‘worst’ you illiterate twat.

    Way to shoot your own opinion in the nuts before you even got started.

    Why did you bother?

    Damn straight Fattie.

    Anyone who says otherwise is in for a big surprise when the movie comes out.

  • gia

    Stanley – absolutely correct. I just about died when I saw the trailer… OMG, he is the hottest Bond EVER!!! Such a macho, brawler type guy. Keep the Pierce pus*y Bond and let the franchise roll into the new millenium with a true mensch!

    But S – sorry – you’re still wrong re his g/f. She looks rough; in one of the pics she resembles a somewhat-Asian-looking Sean Young circa 1984. And what’s with the faces?! Not even gonna mention her outfit; good Lord, it’s like the worst getup one could dream up. Like I said on the other thread – I give her 0.07 secs in his life after the Bond premiere. He’ll be swapping spit w/some hot uber-model soon enough…

  • maddie

    I haven’t seen the trailer for the new Bond movie with D Craig, but I loved him in Layer Cake. So, I’m open to catching him in Casino Royale.

    His girlfriend must be a freak in bed. The woman is hard on the eye. I don’t want to hear about her I.Q. either. I’m sure that’s not the firt thing Craig sees in the morning when he rolls over in bed. Ick.

  • noodles

    I think he’ll be ok as bond he’s a very good actor, but I’d never trust a man who let’s his partner carry all the shopping, and why can’t these two smile for once!

  • Patty

    I didn’t like Pierce – Sean Connery was the ultimate Bond. But I think Craig will be great.

  • Sweet Swede

    She carries three bags and he carries only one. What a gentleman. Not.

  • gia

    She pro’lly don’t know how to smile -’s hard work.
    I noticed the bag thing too – but come on! Women don’t go for this guy for his suave charm. And anyway, he’s probably mad @ her for the fuglee boots (I think they’re boots, anyway) she’s sporting.

  • LA girl

    i used to work with Satsuki – she’s built like a man and is
    super bitchy. She was an assistant then, I don’t know
    how she conned DC to hit that. He must be gay if he’s
    into her….she’s way manly. Nasty.

  • gia

    Ha ha, LA girl!! I do think she looks a little like a tranny…

    I need to go away. I’ve posted 1.000 remarks to this one entry; I just can’t seem to be able to stop looking at him though, jeez.

  • flippitty

    God. It’s tough having a famous boyfriend. Reading these comments is a trip. How can you guys be so awful to someone you don’t know—someone who has never been mean to you? I went to school with her. Sets is actually pretty funny, a beautiful girl, a really cool chick, and a grip smarter than most of you, judging by your comments. DC is with her because she’s a great girl. Stop being terrible and stop obsessing over things that don’t affect your life.

  • gia

    get something to do other than toot your own horn under a “nom de plume” so to speak, satsuki/flippity
    you’re just not hot enough for him

  • Dai

    U guys are NASTY PEOPLE! 007 was a VERY GOOD movie. Craig looked SOOO handsome in that movie. Stop talking a bunch of junk, he looks like a wonderful person, it takes balls for a man to talk about a relationship to the world. SO whatever, who cares who’s ulgy who is pretty….From the looks of it, u nasty people out there must be supermodel or something.

    I can only imagine those haters Fat and ugly.

  • gia

    5’6″ and 109lbs thanks very much

  • AK

    ^5, gia.

    Her peeps (or maybe its her) must be working overtime on these boards b/c I’ve come across a couple of folks who have taken these comments personally.

    There are plenty of celebrities who date non celebrities who may not be “gorgeous” but are at least cute, friendly looking or know how to smile.

    I’m just sick of the media calling her beautiful. That’s just a lie.

  • belle z

    The woman looks awful, geez. Far from beautiful.

  • DanSats

    As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    They are in love and happy and everyone should just leave them alone.


    Stop picking on Stats. Everyone is just jealous that Daniel is not with then. She must have something going for her if Daniel is living with her. I hope that Daniel and Stats don’t read this site but if they do know that Daniel has great fans that love him and support his choice of companion.

  • me

    Pierce is realy pus….y! Craig is very sexy. I like Bond moveys with him way better. He plays hurd man and I love it.
    Donk know why he not helping care bags but I wont say bad staff on him just looking on that picture. U guys cant say anything about them because u never met them in person. So cut it out! Very not nice.
    Personaly I cant get what he found in his girlfriend but everyones taste is different… I probably more picky )

  • zen

    hey stanley i totally agree with u he kikd ass in layer cake and where is shirreer goin, they dnt know anythin!!

  • CaliGirl

    You have to be kidding me!! Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were fantasic movies!! He is sooooo hansome in all of his movies, and he is a great actor, better than Pierce Bronsan! I mean Pierce went from james bond to Mamma Mia!!! how manly!!!! NOT. Daniel is the best!!